Grim Legends: The Forsaken Bride Collector's Edition

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Brought to you by Artifex Mundi, the creators of the Enigmatis and Nightmares from the Deep series.

Within the shadow of an ancient forest, on the bottom of the foggy valley, stands the lonely village of Ravenbrook. Its perimeter is protected by the villagers' charms, but beyond the legends and the magic, the gloomy forests and wailing wind, lies a chasm so deep and feared, it is known by the villagers only as The Abyss. No one knows what lies within, but when a strange visitor arrives in Ravenbrook just before a young bride is kidnapped, the villagers find justification for their superstitions…

This is a special Collector's Edition release full of exclusive extras you won’t find in the standard version. As a bonus, Collector's Edition purchases count toward three stamps on your Monthly Game Club Punch Card!

The Collector’s Edition includes:

  • Two bonus story chapters
  • Enhanced gameplay features
  • 30 Spirits of the Forest for your Faerie Meadow collection
  • The Book of Elusive Objects to give life to local legends
  • Achievements, wallpapers, soundtracks, concept art, and more!
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Game System Requirements:
  • OS: Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
  • CPU: 2.0 GHz
  • RAM: 1024 MB
  • DirectX: 9.0
  • Hard Drive: 1080 MB
Game Manager System Requirements:
  • Browser: Internet Explorer 7 or later
Grim Legends: The Forsaken Bride Collector's Edition

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Grim Legends: The Forsaken Bride Collector's Edition

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Grim Legends: The Forsaken Bride Collector's Edition 4.4 5 73 73
"Curse You And Your Heartless Kin" A love scorned Bride climbs to the top of the Abyss and throws her ring into the darkness professing to curse the man who broke her heart and anyone related as well! It's 25 years later and your twin sister Lillie is about to be married when a giant bear wreaks havoc and kidnaps Lillie. Now it's off we go into the dark forest where legends have made the villagers fearful because of the Abyss! I can't say this is one of my favorite Grimm Tales, but I can still say it's a fantastic game. The game starts out with an interesting mini game almost immediately. The necklace you made for Lillie is broken and you repair this necklace in three steps. First you fix the petals on the main flower by matching up the patterns on the petals. Then you slide gemstones along a pattern until the gems match the color of the flowers center. Then the last part of the flower requires you to connect a gold chain that connects to it's matching flower. There are 30 hidden spirits to collect and you can earn achievements such as rescuing a mischievous kitten that will be along for the ride. There is a book of elusive objects which gives life to the local legends as well. The hidden object scenes are fragments that you find to make a single object whole and you can choose a game of domino's instead. Things have changed up a bit from the usual Grimm Tales which I'm sure will disappoint some but thrill others, enjoy! February 27, 2014
BEST GAME OF 2014 YET! I will admit, I expect a lot from these developers. If anything, my standards can be overly high when I trial a new release by a developer that has impressed me in the past (e.g., I liked but didn't love Nightmares from the Deep: Siren's Call because I feel that the storyline paled in comparison to the original Cursed Heart's story#. Artifex Mundi has outdone itself this time, though. THE BEST: -Riveting STORYLINE with a very strong ADVENTURE theme. You'll be sucked in right away! You don't know the whole backstory right from the get-go, but that's part of the suspense! In addition, there are a couple of unexpected twists and turns in the plot to keep you guessing. :# -INTERACTIVITY - So, one of my personal annoyances in games is that somehow, my character is the ONLY one that is capable of doing anything. In this game, the interaction is much more realistic; you cooperatively do things with other people at times, and other people are busy trying to help in some other way - not standing around like idiots as though you're the only one who can problem-solve. Awesome, awesome gameplay choice there...better than I've seen in any game yet! -AUDIO - there is a beautiful and balanced mix of music and ambient sounds, which are often blended together or transition so seamlessly that you don't notice it, but it creates the perfect atmosphere for the game. This kept the music from being too repetitive without having looonnng stretches of almost nothing but silence #ahem, "pachiderm" devs! Are you listening?# -VISUALS are rich, colorful crisp - just gorgeous! -MINI-GAMES - really fun, detailed, not overly hard, and work smooth as butter with no glitches! I really, really ejoyed the mini-games/puzzles in this game! -HOPs - not an over-abundance of them, and those that are present are interesting and interactive. -GAMEPLAY - overall just great. Nonlinear enough without being frustrating. I played on Hardcore and really liked that I still had the option of a hint and skip, just slower-charging, while still being given the higher level of challenge that I prefer. -Your helper - One of the most well-animated #and adorable# animal helpers #tabby kitten!# I've had - plus, it doesn't walk or talk like a human, which I appreciated! BUT if the inclusion of a cute animal helper makes you panic, don't! The game isn't cutesy overall. I really think that you'll like this, whether you are a man or woman, or an animal-lover or not. I feel like it's got something for everyone. THE OKAY: - VOICEOVERS - Alright, the voiceovers were fine...decent enough..but just not the best that I've seen #talking about the main character's voice primarily here - the rest were better, I feel#. I've gotta have something to criticize, right? To be fair...the main character voiceovers in Artifex Mundi games I've played before have been pretty bad, probably the weakest part of the game in my opinion, so this is a comparative improvement over those. But, it's not that distracting really - I just used to be in drama and am kinda nitpicky about it. :# CE OR SE? - Ok, I haven't played the bonus game yet. I just couldn't wait to write a review. I'm sorry, I'm sorry! But let me tell you this - I had fully intended to wait to purchase this game until a sale when I started playing it. I have NEVER - no really, NEVER - purchased a CE game for full #gameclub# price. I just couldn't justify it in my own head. I just now purchased Grim Legends: The Forsaken Bride CE for full price. Yep. I just admitted it. It was that good, and I just could not wait. If you refuse to purchase CE formats of games, I'm sure it will be worthwhile to wait for the SE instead of not getting this game at all. But the CE has plenty of extras, multiple different kinds of in-game collectibles, achievements, PLUS 2 bonus games - that's a pretty sweet deal in comparison to most CEs. FINAL TAKE - I, umm, liked this game. In case you can't tell. :) Get it! February 28, 2014
Already on top of my ?game of the year 2014?- list!!! :) Review of the complete game plus bonus: Wow, Artifex Mundi! Where did you get all your gorgeous ideas from?? I just don?t know, where to start: Beautiful, imaginative and colorful graphics! Very well animated characters with welldone voice-overs. I didn?t even turn the wonderful music off (which I usually do). Fascinating - sometimes sad - and thrilling story? Wellbalanced mixture of different kinds of hidden-object-scenes and minigames. Facts: Prologue plus 7 chapters plus 2 bonus-chapters, 3 modes to choose from (changeable during the game), map shows objectives and allows you to jump, direction giving hint, strategy-guide doesn?t follow your progress, lockable inventory, a book with objectives, AND: The most adorable helper, I?ve ever seen in a game: Kitty, the kitten! Not corny at all! It?s just too funny watching what she does and how (even if she?s just sitting next to the inventory)!! :) I?ve counted 19 hidden-object-scenes (though there is an achievement for ?solving all 17 HOS without using the hint"): 11 HOS from word-list with a few interactions - the remaining 8 are ?find shown fragments to assemble an item? or ?find items with shown silhouettes? and ?find things and put them back in the scene?. - Most of them played twice, with new lists of course. In the bonus-chapters there are 5 more HOS from word-list. During all HOS, you have the option to switch into a tricky domino-game. 17 minigames (plus 8 in the bonus-chapters), not too challenging, but fun to solve! Like arrange objects per pattern, shoot sandbags, find the correct sequence, connect tiles of the same color, rotate hexagonal pieces, prepare different recipes, swap tiles, complete the image, use mirrors to direct colored rays? Maingame ends conclusively after more than 4 hours fun! Collector?s Edition Extras: 2 bonus-chapters (1 additional story and at least 1,5 hours to play!), strategy-guide, 28 elusive objects (morphs), 30 hidden spirits (fairy figurines), lots of achievements to earn, 14 replayable HOS, cutscenes, wallpapers, soundtrack and concept-art. Enjoyed every single minute!! If you liked the previous Artifex Mundi Games: You will LOVE this one!! High recommended!!!!! :)) February 27, 2014
This developer is consistent I was beginning to think that I had grown out of adventure games. I found myself getting bored halfway through them or not finding the demos engaging enough to inspire purchase in the first place. Then I played this game. I love adventures! I just haven't encountered a good one in a long time. With this game, I experienced that I-MUST-STAY-UP-UNTIL-3AM-TO-FINISH feeling of excitement that I have been missing of late. The STORY is phenomenally engaging. Something I found interesting was that even after you kind of figure out what's going on, there are more surprises. The story is complex enough to keep you engaged even when you think you already pretty much know what's going on. The bonus adds to the story nicely, but the main game ends conclusively (Good Job Devs!). As with most games like this, there are 3 difficulty options. HOS are clear but well hidden. There were times when it took me a minute to find that last item! Objects are not replaced in repeat scenes, which I appreciate. PUZZLES are fun. A couple of them even related directly and plausibly to the story rather than being forced like every other puzzle, though of course there were some of those too (I mean, surely you've caught yourself thinking "Not even the most eccentric person locks their chests like this.") COLLECTABLES and MORPHING OBJECTS are very well hidden. Collectibles are fairies with leaves as wings and they tend to be hidden on the ground in close-ups, so you have to look carefully. The morphs are collected into a story book. They are also hard to find, I think because they don't morph back and forth as frequently as they do in other games. In sum, keep your eyes peeled! If there is one of either in a scene that you haven't found yet, the relevant bottle at the bottom of the screen will glow slightly. It isn't too intrusive of a hint if you don't want one, but it's there if you do. I was going to recommend Ravenwood if you like this game, but it was listed along with other games by this developer under "premium adventures" (upper right corner of game). I've played all but two on that list and they are all worth checking out. Unlike some well-known developers, Artifex Mundi has maintained a high level of quality in their games since that groundbreaking first Enigmatis. So to go beyond that list, I would recommend Child of the Forest (link at right). The story is thematically comparable to this game, and if you liked the way this CE was structured, the Child of the Forest game is structured similarly. March 3, 2014
I rarely write reviews, but this game DESRVES one One thing you can't call this game is typical. Not only are the graphics absolutely stunning, the storyline is enjoyably intriguing, the voiceovers are magnificently perfect, the animation is brilliantly fluent and the music and sound effects totally captivating, it also has amazingly versatile puzzles which make the game stand out greatly among others of this genre. It is also extremely intuitive and I find that very important in a game (Yes, I was able to figure out the story myself, but aren't we all detectives and alchemists?). Needless to say, after playing the 1 hour trial, I didn't hesitate to continue the adventure. (To be perfectly honest, the cuteness overload of the kitty convinced me from the start). I'm a person with a very keen eye for detail (and sadly a perfectionist as well) and I don't think I've ever played a game where I haven't found all the 'collectibles' etc. on the first try. But here? OK, I missed one fairy, I'll admit, but I wasn't able to find almost HALF of the changeables needed to unlock the whole story. And believe me, I've looked. And if in fact they're all there and I'll find more on the next go, I didn't find any bugs at all (except for the beetles in the hidden object scenes, but I'm pretty sure those were intended), which would make the game flawless and that's a word I very rarely use. Great for people that enjoy thinking! Not for those with a "I like staring at the screen and want the game played for me" attitude. An absolute must have for HOP junkies like myself. March 5, 2014
Back to Ravenwood -- Save your Sister! Another fun game with lots of bells and whistles by a great group of developers. It had me at the opening. A young woman climbs a huge peak and throws her emerald ring away and curses the man who gave it to her and his heartless kin! A crow-like hand recovers the ring! The story opens 25 years later and you and your father are on your way to Ravenwood to attend your twin Lilly's and Edward's wedding. Your carriage is attacked (of course!# by a bear. You find the wedding party, but the bear steals Lilly, and you and Edward give chase. You make a good team until eventually you fall into a ravine and now you are on your own! The ravine itself is full of enchanting puzzles in a garden-like area. Eventually you work your way out and come across a cottage in the wood with a witch #?# who gives you a recipe for a bear-tracking potion and you are off to find all the ingredients. This game has everything. You rescue a kitty who becomes your helper for the high places and eventually leads you to the cottage. The HOS are either very interactive silhouettes, or a FROG. And you can play dominoes instead! #Not so easy!) The mini-games are not hard, but are multi-part and fun. Your map is teleporting with activities marked - in casual mode- and your journal tracks your objectives. The hint button either points to an object to use or points the way back. There are 11 trophy achievements like "Fuzzy Little Fellow" when you rescue the cat. There are 13 story achievements that explain the history of the story. You must find 18 "Elusive Objects" to read the parts of the story achievements -- I only found two in the demo, so they are well hidden. There are also 30 spirits -- they look like fairies - to find. There are three modes of play and the extras include the HOPs, cut scenes, wallpaper, sound tracks, art, strategy guide, and two bonus games. Try it, I think you will like it! Got to buy! February 27, 2014
Grim Legends - Tragic love story. Amazing game! Artifex Mundi is known for it's wonderful HOPA games and this one is a new masterpiece created by them. The storyline. In the intro you see a terrified woman running to the edge of the abyss, speaking words, that she shouldn't have spoken. But you journey starts on your fathers carriage on the way to your sisters wedding. But as soon as you arrive a bear crashes the wedding and kidnappes your sister. Together with her fiance Edward you follow the bear until you fall down into the forest. After finding your sister you realise, that the bear isn't the bad "guy" in this game, but Edward is. Can you stop the wedding and who's Edward and what has he to do with the Abyss? I don't want to spoil it. Only one thing: The two sisters life began different than they thought. The graphics are wonderful. They are drawn, but so clear and atmospheric. Just like in the the other Artifex Mundi games. The soundtrack is epic and I really love it. I've only seen a few games with an atmosphere that good. The sounds are clear too. The characters are drawn animated and they move their lips while speaking. There is also some interaction with them. The voice overs are really good done and good understandable. The Level of challenge was better in the other Artifex Mundi games, but it's quite better than in so many other games and because of the collectibles I rate it with 5 of 5 points. You can choose one of three playing modes, before you start. The gameplay is quickly going forward and not really challenging. But there are many nice animations while playing. There are around 15+ Hidden Object scenes in the game and they are sometimes silouhette, sometimes a list to find items with little interaction and there's one interactive HOS #find and use items#. The HO's aren't very easy. They're just right for me. There are many mini-games in the game, I didn't count them all. Some are classic mini-games and some are new types. They aren't too easy and not too hard. A good challenge for me. But now to the hardest point. In the game there are 30 spirits #fairys# and 28 ellusive objects #Morphind Objects# hidden. And those ellusive objects are very, very hard to find. Really nice done devs. Sometimes it took me about 5 minutes to find an object. The fairys are hidden in the gameplay windows, you can open. But be careful! If the window closes, because you've done all, then the spirit is lost and you can't find it anymore. So afterall, this is definetly another 5 star game from Artifex Mundi and a worthy CE with many extras. Keep up the great work guys in Nightmares from the Deep: Davy Jones CE. February 26, 2014
Great Adventure! I really enjoyed everything about this game. It had everything you should expect from a CE. From the beginning, an exciting opening! Great graphics, music, voiceovers with plenty of adventure. There is such an eerie ambiance throughout the whole game. You collect spirits and elusive objects. You earn achievements and the HOS give you an option of playing a dominoes game which is pretty tough. Mini games are challenging but not too difficult. Wonderful developed game that is so much fun to play! A definite buy! February 27, 2014
one of the best so far this year these are the graphics I'm talking about, colorful and hand drawn, eye candy for me. lots to do, lots to do, I was so caught up in playing that I forgot to look for the fairies and morphs, needless to say I didn't find them all so I definitely will have to play again, which is a nice surprise for me cuz so many are play and delete. I'm gonna keep this one around awhile in my queue of about 80. interesting journal, though I didn't get it to reveal every story, i'll have to check that out, another reason for replay haha cute kitty pal jump map but only in main game switch HOs to dominos, apparently not my cup of tea, when I checked it out I only had one item left, played dominos for 10 mins and still had to go back and find last item. people are kinda homely, could use more practice drawing them, but the scenery they definitely got right. variety of HO's lists are my favorite, prefer little or no interaction, its about speed in finding for me. lots of puzzles and mini games, enjoyed them all, only skipped one cuz I couldn't get the tokens to move, another reason for replay? good hint and guide, though I only got a glimpse of both. nice flow to the game. I think if you try it you'll like it March 2, 2014
Outstanding Story !! This is one of the best storyline games so far this year. At times downright thrilling !! I loved how they mix the HO's up a bit and made them very interesting. Puzzles are okay also. But the storyline you think you are following only to find out truths along the way that leave you thinking Hmmmm wonder if ? Very fun game and have played twice now. I think if you are looking for a really full to do Collectors Edition buy this game !! You will be so involved and enjoy the entire long game and get your money worth. Beautiful story with a great ending. February 28, 2014
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Grim Legends: The Forsaken Bride Collector's Edition

Enter an enchanting world of legends, mystery and magic, where your destiny was written in blood and the soft murmurs of true love...

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