Rite of Passage: Hide and Seek Collector's Edition

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From Mad Head Games, creators of the acclaimed Cadenza: Music, Betrayal and Death and Nevertales: The Beauty Within, comes another thrilling tale in their Rite of Passage series.

Twenty years ago, a group of children in the town of Greystone were taken by a mysterious fog while playing hide and seek, including your brother. Only you escaped… Your father went looking for your brother and never returned. Now you’ve found evidence that your father has been alive this entire time, still searching for the missing children. But why would he remain silent for so long? And why was he so determined to keep you away from Greystone? You immediately head out to find answers. But are you prepared for what awaits you in the mysterious fog? Find out in this creepy Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game!

This is a special Collector's Edition release full of exclusive extras you won’t find in the standard version. As a bonus, Collector's Edition purchases count toward three stamps on your Monthly Game Club Punch Card!

The Collector’s Edition includes:

  • A bonus game where you must help Angela find happiness.
  • Complete your own collectible scene!
  • Bonus mini-games and activities
  • An available Strategy Guide
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Game System Requirements:
  • OS: Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
  • CPU: 2.0 GHz
  • RAM: 1024 MB
  • DirectX: 9.0
  • Hard Drive: 717 MB
Game Manager System Requirements:
  • Browser: Internet Explorer 7 or later
Rite of Passage: Hide and Seek Collector's Edition

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Rite of Passage: Hide and Seek Collector's Edition

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Rite of Passage: Hide and Seek Collector's Edition 4.6 5 107 107
Highly Entertaining Loved this game! All the scenes were visually stunning. The story-line was engrossing all the way through the bonus game. All the games were good and fun to play, if a bit on the easy side. The only little oddity was that, at times, there was no background music - it just stopped. It was not a big thing, but just seemed a bit odd. August 11, 2014
Entertaining and challenging HOS I never did a review until I played this trial. Puzzles are challenging and different from the norm; some start similar to others, pick and choose but then it change to match pieces. Story is entertaining and force you to go back and forth between scenes but have to remember details given by characters. Animation is good. Sometimes you expect to happen something but game keeps you pump up to solve the mystery. I will buy this one for sure. August 10, 2014
A lovely game with the fun-factor intact After having played the Rite of Passage: Hide and Seek demo, the gameplay and unusual storyline had me hooked; CE version was purchased with no regrets. This developer seems to have taken that extra little time to produce a game quite a few gamers are likely to thoroughly enjoy. Careful thought went into this game and it shows; their efforts have produced a lovely well-presented game worthy of playing with the fun factor intact. If you prefer dark storylines or difficult puzzles, this may well not be to your liking. Personally, although I found the puzzles incredibly easy, I still found it a joy to play. Graphics were bright and sharp with some lovely HOG scenes some of which were pleasantly different to the norm; the storyline carried itself effortlessly through some very beautiful scenes right to the end, and without any of the endless back and forth "trekking" some games have. The CE version offers achievements, soundtracks, and quite a few other things including an added bonus game plus an "extra" play, collect all 43 hand-prints throughout the game opens up the alchemists table, this in turn takes you back through scenes to collect 43 "alchemist items" to make a potion to give to the dog, all good fun as this opens up yet another added bonus, a little arcade game. All in all, I personally found this game very enjoyable. June 13, 2014
Bad Apples Can Still Be Sweet! As always, I will start with the length of the game since I search through review looking for that right away. On Expert mode with no hints or skips, I took about 6 hours in the main game. Bonus chapter was about 30 minutes, also on Expert mode. I enjoyed the extra background the bonus chapter brought along, but the main game wrapped up just fine on its own. This is probably the FIRST and ONLY game, I can actually say honestly is worth extra money as a CE for me. Not because of the bonus chapter but because the extras were so much fun. I am 100% not a collectibles or morphing objects person. At all. But this game had awesome little puzzles that opened up after the bonus chapter was completed and actually gave the player incentive to search for the collectibles, instead of just a room full of trophies at the end. There were about 4 fun different things to do in the Extras after the gameplay was over, including a cute little arcade game and alchemy table. I was definitely impressed. The storyline of the game bothered me the most?I was not sympathetic at all towards the child we were helping?at all. But the bonus chapter made her grow on me a bit, and the plot line held its own, as far-fetched as it was. I guess bad apples still are worth helping after all! Definitely this game was given a massive amount of thought and creativity, the graphics and cut-scenes were nothing out of the ordinary but the mini-puzzles were quite new and inventive which made up for the story ten-fold. A definite buy for me! Happy gaming, Big Fishies! June 24, 2014
4 Stars...Mad Head has raised the bar Rite of Passage: Hide & Seek CE Review based on Completed Game + Bonus Adventure PREFACE? It's rare these days to see a game worthy of CE status. Hide & Seek goes above and beyond. I spent almost as much time on the extras as I did playing the game itself. There's definitely something for everyone here. ONCE UPON A TIME... It was twenty years ago today? You and the other children of Greystone went off to play hide and seek, but a mysterious fog took the others away?including your brother?and only you escaped. Your father went looking for your brother, but he never returned either. You and your mother moved away from Greystone. Now, your mother has passed, and you've discovered a letter from your father indicating that he's still alive and searching for the missing children. Why was he so determined you stay away from Greystone? What happened that day? What horror awaits you in the fog? And who is the Mysterious Man who seems immune to the fog? PLAY THE GAME... Wow, this is a busy game! The HO scenes are so varied, I doubt I could name all the types. The word lists include multiple interactions, sometimes as much as half the list. In some, you must find matching pairs. Others are silhouettes. In a few of the words lists, you must find tokens to unlock the four list panels. And there are mini-HO scenes as well. I'm not generally fond of games with a lot of HO scenes, but I certainly didn't get bored because of the amazing variety. While there are some familiar puzzles and mini-games here, there are a lot of new ones as well. The "find the differences" method of relating the back story that we saw in Child of the Forest is used again. There are quite a few puzzles based on symbol recognition, and several based on repetition. SIGHTSEEING? The graphics have a charming handpainted quality to them, and the scenes vary widely from pastoral forest clearings to the industrial town of Hope's Edge. Animation is extremely well done. SOUND WAVES? There's a great variety of background music ranging from orchestral numbers to simpler piano pieces. They're all lovely. Environmental sounds are realistic and voiceovers are professional. TOOLBOX? The map transports and shows not only active areas, but completed ones. A journal notes clues, and the inventory panel locks open. Early on, you rescue a wolf cub who helps you find things in the dark. (He's cute, and you do name him, but he's not annoying. Nor do you have to buy him things or decorate his doghouse.) Lastly, you gain four special powers through the course of the game. I won't give them away, as that would spoil the surprise. EXTRA, EXTRA? In the bonus adventure, Angela goes looking for her mother and both go missing in the Otherworld. It's up to you to find them and bring them back. Collectible handprints provide pieces to a diorama which, when completed, unlocks the Alchemist's Table where you must first find a hidden treasure in each scene. Then, you prepare a potion for your wolfing which unlocks a side-scroller called Forest Runner. Each HO scene has a morphing object, and there are performance achievements. Naturally, there's the SG. The developer's portfolio includes 11 downloadable music tracks, jigsaw puzzles which reveal the cast of characters, beautiful backgrounds, and more. I think this is the longest paragraph I've ever written about the extras in a CE! THE LAST WORD? I loved this series from the first game, The Perfect Show, and I thought it got better with Child of the Forest. Hide & Seek has raised the bar not only for this series, but for all other developers. I highly recommend it, as well as the rest of this series. June 15, 2014
Hide & Seek with a Macabre Twist Interesting story line that begins with an innocent game of hide & seek with the town's children. The "Extras" section in the CE give the player the added option to return to the many game scenes to collect the bonus objects you may have missed which when completed, unlocks a nice mini-game. Overall it is a great HO and Adventure game. I highly recommend the Collector's Edition for the additional bonus chapter which wraps up the story nicely. June 29, 2014
The Gameplay Is Wonderful! If Only They Could Get The Story Right... BASED ON DEMO After the huge success that was Child of the Forest, I was super-excited to see a third RoP coming out. While I will admit this game has made some huge progress in terms of gameplay, the story is quite weak. For that reason, I will not be purchasing this game. I know most people are going to disagree with me on this, but I really did not like the story. This story idea (kids get lost due to some mysterious evil force) has been done... look, I've lost count of how many times now. And when something has been done that many times, the new take on the story has to be great, and unfortunately, it was not. The story opening was very, very weak the rest of the demo was not much better. The only thing that this story had going for it was the suspense of the villain, which, I'll admit, was an exciting part of the story. But that was the only exciting part and it happened right at the end of the demo. I honestly just couldn't get in to this story, no matter how hard I tried. This is a real shame for me, considering the last RoP game had such a good story. This is makinga really hard decision for me, because the gameplay is so wonderful, but... I don't know if I can bring myself to purchase and force myself to play through 3 hours of a terrible story. What the developers need to work on here is getting you sucked in to the game as soon as it starts. As I said, the opening was weak, but also very brief, so I was bored with the game straightaway. And I swear, if I hear that woman tell us one more time that her scar is glowing because of the fog, I'm going to rip her hand right out of its socket! This annoyed me to no end. Developers, we know the first time that the scar glows because of the fog, we don't need to be told over and over! I wouldn't think twice about not purchasing this game if it weren't for the amazing gameplay. These developers have been pioneers in new and fun gameplay, and they've just lived up to that reputation. This game is packed with some awesome features. They've even jazzed up the HOS! The HOS, as another reviewer mentioned, are very different, a lot more interactive than most. They come in many different forms: some junkpile, some finding matching pairs, and some a little bit of a twist on normal junkpile. All of them were fun and some were a little challenging! I commend the developers for their work here. There was a good amount of HOS in the demo and they were spaced out evenly. I wasn't such a big fan of the puzzles, to be honest. I was able to solve some of them, but a couple needed to be skipped. I was also a little disappointed. For a developer that was famous for providing new and fun puzzles, these ones seemed... normal. Even though they were nothing new, the puzzles did have VERY CLEAR instructions, which was great. This game is PACKED with awesome gameplay features. I loved them, but I especially loved the Karma Meter! This was a wonderful new feature. During the character interaction scenes, you got to pick a ?nice? response or a ?bad? response. What you picked determined the way the story played out. The developers have ?hit the sweet spot? here! I absolutely LOVE having a say in how the story goes! I hope this feature makes its return in future games. If so, I'm gonna be broke, but it'll be worth it! Another great feature for me was the powers. These were a feature in another favourite game of mine, so I was overjoyed to see them here. There are no indications of how many powers there are. I unlocked two powers in the demo time period: icebreaker and translator. Both were used a couple of times, giving me the idea they will be used frequently, but not too frequently, throughout the game. The features just keep getting better for me... WE HAVE AN ANIMAL HELPER! WOOOOO! Oh my Gosh, you have no idea how much I've been waiting for one of those! In this game, our helper is a wolf cub, who we get to name after rescuing from a well. As it is found near the end of the demo, it is not used much, but it's still a great feature. Another feature is the plus items. These are items that you need to interact with to compete. They're becoming more and more of a standard feature these days, but any game that has them has done a good job. And of course, with a Mad Head game, comes the Mad Head minishows! Normally, I love them, but I have a huge problem here: THEY'VE CHANGED! And not for the better either, quite the opposite, in fact. Time was that you could move your mouse over a place with gears, click on it, and be given a hint as to what was meant to go there. Sadly, this is no more. In its place, there is a massive question mark. This made me furious. Why change something that didn't need changing? A real shame. As far as basic features go, the game has good ones. The diary is good, but some notes are pictures rather than words, which is a pet hate in games for me. The map and hint both work well and the map is interactive. Due to all the features, I would not say this is your average HOPA which, again, means I can't recommend this for beginners. Once again, the graphics in this game are top-class. They are drawn with such attention to detail and wonderful colours. They are a delight. Everything is crystal clear; they did not put a foot wrong with the graphics. The character designs are great too. They look almost like real people. Voice-overs are standard. I have no issue. FEATURES 4 modes of difficulty: Casual, Advanced, Hard and Custom. Custom lets you set the game the way you want. Differences in the other difficulties are standard. I played Casual. Hint/Skip- both recharge at a decent speed for the difficulty I selected. Hint is useful outside HOS. Diary- keeps track of events. Good for remembering key elements of the story. Timer Map- The map is interactive and quite helpful. It lets you know which locations have stuff to do in them and which ones are complete. Karma Meter- A great new feature. Which way it goes is based on the responses you give. It also changes the ending of the story. Powers- no indication of how many there are, or what they are. I had 2 by the end of the demo. They were used evenly. A great feature. Animal helper- This is a wolf cub that we find and name. Used rarely (once in the demo, according to reviews, about 5 times in the game). + items- These are items you need to interact with to complete. Little + signs indicate the item that can be interacted with. When it turns green, the object is ready to be interacted with. CE EXCLUSIVES Bonus chapter- 99% sure this won't be needed Built in Strategy Guide- great for puzzles. Also lets you know about location of collectibles. Collectible handprints(43)- there is one in every scene. There is a bonus for collecting them all. Replay HOS, minishows & puzzles Re-watch cutscenes Alchemist's tale- unsure what this is Forest Runner- a bonus minigame. Unlocked after doing some stuff. Achievements Wallpapers Cast- assemble posters of the characters Soundtrack Imaginings- the background story behind some of the places in the game. WHICH IS THE BETTER BUY? I have stated I'm not purchasing this game, but I think that most will be happy with the CE. There are many extras here, which you will enjoy. Happy gaming! So, while this is a good game, the weak story makes it impossible for me to purchase. MadHead have done well here. I award this game 3 stars. Stars were lost due to: Very weak story problems with the minishow That being said, I highly recommend you download the trial. This is a decent game from a great developer. Have fun! WHO WOULD SUIT THIS GAME? Beginners? NO. Once again, I advise you stay well clear of this one, due to all the extra features. It may turn you off a great genre. Advanced Players? YES. This will test you. Have fun.. Expert Players? YES. This will be great for you, I reckon. June 14, 2014
nice game I liked this one. As usual from this dev it was beautiful to look at, there were some great achievements and there were collectibles. The story moved along quickly. I love the little mini games where you have to put things in place to hear the story. I also liked how the extra chapter wrapped up the story in a very satisfying way. There was a lot to do here and it had some really beautiful scenes. My only critique was that the storyline seemed a bit well, sort of been there, seen that for me. Now that may be because I play A LOT of these games and have seen it several times before but if you haven't then you may not feel that way. This game is very well put together with an actual story and some very good extras. Even when you finish both the main game and the extra chapter there were still things to do. I happen to really like this dev as they usually tend to think outside the box a bit. This one is well worth buying and I would for sure recommend it. As a matter of fact, I would recommend you play all their games as they are really well done. June 23, 2014
A VERY GOOD GAME based on entire game ... but not the bonus yet ... this is a GREAT game, but i couldn't go five stars ... the storyline is good, but i guess i just wasn't into the kids ... some of the transitions were a bit slow to play out ... but MAD HEAD is one of my favorite devs so i gotta give them a shout out ... of course the graphics HOs and puzzles are worth playing ... wish i could be a bit more enthusiastic ... but i know there are more to come! June 14, 2014
Great artwork, little challenge The artwork and the soundtrack are gorgeous. I'm giving it 4 stars for that. I want to encourage this level of art in our games. There are lots of extras after the regular game has been played, and a decent length bonus chapter. However, the minigames were simplistic and seemed to be developed more for children than for adults, so I took one star away for that. The HOS were really fun to play, so if you don't mind the minigames being sort of easy, all the rest of the game is wonderful. Happy gaming! July 6, 2014
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Rite of Passage: Hide and Seek Collector's Edition

Twenty years ago, the children of Greystone were taken by a mysterious fog - only you escaped. It’s time to find out why...

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