Mysteries of Neverville: The Runestone of Light

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The runestone of light that has protected the town of Neverville for thousands of years is missing. With nothing to protect the town, an evil fog has surrounded the people inside. You are the daughter of Cygnus Rastlin, the greatest guardian of Neverville and must return to the town to stop the evil from spreading. Find out who is lurking in the fog! Is it the notorious necromancer Grimhall, who was once captured and buried inside a stone chamber by Cugnus Rastlin himself? Who is behind the disappearance of the runestone? Will you be able to save the innocent people of Neverville from their grim fate by restoring the runestone to its rightful place?

  • Immersive magical atmosphere
  • Elaborate storyline with many different characters
  • Play unique puzzles and overcome obstacles
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Game System Requirements:
  • OS: Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
  • CPU: 1.6 GHz
  • RAM: 512 MB
  • DirectX: 9.0
  • Hard Drive: 540 MB
Game Manager System Requirements:
  • Browser: Internet Explorer 7 or later
Mysteries of Neverville: The Runestone of Light


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Mysteries of Neverville: The Runestone of Light

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Mysteries of Neverville: The Runestone of Light 3.3 5 19 19
People Say There Is An Evil Presence Lurking In The Fog The runestone of life has disappeared from the tower, and with the runestone missing there is nothing to protect the people of Neverville from the evil northern fog! Valerie and Roland are the Guardians of Neverville, sworn to protect the citizens of the town and she is searching for her father Cygnus Rastlin, hoping that he will have a solution to finding the runestone, but he seems to be missing as well. To make matters worse, Grimhall, a necromancer with a bad reputation and evil intentions has found a way to escape his stone chamber prison. This isn't a bad little game, the graphics are simple, but sharp and well defined. The characters are very lifelike, although there are no lip movements, and there are a lot of dialog boxes to read. This is mostly an adventure game with a lot of mini games and puzzles. None of the mini games are hard, in fact most are puzzles that can be done quickly such as moving metal plates of different sizes and directions to expose the keyhole in the middle of the board similar to a game of blocks. There are games where you need to turn over cards two at a time trying to match two similar cards such as a feather quill and an ink bottle. The mini game I liked the best was swapping gnomes of different colors so that no two gnomes with the same color are sitting on the same path. There is a good amount of Hidden Object Scenes, the scenes are well lit and the objects are easily identifiable. and they are list finds. This isn't an over the top game with all the bells and whistles, but it is a really entertaining game with lots of puzzles to keep you busy, enjoy! June 15, 2014
OFFERS SOME UNIQUENESS AND MAYBE SOME RECYCLING Seems there are a lot of dangerous fogs out there lately. But the story is interesting and gameplay was very good and occasionally quite challenging. HOS are very, very crowded in spots, requiring patience to find everything. But I've never seen this before, you can actually skip HOS after a while. Some puzzles are quite challenging and a little different (ex: a slider puzzle, where each piece can be moved up and down as well as sideways, which oddly made them more difficult). Graphics are beautiful. Sometimes I felt like I played portions of the game before - but it may be recycled scenes which didn't bother me much since they were so pretty. Lovely game. June 15, 2014
Excellent PCC Purchase ? Standalone SE! BASED ON DEMO IN BRIEF A great look to this excellent standalone Standard Edition game. The graphics are clear and clean, with art that is quite lovely to look at without getting too whimsical. I could have asked for a character who looked less like an adolescent?s dream date, though, and that sort of thing normally just washes straight over me. The intro is well done. I loved the wolf spirit. And the rocking of the train. The voices are all good. Well acted, if a little drawn out occasionally. The music is forgettable (which means, can?t remember anything at all!), and the sounds likewise failed to make any specific impression, other than that the gloomy atmosphere ?felt? right to all senses. This is a fairly dark game, but I don?t think it is too hard to see, and I wouldn?t exactly call it creepy. But it is certainly not a comfortable place to be for a ?Guardian of Neverville.? That?s us, by the way. Valerie, daughter of Cygnus Rastlin, protector and guardian of the town, currently MIA after following an evil necromancer into an equally evil fog. We must find Dad, the stolen Runestone of Light that is the town?s protection, defeat the necromancer, and the thief who took the Runestone, deal with the betrayal of someone close, and all before dinner! Okay, I added the dinner bit. But you can see you have a lot on your plate! The gameplay is nice. There are many more puzzles than HOPs, they are everywhere. Mostly they are slightly different tangents on known games, but I had a lot of trouble finishing more than one. The HOPs are standard word lists, no interaction, but, here?s one for the puzzlers ? you can skip it in the same way as any other puzzle. You still have hint, if you want. The HOP scenes are visited twice. There is a hint that is a real hint ? and if it will take you away from your current location, it will teleport you. This replaces the totally absent journal and map. There are 3 levels of difficulty. There is no inventory lock, and I missed having one. COMBINED IMPACT Great game. Perfect for a punchcard credit, or I?d even pay real $$ for this one. Nicely put together and fun. June 15, 2014
Beware Cowboy Builders when creating a stone tomb for your local evil necromancer! Yep, you've guessed it, he's escaped again and is going about his nefarious deeds with the help of wolf spirits and a traitorous local. But, do not fear, a guardian has arrived in her bodycon armour and will no doubt save the day! Despite the fact that the story is nothing really new, it is a fun game with a good level of challenge. HOSs were all simple lists and are revisited at least once. Some items are very small, but they are all pretty doable, you can just skip after a while if you get fed up or use a hint. I liked the puzzles, variations on familiar formats, but not as straightforward as you may at first think. Three modes of play can ramp up the challenge further (Normal/Hard/Detective) In the descriptions of each level it mentions "achievement items" and I got a bit excited, but I haven't come across anything out of the ordinary and it may only mean 'pick-ups'. No map or journal so be prepared to track back if you have been given a clue and maybe have a notebook to hand. The hint does allow you to jump to the required location so, if you know where you want to go, you can use it as a jump map. No penalties, but it does take a little while to recharge. My only complaint was the interaction with other characters. The voices were good, the graphics realistic but I like to read the narrative and, if they speak slowly, click to continue. Now it may just be my poor old eyes but the writing looked very blurry to me and gave me a headache! :-(( That aside, it is a perfectly nice game. Ideal for a sale day or a game coupon. I will be buying tomorrow and getting my punch! June 15, 2014
Different Let's start off by saying I loved the story line. It is an old theme with a new twist. I like the twist. It looks too easy from the get go but believe me it is not. Some puzzles start off as easy but they get harder. The graphics need work. There is no denying that. It's a good game, Really! November 27, 2014
To short I enjoyed the game, and the hint button is really good, it's like an interactive map, it takes you to where you need to be. I'm disappointed the game was way to short. You have to defeat the necromancer and find the runes, and the guy you thought was on your side, isn't, and then you start to find the runes, you have to keep slaying a wolf with potions, and you have to find the ingredients for these potions, I do recommend the game, even though it's to short July 5, 2014
Nothing new in this game and very short! I've just finished playing this game, it took me about 2 -2,5 hours, and I'm a very slow player, I like to look around in the game. Not very long, but I didn't really mind since I used a PCC that was about to expire. Nice to have an SE that's glitch-free and worth a free credit. Graphics are clear, but old school, more like 2011-2012 games. A lot of puzzles, some very simple, some really tough! HOS are visited twice, simple lists, but sometimes very challenging! I really liked the story, clear and pulls you in, you want to know what's happening, although we've seen this kind of story all too often. It's nicely told with some good cutscenes. And I (our heroine that is) look gorgeous! Fierceful and very attractive! Our assistant-townkeeper is nice to look at as well -:) Ending doesn't leave you hanging, but is VERY abrupt. It really comes way to soon! Very little scenes to visit, there is no map, but you certainly don't need it! It's very simple to move around, and you only have to go forwards and backwards, with one crossroad.... Waaaay too easy! A nice game if you want to play something relaxing that doesn't take too long. A good buy for a PCC that's lying around. I advise you try before you buy! Have fun all!!!! June 16, 2014
Restore the Runestone of Light Storyline: You are Valerie, daughter of Cygnus Rastlin, and as you are on your way home your carriage is attacked by a Wolf Spirit. When you arrive at Neverville, you are told that Wolf Spirits have arisen everywhere. You must find your father, because ONLY he knows what to do. Graphics: Rather old school. Definitely not the HD quality we are used to these days. Sound: The background music wasn't too bad. I certainly didn't need to tune it out or turn it off. Game Play: Arthur, your father's trusted friend, has betrayed everyone. The Guardians of the Light must find the runestone, which is apparently now in pieces. You know you have to find the those pieces and restore them, so why is your father (who "knows what to do") so important? And where is he? In an hour of game play you never see him. You will meet various characters who will require quests before they will offer any help whatsoever. For instance, the Gypsy who needs you to get the ingredients to make a potion so she can see a little piece of the puzzle. HOGs: Very easy to find the items. The hint button took an extremely long time to recharge, however, here's a new twist I've never seen before - you can SKIP the HOG and still get your inventory item(s). Wow! I didn't really need to skip the HOG but I did it once just to see what would happen. Mini Games: Some we are used to and some are actually quite new. MOST of the them are extremely difficult, even on the easiest level of game play. This Glam-ma is not interested in this game at all. It confused me right from the beginning. Why is the father who "knows what to do" never seen? Yet, apparently your character knows exactly what to do - find the pieces of the runestone and game over. And the Gypsy's foretelling that someone close to your father will betray him - of course, it was Arthur, we found that out fairly early too. I don't think this game has much to offer. It is definitely not a purchase for me. However, please do give it a try. It's only an hour and it's free. Happy Father's Day Weekend and Happy Gaming! June 15, 2014
Started Out Very Promising Then Poof! Review Of Completed Game Game Features: 3 play modes: Normal/Hard/Detective - Can't be changed during playing. Must create a new profile. I tested all of these before I actually started "playing the game" and for me: All modes have sparkles/black bar tips. Hint charges at a snails pace in all modes but if you click on it outside of HOS a box will come up telling you what to do and you can click if you want it to transport you to the area you need to be in. This game says something about "achievements." I came across no achievements. I'm not sure what that is all about?? No big deal for me since I'm no longer a fan of this fluff. All I want now from a game is a good/great story and game play with characters that talk. You can skip HOS and puzzles except for in Detective mode. Inventory doesn't lock but stays down until you click on it. There is no map or journal. HOS: All found by word list. No interaction. Scenes are visited twice. The graphics nicely done here however a few objects were a bit too small for me so I did have to use a few hints here. PUZZLES/MINI GAMES: I'm not a fan. Less the better. I prefer games more on the adventure/HOS side. More adventure though. Having said this: These for me in this game were tedious and boring. Not a 'puzzle/mini game" day for me. I skipped most of these. Adventure Side: For me while there was some back/forth I found this to be pretty lite. I had no problem with the game not having a map. I never got lost in this game especially with the black bar tips. I didn't use the hint here. I only used the hint before I actually "started playing the game" as I mentioned. Just to see what it would do. A test. Visual/Sound Quality: I really liked the graphics/artwork. While the characters are unanimated and wooden appearance still a well done here especially the voices - excellent. The music seemed fitting to the game. This game also says you "come across many characters" in the Big Fish blurb for this game. Well I didn't come across "many characters" only a total of 4 and one being the lead character "Valerie" so I'd hardly consider that "many" in my downloaded version of this game. Level Of Challenge: At first this developer didn't ring a bell with me so I had to search and I have played a couple of their games in the past that I enjoyed. I see from their home page they have been making games since 2007 so I'm deducting a star in regards to the play modes. Why have 3 play modes if all are going to be the same in regards to sparkles/black bar tips. Sorry but this developer should know better. They've been around for awhile.Please do a custom mode in your next game offering. I prefer no sparkles/no black bar tips and a quick hint/skip button just in case needed. Story Line: While definitely nothing "new" to the story I started out being really intrigued and wanted to see where it would take me but that just seemed to fizzle out and go poof after the demo time. This here meaning while it did come to conclusion but ended way too abrupt for me. I do think this developer here could of put a bit more effort into the story. So this is my reason for the "poor" rating here. Not the story line itself just that I thought more effort could of been put into the story. My Play Time: This was about 3 hours for me and that was skipping most of the puzzles.May be more or less for you of course. Fun Factor: Overall I give this 3 stars. This for me started out to be a very promising game. I was so excited to see a SE released that wasn't part of a CE but then just fizzled out and went poof as I said. My problem wasn't the game length I just think more effort could of been put into the story especially from a developer who has been around since 2007 at least according to their home page. Also too many puzzles for me. I'm glad I used a punch card code for this. This in my opinion is worthy of that or the daily deal/catch of the week $2.99 price. Not anymore than this. Just an OK time passer game in my opinion. Thanks though Big Fish and Developer. Not a bad game but not great either. Oh and a great big smile and wink to the developer here: I do thank you for NO animal helpers. Much appreciated. Yes please keep those out. Enough of those already! As always, give it a whirl and decide for yourself. June 16, 2014
Just a Little Too Flat For My Taste (Based on Demo) I liked the fact this game was released as a stand alone SE, which we have not been seeing lately. I just could not get into this game. The characters were flat, although the VO actors did better than most. This story of "evil fog has taken over the town" has been exhausted, and there was nothing original about the story that grabbed me. I liked that you could skip the HOG's and I do give props to the developer for including this as an option. The HOG's are not interactive and very old school. I felt bored with them and they are not original and interactive like: Cadenza, Rite of Passage, Myths of the World, etc. Graphics were blurry and not up to par with what we have been accustom to. Slow cursor and game play. The game actually froze on my computer, which never happens to me with Big Fish Games, so I am surprised. The writing on the cut-scenes was extremely blurry and did give me a headache. I did appreciate the puzzles which had a new little twist and were pretty difficult. I like more adventure with puzzles, instead HOG heavy like this game. All in all, not too bad of a game, just did not capture my attention to make me purchase. June 17, 2014
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Mysteries of Neverville: The Runestone of Light

The runestone that has protected the town of Neverville for centuries has disappeared. Now, the evil necromancer Grimhall is threatening its people. Can you save them from this grim fate?

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