Surface: Reel Life Collector's Edition

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$ 13.99 USD or 2 credits

Elephant Games’ genre-pushing Surface series continues... this time, in Reel Life!

Your sister and her daughter, Jane, were enjoying a screening of an old movie, when one of the actors literally stepped off the screen! Now Jane is missing, and the building is crawling with strange plants and animals from the movie. You solve all the puzzles in your way and rush to the theater to find a way into the world of the film to save your niece. But once you do… you realize that the mystery - and the danger - is much deeper than you could have imagined. Can you escape before your adventure becomes a tragedy? Find out in Surface: Reel Life, a thrilling Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game!

This is a special Collector's Edition release full of exclusive extras you won’t find in the standard version. As a bonus, Collector's Edition purchases count toward three stamps on your Monthly Game Club Punch Card!

The Collector’s Edition includes:

  • Release Andrew Light from Cinecity in the bonus game.
  • Collect flowers to visit the secret room for extra prizes.
  • Win awards for your greatest achievements.
  • Use the available Strategy Guide.
  • Soundtracks, screen savers, wallpapers, and concept art.
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Game System Requirements:
  • OS: Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
  • CPU: 2.5 GHz
  • RAM: 1024 MB
  • DirectX: 9.0
  • Hard Drive: 1267 MB
Game Manager System Requirements:
  • Browser: Internet Explorer 7 or later
Surface: Reel Life Collector's Edition

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Surface: Reel Life Collector's Edition

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Surface: Reel Life Collector's Edition 3.4 5 49 49
four stars Surface: another world was a 5 star game!!! I bought the CE of this game because I loved the another world so much. It was a bit on the simple side, the characters did not move like they once did and the bonus chapter was waste of a credit. I took my time with game and tried to find every flower around but came up short so I couldn't watch the 3rd preview in the bonus room. bummer. 2014 April 23, 2014
This One Should Have Been Buried Beneath the Surface I am a person who doesn?t usually bother writing a review if I don?t care for a game but felt that I wanted to put in my two-cents worth on an incredibly nonsensical game by one of my favorite developers. For this game to be part of the Surface series seems to be quite a stretch of the imagination and a sad departure from the previous games in the series. I can see Surface perhaps because of the two realities the ?reel life? as opposed to ?reality? but the whole premise of the game was exceptionally odd to me. The story seemed disjointed and just didn?t gel. Although the graphics were very clear and good quality the characters were cartoonish to a fault. The one great thing that Elephant did with this game was add lip-syncing but that, IMHO, was not enough. The music and soundtrack were okay but not really great. It seems that almost everything about the game fell flat. You have all the usual tools with an interactive map thrown in that is very necessary because there is a lot of back and forth in the game. As with most Elephant games, the HOPs were very straightforward HO scenes with very little interaction required to complete the scene. The puzzles were okay but nothing spectacular. Maybe I am having an off day but I found the gameplay confusing and very ho-hum, it just didn?t make a lot of sense. In fact, I was so happy to see the game end that I was ready to do a happy dance. Aside from the inclusion of the strategy guide, there is nothing in my opinion that qualifies this game as being worthy of a CE. We collect the hidden flowers and what do we get but access to a secret room where we can play videos of the game. Sorry Elephant, this is one of the first games that you have presented that I just didn?t care for. Although this version of Surface was a huge disappointment for me, I suggest that you try the demo because it just might be your cup of tea. April 10, 2014
An ok CE that could have been much better... A very silly story line, and not overly long. Without skipping any puzzles, not using hints and playing in advanced mode the game was over in 4 hours (including the bonus chapter). Whilst the bonus chapter wasn't stuffed with HOPs thankfully, it was a bit 'hum drum' and lasted about 35 minutes. Not what I expect for double the price of an SE. There are 3 play modes, collectable flowers (yawn), and well drawn but not very challenging HOPs (these needed you to use some inventory items to complete them). The graphics weren't the greatest, and very fuzzy on my MBP Retina display. The music was ok, and thankfully no furry critters to help you. Excellent hint system. Didn't need to use the SG. My main gripe is that unless you want to play hard core mode with no puzzle skips, the hand holding is excessive in the extreme. Many devs these days give you a 'custom' option, so you can do away with black bar tips if you want to. On seeing a screw, being told you need a 'screwdriver' is an insult to one's intelligence! I usually love games by these devs, and I'm thrilled when I see their name at the beginning of a game, but this didn't live up to expectations. I must rein myself in and stop buying CEs because, with a few exceptions, the extra price isn't really good value for money. Wish I'd waited for the SE on this game, and used a punch. April 10, 2014
WTH ELEPHANT GAMES???!!!! I don't know what is going on with this game, but I am VERY disappointed with this latest installment of the surface game series. Here is everything I found wrong with this game... 1.) The game was WAY to short! 2.) The characters in the game were animated and not real like in past surface games which seemed like their trademark. 3.)The puzzles were extremely easy to solve with no challenge at all. 4.) They need an editor for spelling and grammar mistakes. Honestly it seems to me that they needed to get a new surface game out as quickly as possible, and just released this POC game to us, honestly I feel very cheated by Elephant Games, they usually take more time to create their games, and I have never had a complaint with the company until now, I don't know if they changed ownership or what but this game really sucked in comparison to the others...VERY VERY VERY DISAPPOINTED!! I hope they don't continue with this low quality product, I honestly will stop playing if they don't change back to the great quality they had before! April 11, 2014
What happened to Surface? Surface: Reel Life CE Review based on demo PREFACE? I nearly swooned upon seeing that a new Surface was the TGT, being that Surface is one of my favorite series. On watching the opening scene, all I could think was, "What happened to everything that characterized this series?" ONCE UPON A TIME... Your sister Mary and her daughter Jane go to see a movie starring Jane's late fianc Andrew Light. (Andrew and his director went missing some years previously and are presumed dead.) As they're watching the movie, Andrew steps out of the screen, grabs Jane, and climbs back into the movie. Mary calls you for help. PLAY THE GAME... In adventure mode, you'll find everything you need a few short steps from where you'll use it, although some items require a bit of work to acquire. HO scenes are all of the list type, with a couple of interactive items that require an object from your inventory. The puzzles are all rehashed and easy. SIGHTSEEING? While there's nothing wrong with the graphics, per se, they are missing the surrealism that usually characterizes this series?and I missed it. Not that the graphics weren't creative, colorful, dimensional, and well done, mind you. Just that they were firmly inside the box. In-game animation was smooth and realistic, but the live actors were sadly missing, replaced by cartoonish simulacrums. SOUND WAVES? The music is quite lovely and moody, definitely downloadable. Voiceovers were just ok. Environmental and game sounds were appropriate. TOOLBOX? The map shows active areas and transports. It's inside the journal, but instantly visible. The journal combines some written material with replayable videos. Inventory bar is lockable. EXTRA, EXTRA? Extras include the bonus adventure, the SG, collectible flowers that unlock a secret room containing more games, performance achievements and awards, and the developer's portfolio of sights and sounds. (Frankly, I'm getting a bit tired of the flowers.) THE LAST WORD? I don't find Reel Life up to the quality of the rest of the Surface series, to be honest. While the storyline is true to the overall theme of the series, that element of the surreal is missing, and the story dragged on slowly. Also, gameplay was really easy. I'm undecided at this point, so my recommendation is to try the demo yourself. In the meantime, if you like the Surface series, you'll like the pachyderm's Mystery Trackers series as well. April 11, 2014
Good, but not the best Review is based on completion of game and bonus play. Had played some of the other Surface games and enjoyed them. Played the demo of this CE and when the hour was up, I really wanted to keep going. From there on, it didn't continue to deliver on its promise. Not bad, just flat. The breakdown: PROS: Storyline was relatively original. Cut scenes weren't overly long and could be skipped. Characters voices weren't annoying. Interactive map. HO scnes well drawn and interactive, with some requiring items from inventory to complete - a nice addition. Music pleasant and appropriate. Some "utility" items in this games were other than expected so it took a bit of creative thinking to figure out what to use where. CONS: The artwork seemed uneven - in some places quite good and in others cartoonish. The mini games were okay but mostly not very challenging (I'm not an expert player). Length of game play too short. It took me less than 3 hours to complete the regular game, and less than an hour for the bonus (I'm by no means an expert so that's very fast for me). So, a pleasant diversion. The lack of challenge and short duration were the biggest drawbacks for me, and the reason I can only offer a 3-star rating. Overall, would recommend but suggesting waiting for a sale. April 10, 2014
Great Game, AWFUL Bonus Content! BASED ON DEMO Surface is probably one of my all time favourite game series. I own three of the four released, and the last one was pretty good, so I naturally had high expectations for this one, and I have to say... WOW! The story was great, but the CE Extras were downright awful. I will be waiting for the SE and highly advise you to do the same. The story... really good, pretty new, all round exciting! It starts off with a bang... normal people watching a normal movie. Then it goes off script and the actor steps off the screen and kidnaps your niece! So you must fix the projector, fire it up and go in to the world of ?Cinecity?. The story was exciting and had a few good twists. For one, everything you interacted with from the movie (be it characters, animals or plants), vanished once you'd interacted with it! That was just creepy. Other than that, no twists and everything went along as expected. One thing I'm really looking forward to is the story of the villain. The story is starting to be told, and it's really interesting. It's like a murder mystery and a sci-fi story... all rolled in to one! The demo ended on a somewhat low note, but I'm still keen to see how this one pans out. It seems Elephant have taken my advice on the last game. They've really worked on their gameplay. This is one step upwards from their previous games; they're really trying something different from the norm. The inventory-HOS (which I love) have made their return, and Elephant has introduced something new for their games; complex objects. Complex objects are not new anymore (they seem to be appearing in every game these days), but it was a great step forward for Elephant. It goes to show that developers do listen to the reviews. There were quite a few complex objects in the game, with some needing one step to complete and some needing two. Going back to the basics, I did quite enjoy the HOS. They needed inventory items to complete, which made them a lot more enjoyable and slightly more challenging. There was only one type of HOS, which was this one. There were a few HOS in the demo (about three), which indicates to me that the HOS will be evenly spread out. The puzzles were a mix of easy and hard as usual. Some I could solve in a couple of clicks and others required the use of the skip button. This proves to me that Elephant are catering for all puzzlers, no matter what their experience. Great job. Apart from the addition of the complex objects, this is your average HOPA. No animal helpers, no new gameplay, just average HOPA. Even so, I did find the game to be quite challenging. I had to use the hint a lot, mostly because the map was almost useless. Because of this, I would not recommend this game to beginners. The graphics are good as usual. There is a lot of detail there and the character designs are good. Every scene is clear. The artists really are talented. These graphics are really good, and almost look like they're real. The voice-overs are standard I have no issue. FEATURES 3 modes of difficulty: Casual, Advanced and Hard. I played Casual. Differences are sparkles, hint/skip charge times, etc. Hint/Skip- both recharged at a reasonable speed for the difficulty. What disappointed me a little was that the hint changed from being a worded hint to just directing you like a normal hint. The worded hint made things a bit more challenging and that was taken away this time around. Diary- keeps track of events. Map- almost useless. It only tells you where there are active tasks, not where your next task is. This caused me to use a lot of hints. Complex objects- these were objects that required an extra action or two to complete. Complex objects are indicated by a + sign. There were a few of these in the demo and I liked them. CE EXCLUSIVES Built-in Strategy Guide- useful for puzzles. Bonus Chapter- unsure if needed. Most likely not. Collectible flowers- scattered everywhere throughout the game. Didn't care much for them. Secret Room- has 3 bonus films in it that can only be bought by collecting flowers. Achievements Concept Art Music Wallpapers Screensaver I'm very disappointed with the CE Extras. I did not like them one bit. Usually Elephant makes their CE's good, but this is not one. There's absolutely NOTHING in the bonus content that makes this game worth the extra money. I did enjoy the game, but it's only good. It falls well short of being a great game. Most reviewers will rate this 5 stars, but it's ridiculous. This is nowhere near a 5 star game, especially compared to previous games in the Surface series. THIS version of the game (the CE) gets three stars because of the bad bonus content. The SE game will get a four star rating from me. I recommend you play the trial. April 11, 2014
Could Have Been Believable!! Okay, cool, going to a nostalgia movie with your Mum and poof you are grabbed by your (once) real life fiancee into a world that should have been real but isn't!!! I apologize for my cynisysm but this drama went over the top! Crazy monkeys, tigers etc. took so much away from what the story could have been. I mean todays games have so much sophistication and indeed this one had the potential but I became bored after 35 min. of the trial. I also remember this as a Beta trial and even at that I was not thrilled. Believablilty is a big thing today and this to me was not believable. I am reviewing this without making comment on the game itself, and perhaps this is unfair, but sometimes good just isn't good enough. I recently played a game that is 4 years old and the rating was 4...I couldn't give this game a 4?? Wonderful graphics, good sound affects, all the bells & whistles we look for yet to me boring. I didn't even finish the trial. Once I saw the Mother on stage appealing for help to get rid of the tiger I knew I was done. Sorry gamers, this is all about authenticity and this game just fell short! April 11, 2014
Same Old Stuff Demo Only Wish the devs would crank it up a notch with the gameplay. Granted, I only did the demo, but within 15 minutes I ran into the second same old, same old boring noninteractive junkpile. There are voiceovers, collectibles, and a locking inventory, but this has been done before. The better games out there have been more innovative. No reason on earth not to be able to customize difficulty and why do the black bar comments take all the challenge away? Anyway it looks like the garbage scenes are fairly frequent here. Although just a demo experience, and therefore skewed, it seems that the graphics and gameplay are rather old school. It makes me wonder if this sequel wasn't made awhile ago and just introduced now out of order. April 10, 2014
just not sure about this one definitely won't be getting the collectors edition, might give it another try when the it comes out in regular version. I am not big on extras anyway and just couldn't quite get into this one. I have others of this Ceries and generally like them but for some reason this one was was not doing it for me. haited that the hint button kept saying I just used it that was just irritating. at least when it worked it let you jump to the place you need to go so that was good but over all story line was nothing new and just not sure how I feel about it not sure I can recommend it at this point. April 10, 2014
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Surface: Reel Life Collector's Edition

A famous actor has literally stepped off the screen to kidnap your niece. Now you must find a way into the dangerous and exciting world of the film to save her!

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