Awakening: The Redleaf Forest Collector's Edition

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Brought to you by Boomzap Games, the creators of the Awakening series, Dana Knightstone, Otherworld, and Botanica series.

Queen Sophia embarks on one final journey to rescue her parents and to defeat Dreadmyre once and for all. Her search has led her to the Redleaf Forest where she is to find the centaur who can help her forge the Blade of Courage. Will Sophia finally defeat the evil which has shadowed over her journey and be able to reunite with her parents?

This is a special Collector's Edition release full of exclusive extras you won’t find in the standard version. As a bonus, Collector's Edition purchases count toward three stamps on your Monthly Game Club Punch Card!

The Collector’s Edition includes:

  • Strategy Guide
  • Hidden collectibles and Achievements
  • Replayable cutscenes, music, wallpaper and concept art
  • Bonus Game: Create seeds and grow unique flowers
  • Bonus chapter: Meet the Skyward Kingdom's littlest princess!
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Game System Requirements:
  • OS: Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
  • CPU: 1.0 GHz
  • RAM: 1024 MB
  • DirectX: 9.0
  • Hard Drive: 612 MB
Game Manager System Requirements:
  • Browser: Internet Explorer 7 or later
Awakening: The Redleaf Forest Collector's Edition

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Awakening: The Redleaf Forest Collector's Edition

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Awakening: The Redleaf Forest Collector's Edition 3.9 5 75 75
......The Saga Continues..... Princess Sophia, a human born without magic, awoke from a 100 year slumber in the Dreamless Castle. Princess Sophia and her parents were cursed by the evil Dreadmyer, a curse of eternal restless slumber! She learns that her people are no longer, so she travels to Moonfell Woods to find mankind, and meets a witch who tells her that only the Goblin King knows their whereabouts. In the Goblin Kingdom she learns that her people are in the Skyward Castle, even though she finds her people in the Castle, there is still no sign of her parents. In Sunhook Spire, now Queen Sophia, she escapes mercenaries and begins searching for the Enchantress who can break the spell besieged upon her parents, and here we are in The Redleaf Forest searching for the Centaur who can forge the sword that can stop the evil Dreadmyer. Now that's a story and a half, and I'm definitely not ready for this series to end! This Collectors Edition has the usual extra's such as wallpapers, concept art, strategy guide and bonus game, it also has a bonus game of germinating flowers for your garden. There are plenty of achievements to earn and 15 hidden lilies to collect. Mira the wise ole owl is back and ready to assist with hints (seems the voice for the owl has changed again) and of course we have that fire breathing, mossflower eating pocket dragon along for the journey as well. The Awakening series is best known for the numerous mini games from simple to complex, but don't worry there are plenty of Hidden Object scenes as well. The HOS are a mixture of interactive list finds where you have to interact with items such as untying knots in a rope, and progressive silhouettes where you have to find the item that matches the silhouette and then use that item within the scene in order to progress to the next item find. There are mini games within the HOS such as finding 4 weapons and putting them in the correct sequence which will give you the color code to open up the chest! Some of the mini games include fixing the clockwork dragon and swapping tiles and pulling levers logically. None of the mini games are difficult, they are usually short puzzles and most are enjoyable. Obviously I'm an Awakening geek, but please believe me when I say that this is one of the best Fairy Tale themed games out there! It won't be a necessity to have played the other games in the series but the continuing saga is fantastic. #1 is Dreamless Castle #2 is Moonfell Woods #3 is The Goblin Kingdom #4 is The Skyward Castle #5 is Sunhook Spire this game is the 6th in the series. You may also want to check out the F2P Awakening game as well, enjoy! May 31, 2014
Must Have For Me! BASED ON DEMO FIRST IMPRESSIONS LOVE how the main menu page looks 3D. The intro cut-scene covers the backstory well in just a few words. And then we are straight into the action. New twist on the vehicle accident *wink*. SIGHTS & SOUNDS As always, the graphics for the Awakening series are extraordinarily pretty, even when the quality is a leeetle bit off. The colours and imaginative locations, the clear and beautifully detailed objects ? all as lovely as ever. The voiceovers continue from the previous games and are all very well done. The music is the signature tune plus a nice variety of others and many of the sound effects are also the same as previously. The trailer at the end of the demo, graphically speaking, was very poor quality. WHAT?S HAPPENING? Our Queen Sophia is still looking to free her parents from the poisoned sleep induced by the evil Dredmyre. Could you enjoy this story without the previous games? I think yes. I enjoyed what I did despite not having finished the Awakening 5 game. (I know, shocking isn?t it?) But it would certainly help, since this is the final episode, that you have played the other games and can enjoy the upcoming sense of closure I am so looking forward to. There has been just one too many of these games. Sophia must find the only blacksmith in the world that can forge the sword she needs to defeat Dredmyre permanently. Of course, everything goes wrong. I shall not say more, for it would spoil the effect, but all most certainly does not go as you?d expect it to. The end of the demo was such that I would have to buy this game just to get past that point emotionally. I say no more. GAMEPLAY There is some nicely refreshing gameplay here. The HOPs (21) are interactive list and progressive silhouettes, and the lists have some really clever twists to each of the 2 I completed. The mini-games (43) are also different, but not at all difficult yet. I completed a ?puzzle board? styled game without hint or skip, which is probably a first for me. There is no journal, but a teleporting hint and an interactive jump map that indicates active tasks (on the lowest of 3 difficulty levels), cover most situations. The hint is our friend the owl again, and we still have our pet Pocket Dragon. Tasks are noted as they are added. The demo only took me 45 minutes, and covered the first 2 chapters of 7. CE BLING! The gallery items include wallpapers x12, nice ones. Concept Art & Cut Scenes not available. Music x 12. Achievements, many. Mostly performance based. There are flower stones to collect (45), which can be used in the Garden, and Lilies to collect in there. The Garden looks pretty cool. Enough for me to buy the CE for the first time with this series. You must buy seeds with your flower stones, collect them with a Match 3-like mini-game, and then combine and plant them in order to create the lilies from recipes. They are fun ones like ?laughing lilies. (I didn?t get this from the demo, it was available in the beta) I enjoyed this unusual twist. COMBINED IMPACT Well, obviously, I liked it! I think its high points are the anticipation of a satisfying finish. The deeply emotional involvement right from the demo, and the freshness of the gameplay. I also think the bonus game in the Garden works. May 31, 2014
This Can?t Be the End! IMHO, Best Game in Series One of the major things that I always look forward to in the Awakening series is stunning graphics. That being said the graphics in The Redleaf Forest may not be as varied in the color palette that we normally find with this game using too many darker tones and a lot of reds and browns, but of course what else should one expect given the name of the game. If we get past all the autumnal tones we then encounter even darker graphics in some locations. After weeks of haunted darkness in games, I was looking forward to something a bit cheerier with the graphics. Of course, the graphics are still of excellent quality and are crisp and clear rather than having that grainy quality that we sometimes find in games. The voice overs are quite good but some seem a bit stilted and there is no lip-sync. With the exception of only a few developers, the lip-syncing seems to be a disappearing benefit to the games in recent months. Some developers have quit doing the lip-sync altogether while others only add a token gesture at the beginning of a game. It is my personal opinion that with all the complainers who show up to throw stones at each HOPA game, the developers now have a who cares attitude and don?t feel the need to go the extra mile to put the final polish on their games. Awakening The Redleaf Forest has the standard tools with our loquacious owl for a hint button and our trusty, ever hungry pocket dragon when we feel the driving need to set something on fire. The map is transportable and interactive in that it shows where we have tasks to accomplish. Another feature is if we click on the photo of Princess Sophia of to the left, we will see our current tasks. There are various types of interactive HOPs, some are the standard list type and others are silhouette type but no matter which type they are all done exceptionally well and make us think of what we need to do. I admit to consulting the SG to help get through one of the scenes because I was downright stumped on how to make it work. As far as puzzles are concerned we have quite the treat in Redleaf Forest. Although they are not difficult there are quite a few as we move along in our adventure and I found myself looking forward to them. The puzzles were meaningful to the game and very enjoyable though not too thought provoking. Since I purchased the game outright, I wasn?t limited to only the demo for my review and have encountered several puzzles and HOS all with a great deal of variety to hold my interest. We have a bit more CE content in this game and I am looking forward to the garden after the game is completed. Most of the CE content is standard fare but the music and the wallpapers are really nice if you are interested in those items. I?m actually glad that I had the SG because of the one HOS mentioned above. The Awakening series have all been really good games but Redleaf Forest will most likely be my favorite. I am enjoying the gameplay and got a great deal of satisfaction when I put an end to that nasty ogre. For me the game was and instant purchase but as always, I recommend that you at least try the demo to see if this is a game you will like. May 31, 2014
Cruel, cruel developers! I love you! Utterly awesome! WARNING: SUPERLATIVE OVERLOAD! Aaaarrrrgggghhhh! Just finished the trial and I have no choice! I have to have this game! How could you finish the trial there? I am not going to tell you anything about the story/events - that would only spoil your enjoyment. Now fellow players will know that I do not give 5 stars lightly and, this being, I believe, the 6th installment of this story, you might expect some complacency or repetition. NOT A CHANCE! This is just fantastic! You go through the whole gamut of emotions within the very long trial, driven by the story and the challenges you face. How I got through rescuing the centaur's child while he sobbed in pain, I will never know! You can read on for the game details if you like, but I say, "Just buy it! It is amazingly, gobsmackingly good!" You probably do need to have played the other games to fully understand the story, but there are a few clues at the beginning to fill you in if you haven't. Visuals and sound are just superb! Voices and the language they use is absolutely appropriate, nicely archaic to suit the genre of the story. Graphics are wonderfully colourful, characters are drawn beautifully with fantastic expression. The gameplay I found challenging, mainly because it is too long since we had a game with puzzles and challenges of such complexity. I made too many assumptions and then slapped my forehead in frustration when I realised what I was REALLY being asked to do. Puzzles crop up in unexpected places and in unique ways. HOSs are awesome! Don't be fooled that they just look like word list or silhouettes! CE stuff: * 8 achievements, but really good ones in my view * 15 lilies to find (quite easy) * 45 collectibles - I am unsure what these are at the moment. * Other usual bonuses Enough now! I am off to buy and play. Do I recommend this game? It's a no-brainer! May 31, 2014
CAN'T SAY ENOUGH SUMMARY: A delightful and entertaining game. Graphics, voice overs, sounds, artistry, story, animation, HOS and puzzles are awesome. Only downside is that it appears the series is ending. Love all the BoomZap series - I have every one. I can never find much that needs improvement in their games. This is a wonderful addition to your games. STORY: Queen Sophia still hasn't saved her parents from their endless sleep. She must find Argenius, a centaur in the Redleaf Forest; he's the only blacksmith who can fashion a Sword of Courage to help Sophia defeat Dreadmyre. But just after she find Argenius, he is stolen by an Ogre. She must rescue him before she can save her parents. GAMEPLAY: is meticulous. In case you can't determine what the next major task is, you objectives are shown. To help you along the way, Ran the owl is back. From him, you can hear Sophia's and her friends thoughts and he will direct you to where to head next. The adorable pocket dragon is back to provide fire when needed. I hope he is moved to a new series because I'll just miss him. EFFECTS: Superb animation, use of color palettes, graphics, artistry and pleasant voice overs. Sound effects and voice overs are realistic (though it's a little hot to be listening to crackling fires right now). HOS, PUZZLES AND MINI-GAMES: The interactive HOS (including silhouettes) are moderately crowded and very detailed. The rich hues make finding objects a pleasure. Puzzles are interesting and objects needed to complete them are found nearby (usually within 2 or 3 screens). You will be looking to solve many at the same time. Mini-games are unique and creative. The difficulty level varies and one I ended up skipping because I couldn't figure it out. OTHER STUFF: Music is the same as with the previous Awakening games. Three modes of difficulty. Collectibles and achievements. I'll be buying the CE instead of the SE because I want to meet the little princess (can't bare not finding out about her) and sow my seeds in the garden (what fun)! June 1, 2014
WOW WHAT AN AMAZING EDITION OF AWAKENING! The Awakening series is, without a doubt, my favorite. They have gotten better and better over the years. I was very excited to see this one and couldn't wait to play it! I didn't know how the developers were going to create one better than last years' "Sunhook Spire", but they did and wow did they! If you aren't familiar with the series they are magical. The visuals, music, storylines, mini games are the best around. There are quite a few up to this point. If you really love this one you should watch the others to see how it all began for Sophia. Amazing game and so worth the buy I would have given it more stars if they were available. Happy Gaming and with this one, it will be. Addy June 2, 2014
Good Fantasy Game Very easy to move along in the game. Cute critters. Had no technical problems. I don't like having HOS around every corner so for me this one was spot on as it had Just the right amount of HOS and MG. Definitely recommend this game. I can take or leave the SE so that's not a buying decider for me. My deciding factor is, the game has to be able to grab me from the start, not too may HOS and most important must be a decent length game. Not just a couple of hrs. This one fits the bill nicely. June 1, 2014
The Saga Finale I loved all the Awakening games! It is sad to see it end, but at least this game gives us players some closure. The story line is nicely paced, and the story is pretty exciting! There's a lot of action in the story this time. There are a lot of new characters introduced in this game. I won't spoil any more that this! The art of this game has improved over the last game, Sunhook Spire. There are a lot more interesting cutscenes and I especially loved the minigames! They really match the story. I really love the art and music of Awakening. The minigames are so nice to look at! The mini-games aren't very difficult, but they aren't extremely easy either. I don't like very difficult minigames because I want to solve them on my own, but if I take too long, I become impatient so the minigames were just right. I recommend getting the Collector's Edition because we get a look at the epilogue of the story. The epilogue was my favorite part of the game so it was definitely worth it to get the CE. June 1, 2014
Excellent quality, moderate difficulty The game is STUNNING. Unlike some of the newer games that rely on gimmicks or the WEIRD factor, Awakening 6 is a solid classic, with a comprehensible (but still surprising!) story and excellent delivery. I wish the game were more challenging (I played on Dreadmyre because I like being stumped), but I realize I'm in the minority in that aspect (my friends never play when I'm around), so it's more of a reflex complaint. Great graphics, great soundtrack and voiceovers, and what an abundance of games! Everyone else has touched on how great the main game was, so I won't say more on that topic. Instead, I'll focus on the bonus features. These games never have replay value, but Awakening RLF is an exception! I had a genuine NEED to complete the lilies! I was so impressed that Awakening the Goblin Kingdom (3rd in the series) had a tanagram bonus game, but this 6th game's blew me away! You need to find all the collectibles in the main and bonus chapters to have enough stones to buy all the lily seeds, then you have to play a game per seed to actually get one before you can try to find the right combinations with it! And THEN (I almost missed this one), there's a separate collection of infect games (click on the chest!) that're so gorgeous and fun, and my goodness. I can't wait for the iOS version of this thing. I could keep playing the minigames for ages. P.S. For anyone in denial about the series' end, go and try Awakening Kingdoms. It's one of those games with (nearly) endless HOPs that's so popular on Facebook. June 4, 2014
Loved it! The story falls flat at the start, but picks up after a while! I don't really play these games for story so I don't have high expectations in that area. For people who play for story, well, Awakening has ended! That ought to be interesting enough for you! Im not spoiling anything! However, I do have high expectations for gameplay, and I must say, I'm blown away! The puzzles are just right, and fun. The sound is gorgeous and the graphics, well the graphics was a bit different from before, but I feel like they've improved so much. Apart from that, the CE content is absolutely worth the money. It's got so much: the garden, puzzles to unlock items in the garden, flower breeding... The bonus chapter is also a good length of play! Wow. It's true it doesn't have as much visual BANG as big names like Madhead games, but it has its own charm and I had fun, which is what matters. The story also isn't weird and hard to wrap my head around, which I appreciate. I'm not looking for anything too different, I just wanna have fun, and this game is fun fun fun. June 4, 2014
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Awakening: The Redleaf Forest Collector's Edition

After a long journey, Queen Sophia faces her enemy for the last time - but will she succeed in saving her parents?

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