Space Legends: At the Edge of the Universe

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Trapped on a faraway planet where the future, past and present all intertwine, Elizabeth and Steve are in serious danger! Plunge into a new and mysterious world of adventure as you travel to the most remote parts of the universe and help them find their way home!

  • Fascinating in-game journal holds clues to aid your escape!
  • Heal Steve with medicinal flora and avoid toxic plant life!
  • Casual and Expert modes cater to your skill level
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Game System Requirements:
  • OS: Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
  • CPU: 1.6 GHz
  • RAM: 1024 MB
  • DirectX: 9.0
  • Hard Drive: 816 MB
Game Manager System Requirements:
  • Browser: Internet Explorer 7 or later
Space Legends: At the Edge of the Universe


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Space Legends: At the Edge of the Universe

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Space Legends: At the Edge of the Universe 3.1 5 18 18
I Now Appreciate This Game. I chose to play this game as it was a sci-fi game which there are very few of, and after 30 minutes of the demo I was still undecided on buying it. However as I had several free game credits in my inbox that were about to expire I decided to give it a try, and I am so glad I did. I did struggle through the free hour of game play most espcially the language barrier, but when I read "Steve gets diffused" as opposed to what I think it should be "Steve gets confused", I laughed and carried on.. The first HO scene after you have left the planet you were on is, to use my daughter's words is AWESOME. It starts off as a usual HO but after that you can't find the next object until you have made a series of moves in order to get the next item, and they are not obvious moves. It took me over an hour and I was definitely challenged which my daughter found hilarious as she cracked it straight away.. I don't recall seeing this developer before, but if they brush up on their English and continue in this style of game play, I think they are going to be AWESOME. Definitely a 5 star rated game from me because once you get into it you don't want to stop. March 11, 2014
The best of all worlds.... Yay! No ghosts, no skeletons [perhaps a bone here or there appropriately placed], no witches or black fog... no creepy music, no hand holding, and no gaggy cute green helpers. : } It's unfortunate some reviews give such low stars based on the Demo and/or there personal limitations [hmmm, get glasses]. This is an adventure-heavy H0P... yes, there are translation faux pas here and there [I thought they were a bit charming and certainly not as 'off' as some other games!] and yes, the initial space camp scene is a bit tedious [especially so if one is not familiar with adventure], and yes, there are 'bars' on the side [just use hints and change your resolution!]: YET.... HOLD ONTO YOUR SPACE SEAT!..... : } ....once you land on the next planet, the story really takes off and I do believe the next setting will be very appealing to many more gamers here at BFG then based on demo alone! SO, here are some of the most positive details for those on the proverbial fence: The background music is very appropriate to the game and appealing to the ear: it's rather soothing and nice; environmental sounds are good and appropriate to the settings you are in as well Thus far, the story is a combination of fantasy, sci-fi, romance, hi-tech, middle ages. As for the graphics? They are some of THE BEST I've seen here. The cut scenes are phenomenal and as the game progresses, [w/o giving too much away], there are touching and realistic little details here and there which really pull one into the game. [as an example.. look in front of the inn when you first go into town... a momma kitten is nursing her kittens... very subtle and just 'there' in the background which makes it charming and NOT CUTESY, lol.. I do not like cutesy in my gaming ~gag]. At the same time, there is contrast of the drama setting of needing to overcome [via puzzles and HOP] obstacles in order to accomplish tasks to resolve your dire situation. The puzzles are unique requiring you to utilize your inventory bar along with the usual 'items find' bar. So, all in all, this is truly an EXCELLENT game and I urge you to strap in your patience seatbelt and take off on a really great adventure.... one that is very different and new and, therefore, exciting and fun to venture through. Thank you developers and BFG for an exceptionally good gaming experience!! ; ) March 12, 2014
Beam Me Up, Scotty! You Have Just Entered Space Legends! Dazed and confused, I was looking in every BFG crack and crevice for a GOOD, CHALLENGING, CREATIVE, DIFFERENT, UNIQUE GAME! Thanks to Reviewer, FORTUNATUS, I found this interesting little beauty as one of his/her Current Favorites. Thank you! Current Favorites are always helpful in finding other BFG games! Yay! Is it possible to over-review a game? Indeed. Let's keep it simple. There are some language errors, but give it a break! I've seen lots of errors from the big-name developers and there should be ZERO! Finally! Interesting and unique! March 20, 2014
Wonderful! I wasn't sure when I started this game but the more I got into it the more intrigued I became.Graphics are super clear, mini games not too difficult but stress free making them fun. I love the story line, it's fresh and differs from others. When you land on another planet you realize the point of "the future, past and present all interwine". There is absolutely nothing i dislike about this game. March 23, 2014
GREAT! A GAME THAT ISN'T ALL ABOUT ANOTHER EVIL WITCH WITH A GRUDGE! I love the magical & period adventure/HO games but 9 out of 10 still revolve around the same old story of a witch kidnapping someone you have to rescue. At last a designer with a DIFFERENT STORY for a change. NOT REALLY A HO GAME. This is mostly an adventure game with a nice twist. Your on another world exploring but your boyfriend / partner is hurt and you need to find out how to help him and get your ship home but a storm outside has caused some damage. There isn't a clear story at first to know where you need to go next but the map helps. I had to use the hint button a few times to know where to go next but the game as a whole so far during the 1 hr trial was very interesting and a nice change from the majority of games out there right now. I'm sure I will buy it. March 11, 2014
Looks Great, Plays OK, But... BASED ON DEMO FIRST IMPRESSIONS I am always so happy to see a space adventure game. Love all things sci-fi. But alas, this is, for me, yet another disappointment. But it is not absolutely awful, and some may be able to ignore its inadequacies enough to really enjoy this game. So don?t necessarily discount it. After all, there?s not a cute anything to be found except your (human) workmate, plus there?s also only 1 HOP in the demo! Shocking, isn?t it? SIGHTS & SOUNDS The opening cut scenes are VERY impressive. Exceptional. And so are all the graphics. Some serious effort and talent went into making this game look really, really good. There are clear and precise realistic graphics throughout, with slightly more ?arty? art for the very few HOP scenes. There are no voiceovers, and there is a large amount of dialogue, in other words, reading - which unfortunately is very poorly translated. It interferes with enjoyment of the story, but it is just about bearable - if the other things this game has to offer appeal to you. The ambient sounds will blow you away. Literally, when you are out in the hurricane trying to fix the space ship, and metaphorically inside the base. My sub-woofer got its first working out ? the table, the keyboard, even the floor vibrated with the sound of those pitiless turbines producing the essential atmosphere. Along with emergency sirens and those spectacular graphics, a truly awesome atmosphere of a space station in crisis is created. Of course, it gave me a headache, but I stubbornly refused to turn the sound effects down, which you could choose to do. WHAT?S HAPPENING? Neat story. The planet you are stationed on is having seriously malevolent weather and the facilities are in danger. So is your friend Steve, who makes it back to base barely alive, and it is obvious you are going to have to find your way home to earth without his help, if he is to survive. All very well, but the space ship is damaged, and if you stay outside long, you?ll end up like Steve! And where are those pesky star maps we?ll need to get home? I felt the story ran a bit slow, but then demos often do, and the meat of the adventure is still to come. GAMEPLAY This is more of an ADVENTURE LITE game than a HOPA. There are a few puzzles, and one HOP (interactive list where the hidden items are not highlighted), visited twice, and that?s it. The job is about getting all the gear together to escape the planet you?re on, and get home. The puzzles vary greatly, from very familiar and easy to totally new and darn hard. I skipped far more often than I usually do, but that in part was probably the overpowering atmosphere, making me want to hurry. The demo took me 45 minutes to complete, and that takes us only to the point of starting the ship. The hint is directional, but once it gives you the exact item you need to interact with, and you hit hint again, it gives you an actual hint. I liked that, because a couple of times, I found myself confused as to which piece of machinery did what. The journal keeps excellent notes and gives extra information you sometimes need to complete a task. There is also a jump map, which indicates where you are and where you can do something. There are only 2 levels of difficulty. COMBINED IMPACT The more I remember the features of this game, the more I am leaning towards this being an adventure game with some puzzles thrown in. It has that feel. But if you are good at puzzles, there?s enough puzzle action to maintain your interest. Also, the more I think about it, the more I think I would like it better if I weren?t so tired. So I am going out on a limb and suggesting that, despite the appalling English, and the no frills approach, this game does in fact have enough appeal to recommend it ? if only to the adventure/puzzles crowd, and atmosphere addicts like me. March 11, 2014
Different Story, if you can overlook the flaws The opening scenes in this game are outstanding. A very very talented artist was employed making things look artsy and realistic. The graphics are clear and the sound effects are amazing. This is more of an adventure game with plenty of puzzles. Many were very difficult for me. I needed the hint button often for directional help until I got the hang of where the story was going. All artistic renderings are done very precisely and I found that to be a bonus. The very very few HOS were even artistic!! The English was horrendous. There are no voiceovers so you do have a lot of reading to do. At times the English was so poor, I didn't quite understand what point was trying to be made. I am a huge fan of new and small developers and I did enjoy this game. After about 15 minutes into the demo, the game flowed more easily for me. The hint is nice, first time you hit it, it is directional. The 2nd time, it gives you a sentence of what you are looking for. I recommend you try this. Attempt to overlook the grammar because it is a very unique and nicely done game. :) March 11, 2014
A Good Game, But Lacked A Little Polish ... OK Graphics & Sound, But A Bit And Old School Feel About Them ... No Wide Screen Support Either ... The Game Itself Was OK And I Really Enjoyed It ... We Don 't See Many Sci-Fi Games So This Was A Nice Change ... Would Love To See More Games Like This, But Bigger On Adventure And A Bit More Bling ... March 15, 2014
Earthbound Hurricanes and tornadoes? I tried really hard to enjoy this game, I love sci-fi movies and games, I just couldn't get into this game, I felt no urgency, no panic and certainly no fear of space invaders. The turbulent storms had damaged the power supply and injured Steve (apparently the only other astronaut) the man in charge of engineering. The graphics are good but in my opinion the flaws were at times overwhelming. The game didn't always flow fluently, it could be my computer, but it felt sluggish. There were a few spelling errors as well. The hint system wasn't very "hintful" for instance, during a hidden object scene I couldn't find paints so I clicked on the hint icon and it told me to fix the power supply. I left that room, re-entered the room, clicked back into the HOS and clicked hint at which time it circled the single tube of paint which was halfway under the inventory bar and only a single tube of paint, not paints. Perhaps I'm being a bit too critical on this game, it's certainly not a horrible game, it does have an interesting story and the characters are well done, so I'm just going to chalk this one up as not my cup of tea. March 12, 2014
A welcome change, with caveats What a relief to have an HO game that doesn't include elves, demons, or dragons! I downloaded and played the demo based solely on the game's location -- I love sci fi, and you can have too much fantasy and demon-chasing. But it does have some problems you might want to know before you start. Caveat one: The graphics are appealing and the music is fine, though I generally turn it off as soon as I can -- especially in this game, which starts out with emergency sounds that wear out their welcome quickly. A screaming siren and urgent music are particularly annoying when you can't resolve the emergency until you rummage through a pile of trash looking for a trombone. Caveat two: The HO scenes would be good were it not for the usual translation difficulties. "Nail" turned out to be a nail file, and "dummy" was first a bust with makeup applied to it, then a small doll in a red dress. In addition, the list doesn't indicate when finding an object will require manipulation of the scene. Either one of those issues could be worked around; together, they make the HO scenes a cause of much cussing and frustration. Luckily, they're not too frequent. Caveat three: There seem to be some plot elements either left out or inadequately explained. I had no idea why I was constructing a robot until it was completed, which makes it very difficult to go through the action logically. You do a thing because it's the only thing you *can* do, not because you know why you're doing it. Just a very small amount of background or explanation would fix this, but in this case they didn't do it. All that being said, I might buy this one anyway just for the sci fi setting. The plot is understandable and doesn't at this point appear to include any magic, which as I say is a relief. There are lots of hints and a map that indicates when there's something to be done in a location, very helpful. And the characters are appealing enough that I wanted to help them escape their danger. Bottom line: A good effort with some frustrating elements. I'd recommend it if you like sci fi, if your tolerance for frustration is adequate. March 22, 2014
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Space Legends: At the Edge of the Universe

Elizabeth and her friend Steve are in serious danger on a faraway planet. Can you help them find their way home?

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