Beyond the Unknown: A Matter of Time Collector's Edition

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Brought to you by ERS Game Studios, makers of the popular Shadow Wolf Mysteries and PuppetShow series, comes an exciting new adventure!

Your grandfather, a famous archaeologist, was lost at sea years ago. He was searching for the legendary Golden Sarcophagus, rumored to hold a great and mysterious power. Now you find yourself shipwrecked on the very island he was seeking out… Will you finally be able to solve the riddle of the Golden Sarcophagus and find out what happened to your grandfather? There’s no time to waste in this time-bending Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game!

This is a special Collector's Edition release full of exclusive extras you won’t find in the standard version. As a bonus, Collector's Edition purchases count toward three stamps on your Monthly Game Club Punch Card!

The Collector’s Edition includes:

  • Learn how the time collapse began in the bonus game!
  • Replay mini-games and hidden-object puzzles
  • Get soundtracks, screensavers, wallpapers, and concept art
  • An available Strategy Guide
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Game System Requirements:
  • OS: Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
  • CPU: 1.4 GHz
  • RAM: 1024 MB
  • DirectX: 9.0
  • Hard Drive: 913 MB
Game Manager System Requirements:
  • Browser: Internet Explorer 7 or later
Beyond the Unknown: A Matter of Time Collector's Edition

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Beyond the Unknown: A Matter of Time Collector's Edition

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Beyond the Unknown: A Matter of Time Collector's Edition 3.3 5 43 43
Played a second time and enjoyed it more the 2nd time ERS games I love... My only true disappointment was the jump map gave you No clue of if it had any activity to be done in a spot.... From what I saw it was only a jump map... When I get stuck nowadays instead of hint I look at map go to objective area then figure out what to do.. Graphics.... typical of ERS... music pleasant... heard a few touches from some of their old games... For some reason on the first go around on this game I had no clue on a few mini games... not like me on ERS... the second time around I must have been more awake because I got them all without one skip... I was mad after first time playing game... I missed one of the morphing clocks and could not figure out which it was and by end of game could access start of game, so gave me a good reason to redo game a second time... Found all clocks :) HOGS and mini games are replayable in EXTRAS..... so im happy with yets another ERS game... thanks guys and gals at ERS.. :) July 21, 2014
Another 'Winning' Adventure to Go on! I am not one of the few that give reviews fact, I very seldom offer my two cents worth unless I find a game really good or really bad. In my humble opinion this game falls into the former. I didn't even finish the 'demo' before going to buy it. I'm even ordering in Pizza so I can continue playing without interruptions. Right from the opening I was drawn in.....the 'Art Work' is superb as usual from this developer. Very realistic characters, and they really are! Characters that is! You WANT to talk to them. I personally like that the HO scenes aren't your usual 'junk piles' plus you do have the option of 'Match 3' if you want....I didn't. The Inventory that you pick up, so far at least, seems to be quickly used....not sitting there forever leaving you to wonder what it will be used for. I've enjoyed the 'Puzzles' that I've come across. They haven't left me scratching my head as how am I going to complete this one? The game progresses in a linear fashion which at my age is appreciated. I won't go into all the bells & whistles that they've put into this's been done by other reviewers already. But....for my moneys worth....this is a VERY worthy offering and a game that can be played & replayed. Thank you developers & Big Fish Games for bringing us this one! July 12, 2014
Beyond the unknown : Evil Cantello is truly a cad! Hidden-object adventures have become more and more streamlined these days, and A Matter of Time is no exception. You've got your customised difficulty settings, your handy instant-travel map, your match-3 option in hidden-object scenes... all of it feels designed to make the experience conform to you rather than the other way around. Some puzzles even have two settings, "casual" and "hard", which changes their solution. Unfortunately, the story, intriguing as it is, is also a little confusing due to the haphazard way it tries to explain its time travel elements, as well as the way it locks more information about characters and the story away until you've taken photos for... reasons, I guess. It makes the game feel disjointed, so it isn't quite the smooth ride you've come to expect from ERS. The plot point revolving around rescuing your grandmother from a sociopath who is keeping her locked in a bedroom until she loves him is actually a little uncomfortable, mostly due to just how absolutely insane they make him look and act towards her, but if he's fooled by a couple pillows and a dusty vase, maybe he isn't that much of a threat after all. Despite those complaints, however, Beyond the Unknown: A Matter of Time is still engaging. The plot goes more than a little bananas, with backstabs and double-crosses, paradoxes and magical MacGuffins, and you'll quickly discover you've got your very own Marty McFly situation going on. The overall design is beautiful, making even the monsters nightmarishly captivating, and the detail on some of the puzzles makes them stand out from the pack. The gameplay leans more towards classic point-and-click adventuring, so though you'll have to deal with a fair amount of backtracking, you also don't have to worry about being bombarded by one hidden-object scene after another. Though you might be tired of the genre's infatuation with giving you a small, scrappy animal companion, here your dog at least feels more useful than goofy, with several different mechanics and puzzles attached to him. Though it has its flaws, Beyond the Unknown: A Matter of Time is well worth a look. Most players will probably finish it in around three to four hours regardless of difficulty settings, but while it lasts, it's a welcome respite for anyone who likes their hidden-object adventures with a wibbley-wobbley, science-fiction fantasy adventure theme. July 14, 2014
What if you'd never been born? A clever game with a clever plot! Your grandfather tried to bring back the sarcophagus of the Lord of Time from an island, but the casket was disrupted and triggered a time collapse. You have to save the world by finding and replacing the four eagles that secure the sarcophagus, or else you might never be born! The opening video is so realistic, I was almost seasick from the waves. And the characters are realistically drawn, with smooth movements and excellent voiceovers. Their mouths don't just move -- they look like they are actually saying the words. I was totally immersed in the story, and enjoyed every minute of the 75 minutes I spent playing the demo. You get to give first aid to your grandfather, and rescue your grandmother from a villain who is in love with her, and owns one of the golden eagles. Both of them are still young, and you could even be your grandmother's twin! There are four modes of play, including custom. You have a jump map - after you fix the satellite GPS - but it doesn't have the activities marked, so you have to remember things like where you saw the other half of the grass clippers. You've brought along your pet dog, whom you get to name after you rescue him from a shark. He of course digs and helps you with some of the critters you meet. You repair a videophone that your grandfather uses to keep in touch with you while you explore. And your "notebook" is a high tech cellphone with tasks, notes/clues, videos and the map. A slightly new twist is a camera, which you use to take pictures of clues. If you take five pictures of key characters, you will discover more info about them. The collectibles are 20 morphing clocks, which unlock locks on the Gate of Time. You also find pictures, which when matched to the scene, yield helpful items - you just have to remember where you saw that partial scene before! The HOS are fairly simple lists, which you can exchange for a Match 3 game. The mini-puzzles are more interesting, and you can choose Casual or Hard for more challenge. The demo ends when the Guardians of Time - winged females who look like angels but aren't - grab your grandfather. I can't wait to buy and see what happens! July 10, 2014
A bit fresh but nothing to impress. This game is created by ERS - Puppetshow series. Storyline : Spoiler Alert The game start with old accidents a boat that carry a golden sacrophagus is hit by giant stone . The story continue when heroes from the past resurrected and make mess in the modern world. The next cutscenes show that your quest to find your grandfather in the cursed island and accident cause by fog and uncontrollable boat. well if you play the game make sure play first Phantasmat and compare the game Gameplay : There are 4 difficulties - casual , expert , advance , customs. The game have more HOGS than puzzles and adventure. The hogs are hard for me and there a few and easy interaction and so far only a list HOS , no variation. Puzzle is some kind of creative but easy. There 20 morphing time pieces to unlock time portal and lots of taking picture to unlock characters biography. There are a few easy-achieve achievements - morphing ERS logo, etc. The game character have lip sync and full voice overs. There are smartphones as your objective marker , journal , interactive maps , replayable cutscenes and picture, hints , guide [5 chapters + collectibles + bonus], inventory locks and your companion dog. CE contents The game includes wallpapers , concept arts , replayable HOS and puzzles , screensavers , bonus gameplay , guide, collectibles , achievements , characters bio , soundtracks. Option Menu : Adjustable sound , music and voice over volumes. Customs cursor , widescreen support , and fullscreens. Change difficulties. Overall the game feels so bad because its story adapt from famous Phantasmat. This game also lays heavy on HOS which is no fun for me because the HOS is hard but this will be good game for expert players. I play the game for 3 hours so far but still not finish .Well enough talking , try this game first then you'll know. Anyway, pray for Gaza ! July 11, 2014
Shipwrecked to the Future As always, ERS Games have produced a marvellous adventure. An ancient time machine is shipwrecked, lost its Eagles, and times has uprooted from its proper place - your grandfather is young again and you are given a task of saving your grandma and find the Eagles. Such a pleasure to play a good game with beautiful graphics, good voice overs made by great programmers who know what they are doing. Love it. July 10, 2014
Loved it This game is such fun to play. Everything is well drawn and sound is perfect. Voices match the characters and the storyline draws you in. The HO's are easy to see (size wise) but a little different to do. The game is good about what to follow next. I really enjoy it and am buying it now. Hope you will enjoy it. Can't get any better than ERS making a game. July 10, 2014
WOW! Fantastic story! Grandpa found an ancient sarcophagus belonging to the Lord of Time. His ship ran aground, disturbing the sarcophagus, releasing the Guardians of Time and unleashing a massive time collapse. The 4 golden eagles that adorn and protect the sarcophagus must be found before time collapses or you will never be born! This truly is the eighth wonder of the world. You are equipped with a camera phone and some of the scenes require you to take pictures when there is a camera icon. This will unlock information about the characters you meet, you need to take a picture of five points of interest for each character to unlock that characters picture and information. You have brought along your adorable Jack Russell Terrier and after you rescue him from the man eating shark, you get to name him, my dogs name is Hotdog. Some items will have a pawprint above them which means that your pup can help you out with that item. There are also 20 collectible clocks throughout the game, these clocks open up the locks on the time portal and when all 20 have been unlocked you will be able to see through time and space! There aren't many Hidden Object Scenes, this is mostly an adventure game, with a lot of adventure! The HOS are interactive list finds with simple interactions such as picking up a block of cheese and placing it in front of the mouse hole until a mouse appears, or clicking on a rose which opens up to expose a butterfly. Some of the mini games were revamped to make them more interesting such as clicking the bolts in the centers to rotate other bolts until the correct colored bolt would engage in the correct matching colored slot, by clicking different bolts you could change the pattern of the center bolt. Other games were simple puzzles where you had to reconstruct torn diary pages by dragging them to the correct place. This Collectors Edition has the usual extras, achievements, wallpapers, screensavers, music, concept art, replayable Hidden Object and mini games, a bonus chapter and a built in strategy guide. The graphics are well done but I have to give mad props to the artists that created the characters, extremely well done, and very lifelike, even the body movements and voiceovers are well done. They even did a wonderful job with Hotdog, most dogs in these games aren't lifelike and certainly don't move as fluent as this one, enjoy! July 10, 2014
Ancient Curses & Time Travel! BASED ON DEMO FIRST IMPRESSIONS This is a much darker and more dramatic game than expected, we experience two shipwrecks in the first minute. The intro and interface are quite a departure for this developer, having sleek and modern lines. But the game itself is pure ERS. SIGHTS & SOUNDS The graphics, particularly those opening cut scenes, are extraordinary. Clear, imaginative, very fluid with lots of animation and movement. The characteristic hand painted scenes look stunning in this context. This is another game that manages to make a beautiful warm sunshiny day scary. There are these shadows, and ?evil mists?, and ghosts... Crazy men predicting the final days...Visions in greyscale, burning... The music is astounding. Great crashing waves of sound, sudden crescendos, eerie silence. Again, very melodramatic. The voiceovers are wonderful, with the player character speaking out loud her thoughts, and the others doing a pretty good job at lip sync. This game is made something awesome by its soundtrack. WHAT?S HAPPENING? Bear with them on this. At first, the plot seems all over the place, but soon things make sufficient sense ? for a time travel game anyway *grin*. An archaeologist finds the legendary Golden Sarcophagus, made of pure gold, on a small island, and attempts to bring it back to the mainland. Despite the rumoured curse on those who try to take it off the island. The sarcophagus, belonged to the infamous Time Lord (no, not Dr Who!). The boat carrying the sarcophagus sank before it could leave island waters, but in the process, the 4 golden eagles on its face were lost. The archaeologist begs you to find them and return them to the sarcophagus, which he has reset in its original place. In our awakening moments after our own ship wreck, which takes place 10 years after the archaeologist was on the island, we see flashes of news print telling of strange temporal disasters. I really liked that. A different kind of threat altogether. We?re on the island now, looking for our grandfather ? is he the archaeologist? And we go to our family home. Were we living on the island that had the sarcophagus? What seems to be happening is actually an age-old love triangle with a time travel paradox thrown in. As well, there are furies to deal with, and the ghosts of revenge ? they are minions of that Time Lord dude, I think. GAMEPLAY You are immediately caught up in doing stuff. There is quite a bit of adventure play, more so than puzzles and HOPs, although you do get to them eventually of course. The HOPs are interactive lists visited twice, nothing exciting about them, but they are beautiful to look at and clear as a bell. Alternatively, there is a simple Match-3 game you can play, but simple is not easy, and it gets more difficult in each new scene you play. The puzzles are nothing too difficult yet, but you have the choice to play the easy or the hard version of some. You also have a choice of 3 difficulty levels, and a very thorough range of options with which to customise your gameplay. Enough I think to satisfy the toughest die-hard. There is an interactive map that you acquire once you?ve got your GPS up and running, and you also keep your notes, task list, replayable videos and photos on your phone. The map only gives you your location and completed scenes. The photos are part of the gameplay. Take 5 photos of areas relevant to the character (5), and you receive a high definition image of him, plus more of his story. That might be a CE exclusive I guess, but... Hint and skip are as long as you want it to refill, and directional. CE BLING! There are achievements, and 20 collectible ?mysterious clocks?, which are wonderfully intricate clocks of all sorts. Together they open the time portal, which I assume is a good thing. CE extras include wallpapers x5, concept art x20, screensavers x 5, music x4. There are 13 replayable HOPs, and 31 mini-games. There are also photographs we can take with our phone, 5 for each character (5), that will produce a HD picture of them and more detail on their history. The collectible clocks are good. Hard to find, surprisingly, and very imaginative. That, for me, was the single most appealing part of the extras - and if they are needed to finish the game by entering the time portal, then they are not going to be CE exclusive anyway! I dearly HOPE! COMBINED IMPACT This is a fun game so far, and is about 50% of the game according to the game recorder ? which took me only 60 minutes. Which makes it seem a bit shorter than my liking, but I was sorta familiar with this game, having played the beta months ago. And it has some very attractive qualities, such as the sound. It is nevertheless a fairly standard HOPA, and nothing to get hysterical about. No doubt, though, I will enjoy the full game immensely. But as with most ERS games, I am leaning towards the SE. July 10, 2014
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