Chronicles of the Witches and Warlocks

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Bad news! The lawyer Kathleen Wilson has discovered that her beloved Danny Reed has been arrested under strange circumstances. He’s being accused of murder. In order to free him, she’s going to have to carry out her own investigation.
Kathleen has to find out the truth. Was he set up, or was it just some kind of misunderstanding? Is there something bigger behind all this? Right now, nothing is clear...
Collect photographs, notes, slides – anything that might be useful in your investigation. Record all the facts and clues in your notebook - they could come in handy later. It isn’t hard to hit a dead end in an investigation, but don’t panic - you can use a hint.

  • 33 Locations
  • 16 mini-games
  • Beautiful graphics and thematic music
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Game System Requirements:
  • OS: Windows XP/Windows 7/Windows 8
  • CPU: 1.8 GHz
  • RAM: 1024 MB
  • DirectX: 9.0
  • Hard Drive: 671 MB
Game Manager System Requirements:
  • Browser: Internet Explorer 7 or later
Chronicles of the Witches and Warlocks


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Chronicles of the Witches and Warlocks

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Chronicles of the Witches and Warlocks 3.4 5 17 17
Five Stars for a Mystery! Looks like we have a mystery here and one that requires playing the game! Ut-oh, Our star is a young lady named Kathleen whose boyfriend has gotten himself into a real problem and needs our help. The music kept me interested as well as the mystery surrounding an important artifact that seems to be worth endangering others for to acquire. Graphics and hidden object scenes are clear and concise. With all the razzle dazzle of late, enjoying this refreshing change. Enjoy! -Mama Mia- July 6, 2014
Great! I played this game and I had to play it to the very end without stopping. I read some of the other comments - and I did not understand what they said about the story. It was very cleasr, that your brother was suspected for murder and you had to prove his innosnce. The bad guy had an old ancient Indian artefact to steal peoples souls and he was trying to revive his dead daughter. I loved the graphics and the mini games. Voices would have been nice - but the musik is really great for that. I would reccomedn this game. July 31, 2014
Good quality for SE game Modern story with mystic investigation process. Good SE game. June 22, 2014
This Story Is All Over The Place, But It's Not A Bad Game! Kathleen is an attorney, just arriving home after winning a big inheritance case, she receives a frantic call from her boyfriend Danny. "I'm in trouble and I need your help" she listens in disbelief as the police are arresting Danny on murder charges! Danny believes he is being set up for the murder of his neighbor, Jack Goodman, a mountaineer, all because of an Indian totem that Danny has been searching for for ages. Unfortunately the police have way too much evidence, an icepick with Jack's blood and Danny's fingerprints on the murder weapon. (never clear as to whether they have Jacks body) Here's where the story goes astray: as Kathleen is searching Danny's hotel room for the artifact she finds a portal which naturally she jumps in, and finds herself in the past in the year 1913. She meets an older man who claims that he is responsible for the fact that she was time warped. He claims that a man named Frank found the Indian artifact and was able to hold a ritual to use this artifact to destroy the soul, depriving a man of his sanity, feelings and will, and that he hid the pieces of the totem just before Frank used this same ritual to wipe out his memory. Who's Frank and how did this man get his memory wiped out if he hid the totem? What does this ritual have to do with Jack's murder and why was Danny so interested in the totem in the first place. I feel like I have to purchase this game to find out what's going on. Did my memory get wiped out as well? The only thing this game has going for it is this incredible story as confusing as it may be. I found it odd that the music track would just stop leaving dead awkward silence for a stretch before repeating the same track. The graphics aren't bad, there are no bells no whistles, no extra anything. The Hidden Object Scenes are slightly interactive list finds where you may have to click on a purse to open it and expose an object inside, they are mostly just random piles of junk heaped in a pile, not bad, just nothing to write home about. The mini games aren't bad, they are fairly easy but entertaining such as finding the diagram for the correct placement of several Indian figurines wearing different animals cloaks such as a bear, wolf, and coyote and then placing the animal figurines directly below the matching Indian. There are a lot of HOS, not as many puzzles or mini games. To sum it all up, this game isn't going to give you a WOW factor, but for a stand alone standard edition, it is decent enough to hold your interest. The areas of interest are logical, you probably won't have much difficulty figuring out which inventory items are to be used, making this a good game for beginners, with an interesting story that will peak the interest of more advanced players, enjoy! June 22, 2014
Witches and Warlocks? Well, there was a ghost. I don't know about Witches and Warlocks, however, during the hour demo I did see a ghost - twice. Storyline: You are Katherine, an attorney, and your boyfriend/friend, Danny, calls you. He has almost found "it" he tells you. Then, you hear a scuffle. But, you don't know that Danny is being attacked and has killed his attacker - or has he? The Police burst into the room with weapons drawn and find a bloody knife. I don't know about Witches and Warlocks, however, during the hour demo I did see a ghost - twice. Storyline: You are Katherine and your boyfriend/friend, Danny, who is a mountaineer looking for years for a "totem", calls you. He has almost found "it" he tells you. Then, you hear a scuffle. But, you don't know that Danny is being attacked and has killed his attacker - or has he? The Police have burst into his room with weapons drawn, find a bloody knife and put it into an evidence bag. Danny tries to call you again. You look at the phone - Danny's picture on the incoming call - in sadness you just drop the phone to the floor ..... without answering. Graphics: Pretty "old-school" considering today's standards. Muted colors and scenery. Sound: No voiceovers, no lip syncing. You have to read everything. The background was okay - it didn't bother me at all. Game Play: Here's where some of my confusion comes in. She/you didn't answer Danny's call but you seem to be on a mission to find out what he has been looking for. You get transported back to early 1923, and that doesn't seem to surprise you at all (weird. I'd be totally freaked!). You go into various rooms, fix things, look for other things, pick up things and play an occasional HOG. The game has no flow or rhyme or reason to it. HOGs: The items can be somewhat difficult to find due to the monochromatic color scheme. The list is 6 items long, and as you find items they are deleted from the list and new items added in their place, until all is found and you get an inventory item. Mini Games: When I finally figured out how to play them, they were relatively easy. The BIG problem was ----- there were little to NO instructions given. Go figure. You are armed with a journal, a transportable map - however, it seems that every room you've entered has an active objective - so there could feasibly be a dozen rooms all with active objectives waiting for you to finish them off. There is a lot of going back and forth. I found the map untrustworthy as it didn't always take me to the correct place and rather than go bouncing around from place to place forever, I preferred to use the hint button instead. There is no tutorial and only 2 modes of difficulty - casual and expert. You do have to find 16 pieces of the totem to complete the game, however, you find the totem box fairly early in the game - but have no idea what it is or what it does - until much later in the demo when the Professor tells you. Ah, said I, THAT'S what that box that suddenly appeared next to my journal is for. During the demo I found 1 piece of the totem so I hope that signifies a fairly longish game. Because the game didn't flow well. Because the mini games gave very little (the barest possible) or no instructions, I chose not to purchase the game at this time. There are definitely a few others I've played this weekend that caught my interest more. However, I do encourage everyone to try the demo. It's free and it only takes an hour of your time. Who knows, maybe the lawyer/detective in you is just bursting to come out and enjoy a genre of game you've never played before. Happy Gaming! June 22, 2014
Interesting and Fun Hidden Object Adventure The game begins with hauntingly beautiful music that continues throughout, sometimes intensifying. The soundtrack includes full orchestra, piano and violin solos, and operatic background vocals. There are no voiceovers so there is some reading involved, but the writing is clear and large and easy to follow. The game graphics are well drawn; clear, crisp, and clean. Hidden object scenes are integrated into the story, list type with some interactivity, also very well drawn and well done.(minor distraction - one clue was asking for a "leaflet" when in fact the object was a maple leaf) Mini puzzles are interesting and a lot of fun. Gameplay includes finding objects to complete a task. There's a lot to do in this game. The storyline is interesting. Wrongfully imprisoned for murder, the player sets out to find enough evidence to exonerate her fiance. Along the way she encounters the beautiful ghost of a mysterious little blonde haired girl, and a time portal to take her back in tie to find more clues to prove her fiance's innocence. To assist gameplay there is a hint button, a map, a notebook to record clues and progress, and a small chest to collect totem pieces. This is a very well done, fun, and interesting hidden object adventure game. I would have bought it for the soundtrack alone. June 30, 2014
A bit retro, but I liked the story! You are a lawyer and, when your boyfriend (an artefact hunter) is arrested under mysterious circumstances, you agree to continue his search for a particular artefact in an attempt to clear his name. Gameplay is straightforward HOPA with simple puzzles and list/junkpile HOSs with simple interaction for some items. There are some linguistic errors in the HOSs (eg leaflet for leaf). There is a map but, so far, it does not identify locations, just where you are and where an action is. The active areas are, however, fairly small so you don't have to think too hard. I didn't try to jump with it and have no idea if you can. Graphics are fair in gameplay but poor in animated cut scenes. There is no sound on VOs or animations so it interrupts the atmosphere of the game somewhat. The music is repetitive and every lock/mechanism you open has the same sound. The aim is to collect totems for your artefact. There are 16 to collect and, within the 1 hour trial, I received two, so it could be a long game. It is a bit of fun and might be a good buy on today's sale or with a coupon tomorrow. I recommend a try but, if you have just completed one of the recent, high level games, lower your expectations before you begin! June 22, 2014
COULD HAVE BEEN REALLY GOOD WARNING: VIOLENCE PORTRAYING A KILLING Basically I liked the game. The HOS and puzzles were nicely done; the artistry was very good; challenging gameplay. You get a map with many locations. Music was pleasant enough but I'd chose it differently for this topic in a game. WHY NOT 5 STARS: I never got the story. If I didn't read the summary of the story on the gamepage, I'd be lost. There is a lot of written dialogue, BUT is is very small and it flashes by, making it impossible to read. There were no sounds except for the music (well maybe one or two sounds every 10 minutes). With uninspired music and no sounds, it got a little boring, and it shouldn't have. I'm on the fence over buying or recommending it, but I'll give it benefit of the doubt. June 22, 2014
A Very Enjoyable Game ... Good Graphics, Sounds & So On ... An Enjoyable Game With A Nice Story ... You'll Repair A Step Ladder In The Bathroom That Will Be Used In The Lounge To Retrieve A DVD Disk ... Remember To Pick The Ladder Up Again As You Will Need It Later In The Game And Will Not Be Able To Come Back For It ... Great Value For Money ... December 13, 2014
As Much As I Enjoyed This Game I Can't Recommend It - Completed Game As my title says as much as I enjoyed this game I can't with a good and honest conscious recommend this game. I have several reasons but this game is a great example of why I don't write 4 and especially 5 star demo reviews. A smile and wink here: Oh but I know exactly why people write these kind of reviews. Before I get into why I can't recommend this I will tell you about the game. The game itself is a very good game. My like/dislike of graphics seems to be quite different from some as when I read on here about being too dated or too old school well that usually means I will like them which happens to be the case here. There are no voices which I think would of added so much more to this game however I had no problem keeping up with the text dialogue. I'm a speed reader. There is also a journal that keeps track of notes, story and some puzzle clues. The game play is just a standard HOPA (hidden object puzzle adventure) and pretty linear. The HOS are found by standard word list with slight interaction. The scenes are visited twice. The puzzles while not being a fan I found all to be easy in this game with exception to one. The instructions leave much to be desired as one puzzle needed more instruction on what to do. I only skipped one puzzle. I also enjoyed the story. Hooked from the get go and held my interest to the end. The game length once I was finally able to finish this game was about 4 hours I'd say. Now for why I can't recommend this: This was released on June 22nd. I was finally able to complete it July 22nd. I have been thinking/pondering my rating. This game is hard for me to rate. In order to complete it I had to replay it several times. This game has several glitches in it. The most popular ones are the theater, the cave and getting the 5th candle. In order for me to bypass the glitches I had to not only unstall/reinstall the game but create a new profile and start again. Things would go well until the next "glitch." All of this doesn't occur until you are almost done with the game. It seems once you hit the theater location there are some things that need to be done in a certain way. If you don't you get stuck. I also didn't even try or need the hint or map that is until I got stuck in the game but those quit working as well. How I was able to finish the game is because I knew once I hit the glitch and started again what NOT to do to avoid getting stuck. I'd highly recommend you check out the Big Fish tech thread/forum for this game before purchasing. Things may work fine and great for you but you have been warned. This game is a glitch fest when you get towards the end. I still see as of today August 8th there are still these issues with this game being posted in the forum. Truth be told my main reason for not recommending this game is I wrote to the developer on July 12th and I haven't heard anything from them. Big Fish tech support also needs to step it up a bit. It seems their latest fix for everything is give customer coupon codes and they should be happy with that. Well that would be acceptable if so many people weren't having the same problems with this game. Oh and not just on this site I also checked out others just to see if they had problems with this game as well. Oh but you bet I did use the coupon codes. I put a lot of time and effort into this game providing a Dr. Felix report and sending in several screen shots of the game where the glitches are. The only reason this is seeing 3 stars from me is because I think the game itself is very good. Before my issues here this was batting a 4 star review. No voices kept it from 5. Yes I prefer characters that talk in the game. This would of added so much more to the game. So sorry Big Fish and Developer. 3 stars is the best I can do especially from a developer that doesn't respond to their emails. I will also never again knowingly purchase from this developer. August 8, 2014
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Chronicles of the Witches and Warlocks

Kathleen’s beloved Danny has been arrested under strange circumstances and accused of murder. It’s up to Kathleen to hold her own investigation and find out what really happened.

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