Deponia: The Puzzle

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Deponia: The Puzzle offers a completely new puzzle-experience and will prove to be challenging for skilled puzzle solvers. Try to combine the various pieces of 96 puzzle backgrounds set in the world of Deponia.

Can you get 3 stars on each puzzle? Play different game modes including “Search & Find” and “Drag & Drop”. Chose between various difficulty settings and rotate the board in order to solve the puzzle from a different angle!

With more than 100 pieces per puzzle and fun surprises along the way, Deponia: The Puzzle is sure to be a hit with those that love a puzzle challenge!

  • 96 puzzle backgrounds to complete
  • Time-based puzzling with 'Search & Find' and 'Drag & Drop' modes
  • Flip and rotate puzzles to solve from a different angle
  • Try to earn 3 stars on each level!
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Game System Requirements:
  • OS: Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
  • CPU: 2.0 GHz
  • RAM: 512 MB
  • DirectX: 8.0
  • Hard Drive: 62 MB
Game Manager System Requirements:
  • Browser: Internet Explorer 7 or later
Deponia: The Puzzle


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Deponia: The Puzzle

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Deponia: The Puzzle 3.8 5 14 14
Fast Paced And Challenging! This game is a lot harder than it looks, mainly because you have just a few seconds to make your choice. The idea behind this game is genius, you are shown one piece of a puzzle in the form of a square. The next piece is shown as just a red outline and you have to choose the next correct piece from a choice of a handful of pieces to the right of the screen. If you make the wrong choice, that piece falls off the board and the meter to the right starts to go down, if the meter reaches the bottom the game is over. The pieces to find will not be in order, one piece may be on the top, the next piece may be on the right hand bottom. You can use the rotate button to flip the pieces if it helps. You can't study the pieces too long because of the dreaded tick tocking timer, which can get out of control causing you to panic and pick illogical pieces. I for one liked the change of pace, enjoy! April 29, 2014
No, No, Don?t Give Up On It Yet! BASED ON DEMO FIRST IMPRESSIONS Well, okay, if you only play HOPA games, and you hate timed-only games, give up. This is NEVER gonna be okay for you. But if you can tolerate a little time pressure, love puzzles where visual acuity is a must, and have a calm cool head in a crisis, this could be the game you?ve been looking for! I used to love jigsaws, but am tired of them now, when there is so much variety and complexity to be had in all puzzle games. They?ve just become old hat. Which this game most certainly isn?t. If you enjoy Patricia?s Quest For The Sun, this has a similar feel. Patchworkz fans will also be more comfortable than most with this. GAMEPLAY Here?s how it works ? to the extent that I could it figure out ? there are no instructions. But who needs instructions for jigsaw puzzles, right? You are given a single (square ? they are all square) piece of the puzzle. An adjacent square will be outlined. There is a group of 6 or more (they increase rapidly as you progress) random pieces from which you must choose the correct one, click it, and it fits in. Next piece, and so on until the puzzle is completed. Each correct choice moves you up on the slider which acts as a multiplier. Each error sends you down. Four errors in a row and you are finished, four correct choices and you score bonus points for the level. [And a very pleasant voice says ?terrific!? lol]. The time penalty works by you losing a piece as a ?wrong click? after a certain time passes without a click. There is NO UNTIMED mode. There is a strange but kinda fun ability in the puzzles to change the perspective of the images and flip and rotate. In the early part of the game, I saw no use for it, but as I progressed I discovered its value. If you are stuck on a spot, flip the pic, the other side may well have a much easier image to find. In fact, the higher I went, the more essential I found this tool. The scoring is a bit confusing. You get points for the level based on your slider/multiplier, to which is added 25 points per puzzle piece. Then 100 points per chain of 4 or more correct clicks. And 25 points for each time you hit the top (4 star) speed. There are 3 stars necessary to be ?expert? (not needed to progress), and they appear to be gained by the total number of points for each level, and are different for each. A perfect play (no errors or lengthy hesitations) is not needed to gain all 3 stars. As for the ?levels of difficulty? and game modes, haven?t found them yet, and I ran out of time at level 12, just as the images changed shape from square to circle, and in the process changed the strategy of the gameplay. Now for the ?other? stuff that makes a game. Options are available for music and effects. You might want to turn off the effects, since there is this really anxiety-producing tick tock if you are going too slow. SIGHTS & SOUNDS You would be forgiven if this game gives you a sense of dj vu. It is the artwork and world of a non casual game. But ONLY the artwork ? well, the weird mind set too. And it is unique. Quirky. Not-of-this-world. All the better to make it harder for you to figure out the puzzle. Also excellent and top quality. But you must like cartoon to really appreciate it. I love the music. It is really soothing but remains interesting, if you stop to listen to it, which of course, you can?t if you want to finish the level. WHAT?S HAPPENING? Well, there?s no story, no voiceover (except ?terrific?), no instructions, no hint, no help, no SG. So, the answer to ?what?s happening?? is ?haven?t a clue?, but it doesn?t matter. There are 6 locations with 15 levels each, which tells me that whatever we are doing is gonna take a long time. COMBINED IMPACT Are you one of the people tired of ?same old, same old? HOPAs? Perhaps one of the many experts who are frustrated by the easiness of the puzzles in HOPA games? Well, get those punchcard coupon codes that you all have too many of ready, because this is right up your alley! For most players, this is a strictly niche market game, I think. You might want to demo it just to see what?s all the fuss about, but it?s not likely to appeal to you. Me, I hate timed games usually, but I might just get this out of pure stubbornness. Having got into it a bit, I find myself itching to see just how far I can manage to get ? before my head explodes! April 29, 2014
Best Puzzle Game Ever I really enjoyed the challenge of this game. Trying to pick the next right piece of the puzzle in the time given can cause you to panic and just start clicking all of them! However, if you calm down, you can train yourself to look for things in the pieces that will make each one connect correctly. It usually takes me a few tries just to get one puzzle complete. I bought this game before I had finished the demo! If you like putting puzzles together, you should enjoy this game. There are good reviews already that tell you how the game works. This is a game that should take you a while to finish. Well worth the cost! April 30, 2014
wake up your brain Deponia is a very intense and fast puzzle game. It really wakes up the brain cells. You don't see the picture before you start and it being timed makes Deponia very challenging. If you don't like challenges this on is not for you. April 30, 2014
A new twist for Deponia! There is a series of adventure games that take place on Deponia, a planet that has devolved into a garbage dump, basically. The puzzles in this game are actually screenshots from the adventures. Though they are not offered here, they are worth playing, for sure. This game is certainly a new twist on jigsaw puzzles. I finished the first level during the demo, and it looks like there are plenty more. The mechanics are a bit different, and the square pieces make it more challenging. Some levels have round puzzles, which are much easier! You are to find the piece that goes in the highlighted box, which is not easy most of the time. You must complete the puzzle before time runs out, though if it does, you can try again. The graphics are cartoonish, as they are in the original games, of course, but well drawn, clear and sharp. The music is actually quite nice, and you can adjust the volume of the music and ticking timer separately - kudos on that! It isn't hard to figure out, but it would have been helpful to have a short tutorial to explain the flip feature, as well as to explain the scoring. I still have not totally figured out how the stars are calculated. There is no storyline at all, so I didn't rate that. This is a challenging game, and an original one. If you like a challenge, try it! I'm not a fan of timers, but it does add to the difficulty, and so far, I've only had trouble with a couple of puzzles. Definitely a buy for me on Monday, LOL. May 1, 2014
Oddly Charming Game! Really oddly charming puzzle game--it's so obviously developed by gamers from a country other than the USA. It was totally unexpected and I had to purchase the game. Looks like it has tons of levels. May 1, 2014
Deponia I played a few games within this game and I really enjoyed it. You basically have to get all the pieces of the picture right before the timer runs out. It looks easy but I found it be be challenging,which I like. April 29, 2014
Excellent One of a kind memory game If you understand how to play this one of a kind gem, you'll fall in love with it if you like memory and logic games. At first I didn't understand the principle of gameplay because it only gives you a one page, pictured direction instead of written instructions. After playing it for awhile then the one picture really is self-explanatory because it isn't complicated. I think it's more of a memory game than puzzle. Gameplay is as follows: You have a picture divided into frames which you must choose which frame goes adjacent to a known frame until the whole picture is assembled. It does have a timer that is necessary for the game play because without it scoring would make no sense, but it shouldn't bother you for those who don't like timers because you can play each level as many times as you want to improve your score. At first try of each puzzle you probably won't score a 3 star rating but it gives you unlimited time to study the picture afterwards and memorize what frame goes in each position. After a good study, replay the level and try to get a high score on as many frames as you can. The quicker you identify the missing frame that is randomly highlighted the higher the score and the skull bar on the side will rise and fall according to your selection. Wrong picks drop the skull and long delay in picking lowers your score for the selected piece. If you identify the missing frame right away you get a 100 score for that frame. Getting 100 scores back to back (chains# will increase your tally at end of level #each picture is a level). Also if you keep the skull at the top of bar repeatedly you will also tally up more points at end of level. After a few tries it will get easier to get the 3 star rating but it will be a challenge to your memory and logic to do it. Also, I think the art work is beautifully done. It's enough going on in each picture that really challenges you to use your logic skills to decipher which frames are adjacent to the missing frame. No matter how much you memorize using that logic helps. There are lots of levels to master and super replay value; because frames are chosen randomly each replay is different. It's lots of fun trying to beat your own score until you master each picture. It's a fairly decent length so you get your money's worth too. As far as not having option of untimed mode, if you consider being timed as a memory/logic tester you'll be more relaxed playing and eager to go at it again to improve. May 29, 2014
Puzzle fun I really enjoyed this game, so much that when the demo finished i had to purchase it with game credits. I love the graphics and wanted to know where the graphics for the game came from....Deponia is a pc game, And I would love it if Big Fish could get it at some stage *slight hint there* May 4, 2014
A Puzzling Puzzler I love jigsaw puzzles, both on and off-line. They are often a real challenge and leave me with a deep sense of satisfaction when I finish them. So I've played lots of computer puzzle games....lets and lots. But if you're a puzzle novice or just curious about what on-line puzzles are about, than this may be one you should avoid. It's truly challenging! Not only because of the style (blocky pieces with no interlocking edges and varying in size from small to much larger depending on the puzzle# but because the pictures are very, very detailed cartoons with whimsical characters and backgrounds which don't help the solver much at all. The best way I've found to approach them is by visually scanning their edges for similar tiny details which may link them to a neighboring piece. This isn't a downer, but a caution. This game is not for the easily frustrated nor the faint-hearted. The timing is tight, you're penalized for wrong placement #no, you can't put the piece back), and the scoring was, to me, fairly obscure. So, in sum, try this one before you buy and be prepared for a wild burst of delight when you actually get more than 3 of 4 stars even on the first level! April 29, 2014
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Deponia: The Puzzle

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