Myths of the World: Of Fiends and Fairies Collector's Edition

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From Eipix, the makers of the successful series Final Cut, Off the Record, and Sea of Lies, comes more Myths of the World.

The rat catcher's after more than rats this time. He’s kidnapping fairy folk! Where did these pixies come from, and what do they have to do with your grandfather's fairy tales?

Play both traditional and silhouette hidden-object puzzles in this dark fairy tale game. A unique new Q&A puzzle helps you discover your grandfather's tie to the fairy realm.

This is a special Collector's Edition release full of exclusive extras you won't find in the standard version. As a bonus, Collector's Edition purchases count toward three stamps on your Monthly Game Club Punch Card!

The Collector's Edition includes:

  • Help Magrat rescue his children in the bonus game
  • Unlock challenging achievements
  • Scour locations for hidden collectibles
  • Enjoy concept art, wallpapers, and more!
  • Available Strategy Guide
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Game System Requirements:
  • OS: Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
  • CPU: 1.6 GHz
  • RAM: 1024 MB
  • DirectX: 9.0
  • Hard Drive: 1195 MB
Game Manager System Requirements:
  • Browser: Internet Explorer 7 or later
Myths of the World: Of Fiends and Fairies Collector's Edition

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Myths of the World: Of Fiends and Fairies Collector's Edition

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Myths of the World: Of Fiends and Fairies Collector's Edition 4.1 5 72 72
Great characters & unusual game play, visually stunning This is a refreshing change with unusual characters, interaction, different HO scenes & game play from the norm. If you play the easiest level it probably will be too simple but it is a super game. You are never quite sure who you are going to meet or deal with next. June 7, 2014
Absolutely OUTSTANDING! Game of the Year Contender! BASED ON DEMO What started off as a great series was, in my opinion, ruined by the last two games, Spirit Wolf and Stolen Spring. My love of this series has returned with this installment! While I admit the story is not so great, the gameplay here is really something! I don't give out praise lightly, but I'm absolutely amazed by this one! As I said, the story doesn't really take my fancy. I saw the blurb and didn't think I'd be interested, and I wasn't really. Had it not been for the great gameplay, I would have passed on this game. The whole idea of fairies being trapped and me having to save them just didn't appeal to me. As for the content itself, there wasn't much interesting stuff going on; everything seem to coast by as I expected. The story was really missing that 'wow factor' for me. One positive is the characters. Eipix have created a really lovable group of ?people? for this one! I fell in love with each character's personality. It was a really enjoyable experience for me, getting to know every character as I came across them. A job well done to the developers. But what really amazed me, and what is the sole reason that I am purchasing this game, is the gameplay! For ages, I have been crying out for some new gameplay, and it seems the developers are starting to deliver! There were so many new features. Everything was just a joy. From the jazzed up HOS, to the monocle, to the Q&A puzzle, everything was outstanding! Let me start with the basics: the HOS. The developers have put a fresh twist on them. They are lengthy and quite enjoyable too. First you had the regular junkpile, then some riddles and them a silhouette, ALL IN THEONE SCENE! I mean, WOW! And that was just the first scene, we got more great HOS after that! They were a mix of junkpile and silhouette, all of which I enjoyed. Even better, there is an alternative for those who don't like HOS. This is a bubbleshooter. Not sure how this works as I didn't play it. The developers really have gone all out with their HOS and for that, they must be applauded. Great job. Okay, I must state this right now, I absolutely LOVED the Q&A puzzle! It was a fresh, funny and enjoyable take on an interview! What would have been just one incredibly long cutscene in the past has now been transformed in to a work of art. In this puzzle, you must choose to ask 1 of 3 possible questions. Each question falls under a category (humour, compassion, etc.) and if you ask the right one, you pass on to the next question. If you ask the wrong one, you have to keep asking until you ask the right one. I found myself hoping I'd asked the wrong one so I could hear every response! This was a hilarious new feature. It made my day! Aside from that, the other puzzles were pretty average, but I could solve a couple of them. It's not just the Q&A puzzle, there are other awesome features too! For one, we have a monocle, which was great. Any place you can use the monocle on will glow, and there will be a puzzle. This is usually something really simple like finding matching symbols, but a great, unique feature! It was also key in unraveling some of the mysterious bits of the story. Another feature is the + items. These are items you must interact with to complete. This usually means adding one item on to another. + items are indicated by a little + above them. This is definitely not your average HOPA. There are so many great new features in here. Because of this, I don't think I'd recommend for beginners. They might get a little bit confused. On the basic gameplay mechanics of this game, we've got a diary and a map and the hint/skip button, all of which work well. We've even got a custom difficulty, which I thought was brilliant. The graphics here are the usual Eipix standard: Top class, lots of detail, very clear and a lot of great colours. Eipix have also done a great job with character designs. Graphics-wise, everything in the game was wonderful. This game is set in Ireland, so naturally, we've got Irish/English voice-overs. This was a nice change from the normal American stuff. Great job. FEATURES 4 modes of difficulty: Casual, Advanced, Hard and Custom. Custom lets you set the game the way you like it, which was great. I played Casual, for the sake of the review. Differences in other modes are standard. Hint/Skip- This is the first time I'll say this (and probably the only time), but the hint/skip charged way too fast on Casual mode. I get it's for beginners, but the amount of ?hand-holding? here was ridiculous. Hint is useful outside HOS. Diary- used to keep track of events. Great for those who tend to forget important parts of the story (like me!). Map- the map is interactive and quite helpful. It lets you know where you have tasks to complete (Casual mode only). Q&A Puzzle- wonderful new feature that added extra enjoyment to the game. I sincerely hope this makes its return in the future. Monocle- This was another great new feature. It can be used on areas that glow. Sometimes a puzzle will follow, other times not. + items- These are items you must interact with to complete. A great feature. Timer- this lets you know how long you have been playing the game. CE EXCLUSIVES Bonus Chapter- unsure if needed. Built in Strategy Guide- great for those seeking answers to puzzles, and also shows the whereabouts of collectible items. Collectible fairy shoes (36)- One in every scene. Achievements Bubbleshooter- I'm guessing this is extra bubbleshooter levels. Making of Titania's Crown- unsure what this is Fairy Shoes- a house for all collected shoes. Replay HOS & Puzzles Wallpapers Snapshots Re-watch cutscenes Music WHICH IS THE BETTER BUY? For only the fourth time since joining here over two years ago, I'm going to purchase the CE. There are lots of great extras in here that I think I'm really going to enjoy. I reckon you'd be happier with either version, but it's the CE for me. This is, hands down, one of the best games of the year. Definitely game of the year material as well as being one of Eipix's best. So, in light of that, I will not hesitate to award this game five stars. It is almost perfect. The only downer about it is the story, but that type of story is not up my alley anyway, so I will over-look it. This game is worthy of every single shred of praise it gets. I am so happy that a developer has gone all out to give us the ultimate experience. It has paid off and will pave the way for HOPA Games of the future. June 8, 2014
This was Totally Wicked! I have never reviewed a game b4, played all of them and read all the other reviews. But, after playing this 90 min. yes I wrote 90 min trial. I had to write this. If u don't try this game u r crazy. It is so much fun and different from any other game out there. So many unexpected, out of the norm, takes on the traditional H/O games. The mini games are great. But even the spots that there is a h/o are very different. The story lures you in and it is not too wordy, gets right to the point. I am so buying this one! June 7, 2014
Myths of the World: Of Fiends and Fairies Review This is the 4th game in the series but there is no need to have played the previous. Each installment has its own story. It is a fairy-tale based game with a lot of "cute" factor. If you are looking for a more grow-up game without the cuteness overload, this is not for you. Otherwise, it is very enjoyable for fairy-tale lovers. This game has stunning graphics, and tons of extra CE bling. You will get TONS of extra features for your money. Eipix really packed in the bonuses! Game extras include: - Bonus HOP's and Puzzles - Music, Wallpapers, and Snapshots - "The Making Of" video - Achievements - More bonuses that can only be unlocked upon game completion. Conclusion: I recommend this game and its predecessors for beginner to intermediate players who love fairy-tale stories and lots of game extras! June 7, 2014
Myths and Magic and Faeiries and Elves and ........ FIENDS! OH MY! This game has it ALL! Storyline: Your grandfather has passed away .... and left behind some incredible secrets. Orna, the fairy, has come to your grandfather's study but found you instead. She pleads for your help. Someone is stealing all the fairies in the forest. We know it is the witch Rita. She wants to use the fairy magic so King Oberon can pass through the portal and take over mankind. King Oberon has been on a literal warpath since losing Nature's Heart. And now, all fairy folk, including elves, leprechauns and pixies are in hiding for their very lives. YOU have to help them! Graphics: Exactly what you've come to expect from this Developer - magnificent colors, life-like creatures, magical fairy folk and sparkling gold. Sound: The haunting opening scene music had me hooked - hooked, I tell you, in the first few moments of hearing the music, I knew this game HAD to be purchased. Throughout the game, the background music is lilting, beautiful, non-disruptive. Voices are spot on for the venue. Even the pig's voice seems so real. Lip syncing and moving facial features - love that in a game. It represents the continuity I look for. Game Play: This game has it ALL - so how do I even begin? You meet various characters along the way to finding out exactly WHAT is going on? What was your grandfather involved in? Was he the King of Thieves? Is Yorick, the Savior, also your grandfather? How can YOU help the fairy folk? So many questions and all to be answered during the course of the game. Almost every character you meet requires you to perform a quest - find something, help with something, but always something (because obviously, nothing in life is free). But you muster on. HOGs: The first HOG I encountered explained I had a choice of a bubbleshooter game or the itemized list. I just HAD to try the bubbleshooter game. It took a bit for me to get the hang of it. I've played them before, but every game has it's own nuances. I still prefer playing the HOGs, which were extremely interactive but not at all difficult. Mini Games: Games within games within games. So much fun! Fresh, innovative and definitely thought provoking. None too easy and most on the edge of being difficult. But, if you thing it through I believe you can surpass them all. There are 4 levels of difficulty (gotta love the names - Scribe, Archivist, Chronicler and Custom mode). I like to play the Custom mode during Demos so I can turn the dial down on hint recharge and mini game skip times. The faster to get back to game play. A tutorial and what fun - the Monocle of True Vision which shows where there are things kept hidden from human sight - when it glows, there is more than meets the eye. There is also the typical fare this Developer is known for providing: A journal with a task list, a jumpable map which shows areas with an objective, plus items and more. Even the hint button occasionally will transport you to an area where something is needed to be done. CE Bling: Strategy Guide (I didn't use) Bonus Game Achievements - 17 Making Of (?) Games (locked) HOPs (locked) Wallpapers - 8 Pictures - 8 Music tracks - (unavailable in the demo) Movies - 24 Tatiana's Crown (locked until Bonus Game completed) Find 36 fairy shoes (1 in each scene) As I love all things fairy and folklore, I knew at the sound of the hauntingly beautiful music as the dot of light (a pixie? a fairy?) traveling through the forest that this game would have me hooked. It didn't take long into the game play for me to want to purchase it. This Glam-ma HIGHLY recommends everyone should at least try the demo. It's an amazingly 90 minutes long and free. I'd be very surprised if at least one character didn't pull you into the story. This Glam-ma loved it, is purchasing it today and recommends it for every level of gamer. The review of this game is based on this Glam-ma's opinion - and only mine. Therefore, if you found this review to be helpful, please click on the "yes" button below. There is also a "no" button. Seriously? You'd give your Glam-ma a "no"? Kidding. Happy Gaming! June 8, 2014
My Choice for Game of the Year - 2014. Magnificent Game Okay, I am not going to apologize but be prepared for lots of gushing. When I did the beta on this newest addition to the Myths of the World series, I was absolutely stunned and amazed at the beauty and quality of the game. The game is gorgeous and was a true delight to play. In my survey comments I begged BFG to release the game as soon as possible because it is so terrific. Since the game has so much going for it, I am not even going to get into the story because I think it is one that you need to try for yourself. It is not often that a game comes along that I find grabs me from the first scene and then goes on to get better. Of course, with EIPIX we know the graphics will be the best to be found and that they are always colorful, so it should come as no surprise that a game with the title ?Of Fiends and Fairies would be full of gorgeous graphics and artwork. The voiceovers are lip-synced in the close-up bubbles and they are some of the best I?ve heard in games in a long time. When we couple the voiceovers with the music and ambient sound effects we then have a sound package that is of cinematic quality and absolutely wonderful. I happen to love the Celtic theme and setting of the game so right off the bat Of Fiends and Fairies had everything that would ?ring my bell.? IMHO, the entire package of graphics and sound add up to create an awesome gaming experience. In the game we have the standard equipment of a journal and an interactive transporter type map. We also have Orna, a pixie we meet early in the game, who serves as our hint button. Along with the standards we also acquire our grandfather?s monocle that will help us out in certain spell-binding situations. With this game being so terrific, I don?t want to provide all of the details about the HOPS except to say some of them are a bit different. The puzzles I have encountered are enjoyable but not difficult at least thus far. Myths of the World of Fiends and Fairies is chock full of gameplay extras and CE content, which makes this game truly worthy of the CE designation. I would encourage everyone to purchase the CE of this game so that you get the full impact of how wonderful a CE can be when it is done right. Needless to say, I love this game and it was a no brainer to purchase it immediately when I saw it this morning. What a surprise since I thought we were on tap for a different game. I am ecstatic because this game has my vote for the best game of 2014. I can only give the game 5-stars but if we had 10-stars as an option, this game would deserve every one of them. Thank you to EIPIX and BFG for this awesome game. As you can see, I highly recommend Myths of the World of Fiends and Fairies but your tastes may not be the same as mine so I suggest that you try the demo to see if you like the game. If you try it, I don?t think you will be disappointed. June 7, 2014
Excellent doesn't describe it !!!!!!! I own all the other Myths games... wasn't crazy about any of them so had my doubts about this one which were QUICKLY put to rest !!!! Eipix has absolutely overdone themselves with this one. (for trouble withthe sig ring.. look to the forum for that help! thank you BF forums/members) From the opening scene it was like stepping into an adult fairy tale book. The voice overs were so so well done.. Irish brogues and all that.. the scenery, and something I have to compliment Eipix for is the GREAT HOs... we're not just playing hidden object scenes where you stare at the screen and click around. They really added some nice twists and for the HOs I didn't want to play I had a bubble shooter game which I loved. (but when I saw the hidden obj scene had changed I would go back and see what was happening for the completion of the HO... the picture of a caterpiller or worm over the top of a house really had me stumped!!! some fun stuff) Gosh, I loved all the characters and the leprechaun was my favorite. Forgot how long it took to play the main game (close, anyway to 4 hrs. for me) and the bonus took another hour or so. I didn't find all the shoes but can go back and find those collectible if I want. there's replayable hos and bubble shooter and another game where you draw a constellation in the CE. Eipix, put out another one like this and you have me for life!!! June 9, 2014
highly entertaining Well this one sure had some great characters. Very magical with elves, fairies, witches and gnomes without being too cutesy or kiddie. My favourite one was the leprechaun who appeared throughout the game and extra chapter. This one had it all. It was quite a good length, had collectible shoes, achievements that you really had to strive for (which IMHO makes them more worthwhile when you get them) an array of HO scenes and lots of interesting puzzles. The graphics were lovely and the music was pretty good too. I actually even enjoyed the extra chapter, which for me doesn't happen all that often. There was a mini game that appeared throughout where you talk with the characters and you must choose the right answer. I would sometimes purposely pick the wrong one just to hear their funny responses. This game really had the most important thing a game can have. It was really fun to play and made me laugh several times. Very good. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Bravo June 12, 2014
Myths of the World Grandpa Solomon O'Neil went to his grave with a deep dark secret, he was a master thief but he had a kind soul. He befriended the people of Fairyland and helped them escape from a savage and evil tyrant, King. Now that Grandpa is gone it's your responsibility to help the fairies that are being hunted by a local rat catcher whose employer is a wicked witch. The witch is using the energy of their souls to gain access to the portal between our world and the fairy world, which is exactly what the King needs to conquer both worlds! What more could you ask for, stunning lifelike and extremely detailed graphics, terrific story, and all kinds of crazy new concepts. Yep, it's a good one folks! There is an icon with a trophy and it will show the amount of achievements you have earned, 17 different achievements are available for requirements such as not using the hint icon for using the map to travel between locations, watching the credits and finding all fairy shoes, I always suggest you read through the achievements first if you are interested in earning all of them. There is another icon with a fairy shoe which will show you how many hidden fairy shoes you have found out of 36 available. There is an icon with a magical monical which can be used to uncover any item that has a magical spell. There are still the normal icons, the strategy guide, the compass map and the hint icon which is Orna the fairy that had a close bond with your Grandfather and is now helping you out with any hints you may need. There is also a journal that keeps track of objectives if you opted for them in the customizable difficulty settings, or on the casual modes. One of the best features in this game are the choices of conversation you get when talking to different characters. An icon will appear with a choice of three different questions with categories such as Charm, Compassion, Intimidation, Humor and Bluffing. (naturally I chose Humor and Bluffing most of the time) In my opinion this is an awesome addition to the same ole same ole. Even the Hidden Object Games were unusual. Most of the HOS came in sections of three where you find items on a list, some items you could interact with, then you would need to find the item that matched a brief description and usually that item needed several components put together, then you searched for items that matched the picture or silhouette. There were also find 4 wires, 4 springs, 4 gears and even a few smaller HOS games where you just needed to find a few pieces to complete an item. There was an option for a bubble pop game and I usually prefer the HOS but in this case I could have played that bubble shooting game all day long, which by the way is available as unlimited game play after completing the game in this Collectors Edition! There wasn't anything special about the mini games, most were simple puzzles like guiding different shaped tokens along different sized rings until all tokens were in their matching shaped slots. There were also puzzle rings to rotate to complete a picture and some rings moved others when turned which made it a bit tricky. My favorite game was swapping register buttons until all 3 buttons both vertically and horizontally tallied up to 15. This is definitely one of the better games out there and it wouldn't surprise me if it won a few awards. I love the outside of the box thinking concepts and the edge of your seat kind of story. Even if you aren't a fan of the Fairy themed games, I think the game has enough interesting concepts to keep your interest so, e June 8, 2014
super good fairytale Very good game, with nice music, superb graphics and a great storyline! Loved the new features like answering the questions. See it for yourself, the humour in it is gorgeous! I had a really nice time with it and played about 6-7 hours (including bonus-game). I was really astounded this game was so good. I have all the others, but this one is much, much better!! try it, I'm sure you'll have a ball with it too, just like I did! Have fun! June 15, 2014
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Myths of the World: Of Fiends and Fairies Collector's Edition

The rat catcher's after more than rats this time. He's kidnapping fairy folk!

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