Witches' Legacy: Hunter and the Hunted

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Carrie and her adopted daughter Lynn had finally found peace within the mansion that had once known only tragedy. But that peace is shattered when an ancient Order of Witch Hunters kidnaps Lynn. Carrie must now join forces with an old foe to locate their secret headquarters and rescue her. Time is running out for Lynn. Can Carrie convince them that her daughter uses magic for good? Find out in Witches' Legacy: Hunter and the Hunted, an exciting hidden-object puzzle adventure.

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Witches' Legacy: Hunter and the Hunted


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Witches' Legacy: Hunter and the Hunted

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Witches' Legacy: Hunter and the Hunted 4.2 5 18 18
Boil, Boil And Lot's Of Trouble! Queen Morgana turned that evil witch Elizabeth into a teeny tiny doll last episode, perfectly harmless right? She is the witch responsible for the deaths of Lynn's parents. When she comes to you with a dire warning that The Order Of The Witch Hunters have a bounty on Lynn's head, you have no choice but to listen. I think this is a fantastic game, but I must admit I prefer the Collectors Edition because I'm a sucker for the extras especially the morph's. This is a continuing saga but the developers have done a really nice job of catching the player up to speed with a lead up introduction. This isn't a hard game to figure out but it doesn't become mundane at any point in the game. The Hidden Object Scenes are interactive list finds and I have noticed that the items to find are different if you replay the game (which I did because I missed 1 morph the first go round!) There is an option on either format to switch to a matching picture tile game, or mix it up and do a little of both! You can customize the difficulty of the game with glint options or active areas marked on the map, which happens to be an excellent jump map, and you can choose the amount of time for hint and skip button recharges. That adorable little green eyed Imp is along for the ride and willing to help you out by going where you cannot, and the CE allows you to earn achievements for putting the little guy to work. The mini games are really good, nothing that struck me as totally new, but enjoyable to figure out without blowing your mind. The games I liked the most were, matching up 8 spider legs which were actually keys, to their matching openings, and I also liked the game where you had to switch Witches from the left to the right and Hunters from the right to the left, if they were next to each other they would fight so you had to keep them separated at all times and you couldn't jump them either. This is a well produced game that tells a good story, with excellent graphics and fun HOS. I enjoyed playing this game and I think you will too, enjoy! February 7, 2014
JUST LOVE IT SUMMARY: 5 minutes into the game, I knew I would be buying it. Good story, beautiful graphics and interesting, well thought-out gameplay. Very good production values - probably more so than the previous Witches Legacy games, which you won't need to play to understand the story. The cutscenes are very good and the voice overs are better. 4 volume controls; music is pleasant enough. 4 modes of difficulty, including custom (if you play custom, you can turn off the penalty for bad aim when clicking in the HOS). 2 Helpers: Imp which we've met in the prior games helps us out and Elizabeth, a doll which will give us direction in rescuing Lynn. Graphics are outstanding; HOS are mildly crowded, interactive and list-based. Puzzles are varied, many not seen a lot, and range from mildly to moderately difficult. Promises to be a few hours of very pleasant entertaining day. March 15, 2014
Fantastic sound and voice.... graphics A+++ I begrudgingly downloaded this and was ultimately very glad I did.... I thought the cut scenes were some of the best I've seen and the sound and graphics in this game are EXCELLENT!! There is, indeed, a great deal of creativity woven through this game and my only regret is that it does have somewhat iffy content (based on my own personal comfort); yet the developers obviously did try to target multiple gamer 'likes' in this game and give them kudos for that. ie. I wasn't thrilled with a blazingly green eyed demon [aka "imp"] as my side kick, yet perhaps things evolve as the story continues and, again... the developers did an amazing job with graphics. Very realistic content, yet not so much as to be off-putting... you knew you were in a game and yet it was immersive enough to draw you in and want you to keep playing. The voices are SUPERBLY done IMHO and the sound is expertly keyed with gameplay! Definitely give the Demo trial a complete run... I do believe this game is under rated thus far and I will, personally, be torn whether or not to do SE or CE.... have fun!! February 7, 2014
That witch is a sneaky one but will Edward and Lynn reunite? I found this SE version of Witches' Legacy: Hunter and the Hunted to be amazingly fun to play. The artwork was wonderful; the graphics in the HOS were crisp and clear; the music was great; the VOS the same. You have a lil' companion who is impish and devilish-looking but he's a good soul and a very dexterous helper when needed. There's a great jump-to map, journal, hint button if needed. The puzzles were tedious but not hard, still they were fun. The HOS were interactive and clever. You could opt to play a match game in its stead. One particular hidden object scene was quite pleasant in that it had fruit, a bottle of wine, tomatoes, cooked pasta, salami. In the back of my mind, I thought, hmm, I'll bet there is a snake, or a bug, or a mouse etched somewhere in this scene, but not so. You'll come upon that same scene again to find other items. I gave this game a five-star rating for its intelligent script--yes, good vs. evil again, but that's pretty much the norm in most games. The game-flow was smooth. I did think that there were a few too many HOS, which will please those gamers who love them. I didn't get bored once either. I recommend this game. March 7, 2014
I Really Loved This Game. Bring on Some more of the Same! This review is based on playing the SE in casual mode and completing the game (and wanting a sequel right away!). The story has a good witch, some bad witches, and several very attractive heroes IMHO. I won't go into the story as much has already been said in some really awesome reviews. I've given this game a 5 because it met my opinion of excellence in every thing except level of challenge (4# and that was because this is an easy game but it held my attention #I never got lost) and kept me playing long after my bedtime. It has the best interactive map ever showing actual pictures of the scene and an exclamation mark showing some action can be taken there. The hint button has free directions and works standard, by pointing to an object, in both game play and in the HOS. The HOS are standard list or you have the option of playing a match game instead. I mostly played the HOS, but I did play a couple of the match games just to be able to comment on them in my review. The first match game I played left me with 3 tiles that didn't match so I finished in the HOS. The next time I played I didn't have any tiles left over. Other than that there were not technical issues in my game play -- no dragging custom cursor or long delay in scene changes. There were lots of puzzles ranging from very easy to not so easy, but there is a wonderful skip button that recharges fast. There is also a walk through of this game which is a good way to learn how to solve puzzles and if you want to learn a few tricks of game play. There are also mini scenes where you use a dream catcher to step into someone's dream -- how different is that! Don't exit out of the game when it has finished, but listen to a short narrative which I thought was very cool. As always I suggest you play the demo and read several of the reviews. I hope you read mine and it's helpful. April 14, 2014
Enjoyed this game Started out so so, but turned out to be a very good game. Enjoyed the HOS, but you could switch for a match game. Not fussy on puzzles. Good graphics and voice overs. Good story. April 10, 2014
Loved it ! Great game. Beautiful colors and graphics. November 1, 2014
Which Witch is Which? And Which Do You Want? The CE or the SE? I'll tell you what I think inside... Imagine my surprise! I was well prepared to dislike this game. And then, suddenly, I liked it. I didn't buy the Collector's Edition when it was first introduced. I signed on for the hourlong trial (as I always recommend others to do) of the newly introduced SE. As another prolific reviewer suggested would happen, I was moved to purchase the Collector's Edition within 15 minutes of play. I didn't wait for the trial to end. Fun Factor: I'm playing way too many HOG/Adventure/Puzzle games. What was remarkably fun for me was this: I recognized the voice of one of the actors. (Yes, I liked the mini-games and the HOGs. But, I'm being honest here. I bought it because of an actor!) VISUAL/SOUND QUALITY Sights: I think this is game is very well conceived and executed. It's not a movie and it's not a video, so I'm not sure why everyone expects these games to have the same clarity as one. As games go, I think this one is just fine. As far as "realism" goes, I think the people are drawn so well as to look life-like. Sounds: As I said, I recognized a voice actor!! Elizabeth, a once young, but now old hag witch is voiced by the actress who played the nutty dead mayor's wife in Phantasmat. I loved her voice acting in that and I love it here. She has an old, whiny, shrill, at times high-pitched voice. It's perfect for the role she plays. But not just her, everyone else in this game is really good at the voice acting thing. One technical issue with the sounds: I wasn't playing the HOGs particularly quickly (not like I play anything really fast) and there were large gaps in the background music while playing. It's like there's a 5 minute tape and then the music stops and a little while later it re-starts. Not a fatal flaw but it shouldn't happen. As for the background music in general: it's OK. Not great shakes but we're not listening to the San Francisco Symphony! LEVEL OF CHALLENGE: HOGS: I was surprised by the quality of them. They are very well drawn IMO and nicely blended in with the other "stuff" in the scenes. Not easy to find but not impossible either. I think it presents a good challenge. They are nicely interactive. And, there's plenty of them: 22 in the game. If the challenge is not fun for you, you can switch to a matching game (I actually like these a lot) where you identify pairs and, thus, remove them from the competition as you come closer to completing the task). Mini-Games: There's nothing new here, but there are really good twists on familiar games. It's a broad assortment, with 21 mini-games spread throughout the SE. All the typical games are represented, including gathering like colors together in a three-part rotating wheel; differently shaped keys which must fit into particular holes; precision movement games, trying to follow and item across a grid. There are many more. Story line: If you have read the description you know the story line. If you have played the other games in this series, I gather, from the reviews, that this is a true sequel. The bottom line is a girl-witch lost her mater-familias. This happened at the hand of the hag whose voice i recognized from Phantasmat. The girl is adopted and turning into quite a nice person who's well-liked by the townspeople who appreciate who she applies her "talents" so to speak. She's even found a very handsome boyfriend. Unfortunately, the BF is a traitor and part of a witch-hunting group that has now captured Lynn. Oh yeah: while you try to recapture Lynn from the bad guys, you can use her "imp" to help you retrieve items from small places you or your hand can't fit. So the conclusion is this: I like the game. It's not Stray Souls or Portals of Evil. It's not a classic. It's just good. The question is, do you want the CE or will this SE suffice? Here's what you're missing by not having the CE: 1. A bonus chapter with and additional 8 HOGs and 7 mini-games. 2. The "who cares" assortment of wall-papers, screen savers, music and art gallery. 3. 16 ordinary achievements which you'll accomplish just by playing the game carefully but with speed. 4. 35 morphing items. Some of them are very difficult to pick up. 5. 40 collectible puzzle pieces which you can use later to play, well, puzzles. These are also, at time, difficult to find. They could be very, very small. This is not to be confused with well-hidden. They aren't. They are in plain sight, if you walk around with a magnifying glass everywhere you go. Do you need to pass by the SE in favor of the CE? No. you'll do just fine with the SE and that's what I recommend you get. February 7, 2014
Great Hidden Object Adventure Game Based on the Demo of the SE The storyline was excellent. You've escaped from the evil Queen Morgana and are back safely on your own turf when you have a sense of foreboding. It becomes more than just a sense when the little witch, Elizabeth, shows up in your mailbox warning you that witch hunters are coming. That doll like animated witch was my favorite part of the game. The soundtrack and voice overs are very well done. The graphics are bright, beautiful, crisp, clean, and colorful. There is a journal, a map, and a little animated imp to assist you in the game. The hidden object scenes are the list type, with lots of interactivity. The objects are well drawn and clear. You can switch to a match 2 game instead of the hidden object scene if you choose. The mini puzzles were typical of this genre, not too easy, not too hard. This is a great dark-themed game made more enjoyable by the little animated characters throughout. February 7, 2014
No Complications Here! Based on the trial (which I may add, doesn't do the whole story justice), however, with this game there is a delight factor that you would enjoy, CE or SE. I love this series and especially little Imp, there is something very unique in the development of his character that is not the same as in other games...don't you just love when he waves at you?? Anyway my point being is that this game is just pure fun, it fills you in on previous events of the story and yet has a wonderful way of continuing that makes you want more!!! The morphing etc. is okay but to purchase the CE for these type of extras is a waste of time, the game gives you enough within itself that I don't think you would miss the extras. Just a great game, easy to become absorbed, great story line, and wonderful characterization. February 8, 2014
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Witches' Legacy: Hunter and the Hunted

Witch hunters have kidnapped Lynn! To save her, you'll have to team up with an old foe and storm their castle.

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