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From Eipix, the makers of the Final Cut, Off the Record, and Myths of the World series, comes a classic whodunit with a unique interactive feature!

Silver-screen star Veronica West plummeted to her death from the top of a lighthouse on Silvermoon Isle. Was it an accident? A suicide? Or did someone at the party that night kill Veronica?

Solve the case using an innovative “deduction” feature that turns questioning suspects into a fun, interactive game!

This is a special Collector's Edition release full of exclusive extras you won’t find in the standard version. As a bonus, Collector's Edition purchases count toward three stamps on your Monthly Game Club Punch Card!

The Collector’s Edition includes:

  • A thrilling bonus game!
  • Extra hidden object and puzzle challenges
  • Wallpapers, music, concept art, and more!
  • Available Strategy Guide
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Game System Requirements:
  • OS: Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
  • CPU: 1.6 GHz
  • RAM: 1024 MB
  • DirectX: 9.0
  • Hard Drive: 974 MB
Game Manager System Requirements:
  • Browser: Internet Explorer 7 or later
Dead Reckoning: Silvermoon Isle Collector's Edition

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Dead Reckoning: Silvermoon Isle Collector's Edition

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Dead Reckoning: Silvermoon Isle Collector's Edition 4.4 5 46 46
NO DRAGONS! The main thing I like about this game is that it's NOT set in yet ANOTHER fairy kingdom! At last! A game set in this century! Thank you, Eipix .... I am really, really tired of gnomes, faeries, king & queens, dragons, witches, princesses, and wizards. Please, developers, give us games with modern story lines! July 16, 2014
I Love Elpix Games!!! I play the demo for 15 minutes And I know right there I needed to get this game.This is a fast pace, fun, who did it . The graphics and voices perfect.... A must have ENJOY July 16, 2014
ALL THE BELLS AND WHISTLES This game has everything you could ask for. I played the entire game under the casual mode. The storyline was very interesting, a great detective story and an excellent change from dark, fantasy games. The hidden object puzzles covered all types; lists, silhouettes, etc. I did need a few hints for them. The puzzles were fairly easy; I played all of them without skipping or using hints, thus winning some awards. There were often layers within both the hidden object scenes as well as the puzzles. Supposedly, there were morphing objects to find in the hidden object scenes, but this was not explained at the beginning of the game, or in the tutorial, which I played all the way through. Being unaware of these objects to collect, I missed out on one of the achievements. There definitely could have been better instructions at the beginning of the game. Collecting stars in the various locations unlocked 4 brand new bonus hidden object locations at the end. I missed 5 of the stars, even after going back over every scene to find them. The great thing was, at the end, in the bonus section, the game showed the location of which stars I missed and allowed me to return to that location to collect it, thus ensuring that I was able to play the extra hidden object locations. This was a really neat idea. The extras also included all the hidden object scenes in the game that could be replayed to earn an additional achievement award. The achievement awards had a neat twist to them; you could earn some of them for doing things wrong, like over-clicking in a hidden object scene. A neat change of pace. I was unable to win all the awards, as some are based on speed and I'm not that fast with a mouse pad. The bonus chapter was supposed to be a prequel to the game, but I really didn't see the connection. It was fairly long and was as interesting as the main game. It also was a detective-type story. The extras had a lot of extra things, including a search for collectibles. These objects were not available to collect during the game, only at the end. The game takes you to each location to find one object that was not there during the main game. Fairly easy to do, but also a nice addition. I tried to leave the music on, but the repetitive nature of the music with all games gets on my nerves and even at very low volume, I end up turning it off. The voiceovers were not affected by this, which is a really big selling point for me. I like listening to voiceovers, but hate to have to leave the music on in order to be able to hear them. The voiceovers in this game were excellent. The interactive map was over the top. You even get an achievement for using it to jump from one location to the next. I used it a lot. It was really a beautiful map, as the locations on the map were actually a replica of the area, not just a drawing. Very nice change and more eye candy. The game was nicely linear, with not too much back and forth. After completing one series of locations, the game moved into another series, but the previous locations were not closed. This is how I was able to go back and look for missing stars. I found some of the stars, but still missed 5 of them through the entire game. To collect all the stars, you have to play the bonus chapter as well. I did not have to refer to the built-in strategy guide at all. With the combination of the excellent map, the hint button, and good instructions for the puzzles, I did not need it. This is a very classy game. Good job, Big Fish. July 13, 2014
Eipix creates a masterpiece murder mystery... Game opened in widescreen Lockable this one, it's unobtrusive but items are still visible. + items mixture. Choice of Game Modes, including 'Custom'.... love this choice, turn off sparkles but still retain Hint... all modes tell you what you get and don't get....can be changed during play Achievements, there are a few, can be checked under Achievements tab, scroll down to check them all....there's a couple of strange ones. Worth a look before beginning game if you're an Achievements fan. Extras Room : Replay HOPS and Mini Games. Play Bubble Shooter game. Souvenir Room #locked in demo# etc. Choice of 12 Wallpapers of varying sizes. Collectibles: 44 Stars Morphing Objects : 12....found it HOPS Hint system allows you to Teleport....jump map, scenes named. Evidence Folder contains Evidence Board where you do a profile on each suspect and an Evidence file....really like this feature, little mini puzzles...won't go into too much detail. Strategy Guide only showed 2 Chapters HOPS I came across were interactive lists with quick mini puzzles included and silhouettes, these were fun and done a bit differently. Choice to play a Bubble Shooter game instead. Mini Games I came across were sliders, fuses, and matching pairs....some easy, some a little thought needed, good mixture. Story : You, as a detective are called in to find out if the socialite Veronica West has committed suicide or was she murdered? You and Agent Daniels just make it to the Island before the boat develops engine trouble so Daniels has to stay and try and repair it while you go to investigate and it's not long before you encounter some suspicious friends and relatives of Veronica West. Opinion : Liked the game a lot, no Tech difficulties, voiceovers were clear with lip sync., colours were bright, graphics suited the game theme. Liked how you questioned possible suspects...something new here and it was fun....again won't give too much away. Always a good idea to check out Achievements and Extras Tabs before starting games these days if you like to know all the Achievements and Morph/Collectibles. It's a blast to play, thank you Bigfish xox's July 13, 2014
A Great Change of Pace Whodunit Finally we have a great whodunit game that changes the pace and gives us a break from all the wizards, witches, and evil demons we have encountered recently. As with any great whodunit mystery, Dead Reckoning Silvermoon Isle begins with a murder, and you (skilled detective that you are) have been called in by the Chief of Police to investigate the high-profile death of Veronica West, a renowned leading lady, which has been determined as a suicide. However, the police chief doesn?t buy it and really wants to find out what happened. Not surprisingly, the chief wants you to work with Agent Daniels ? some nice eye-candy even though he?s not very helpful. There really is not too much to say about the technical aspects of the game. EIPIX is one of the best developers of casual games and everything from graphics to the sound package is excellent. The graphics are very art deco and continue the theme from the Final Cut series, even with a nod to Wolf Studios. In Silvermoon Isle, the artists have done a great job with the characters and, of course, the lip-synced voiceovers add the extra touch of realism to the game and bring the characters to life as we investigate the crime and suspects. We have the common tools that we find in all HOPA games but in Silvermoon Isle they are very unique and we have the addition of a new tool. Rather than a diary we have an evidence board that show all of the suspects and the information we gather about them as we move through the game. We also will keep track of various pieces of evidence. At least one thing hasn?t changed and that is the interactive, transporter type map that helps us quickly navigate the terrain. Since the game is a HOPA we do interactive HOPs, which being from EIPIX are always varied and fun. If you don?t like the HOPS, you can switch to a great little bubble-shooter game that is not as easy as it looks. Silvermoon Isle begins with a mini puzzle that was fairly easy but that is just the beginning. We can look forward to finding puzzles throughout the game with some being more difficult than others. No matter if they are simple or more challenging, I always love the puzzles in a game and find them to be entertaining and add to the gameplay. As always, with this developer we have a variety of extras thrown in to satisfy the tastes of most gamers and to keep us interested in purchasing CE games. I happen to love the extras in Silvermoon Isle, particularly the ability to replay HOPS and puzzles. For me, the most valuable part of any CE game is having the in-game strategy guide for when it is needed: and even though it is rarely used, it is helpful to have it handy for when I am stuck. Of course I do like finding the collectibles and we have them in this game, along with morphing objects to find. Overall Silvermoon Isle is a great game: even if for no other reason than that it offers a change from the fantasy type games that we see all too frequently! I found the game entertaining and fun and the use of the deduction tool created a new dimension that I found interesting. Since I was fortunate to do the beta for the game, and have been eagerly waiting for it to be released, I hit the buy button as soon as I saw the game was this morning. As always, I recommend that you at least try the demo to see if this is a game you will like. July 12, 2014
AHHH! EIPIX SILVERMOON ISLE WITH HEAD PHONES Not only is playing with sound a good idea, wearing a good set of head phones is a real treat--especially in this game! Developers poured their hearts and souls into producing high quality gaming in Dead Reckoning. Not to mention any names, yet, some devs of late have cut corners with every game too similar--not EIPIX. Story line is creative and the puzzles are challenging. Bring it! EIPIX games are getting better and better! Loving the Roaring 20's type time era, sharp details, music, sounds, voice overs. Not going to re-hash other reviewer details except to say--VERY pleased with this one! Thank you EIPIX and BFG! Enjoy! -Mama Mia- July 13, 2014
This is Definitely My Type of Game! BASED ON DEMO I love murder mystery games, so as soon as I saw this one, I had to try it. This game is like a true murder mystery. It exceeded all expectations I had for it. I can't wait for the SE to come out so I can finish the adventure. The story is fantastic. Veronica West is found dead in what appears to be a suicide, But upon investigating, you quickly realise that this is not the case! This story had everything a murder mystery should: Suspects, interviews and plot twists! Oh, yes, this game had plot twists, and they were good ones. I totally was not expecting the event at the end of the demo! This story had me hooked from beginning to end, which is rare for me these days. This is probably my favourite story of the year. There is one technical issue in the story though. To me, this game appears to be set in the 1950s, maybe earlier. At the beginning, someone is asked to call 9-1-1. However, 9-1-1 wasn't created until 1968. The developers should have done their research to make things more accurate. Overall though, the story was fantastic. The HOS were great, typical Eipix. They were longer than usual, and such fun to play. Eipix has jazzed up their HOS again. Sometimes they were junkpile, sometimes silhouette, sometimes a mix of both. Sometimes, we would even get a mini-HOS, which was a small scene with only a few objects to be found. I found the HOS quite easy, but they were very enjoyable. The HOS were also spaced out evenly, and there were roughly 2 in the demo (excluding mini-HOS). I was glad to find that the HOS weren't as jazzy as usual. I prefer interactive word lists. For those who don't like finding objects, there is a bubbleshooter as an alternative. The puzzles were great, but were also quite easy. I really did enjoy playing them. A couple of puzzles were unique, and others were the same as we've seen countless times. This was nice for me. Like the HOS, the puzzles are spaced out evenly and there are a few of them. My favourite minigame was probably the photo one. In this one, What makes this game a true murder-mystery is the additional features. We've got a brand new thing called the deduction game, which allows us to sort fact from fiction in the witnesses' statements. This is exactly what would happen in a real murder investigation, so that makes the game very realistic, which is great. This game played every time we met a new witness. I'd met most witnesses by the end of the demo, so I hope this game still continues! If not, I will be very disappointed. We've also got an evidence board, which is located near our diary. Here we can sort out our suspects and our evidence, which there are two separate tabs for. In the suspects tab, you can view information on each suspect. The evidence tab works sort of like a puzzle. You get small pieces of evidence each time and have to piece them together. This was a good feature, but it was not used nearly enough. Only once in the demo. I get the feeling it will be used more as the game goes on though. Aside from that, there are also + objects, which are just becoming standard now. That being said, I enjoyed the feature. + objects have a light blue circle around them, with a dark blue + appearing when the object can be interacted with. There were quite a few + objects here, which was nice. Eipix has done the basic gameplay features pretty well: The map is useful (and it appears at the start of the game, thank heavens), the hint works well, (even if it charges way too fast) and there are four difficulty modes. However, there is one problem. THERE IS NO DIARY! AGAIN! This annoyed me to no end because I rely on diaries to help me remember important bits of the story, and I like to read the entries. I don't know how many times I have to say this before it gets through: Diaries. Are. Important. Eipix really needs to listen here. Bring back the diary! One complaint I have about the gameplay, which is exclusive to the CE, is that there is no indicator on whether or not you have found the collectible in the scene. This is annoying as it is frustrating trying to remember whether I have found it or not! What would be nice for the next game is if Eipix gave us an indicator. As usual, the graphics are outstanding. Everything was clear and drawn with some great detail and nice colours. I liked the character designs too. They appeared to be very lifelike. I liked that the characters each had their own personalities in the game too. It makes the game more realistic and believable. The voice-overs are standard. I have no problem. FEATURES 4 modes of gameplay: Casual, Advanced, Hard and Custom. Differences in difficulties are the usual. Custom lets you set the game the way you like. I played Casual. Hint/Skip- Once again, I must say that the hint and skip charged too fast for the difficulty I selected. I get that Casual is the easiest mode, but there is a such thing as too easy. Come on, Eipix! Just because I selected the easiest difficulty doesn't mean I want to have my hand held all the way through! Map- The map appears at the start of the game. It is interactive and quite helpful. It lets you know where there is something to do. Deduction Game- This was quite good and made the game seem realistic. Here, you sort fact from fiction in the witnesses' statements. This is done by clicking on areas relevant to their statement. (e.g. clicking on eyes after being told ?I've been crying all night.?) Evidence Board- Once again, a great feature that made me feel like a real detective. There are two separate tabs for suspects and evidence. + objects- These are items you need to interact with to complete. A dark blue + will appear when the item can be interacted with. CE EXCLUSIVES Bonus Chapter Built in Strategy Guide- will show locations of collectibles. Collectible stars (44)- There is one in every scene. However, there is no indicator as to whether or not you have collected it. This made it hard to remember for me. Achievements Wallpapers (12) Making of- nothing special Souvenir room- This is basically a giant HOS. Replay HOS and Puzzles Rewatch cutscenes Music WHICH IS THE BETTER BUY? I'm going with the SE. I think this developer has begun to get a little stingy with CE Extras. I think you'd be much happier with the SE too. Overall, this is an outstanding game from Eipix and I am looking forward to finishing it. This earns five stars from me. I was very pleased with the effort the developers put in to this game. It will surely go down as a favourite. July 20, 2014
Another great game from Eipix! Just a quick and to the point review...I love the developer, Eipix. Their Collector's Editions are great, they have extra features, such as giving you an opportunity to go back and find collectibles. Their bonus games are just as good as the main game. Dead Reckoning does not disappoint in any of these areas. The graphics are clear, the ambient sounds fit right in, and I like the voiceovers, not over-the-top, but not dull either. I am not a big fan of a game having too many just straight up HOS, and I like how Dead Reckoning mixes it up, by using the traditional, as well as silhouettes, and an optional bubble shooter game, in case your eyes get tired from object searching!! Eipix is also great at adding interactive elements to their stories. In this game, you have an "Evidence Folder" that you use to keep track of certain items and information you collect throughout the game. There is also a chance to question suspects and based on certain items you click on, you can tell if they are lying, or being truthful. I strongly recommend this game if you are bored of straight up HOG, and are looking for something different. I also recommend any of their other games as well, such as the Myths of the World series, Final Cut series, and Hidden Expedition series. July 14, 2014
Who Killed Veronica West? You're going to love this who-dun-it game. Veronica West was found floating in the water during a celebration party on a beautiful yet remote island. Could this be suicide or murder? Collect evidence and interrogate the list of suspects, some are truthful others seem to be hiding pertinent information or are just downright lying! Each person you investigate will talk to you about Veronica's death, if they tell you they have been crying all night, you look for signs that they are truthful, has their makeup been ruined from crying, do they have red puffy eyes? You look for motives as well, are they hurting for money? If they have expensive clothing or jewelry, probably not. Each suspect's bio will be kept on your evidence board, one section for evidence collected such as a torn picture that you assemble as you find the pieces throughout the island, the other section is for pictures of the suspect, which contains brief information about that character such as their relationship to the victim. There are 44 hidden collectible stars to find throughout the game as well as achievements to earn for such goals as using the map to jump to another scene or not using the hint button during a Hidden Object Scene. There are mini HOS where you find 4 or 5 objects that match a silhouetted shape shown, and these mini HO's are usually in a zoomed in window. The main Hidden Object Scenes are usually in three sections, interactive list finds, followed by silhouetted shape finds and then finding the item that matches a short description. You can opt for a Bubble shoot game, which I will admit is extremely fun, you shoot bubbles of the same color as the group you are aiming for and as the golden symbols fall off the board it represents an item on the hidden object list. The bubble shoot game has bombs, cannons and flame shooters to help win the game because after a few times shooting and missing, the balls drop down a line at a time which will eventually cause you to lose if it reaches the bottom. The mini games are fairly easy and definitely not frustrating, mostly in the form of an intricate lock you need opened. You may need to use a pick to rotate through several rings to find the next opening to proceed to the next ring until you reach the center ring. There were also mini games within zoomed in areas such as using a hook to grab an item at the bottom of a well but you have to wait until the hook is in the green target zone before clicking each time to retrieve that item. This Collectors Edition has pictures, a souvenir room, music, movies, the making of, hidden stars, HOP play, bubble-shooter games, a built in strategy guide and of course a bonus chapter available. The graphics are superb, real eye candy, the lighthouse and surrounding locations are very realistic, in fact I have to wonder if it's a real destination because I would love a vacation there! Each character is well drawn and lifelike with well synced voiceovers. You are going to love the entertainment value this game brings to the table (computer table lol) it's simply got a lot going on with new and tested true concepts, enjoy! July 12, 2014
Whodunit The Eipix Way BASED ON DEMO FIRST IMPRESSIONS Opening scenes are good, exciting and mysterious, and done in the very best of whodunit film making. But I am tired of the art deco motif. I love the interface, its colours and crisp lines, but it is sooo dj vu, at first it almost seemed a part of the Final Cut series. Yes, Eipix, it looks beautiful, but it also looks far too familiar. SIGHTS & SOUNDS As mentioned, lose the art deco, or alter it to some other aspect of the era. Apart from that, the art is splendid. The cut scenes are an improvement of some of Eipix?s recent games, and they have done some fun things with point of view. The lip synching is direct in this game, and well done. The actors are good. The music is fine. Ambient noise & special effects also good. WHAT?S HAPPENING? Famous actress (who happens to work for our favourite film makers) falls/jumps/pushed off a lighthouse on the night of her birthday party. Island sealed off when you, the detective, arrive to investigate. You have a partner you apparently worked with before, sweet voice, very mild. Your boat dies just as you arrive on the island, so he sticks by the boat while we meet the suspects and snoop around. Already, everyone you meet is behaving suspiciously. GAMEPLAY Less HOPs and puzzles in this game makes way for a new style of play, almost entirely unseen before. Have a ?deduction dialogue? magnifying glass that gives a hint at something you may want to question when you are talking to suspects. For instance, the maid says she has been crying all night. The magnifier has written under it ?Crying all night?? A quick look and click at her eyes and handkerchief show she?s lying and she is forced to revise her story. And so on with her jewellery etc. At other times, it may be an object sketched that you should ask about. This unique puzzler is combined with a suspect list and an ?evidence? board. The list gives detailed information on the history and details you bring out on each subject. The evidence board has items that must first be found and put together, like an incriminating photograph. Later, another way of viewing objects as clues and evidence occurs at the murder scene, where successively highlighted objects give you information about what happened. The HOPs so far include an interactive word list that is followed by a fragmented object that must be put together once you get it into inventory. Then another mini-HOP of silhouettes, uniquely presented, accompanied by a multiples of. Both types can be swapped for a bubble shooter game I had so much fun with I didn?t notice I had finished with the list and was now ?finding? fragmented parts! Puzzles also include odd little differences, all fun and not difficult. There is no journal, only the evidence board. But there is directional hint and an interactive jump map. And the partner ? not that he?s been much use so far. Three levels of difficulty plus a custom mode. CE BLING! Achievements, just listed in a sliding, well, list. Not my preferred way of viewing them. 44 collectible stars, and unknown number of morphing objects in the HOPs. Replayable HOPs and Mini-games, and the Bubble Popper game, all accessed through the Extras. You can get up to 3 medals each in playing the Extras HOPs. There?s also a Souvenir Room, a Making Of video, movies and music. Wallpapers look good (12). COMBINED IMPACT Will I love this game? Of course, it is Eipix, and they seem unable to serve up anything but irresistible fare for me. This is not going to be my favourite, I imagine, however. The whole ?detective from the era? thing somehow escapes my interest. But I love what they?ve done with the deduction dialogue and crime scene evidence, it is fresh and new. July 12, 2014
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