True Fear: Forsaken Souls Collector's Edition

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Warning: True Fear: Forsaken Souls is an intense psychological thriller intended for mature audiences.

What if everything you knew about your life, everything your family ever told you, turned out to be a lie? A strange midnight visitor could change your life forever... Find out the truth about your past in True Fear: Forsaken Souls, a chillingly exciting Hidden Object Puzzle game!

This is a special Collector's Edition release full of exclusive extras you won't find in the standard version. As a bonus, Collector's Edition purchases count toward three stamps on your Monthly Game Club Punch Card!

The Collector's Edition includes:

  • Uncover more secrets in the bonus game
  • Downloadable soundtracks and screen-savers
  • Gorgeous wallpapers and concept art
  • Integrated strategy guide
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Game System Requirements:
  • OS: Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
  • CPU: 1.2 GHz
  • RAM: 1024 MB
  • DirectX: 9.0
  • Hard Drive: 1703 MB
Game Manager System Requirements:
  • Browser: Internet Explorer 7 or later
True Fear: Forsaken Souls Collector's Edition

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True Fear: Forsaken Souls Collector's Edition

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True Fear: Forsaken Souls Collector's Edition 4.4 5 261 261
Seriously, it's freaking me out! Goshh this game is totaly make me freak out! really make me scare but really make me Desperate to Play this Game! but it's Awsome! March 20, 2014
Where is the rest Got hooked immediately but I need the next edition March 20, 2014
Excellent Graphics with Eerie Atomosphere Sound Best Big Fish Game I have played yet! Loved the Graphics and Sound! Casual and Hard to play options also a nice factor. I totally recommending buying and playing this game in a very dark room! It really adds to the scary atmosphere! Warning: You may have to turn the light back on! lol! Big Fish does not have enough of these wonderful graphical atmospheric sound games. Please create and bring more like this one! March 20, 2014
wow others devs take note Now this is a storyline! Bravo. other dev's could take a page from this one. What a mystery! Just when I don't think I can stand another- whoever gone missing/kidnapped game.. or a save the world from the power hungry whatever.. along comes a game with everything. I don't usually like the run down atmospheres but in this one it was totally relevant. Big mystery in the story.. I still don't know it all and will buy part two in a heartbeat. Didn't give away too much too soon, was really creepy and scary, had a ton of things to do and lots of mini games. Also had collectibles and achievements. Some of them I just couldn't manage like 15 items in 15 seconds due to the way the HO's were structured. But it sure was fun to try. I won't go into all the details of the game as I see this will be the 125th review. Just know that this is the kind of non formatted new and super interesting game we would like more often. Even the different styles of games could take a page from this one in storyline development. Great cut scenes and scary. loved it. March 19, 2014
There's something about white girls with black stringy hair . . . . . . that is the epitome of creepy. And I love it. This is the first installment of a trilogy and I am entirely intrigued. The story is gripping. I hope it won't be long before the next one. Then again, I do, because if the story hadn't been so fascinating and the creep factor weren't so well done, I would have quit within the first half hour. As others have said, the game runs like molasses. It's sluggish and you have to be patient. Also, the different soundtracks sometimes start overlapping one another in a cacophonous mess. As the game progresses, the HOS graphics look more and more unfinished until they start looking like paper cut outs arranged against the quality backdrop of the rest of the game. I play on a Mac, and there was no true fullscreen option. There was just a cut-off-the-bottom-of-the-game option. So, I eagerly await the sequel but I hope the devs take their time with it. I want to briefly respond to reviewers who don't think this game is scary. Yes, it is. There is an art to playing a creepy game just like there is an art to watching a horror movie. You have to let yourself be drawn into the world of the game. Come at the horror genre with hubris or skepticism and you won't be scared, but you won't be able to understand or enjoy it either. If you like this game, I would highly recommend Shiver: Vanishing Hitchhiker and Poltergeist. In my opinion, these were the last quality creepy games before this game. If you want to try something more recent and closer thematically to this game, try Abandoned: Chestnut Lodge Asylum. It isn't quite as creepy, but it also has a touch of the psychological and unlike this game, the story is complete. I have included the link at right. March 5, 2014
A creepy game... This review is based on completing the main game and bonus content. I love all things 'creepy', so this game was right up my street. I started off loving it, but by the end was a bit bored. The positives are that the graphics were beautifully done, the music in keeping, three modes of play, an excellent hint system and a map where you could jump to the relevant scene. Whilst advertised as a psychological thriller, nothing made me jump out of my seat or was particularly scary. There were some collectables that were members of the family, but it added nothing to the game. There was much back and forth, so the map was invaluable. The HOP scenes were a bit different, and interactive in as much as some items were hidden in other areas of the puzzle, and scenes were drawn in a cartoony style. I really liked them, and not too many in the main game. The puzzles were nothing different, but nicely put together. The negatives were that there was too much hand holding (in advanced mode), some items were incorrectly labeled or at least confusing such as a 'shell' wasn't a 'seashell', and a couple of other items were named incorrectly. And some English was badly translated. The bonus content was all to common; more HOPs but not interactive like the main game. A bunch of 'spot the difference' which I enjoy, but thought they'd never end and not much to do in each scene. The whole game took about 4 hours. The SG has chapters (about 7 I think), and the game started with chapter one, then two then three...then no more? So, it looked as though it was a hugely long game at first when in fact it wasn't. March 1, 2014
Delivers on Fear and Horror, But Also Frustration Glancing over some of the previous reviews, there is a general sense that this game failed to deliver in its promise of instilling fear. I think it's fair to say that causal games such as these can take that fear and horror to only a certain level that's permissible on this site. I argue that, despite what other say, this game takes horror to nearly as far as casual games can take. There is definitely a mature theme to this game, and the warning on the synopsis is there for this reason. It's also there to sell the game and make you want to try it, and that's exactly how I found this game. To be honest, I'd likely give this game 5 stars if it were not for some technical flaws (which may only be present in the Mac version of the game) and issues I had with the HOS. First, the storyline obviously doesn't contain totally original elements, with the image of the dark and evil girl that looks like the girl from "The Ring," the dark, mysterious family past, or the story revolving around an old asylum. However, the developers took tied these tired clichs and wove them into something much more original that I had originally expected and, as a result, completely kept my interest, such that I found I was hoping the hour trial wasn't up yet so I could continue to play. The more I played (after I bought the game), the more I realized the detail and originality extended beyond one of the simple re-hashed games we so often see and play on these sites. The music was excellent; however, I did notice that one track (in the second act) was ripped from the 'Relax Melodies Premium' app. It's a brilliant tune and the rest of the music was equally as haunting and fitting for each scene. Music in this type of game is key, and they achieved it in spades. While there have been some negative comments about the graphics, I found them to be quite good, especially the cut scenes. Let's be honest, you can't expect Final Fantasy quality for these cut scenes, but these are pretty darn good. The more notable part was the quality of the main character's facial reactions / emotions during certain cut scenes. Quite well done, I think! The game's puzzles are not very challenging, but some are original and some are redone. But the game doesn't rely on puzzles as much as its story and atmosphere. I had major issues with the HOS. The developers should have spent more time on polishing this area. Some objects have multiple images of the same type of item onscreen, but the description of the item doesn't provide enough clarification. For example, on one HOS there are two umbrellas, but the developers want the "drink" umbrella, not the "rain" umbrella. Or the HOS with two images of a "woman," but the developers want you to click on the stone idol of a woman, but not the sticker / poster of a woman. There are other issues to: the cosmetics case that was clearly a sponge, the whirligig that was clearly a spinning top. The item that was hidden underneath the "Guide" button that I couldn't see. And many, many more. I grew to hate HOS scenes, which was unfortunate because I enjoy them in general and I really started to like the setup with this game at the start. The other major issue was the lack of a real fullscreen format. If one clicks on fullscreen, you can achieve a "fullscreen" format, but the bottom half of the inventory area is cut off. This is ok at first, but when you do a HOS, you can't see the bottom row of the items you need to collect. There is also a major issue with the music in the game. While this can occur at random, it mostly occurs that after a cut scene, such that the previous music that was playing prior to the scene will continue with a new layer of music starting playing overtop / simultaneously with it. The only way to stop this quickly is to quit the game and restart. Very frustrating. Had I not had these technical issues (which may only occur on the Mac version) or the issues with the HOS, I would have rated the game 5 stars, one of my firsts. I also downgraded the visual / sound quality due to the technical issue and the issue with the graphics and design of the HOS. Overall, this game is quite good. I hope the developers manage to correct these issues in the next instalment and do some quality testing prior to release of the Mac version. These are very apparent issues that would have been discovered had that detail been done.. (and maybe provide a patch update for us Mac users for this instalment to improve the flow and quality of the game would be greatly appreciated!). Oh, and the CE edition is a must for those who really enjoy the game. The extra gameplay is excellent, and the general other standard goodies (collectible 'trophies' of the characters that add backstory, music, deleted scenes, concept art, ability to replay puzzles and HOS, replay cut scenes, etc) delighted me as I wanted more after the main game was done. I do agree with the other comment I read that I would like to see a game that pushes the boundaries of fear to the next level. This game comes close and hopefully it will only get better in the next instalment. March 7, 2014
CREEPY The game opens with a gruesome cutscene that is thankfully done as a charcoal type drawing instead of the bloody scene that was presented in the beta for the game. The cutscene is the nightmare that you are having when you suddenly wake up to hear someone knocking on your door (just another bit of creepiness, a delivery during the middle of the night). You receive a strange letter from your sister whom you haven?t seen in ten years since the death of your mother. Your sister invites you to meet her at the address enclosed in the letter so that she can explain some things that she thinks you should know about your mother, herself and also about you. Of course you drive to the address and that is where your creepy adventure begins. Graphics are very good and crisp although they somewhat dull but they do set the spooky atmosphere for the game and coupled with the sound, I am sure you will jump more than once during your adventure. . The iHOS are list type with some action required to find certain items and the puzzles do not seem very difficult. In many ways the game seems like it has been sitting on the shelf and was dusted off to satisfy those who have been looking for what they refer to as a ?gritty? game. We have the usual CE package that includes the standard fluff along with a few achievements and collectibles thrown in for good measure. Overall there is nothing to get excited about in the CE content. The only thing that makes this game worth purchasing as a CE is the exceptional weekend sale. Overall, the game is very good and really spooky. Many times I found myself afraid to walk into a room or open a door because I wasn?t sure what I might find or what might possibly jump out at me and give me a good scare. The game is so different in storyline from what we normally encounter and that difference makes this a game worth having if you don?t mind the intense spookiness. As always I recommend that you at least try the demo. March 1, 2014
On the fence with this one perhaps.....i think? Am really unsure what i think of this game. All the pros were also all the cons..... I loved the scary factor with the game, however the visual appearance wasn't so much spooky as it was dingy. It almost seemed to be incomplete. The puzzles were easy to understand, but the adventure tasks were vague and at times confusing. The story really held my interest with wanting to know what had happened, but at the same time made no sense at all and was choppy. The strategy guide was less on the strategy, and more on the guide - a very brief guide at that. The game was a decent length, and the bonus followed on from it. For those that go for the SE version, I cant help but wonder if their story will be incomplete as to me the bonus chapter seemed an intricate part of the main story. But as it ends with opening a door rather than closing, i can only assume it is to be continued. I would recommend this game - provided the devs iron out a few glitches - especially if you are after sombre, dark and spooky in a slow paced game. If you like clear stories, bright pictures, puppies and unicorns then bypass it. And my recommendation would very strongly lean towards the CE version. March 17, 2014
Good on the "Scary" No doubt about the fear element for this game. Between the music and the cutscenes, this game did a good job of drawing you in expecting to be scared. Overall though I wasn't thrilled with the play of the game itself because it was a little boring to me. You collect figurines and earn some achievements. Seems like this type genre would have been better at least with morphing objects and a bit more to do. I only got to play the demo so maybe there's a lot more than meets the eye. Mini game that I played was alright and HOS were typical but good. Have to think about whether it would be a buy for me or not. March 1, 2014
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True Fear: Forsaken Souls Collector's Edition

What if everything you knew about your life, everything your family ever told you, turned out to be a lie?

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