Secrets of the Dark: The Flower of Shadow Collector's Edition

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$ 19.99 USD

$ 13.99 USD or 2 credits

From Orneon Limited, creators of the Secrets of the Dark and Echoes of the Past series, comes a thrilling new secret to uncover!

A father’s frantic plea sends you in search of his daughter, Maria, who seems to have vanished into thin air. A mysterious and supernatural force has kidnapped her on her 16th birthday, sealing her room with a magical glow. Your investigation leads you from an odd, flower-shaped lamp through a portal - an ordinary room becomes a nightmarish forest! Can you find Maria in time? Or will she be trapped forever in a shadowy realm by a creature bent on revenge? Find out in this exciting Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game!

This is a special Collector's Edition release full of exclusive extras you won’t find in the standard version. As a bonus, Collector's Edition purchases count toward three stamps on your Monthly Game Club Punch Card!

The Collector’s Edition includes:

  • Destroy the seeds of evil forever in the bonus game!
  • Collect flowers and morphing objects
  • Win points and prizes as achievements
  • An available Strategy Guide
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Game System Requirements:
  • OS: 10.9/10.8/10.7/10.6
  • CPU: 1.0 GHz (INTEL ONLY)
  • RAM: 1024 MB
  • Hard Drive: 906 MB
Game Manager System Requirements:
  • Browser: Safari 4.0 or later
Secrets of the Dark: The Flower of Shadow Collector's Edition

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Secrets of the Dark: The Flower of Shadow Collector's Edition

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Secrets of the Dark: The Flower of Shadow Collector's Edition 2.8 5 52 52
An Enjoyable Game ... Good Graphics, Sound & Game Play ... I'm Not Sure How I Missed This One ... The SE Version Has Just Been Released So I Went Looking For This CE Version As There Were Some Special Deals Around ... An Enjoyable Game, Despite A Generally Low Rating From Other Gamers ... So Give It A Try For Yourself ... August 8, 2014
I'm one of the few who actually LIKED this was fun! I see there are a lot of negative reviews for this game, but I liked it. The graphics aren't bad like some said....although I didn't really get the story line a lot, but it's clear you're supposed to find the girl. It kept my interest and I think it's worth buying. I'll buy it when BF has a good sale....that's how I buy all of my games. But I think this game had a LOT of good and interesting qualities to it....give it a might just like it too. July 7, 2014
Different, had to buy it! Hi all. Well another addition to the Secrets series, this being the 4th. Yes, I have the other 3 and thoroughly enjoyed them. I guess I'm going to be one of the few on this one, but I sort of liked it. It was different all the way around. Graphics were very nice, as was the animation. Very bright colors, and some very dark areas that you needed to find a form of light to get into (this was a little challenging at times). Music was very soothing, until something was about to happen...well done. Voice overs were well done as well, but not too many so far. HOPs were fairly clear and items not difficult to find, but you needed to work at it a little, e.g. where does this go and then use that item to find something else. I didn't find very many HOPs during the demo, and you do repeat the same one multiple times, but find different items. Puzzles so far aren't difficult at all and nothing different. Hint system is very helpful and fills fairly quickly. I found the SG to be either blurry or the print is just too small, but I didn't care for it and didn't have to use it either. Didn't even open the jump map, so can't comment on that one. The only collectibles I found are the flowers, which are not hard to see at all. Also, there are morphing objects that can be a little difficult to see, as they blend in to some areas very well. As I said, I liked this game...not sure why, but I do and I will purchase it. I think this will appeal to most all levels of players. Not very challenging, but I found it fun and a little different. Don't get frustrated by the first few items you need to find, as you will do quite a lot of running around. Once you get the hang of it, you got it made. In case you are wondering, the other 3 in the series are: Secrets of the Dark: Eclipse Mountain; Mystery of the Ancestral Estate and Temple of Night. As always, try it for yourself and see what you think. We all have different tastes in games and you may not care for this one at all. Thanks for the reviews. July 5, 2014
Happy 16th Birthday Maria A strange glowing flower began to bloom, revealing it's creation for the world to see. This was the rise of an evil Goddess who threw the world into total darkness until she was defeated. The Goddess left behind a loyal servant, desperate to revive his flowering master. He began searching for three innocent souls to revive his beloved withering flower Goddess and restore her powers. Maria Kolak had just received a beautifully wrapped present for her sweet 16th birthday, but the lamp inside would forever seal her fate as the first innocent soul victim. Can this supernatural anomaly be stopped before another innocent soul is taken, can Maria be saved before it's too late? I was a wee bit disappointed in this game, in my opinion the story was too vague, perhaps it's explained in more detail as you progress. How did this strange flower come to be? Where was this flower, here or another world? How did the Goddess leave behind a servant, in the form of seeds? How did she transform the world into darkness and who defeated her, how did they defeat her? This game has the usual Collectors Edition extras, concept art, replayable mini games, achievements, a bonus game and a built in strategy guide. There are 30 collectible hidden flowers to earn with an icon to view the collected flowers. There are also 16 morphing objects, they aren't hidden or blended very well, they are in plain sight usually on a large blue monster so I wasn't very impressed with the morphs even though I'm a huge fan of morphs. As with the other Secrets of the Dark games, you need to transform dark areas into normal lighted areas, in this case you will use the lamp in Maria's room. Some of the things you do in the transformed areas will affect what happens within the other realm and visa versa. You have some type of device that enables you to scan doorways that have been locked with a supernatural force field. Maybe I wasn't paying attention, but I don't think the device gadget has a name. To use the device you click on the icon located to the right of the screen and scan the desired area to receive the code. Each time you use the device, the code becomes larger, but the process is the same. The left knob has a negative number such as -3 and the right knob has a positive number such as +5. You adjust the knobs either three numbers down or five numbers up until your device numbers match the code, one digit at a time. I actually found this mini game kind of fun. Most of the other mini games are fairly easy such as using arrows to slide four different rows with various open slots so that two colored balls at the top of the board drop to the matching colored slots at the bottom. The Hidden Object Scenes were mostly progressive interactions where you find the first item that matches the picture shown such as a battery. You then pick up the battery and place that battery in the camera which will take a picture and reveal a ring which goes onto a ring holder to reveal the next item and so forth. Although I was slightly disappointed with this game because it didn't seem as exciting as the other games in this series, I do think it's a decent game, with some fun and entertaining aspects, and hopefully you'll like it as well, enjoy! July 5, 2014
Not the usual Shadows of the Dark game, and I like it anyway! Not your usual Shadows of the Dark This is completely unlike any of the previous games in the Shadows of the Dark series. Some will be very disappointed at the dramatic departure, but I, for one, enjoyed this game on its own merits. The light vs dark, good vs evil theme, is still present, & we still use a lamp to transport between the real world and the evil, darker one. The most dramatic difference in this game is in the use of almost fairytale-like settings in the evil world, like a fantasy world gone mad with darkness. It's a different presentation from former games, although we still are battling evil. There is a lot of to-ing and fro-ing, only some of which comes from intuitive gameplay and reasonable deductions about necessary actions. We still encounter keys to random cupboards buried in random flowerpots in far-flung random locales *sigh* but many of the actions are completed in a near enough location to be considered "fair", IMHO. The map is quite good, being jumpable and showing objectives plus available actions, if one chooses. There are 3 levels of difficulty, plus a custom setting. I love the custom setting, as I do *not* want sparklers all over my game play, but if I desire to skip a puzzle I want that option as well. I cannot speak to the music, as I always turn that off. There was no lip synch, which I personally prefer over BAD lip synch. ;-) We had a magic device which removed evil spells, although we really should search for a new distributor of magic devices, since ours had mechanical failure at every critical juncture. ;-) There was also a cutesy animal helper, but he stayed very inoffensively out of sight in the inventory tray till the 3-4 times he was needed. HOS were interactive, being both list types and silhouette. They were clearly presented and cleverly done. Puzzles were more plentiful than the HOS, and ranged from ridiculously easy to hair-pulling, although the hard ones might be quite doable for others. My brain freezes in the face of "math" type puzzles, such as figuring how much voltage needs to go to multiple terminals in order to reach XXX at each post. EEK!! Collector's edition content includes 16 easy-to-spot morphing objects, 40 collectible evil flowers, bonus game, and the usual wallpapers, concept art, etc. Achievements are those earned in basic game play (finished tutorial, finished game, etc). The main game ended quite satisfactorily, although the bonus did take the story "ending" one step further to yet another conclusion. I beta tested this game, and for some odd reason I loved it so bought the CE as soon as it came out. I rarely do this. I'm not unhappy that I did (sale on, ya'll!!), but would actually recommend waiting for the SE on this game. The CE content just did not grab me as being enough to merit the CE here. The morphing objects are impossible to overlook, as are the flowers. The story ends well in the main game, which took me just under 4 hours. The bonus took another 45 minutes. There is no map in the bonus game, which forced me to use the hint button to transport as I don't care much for wearing out my shoe leather. ;-) As a collector's edition, this falls well short of being a 5, but I enjoyed the game enough to rate it a solid 4. July 5, 2014
fantasy mystery I found this game fun and exciting. The storyline I thought was going to be boring, but was pleasantly surprised. As I moved through the story the characters unfolded in a nice way and led me to find my challenges and articles in new ways. The interactive animals were a nice touch. I enjoy nature and using animals is always good. Traveling from one plane to another if fun and I liked that. All in all I enjoyed this game. This is a game I would purchase. July 5, 2014
July 4th special buy! 2 for 1 It is not the greatest, but it kept my interest up with the variety of different things to do. Have so far enjoyed all the games. The Gadget may be annoying to some, but I found it challenging and fun. At least it is not dreary and filthy as Fright, I am getting tire of run down falling apart locations and stories. The one thing I find fault with is no lip movement when someone talks. Even after reading what everyone writes; fishies, you should try the game and make your own mind up. I truly recommend the game. And with special sale this one is a buy for me!!! July 5, 2014
i enjoyed it based on the whole game including the bonus ... the graphic quality wasn't up to the best standard, but the storyline was good ... not too many HOs that was good ... the mini games were challenging but doable ... i plan to go back and do some of the mini games again later ... the only problem i found was that the animation everywhere slowed down the progression of the game ... just took too much time to animate; needed to move faster ... but since i didn't have another new game to play, this was ok with me ... still looking for the 5 star games, but they wouldn't be special without the lesser games i guess ! July 5, 2014
Love it. From the sample I really enjoyed and will purchase in the future. July 5, 2014
Just Not The Same BASED ON DEMO FIRST IMPRESSIONS I have liked this series from the first, with its nifty idea of revealing a wholly different view of the same world when the lights go out. So I am deeply disappointed that this game doesn?t really do that. I even checked it was the same developer, I was so convinced this game did not belong. But it is the same, so I am left wondering ?why??. Why mess with a winning formula? SIGHTS & SOUNDS The game is a dark fantasy, and so there is a lot of dark graphics, most of which are not too difficult to see, but I think it?s on the border in some parts. In the light, real world, the colours are so bright and bold they scream at you, and I don?t like them. The quality of the art is lovely, again, mostly. And the cut scenes are very well done. Sounds, especially the effects, but also what passes for music, are very ominous and does take off a bit of the brashness of the colours and reinforces the story?s creepiness. The storm, as seen and heard from the living room window is excellent. Voiceovers are good, and no attempt has been made to lip synch, the faces are still. WHAT?S HAPPENING? As with each of the games in this series, we discover a world that exists only in the dark. We are investigating the disappearance of a young girl, who was given an unusual lamp for her birthday. When she switched it on, a beast of darkness grabbed her and blocked the door with a magical seal. You are the right person for the job, because you have a gizmo that can remove such evil magic, and so you are soon able to follow Maria into the ?dark world? inside her bedroom. It is a fantastical place with much scary-looking weirdness, and the creature who stole Maria is clearly determined to stop you, and doesn?t much care how. You gain all the information you can here and are ready to move on when the demo ends. GAMEPLAY The HOPs in this game are exciting because none of them are standard lists. The two in the demo are, first, pictures of misplaced items displayed, that must be found in the scene and then used correctly. And the second is a bunch of photo pieces that have been cut out of the ones you have. Both types require a bit of thinking, as well as searching, and are logical enough for you to deduce the correct moves. Many of the puzzles are hard, even this early in the game. They are mainly familiar, but with one more degree of difficulty than usual. Some I hated. For example, there is one where you must ?herd? fireflies into a jar. This sort of manual dexterity is totally beyond me, and the skip function is slow to fill, even on the lowest of the 3 plus custom difficulty levels. When I play the game again, I hope I remember to reduce the skip time! The gadget that removes magic comes with its own mini-game, which after using it three times, I am already loathing. It is an adaptation of aligning the reflections, and by the second one, I was out of my depth. There is also a pet (not ours, but) which has useful skills, although not the usual. Other features include a hint which teleports you to the place you need to be, and the journal which includes goals as well as story. The interactive jump map gives you current objectives rather than available tasks, and I find it a bit confusing to read, in any case. I prefer the hint. CE BLING! In keeping with this developer?s history, there are no wallpapers, sound tracks etc. There are 9 Concept Art sketches and 30 replayable mini-games. Plus, there are 30 flowers (they look like creepy glowing lilies to me) and 15 morphing objects to collect. The morphing objects are actually the left over ejecta of cataclysmic transformations that you will be unable to miss. Still, it is a different and interesting use of them. COMBINED IMPACT I am disappointed with this game, but I confess it is quite good, with some interesting features. I might just be me who will find it hard to appreciate this game. If you came upon this game in isolation from it's prequels, I think it would seem a lot better. Still, I don?t think it?s on a par with either its predecessors or some of the games we have had released lately. July 5, 2014
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