Phenomenon: Outcome Collector's Edition

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Save the world from an alien substance in Phenomenon: Outcome! When a medallion you've had your whole life suddenly starts acting strange, you follow its trail to a mysterious island. There, you discover a deadly Cyan Plasma that threatens not only the island, but the entire world! You must seek out a missing research team to uncover the secrets of the plasma before it spreads across the globe. But time is running out... Can you find their base before it's too late? The power is in your hands in this thrilling Hidden Object Adventure game!

This is a special Collector's Edition release full of exclusive extras you won't find in the standard version. As a bonus, Collector's Edition purchases count toward three stamps on your Monthly Game Club Punch Card!

The Collector's Edition includes:

  • Lead a daring evacuation in the bonus game
  • Gorgeous wallpapers and concept art
  • Music tracks from the game
  • Available Strategy Guide
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Game System Requirements:
  • OS: Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
  • CPU: 600 Mhz
  • RAM: 512 MB
  • DirectX: 9.0
  • Hard Drive: 748 MB
Game Manager System Requirements:
  • Browser: Internet Explorer 7 or later
Phenomenon: Outcome Collector's Edition

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Phenomenon: Outcome Collector's Edition

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Phenomenon: Outcome Collector's Edition 4.2 5 49 49
Awesome HOPs and Puzzles! Hi all. Well, I had never heard of a "homunculus" before, so had to look it up. For those who don't know, it is a "representation of a small human being." How about that! Now, on with the review. At first I didn't think much of this game, but soon really got into it. The graphics are very well done. No problem with the game play either. I really liked the animation, in that the people were very realistic, even having wrinkles, eyebrow movements and such...very well done. Colors were very bright and was actually day time, so you could see everything well. The music seemed out of place for this time and setting and got very annoying very quickly. Other than the music and the occasional voice over, there are no real sound FX. Voice overs were age appropriate and well done. The jump map left a lot to be desired. Again, the areas were not identified #when will the devs listen#. When the SG tells you to go back to the stone lady, you better remember where you saw here, because the map is useless. This is a major down grade for me on any game. SG is the standard. Hint system is quite helpful, but takes a while to recharge. It is easier, faster and less frustrating to use the hint rather than the jump map to find out where you need to go next. There is not a lot of retracing steps in this game, but enough to keep you busy and moving. I wasn't following what the neutralizer was for, until I noted that it opens the HOPs. No real lead in to that part of the story, so I was a bit lost. Speaking of HOPs...WOW, I really liked these. They are fairly clean and not cluttered. Some items do blend into others, so you really have to look for them, but no eye strain. I loved the way you have a HOP within a HOP and you need to finish one before you can finish the other. Very well done and quite fun. Puzzles were really fun as well, and challenging. What I have seen so far is very different, put together well and takes some time and thought to complete. The only extras I found were the 35 blue plasma containers you need to find, which are not hard to see. I do not give 5 stars easily, but I would have given them to this one, had it not been for the jump map and the story being a little confusing. I am going to purchase this CE, only because I love the HOPs and puzzles. As always, try it for yourself and see what you think. We all have different tastes in games and you may not care for this one at all. Thanks for the review. May 3, 2014
It's All Good! The gist of the storyline is that as a young child your parents were struck down by a strange lightning bolt after you found a glowing humunculus - how would you even know what that is at the age of 4? I'm, well never mind how old I am, I didn't even know what it is and I'm pretty well-read. Anyway, you are now an adult and have a nightmare (of course you do) and wake up to find said humunculus clenched in your hand glowing. Somehow you know to place it on a map and, voila, it leads you "here". The graphics are stunning, the colors majestically bright and colorful. The voiceovers (yay - lips that move) are spot on although the adult "you" doesn't sound quite believable. You are directed by a young man who has given you instructions regarding where you need to go. I think I'd be better versed if I had played the previous games (Phenomenon: Cyan) because right off the bat there is a discussion between you and the young man regarding the Cyan Plasma, etc. and I was lost. There wasn't enough of a background when the game started to put me in the know. So, I guess I need to get the other games before I play this one through - DRATS! There are 4 difficulties (I think - sorry just don't pay too much attention to that detail), a scroll that glows when a new note is input, a task list, a transportable map that shows where you are, where there is an available action to be done and where you need to come back later. What I absolutely LOVE about this map is that it doesn't hold your hand as so many games today do - you are required to use your brain. For instance, you will amass quite the collection of inventory and when you look at your map there may be 3/4 areas you can go to that have available actions - you have to remember where you were, look at what you have in your inventory, and find where you need to be - pick a place and you will be transported there. Wrong place? Try again. You will NOT be immediately transported to the next area that needs something done - YAY THANK YOU DEVELOPERS. I believe this makes the game more interesting than a map that just takes you everywhere you need to go and then the hint button shows you what you need to do - that type of game just plays itself - HATE it. There is also a strategy guide which I did not use and a host of achievements for you to earn. Throughout the game you will need to collect 35 canisters of blue Cyan matter. I found 5 during the hour demo so I think this will be a fairly lengthy game. They aren't too difficult to spot. I would just forget to look because I was so involved in the game play. You also have to recharge your humunculus after each use. The HOGs were wonderful! Not too difficult to find things but you do have to look closely for some items and there is a new twist that I have never seen before - suffice it to say you will revisit each HOG area twice in a most intriguing and new way. The 2 mini games I played were also different than the norm, fun to play and not too terribly difficult. I usually skip the mini games so I can get more game play but just couldn't resist playing them - so much fun. I am disappointed that I didn't have a good grasp on the storyline and probably won't quite get it until I play at least Phenomenon Cyan. So, I don't think it's quite a standalone game. While I didn't quite get the full "wow" factor when my free trial ended (again, I think because I need the full background of a previous game) I was intrigued and had such a good experience during the free trial that this is a definite buy for me. This Glam-ma says please do try it - I think you will truly enjoy this new and innovative game. The developers really came through with new ideas to keep us entertained. May 3, 2014
4 Stars...The "outcome" is good gameplay. Phenomenon: Outcome CE Review based on Completed Game PREFACE? I'm glad to see more games with science fiction themes being released. This one, although it barely touched on the topic of alien influence on our planet, had a decent, if somewhat poorly told, story. ONCE UPON A TIME... As a child, you found a golden medallion depicting an alien creature while visiting a park with your parents. A lightning strike took them from you, but you kept the medallion into adulthood. One night, you awoke from a dream and the medallion was vibrating. When you placed it on a map, it led to you an almost deserted island. Most of the residents had either fled or succumbed to a sickness caused by mysterious substance called Cyan Plasma. It turns out that your medallion neutralizes the effects of the plasma, so you're the ideal person to uncover its secrets and, hopefully, neutralize it for good before its effects spread across the globe. PLAY THE GAME... Outcome is a VERY long game with an extensive map. In adventure mode, you'll usually have a full inventory of items to use, including tools, substances, instructions, and keys. HO scenes are all alike: each one has two interactive lists, and you can switch between them. Once you solve both lists, the final object is revealed. Puzzles are few and far between, but are more complex than usual. SIGHTSEEING? The graphics depict everything from pastoral garden scenes to futuristic alien control room, complete with the full palette of colors and a lot of texture. The animation is smooth and well done. Characters are rendered and do lip synch, although their facial expression are sometimes a touch unusual. SOUND WAVES? I loved the music, and downloaded it as soon as I finished playing. It was beautifully ambient and never intrusive. The voiceovers were extremely professional. Environmental and game sounds were appropriate. TOOLBOX? The map shows active areas and transports, a feature you'll be happy to have, as the game area is quite large. The journal is in the form of a scroll and keeps clues as well as the story. Inventory locks. And, of course, there's the medallion, which you'll need to neutralize any Cyan Plasma you encounter. The plasma blocks you from HO areas until you can charge your medallion. Charging stations are not hard to find. Some of them need repairing. EXTRA, EXTRA? The bonus chapter finds you creating "life capsules" to reverse the effects of the plasma in its victims. Other extras include the SG, collectibles, and the developer's portfolio of sights and sounds. THE LAST WORD? The only drawback to Outcome is that you're sort of thrown into the story without much explanation. Nothing is said regarding why the plasma makes people sick, or why our heroine is "called" to neutralize it. Other than that, I recommend this game. Immersive story and gameplay. Lovely graphics and music. May 19, 2014
A Very Enjoyable Game ... Great Graphics, Sounds, Effects, Voice & Video Bits ... Really Enjoyed The Game, But As Is Often The Case I Never Feel I'm Getting Great Value From The Extra Asking Price For A CE Version And Pleased To Get This One On A Special Deal ... Come On Devs ... Who Really Wants The Extra Stuff & Nonsense? ... For Double The Price I Expect Double The Game Play ... May 10, 2014
FANTASTIC ARTWORK! i was very excited to see the HD graphics and the great animation ... good storyline ... the gameplay was pretty smooth ... but the HOs were challenging ... i play a lot of HOs and these were ... frustrating ... i can't pinpoint why they are so troublesome! ... and the DOUBLE HO play really was time consuming and took away from the game ... would have been better to have more individual HOs which were more FUN, less work ... the game concept and is good ... i'm almost done with the game ... and initially i thought this would be a 5 star winner! ... but it was just ok ... major points for the artwork though ... on the motion of the mouths while talking, i am wondering if the artist doesn't just change the whole bottom jaw and move the jaw down a couple pixels so that the people look MORE like they are really talking, instead of just working on the mouth area ... this was really evident ... i didn't mind the "jumping eyebrows" though ... smile!!! ... this kept the upper area of the face animated! ... do better next time! ... May 8, 2014
The Best of the Series I don't know if this game was easier and made more sense or if maybe I am just learning how to play these types of games, but I didn't need the hint button at all on this one, which is a much different story than the previous Phenomenon titles. It is still mostly finding objects to plug into mechanisms with a few puzzles that keep getting repeated and HOS's thrown in for a little variety. It was fun but I wish there were more puzzles. The HOS's are very well done again on this one. The Bonus chapter and extra content weren't worth the higher price, but they usually aren't. The SE would be just great for this title. Voice acting and cut scenes were well done and the music was acceptable. I wish I would have waited for the SE, but it was overall an enjoyable experience. May 7, 2014
Enjoyed it Lately I have been so disappointed in all the games I bought that I stopped all together my purchases on Big Fish. This one seemed interesting and I got the meteorite saga.I enjoyed it very much, good graphic, good story, puzzles too easy, HO challenging but fun ,so I am pleased. Maybe I will be able to find something good to buy, I have hopes.... May 6, 2014
Very artistic game, but not for me I will start by saying that I did not care for the previous 2 installments of this series. This game was much better than them, but still confusing as far as the storyline. The artwork was absolutely beautiful. Very creative artists over at that developer. Music was nice also. Not too much ambient background noise. I liked that the gameplay was more challenging than we have seen of late in other games. The mini games were cute and different. I did not care for the double HOS. I don't like HOS junk piles to begin with and having to do them twice was just annoying to me. The problem I found mostly is that the story is disjointed. Not cohesive. I felt lost about the why and who and what the entire time. I am a very story-driven gamer.... I need a good background story to enjoy the game (with the exception of TM games and some adventure games). This story did not grab me at all. Although I give it 3 stars for my preference, the developers did do an amazing job with the characters movements and facial expressions and artwork. I shall try again when it's released as an SE. I may change my mind then. May 4, 2014
SI FI MEETS OLD WORLD A very unusual game. You have: * Casual, Expert and Hard modes (You can disable hint and skip modes as well); * Interactive map; * Diary; * Voiceovers; * Achievements Board; * Find 35 Quest objects (blue cylinders). The graphics are okay - very colourful, but scenes are kind of cluttered. Sometimes I had to really look hard at scenes to decipher exactly what they were. You will collect a lot of items to use - things like tiles and gems - and it is really about where you have to put them which can be a bit of a challenge. At one stage I had about 15 items, but once you get to the right locations you use them fairly quickly. I noticed that there was really only one piece of music and I turned it right down after a while as it got on my nerves. You have two hidden object scenes in one go. As you are doing one, you go through a portal to do another. These are not hard and don't take long to do. Some items were well hidden in the background but not impossible to find. The mini-games are very easy and I didn't skip or hint any. There weren't that many either when I think about it. The game took me about 5 hours to play and I played another hour or so with the Bonus. This is with the hint and skip disabled and played all HOS and mini-games. So overall, not a bad game. I think the developers did try hard with this game. Will I play it again? Probably not. I need more of a challenge and I think this would be perfect for beginners and maybe intermediates. May 15, 2014
Problems Galore!!! Good game (I'm half way through) but way too many 'glitches'. I couldn't even finish it because of them. Before you buy this game check out the Games Forum - it has most of the problems relating to this game.....and there are quite a few of them. Therefore, because I CAN'T finish the game and because of all the other glitches...I DO NOT recommend this game. May 9, 2014
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Phenomenon: Outcome Collector's Edition

Travel to South America to investigate a deadly cosmic force. Can you uncover the secrets of the missing research team?

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