Origins: Elders of Time

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Brothers James and William depart on an expedition to find a lost city on a long-forgotten island, but only James is ever seen again. Found washed ashore, James claims that the brothers never reached the island, and recounts the story of how his brother was tragically lost at sea. Twenty years have now passed, and William's daughter Lisa receives information that suggests her uncle hasn't been telling the truth. Join Lisa on an epic adventure and journey to a place where anything can happen! Search a multimillionaire's manor, board an airship and explore enigmatic places as you uncover the truth and help Lisa find her father!

  • Explore a mysterious island for clues to William's past
  • Solve a variety of stimulating logic puzzles
  • Uncover the secret of the Lost City
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Game System Requirements:
  • OS: Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
  • CPU: 1.6 GHz
  • RAM: 1024 MB
  • DirectX: 9.0
  • Hard Drive: 1425 MB
Game Manager System Requirements:
  • Browser: Internet Explorer 7 or later
Origins: Elders of Time


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Origins: Elders of Time

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Origins: Elders of Time 4 5 33 33
REVIEW OF COMPLETED GAME I have not done a review for months and months, because there really has not been anything worth writing about lately. And then, I played this! This game is simply superb. Congrats to these new Devs. They have given a lot of well and long established Devs something to aspire too. At first it just seems ordinary, even a little dull. But that's only in the very beginning. I soon became more and more engrossed and more and more did my admiration grow. The graphics are really good. The story is just great - such a refreshing change from the terrible monotony a lot of these games have become. The interaction of the puzzles and all the different twists and turns and surprises is pure enjoyment. There is a jump map - 3 of them in fact, because this game has such a myriad of locations, they wouldn't fit on even 2. The voiceovers are excellent. No overacting or phoney emotion, just very well done indeed. The cut scenes are perfectly timed so as not to be too long or irritating. There is one set of 20 collectibles. The hint button is excellent for those who dislike maps. There are two modes of play and the 2nd one basically leaves one almost on one's own. As for the programming and the navigation, would that all games played as smoothly and efficiently as this gem does. And what a surprising and shocking ending. My only minor critique is that the iHOS are not as sharp and clear as they could have bee, making it a tad difficult to spot certain very well hidden objects, but, fear not, for there is an alternate card game that is quick and easy and fairly enjoyable. So, in my opinion, these Devs have hit the nail smack on the head. They have imagination in spades, can really spin an tantalizing yarn, and they totally understand how to technically create a well oiled machine of a game without an iota of lagging, sticking, freezing or delays of any kind, throughout. What an perfect pleasure it is to play this game. Thanks guys. You just keep it up the way your are going. Top marks for this. March 24, 2014
Good HOPA This game is by BLOO BUZZ, a new game creater for me. I have only played the demo, so after writing this review I intend to purchase it. Story so far: Year is 1901, William White is looking for a mysteries island ( so far objective unknown). He spends so much time with his research he neglects his poor (?) wife, who finds her solitude in the arms of his brother, James. She is found out by their family friend Christopher, and she threatens him with bodily harm if he reveals the secret to her husband. So William gets the cordinates for the island finally, and Mary thinking she will get to spend more time with her lover, convinces James to finance the mission, but James is suspicious about the venture and sneaks into William`s study and find out what William is up to. So James and William set for the island on the boat the "Gloria" and it crashes. You don`t find out what happens yet. You play the part of Lisa White, Mary`s and William`s(?) daughter. You attend the funeral of your mother, when you are approached by Christopher who tells you he has something for you at the house. There you see James. You search the house for a bit and then you find that the foyer has been destroyed and Christopher is missing and you are attacked by a strange man and the house is on fire, James tells you to flee, and after repairing your plane/dirigble you flee, but the man attacks the plane and you crash on the island of your fathers(?) boat. That`s as far as I got. There are only 2 modes of play. Regular: Jumpable map that shows areas of available action Hint/Skip buttons charge quickly No penalties for mis-clicks in HO scenes Expert: Jumpable map but doesn`t show areas of available action Hint/Skip buttons takes longer to charge Penalties for Mis-clicks There are 20 Life Stones to collect You get a journal You get a jumpable map of the manor and when you get to the island you must find the island map. Music wasn`t very intrusive, got so caught in the game didn`t really notice it much Voice-overs: seemed to match the character`s mouth and also there was writing, so not too bad. Puzzles: So far a little easy, like opening a lock, turning on the pistons in the right order, etc. HO scenes: Some interactive, some with pictures, such as find the items pictured and you put it together and viola, there`s the ladder you need. Others were the normal word lists. Now for the cons: You had to constantly click on the inventory to open it up, just going to the bottom of the screen didn`t open it, that was tiresome. All in all a cool game. March 24, 2014
Huge kudos to this new developer! This is a fantastic game, from the opening cutscene on - but you will need to be patient, because it starts a bit slowly. This looks like it might have intended to be a CE, and it certainly has the length, complexity, and quality to be. It's far better than this weekend's crop of CEs, that's for sure. A little steampunk, a little sci-fi, a little reminiscent of Myst, and a bit of mystery - complete with startling plot twists and revelations. Pros: - Graphics are sharp and clear, though some scenes are (appropriately) a little dark. - Voiceovers are excellent, and I liked the music, though some won't. - Cutscenes are absolutely superb, and give you a sense of "being there". - Storyline involves a missing relative, but the twists and turns take it far from "same-old, same-old" - Some real "gotcha" moments, surprises, and suspense - Hard mode doesn't hold your hand, though I'd prefer no black bar tips - NO cute helpers! (Thank you!!!!!) - I'm not done, but it seems to be quite long - LOTS of territory to cover - Adventure-heavy, and actually pretty challenging on the adventure side :-) Neutrals: - Has maps, but I don't use them, so can't comment on their usefulness - HOS can be traded for a very simple solitaire game if you like - I found it too easy to be fun, though I'm no fan of HOS - Even on hard, the hint charged quickly, but I didn't need to use either it or the skip so far - No tutorial that I saw, but I don't use them anyway. I will say I didn't know there was a soli game until I read other reviews Cons: - Fairly linear, but you will have enough stuff going on that it really doesn't seem all that linear - Mini games were insultingly easy, at least as far as I got - Too many HOS for me, but that is really subjective, I know This game was kind of a pleasant surprise, and a breath of fresh air. I am soooooo burnt out on "cute", and this one is NOT cute at all! It is an adult-level game, actually. Try it for sure, and keep at it until you get to the end of the mansion chapter - it seems slow and simple up till then, and then it suddenly picks up and takes off like a runaway airship! March 25, 2014
Surpasses BFG CE Games Today! Congrats to Bloo Buzz Devs! Played expert level and was pleasantly surprised that the game is lengthy as well as challenging. Ah! The plot plays out rather than gamers being told what is happening. Opening scene, Lisa is attending her mother's funeral in the rain while priests are reading Latin--already had my attention! Interactive map is very helpful with numerous interesting puzzles and time era appropriate hidden object scenes. The hidden objects are challenging and, if you wish to save face and not skip; which I prefer, you can play a card game to get you through. Some objects are small and cleverly well hidden with a few items misunderstood. That is expected and I don't get all riled up unless they are well known devs. A bit stuck right now-- so, taking a break to submit this review and get back to this totally enjoyable game! I would like to see BFG give gamers more notice on this game and others like it--especially since there are so few. After all, I try to check in every day and missed this when 1st released here. Not complaining--just saying--a loyal BFG fan who's disappointed in our choices. Thank you Bloo Buzz and BFG! Enjoy! -Mama Mia- April 3, 2014
Completed game This game was a real surprise. Like someone else said, when you start it is ok and then it became more and more interesting. It took me over 4h to complete the game for a SE it is good. I won't repeat the story line, but I can tell it was differently done. I am sure those Dev are from Quebec, ''Chapeau l'quipe'' I'll wait for another of their work. It is not an easy game, HO are difficult to find sometimes, the map was a good help with it you don't need the hint button. March 31, 2014
A Very Enjoyable Game ... Great Graphics, Sound, Voice & Video Bits ... A Lot Of Game Here, Pretty Much CE Stuff At An SE Price ... Very Enjoyable ... March 30, 2014
a rather long game. you get your money's worth i played casual, low sound. hints, skips charge rather fast. hints will hand hold you but there is some instances that you have to find something to go any further. couldn't find a WT so you won't have that help. it stymied me for a while. went back in under another profile after uninstalling it and restarting the computer. i just missed something and when i went back in it was obvious what i did. there is a diary and interactive map! sequel....probably. March 28, 2014
A MUST PLAY FROM THESE NEW DEVS I am a avid reader of reviews but never posted one, in saying that I am not going to go into detail of the game as the majority of reviewers have done a fine job at doing that. I have played a lot of games but never from this Developer, what a CRACKER of a game for first timers, if that is so,I just loved every aspect of this game, not a CE as I usually purchase, but in my opinion better than quite a few, having said that, give it a go fishes it might surprise you, as it did me, all the more newbies in gaming the better I say. March 28, 2014
Very good game I do love these soft releases. They are such a departure from the monotony of the "standard" HOPA's released. This is the story of two brothers who set out to find a secret island, with only one brother returning. He claims his brother never made it and died on the voyage there. It seems he's telling fibs. As the departed brother's daughter, you get evidence that your father did indeed make it to the island and you set off to find out what happened. The HOS are nicely spaced out and interactive. The cut scenes are also nicely spaced: enough to give a story, but not overwhelming. The puzzles are medium difficulty and were unique and different. The game and story flowed smoothly. You do have collectibles, not one, but three maps since the area is so large, a great hint button if you prefer that over maps, and a very shocking conclusion. I highly recommend this game. Was long playing and enjoyable. Congrats to these new developers. I look forward to their future releases. March 25, 2014
Excellent Atmosphere I loved this game. I got involved in the story line and immersed in the graphics. It had a similar atmosphere to me as Syberia without being quite as polished. I highly recommend this game and wish there were more like it. March 29, 2014
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Origins: Elders of Time

Uncover why Lisa's uncle is hiding information about her father's disappearance and help her discover the truth.

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