Off the Record: The Italian Affair Collector's Edition

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Enjoy a new episode in the Off the Record series! Are you willing to ditch your vacation plans to track down the most famous thief in Venice? He’s a slippery suspect who has outwitted the best police minds in Italy. You’ll soon discover that he won’t be easy to find even with your crack detective skills – because they don’t call him ‘The Fox’ for nothing…

This is a special Collector's Edition release full of exclusive extras you won’t find in the standard version. As a bonus, Collector's Edition purchases count toward three stamps on your Monthly Game Club Punch Card!

The Collector’s Edition includes:

  • Watch the behind the scenes video
  • Collect morphing animals and letters throughout the game
  • Earn special Achievements
  • Get soundtracks, wallpapers, screensavers, and concept art
  • Try the available Strategy Guide
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Game System Requirements:
  • OS: Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
  • CPU: 1.6 GHz
  • RAM: 1024 MB
  • DirectX: 9.0
  • Hard Drive: 1376 MB
Game Manager System Requirements:
  • Browser: Internet Explorer 7 or later
Off the Record: The Italian Affair Collector's Edition

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Off the Record: The Italian Affair Collector's Edition

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Off the Record: The Italian Affair Collector's Edition 4.2 5 53 53
Robin Hood Of The Art World Fantastic! You're in for a treat today, this is a very entertaining game, off the Record, of course. The extras seem to keep coming as the game progresses, there are 10 travel guide pages to collect, 16 letters of the alphabet, 17 morphs, and 52 collectible fox figurines, I have a feeling this is just the tip of the iceberg. You are investigating a story about an art thief dubbed the Fox, who has come out of retirement, but wait, there's a crazy lady following you! She claims it's the Fox, the Fox claims it's the crazy ex-lover framing him! This game has a real quality about it, everything is so realistic, from the people all the way down to the pigeons. You will earn achievements, for not using the hint button or even finishing a mini game quickly. You will have slots in the panel for different business cards, press cards etc. to allow you to access them quickly and there are slots for fox collectibles, maps and even a camera which is a mini game in itself. When you use the camera, you need to put buttons on the correct setting, then focus the picture using a top and bottom button and once in focus you click the button to take the picture. There are a lot of mini games, some quite simple, some take some tinkering. Simple puzzles like following directions to make an Italian ice cream, or ringing bells in the correct order as shown on a music sheet, these are easy and fun. Other puzzles such as turning 2 different discs with partial pictures in three sections, this takes a few minutes to figure out how many frames are turning per click and adjusting both sections so they synchronize up. The HOS are mostly progressive interactive silhouettes where you find the first item that matches the silhouetted shape and use that item in the scene, for example finding a letter opener and using that letter opener to open an envelope which exposes the next object and so forth. I was thoroughly entertained by this game, go ahead and check this one out, enjoy! April 17, 2014
Gloriously Artful BASED ON DEMO FIRST IMPRESSIONS In a word. Beautiful. All of it. Everything about it. From the first seconds, this game is beautiful. And classy. And extremely professional. In a different league, really, to the first Off The Record, which was a great game, but for reasons that didn?t specifically include the beautiful art and sound. Everything works. The opening cut scenes are interesting, in an investigative journalist way, not insane crashes or wild witchery, and beautifully crafted. Venice is, of course, a great location if you want to showcase some artwork of your own. The sound tracks are also great. The music is mostly light and airy, gentle ? creating an atmosphere that is delicate with a whiff of intrigue. But there is plenty of variety. The voiceovers are excellent. Again with that Eipix signature dialogue device, lip synched cameo shot, with the larger shot still. I loved the sound of gulls. It never occurred to me to think of gulls in Venice, but of course, it makes perfect sense. WHAT?S HAPPENING? You are the journalist who investigated Linden Shades (first Off The Record game), now famous. Le Volpe, The Fox, an art thief who allegedly retired 5 years ago, has committed another heist at the Museum in Venice. You are supposed to be going there for a holiday, but your boss has got a lead, and you would never knock back a chance to find this character, who has managed to remain both anonymous and at large. So you?re off on a working holiday now, with little time for the sights. The story has some interesting twists almost immediately. You?ll have to keep on your toes. GAMEPLAY This is easy gameplay for the most part, there?s plenty of help with a directional hint, and interactive jump map. The map has spectacular aerial shots of the locations. Lockable inventory. Journal with notes. Later, tapes with interesting historical info. You also have a camera. This is used in specific situations where it can, with the help of an acquired special filter, and via a mini-game, reveal otherwise hidden information. There are also inventory plus items that combine or require extra actions. HOPs: all silhouettes so far, but... one is progressive interactive, another is replace the silhouetted objects, another has zoom in windows with mini-word lists. Some, the scene involves only 4 or 5 objects, cuts to another place and another small silhouette list. I preferred the panning found in other Eipix games. Puzzles, not many and none that I?d call hard. Which means too easy for the hard core crowd. Way too easy. But there are 3 difficulty levels, plus a custom level. You receive useful cards, such as press pass, which are kept in a separate section of the inventory. Adventure play is straightforward, intuitive mostly, but fun. Plenty to do. I love the interface, but it is a little crowded, with journal, achievements, collectibles indicator, menu, and guide on the left and map, useful cards, hint, camera, and I?m sure at least one other thing I have forgotten on the right. I found myself backing out when I didn?t want to, or pressing the wrong thing if I got sloppy. CE BLING! There is so much fun to be had after the game that it?s almost too complex to explain. Collectibles: 36 fox figurines. Not easy. I did not find one! 10 travel guide pages. 16 letters of the alphabet. Morphing objects in the HOPs ? I forget how many. I found one. All the other beauty is definitely distracting. Achievements, lots of both performance and story. Displayed from main menu in a gallery in the museum, also accessed from the journal. I like the way the achievements are grouped together by type into different show cases or other furnishings. Gallery items: Wallpapers, screensaver?, concept art, music. Making of photos and behind the scenes video. Even pix in the credits, according to my understanding of one of the achievements. Replayable HOPs (10), and puzzles (30)!, which are accessed by a simple puzzle. An in-game SG of course, the bonus chapter, and an area in the extras called the Terrace, which I?m guessing is a souvenir room for the other 36 collectibles. COMBINED IMPACT A glorious game filled with beauty, art and intrigue. A high brow and more sedate version of ?Smithsonian Hope Diamond?. April 17, 2014
The Italian Affair is Off The Hook As an investigative reporter, you have been assigned to travel to Venice to follow up on the latest museum theft by La Volpe (the fox). After you arrive, you discover there is a twist to the story, as well as a mysterious woman who is stalking you. The first Off The Record - Linden Shades was a good, fairly long game with a strange story line dealing with powerful artifacts, rituals and forces. This one begins with the theft of one of those artifacts. As mentioned, this is set in Venice, and it is an extraordinarily clean, pristine and idealized version of the famous city. Oddly though, no one here has even a trace of an Italian accent. The heaviest accent detected during the trial was one that, if anything, sounded Swedish. There is lip synching of the dialog. That aside, the play is fairly standard with a plus: the hidden object scenes are multidimensional, sometimes panning through three or four mini-scenes. The difficulty level is fairly low, but they are so pleasing to look at that it can be forgiven. Puzzles and mini-games fit very well into the story, but were not as impressive as the hidden object scenes. There were some actions that required clicking in a precise spot as well. This being Italy, you also get to ride a motor scooter. The story advances slowly as you collect clues left by La Volpe as to the mystery behind this latest theft. The Collector's Edition is aptly named. There are four, that's right four, collectible items: foxes, scrolls, morphing objects, and letters of the alphabet. There are also achievements, pseudo-achievements and pseudo extras. The combination of artwork, game play and collectibles make this Affair worthy of strong consideration. This one may belong On The (game manager) Record. April 18, 2014
Ah, Mystery - A Great Follow Up to the First Off the Record Off the Record the Italian Affair is another outstanding game by one of my favorite game developers. It seems like it wasn?t too long ago that EIPIX became a familiar name in the casual game industry and during that time they have, IMHO, presented some excellent games. Although ?The Italian Affair? starts in a similar manner to final cut, another game by this developer, who can blame them from stealing one of their own ideas ? lol. Once again we are an investigative reporter after a hot story ? this time the target is La Volpe a renowned thief who has stolen a valued treasure. With a mysterious woman popping up now and again this proves to be an interesting adventure. I always love the exceptional graphics in an EIPIX game and coupled with all the bells and whistles of The Italian Affair, I am not disappointed. Not only are the graphics clear, they are beautiful and coupled with the voice overs and soundtrack we are in for a treat. Another thing I appreciate is that we have a custom mode available for gameplay and it is one that offers a variety of options. The gameplay tools are those that we normally find in HOPA games but not all of them are readily available. I was very surprised when I was chewing up demo time with the first HOP because I couldn't find something and when I attempted to use the hint button, I was told that it wasn?t yet available. I?ve never seen that before so I had to muddle my way through to find an item that was quite well hidden. Of course we have the HOPs that this developer normally includes in its games but as I mentioned above some of the items are challenging but the scenes themselves are terrific and have enough variety that they are not boring. I enjoy the incorporation of the progressive silhouette type scenes and those that also include mini-puzzles. We also have puzzles outside of the HOPs that we encounter during the gameplay and I always enjoy these. This developer often includes fairly easy puzzles that do become more challenging as we move forward with the adventure. The CE content for The Italian Affair is well worth the additional price for the game. We have several areas that are only available after the bonus game is completed ? one being the Fox?s Den. There are tons of collectibles to find and many achievements to be earned. Throw in the pictures that we can paint after completing the bonus game and I believe we will find a lot to recommend purchase of the CE. I think that those who only purchase the SE will be missing a lot of what makes this game special. As much as I enjoyed the first Off the Record game, I believe that this game will be even better. The game has an excellent story and an air of mystery. Where Linden Shades was rustic, The Italian Affair is far more sophisticated. This game is a visual feast and I am sure that I will have several hours absorbed in the atmosphere of Italy as I make my way through the adventure. Although this game is an instant purchase for me, I recommend that you at least try the demo to see if this is a game you will like. April 17, 2014
Molto Bene!!! As investigative reporter, your vacation is abruptly cut short with a phone call beckoning you to Venice where the infamous thief La Volpe (The Fox) has struck again. A relic has been stolen from the Museum and you find yourself following clues that lead you to right to The Fox. According to his story, he has been in retirement for five years and is being framed by an ex partner, Gabriella. He has laid out clues that you need to follow in order to trap the real culprit and once again make headlines. Once again these developers do not disappoint with their stunning graphics, beautiful artwork, well acted voice-overs and special affects. When I see a game begin with a message to turn up the volume, I know that I need to done the earphones and prepare myself for a real treat. Although I do have to mention that the beginning of the game is intensely familiar; being a journalist and meeting a stranger at a caf, opening a box with a message in it. Did we not just do that recently in Final Cut? I am sure some will complain that we are seeing a pattern here with storylines and game mechanics, which seems to be apparent with many game developers. However, I find that I enjoy these types of HOPA games and have yet to become bored of them so I continue to add them to my collection. I suppose one day I will tire of them and look towards something new. We begin with three modes of difficulty with customized settings added on. Game tools include a journal, jump map and a special camera to use on certain scenes (which we have also seen). There are a variety of Hidden Object Scenes to play, some with silhouettes and actions that need to be taken, some with mini games involved and some with standard list of items to locate; all easy to solve but entertaining non the less. Puzzles are plenty and there is a lot of backtracking to do but the map will help out with that. Mini-games are interesting but not very challenging which is something I wish developers would consider in the future. Extras are plenty to boot and for those who enjoy them, you won?t be disappointed. There is a list of collectables that includes travel guide papers, photos, fox figurines and letters that make out a word in the main menu. There are achievements to earn as well as a souvenir room which will probably require you visiting scenes to find an object at the end of the game. There are also extra puzzles and HO scenes to play along with the bonus game. Yes, I realize we have seen all this before and I anticipate we will be seeing more of these games; that is unless developers come up with something completely different. Still I liked the story and the scenery as well as the game play. Although I do wish they had made The Fox look a bit more interesting as he looks like a regular Joe. An Italian affair has adventure, intrigue and some interesting puzzles and I will be buying it once I come across a sale on Ces. Have a great week-end everyone. April 17, 2014
BUON GIORNO! A SUPERIOR PLEASANT GAME OF INTRIGUE! Five stars for a game that does not start off with a grisly murder scene or kidnapping theme. La Volpe--The Fox is suspected to have stolen a priceless piece of art in the magnificent city of Venice, Italy! Yay! Even veteran gamers will have to sit still for a brief tutorial and learn some of the game's mechanics. After practically sleeping through a seemingly endless number of over-rated 5-star review games, here is something unique and maybe a bit more challenging. Another Yay! You are a notable top journalist given the assignment of writing a story of the priceless theft and we get to fly off to enjoy beautiful Italy! Pass the bread sticks, please! Collectibles, puzzles and morphing objects--which even I don't mind finding--bold and brilliant colors abound in this game of cat-and-mouse. This game is to be enjoyed as much as a sumptuous plate of homemade spaghetti and meatballs--my specialty! Enjoy! -Mama Mia- April 19, 2014
Fun for everyone! Absolut fan of this game! I like the live actors in the cinematics, and the gameplay is just fine! The HO scenes are great, love the transition in that bell tower! Never seen that before. The art is really beautiful, I wanna to go to Italy now :) I'll track down that culprit, even if that's La Volpe himself! :) April 21, 2014
"Who's the Baddy?" La Volpe is back from retirement it appears and you are sent to Venice to track him down. But all is not what it seems: * a mysterious employer * a strange woman questioning who you should trust Who will you believe in your quest to uncover the truth and get your 'scoop'? A full on CE with so much to seek and collect that doubtless some will be put off. Not me though, I love having to take the time to find things and, in the main, they are not impossibly hidden. It slows down the gameplay, yes, but it also stretches it out and stops me from barrelling through in my haste to uncover the story. Four choices of challenge - Casual/Expert/Insane/Custom. I always play trials on Casual but will step up when I play again. As said above, this game is dripping with CE bling: * Travel Guide pages * Fox figurines * Letters * Morphing objects * Achievements to earn, although I wish there wasn't one for playing the tutorial. Anyone but an absolute beginner cannot therefore win the 'earn all' achievement :-(( From the demo, it seems that HOSs outweigh puzzles and, again, this will disappoint many players. HOSs are various so far: * All silhouettes so far but... * Find -> use -> find ->use * Find 4 then 'transport' to further HOSs to find more * Mini HOSs and puzzles within objects Puzzles are a good range with some requiring a lot of thought/logic to succeed. Tools to help: * A jump map which, in casual, shows active areas * A camera with filters to collect and use as the situation requires. I always get a frisson of excitement when I hear this developer's intro music. They have never yet disappointed me. All in all, this is right up my street and, fingers crossed for a weekend sale, will be joining my collection. If not, still reckon it's worth the money though. Try it and I hope you love it as much as I do. April 17, 2014
Off The Record: Italian Affair CE I truly loved this game! The variety of different types of HOG and the storyline are great! Very beautiful artwork and very challenging if attempting to do the casual without using hints. I think they were really creative in the development of this game. Played it through three times on different levels just to challenge myself. Almost as good as an Easter Egg Hunt! !!! Highly recommend this game for all HOG lovers. April 20, 2014
I thoroughly enjoyed this! This game did everything well. I even appreciate the souvenir room. Going back to each scene gave me a chance to appreciate the artwork. It was quick without being dull. I am not always a fan of gamers forcing you to replay hogs or redo puzzles for achievements. This was left entirely to my discretion. The behind the scenes was a glimpse of what it would be to work in that environment. All good! The game was well planned and moved smoothly. even the bonus chapter was five star. Great Job! April 22, 2014
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Off the Record: The Italian Affair Collector's Edition

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