Ominous Objects: Family Portrait Collector's Edition

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From Daily Magic, creators of the acclaimed Dark Dimensions series, comes an intriguing new series!

You arrive home from a long business trip to discover your new home in disarray! Your wife tells you paintings throughout the house have been coming to life, and now your children are missing. Only little Leia remains, but she refuses to unlock her door. Who or what frightened her so badly… and where are your other children? As you seek them out, you realize your new home hides many dark secrets. You must uncover them before your family is cursed to remain there forever in this chilling Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game.

This is a special Collector's Edition release full of exclusive extras you won’t find in the standard version. As a bonus, Collector's Edition purchases count toward three stamps on your Monthly Game Club Punch Card!

The Collector’s Edition includes:

  • An intriguing bonus game
  • A charming Kitty Playroom for your feline ally
  • Bonus Match-3 games, wallpapers, music, and more!
  • An available Strategy Guide
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Game System Requirements:
  • OS: Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
  • CPU: 2.5 GHz
  • RAM: 1024 MB
  • DirectX: 9.0
  • Hard Drive: 1496 MB
Game Manager System Requirements:
  • Browser: Internet Explorer 7 or later
Ominous Objects: Family Portrait Collector's Edition

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Ominous Objects: Family Portrait Collector's Edition

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Ominous Objects: Family Portrait Collector's Edition 4 5 64 64
Review Based on Completing Game + Bonus Game I was a beta tester for this game and couldn't wait to buy it. The character you play (patriarch of a family in supernatural peril) is wonderful; I enjoyed the actor's voice very much. (One of the kids' voice actors could use a little more experience, but it didn't detract from the game.) If you love cats, this game is a must. "Mr. Jenkins," the family cat, plays a huge role as your invaluable assistant, and there is a running cat theme throughout the bonus game. If Mr. Jenkins seems just a BIT too smart for a cat, there's a good reason for this, which you'll find out at the very end. Excellent story line, great characters (I fell in love a little bit with the daughter, Leia; she's so precious!), well-drawn graphics and pleasant, non-intrusive music. I especially liked the HOP scenes, which were interactive in a "chain reaction" sort of way. You find one item, use it, and that action reveals another item, which you must use to reveal the next item. It's mostly intuitive, though clicking on various items will reveal clues as to what they "need" to reveal their secrets, so it's not at all difficult or frustrating. This game is super long; I enjoyed many hours of play over the course of a couple days, and the bonus game is also good for a couple hours if you take your time and don't skip any mini games. Unfortunately I did have to skip a few of them because I couldn't figure out exactly what the goal/object was and/or how to achieve it. The directions could have used some fleshing out in that area. (I could have used the guide, but all that does is tell you which order to click on things, it doesn't go into why/how they need to be moved in that certain way.) My favorite "extra" was the Kitty Playroom, wherein the gold you run across throughout the game can be used to purchase fun items for Mr. Jenkins to interact with. Hint: I purchased the silver pitcher last, thinking it was just a decoration of sorts, but it turned out to be the cutest and most fun item in the room! Speaking of Mr. Jenkins, he must be magical himself, considering he apparently started life as a short-haired striped tabby kitten and somehow grew up into a beautiful, fluffy Himalayan. It also doesn't make sense, once you reach the end and a particular secret is revealed, that the family would even have a drawing of Mr. Jenkins as a kitten. But we'll just chalk that up to witchy interference and let it go at that! Highly recommended. July 22, 2014
Made My Day Magical (Review Based on Demo) !!!!!!!!Applause!!!!! Ominous Objects: Family Portrait Collector's Edition is my new favorite! I do not give out 5 stars for every game I review. If I give 5 stars, I mean it. This is the first time I have ever bought a game after only 10 minutes of the demo. I am so impressed by this game! The puzzles are absolutely fantastic!! They were challenging and I don't want to skip them even if it takes me an hour!! I don't want to miss a second. HOG are different and fun. Graphics and music well done. I liked the plot, and although it is a not a new one, I feel it was very thought out. I have been so disappointed with the releases lately, I have been buying last years games. I try not to buy CE's anymore, but I could not wait. This one was right up my alley, and with the HUGE DEAL I was able to purchase it at an SE price. Made my day! Thank you BF !!! Thank you Daily Magic!!!! July 17, 2014
Excellent game You have arrived home from being gone for several months to the new castle that you have purchased. There is mayhem afoot when you get there and find that 3 of your children are missing and there is evil actively trying to prevent you from getting to the bottom of the issue. There are 3 levels of difficulty, casual, advanced and hard. It has a number of achievements, but are focused more on the advanced and hard rather than casual. You have a helper in Mr. Jenkins, the cat, who is able to climb and claw when you need assistance. You also collect gold coins to furnish his room. The mini games are not difficult, but entertaining and the mini games are pretty much all interactive and require multiple steps. The art work is beautiful and the music is not annoying. It has an interactive map and the hint button can transport you to where you need to be. All in all it was a great game and I actually finished the demo with 2 minutes to spare. July 24, 2014
A fun way to spend a purrrr- fect afternoon! I played the demo, and I usually start the puzzles to see how they work and get a feel for if I will enjoy them - playing the whole game only if I think I can master it within a reasonable time (since I am timed). Otherwise, I skip, so as to play as much of the overall game as I can get in my demo hour. In doing so, I was able to see enough of the back story (of the villain, I assume) to find his story intriguing and myself sympathetic toward his plight - as well as the current story of the man desperate to find his children, who disappeared via the wicked paintings, to know I will enjoy this plot. I was waiting for the SE to see what would be included- but now, seeing from the review before mine that the bonus chapter is about saving a cat (and I am a huge cat lover!) I think I will have to get the CE, just to enjoy doing that! Mr. Jenkins is a sweetie, and I look forward to finding the coins and filling his room with cat toys, just to see how he reacts. lol In the hour I played, I found 20 coins, (helpful note: some were within the popups, some were not). The HOS was so interactive - often like a domino effect - you find one item and place it, to reveal the next item that needs placed - and I loved the action each item took once you placed it, often making me smile at the cleverness of the devs! I found this much more fun and engaging than the basic word lists HOS, even those with 3 or 4 interactions (though I enjoy a variety, and still like to do those sometimes, just not every game). As a result, I found myself eager to find the next HOS. The villain backstory HOS was a bit harder to find and place items (or rather, swap them within the picture) since they used monochromatic tones (two colors) but they were also fun as well as informative. Puzzles - I loved that they revolved around the children and their family - making me care more about those involved by using pictures of them. They were a lot of fun, what I played of some in their entirety - though I had to skip some for time's sake (to crowd as much as I could into the demo). The tasks were interesting, but I got stuck at a few points of what to do next in the garden area and used the hint button. I never found myself needing to refer to the SG. Yes, this sort of plot has been done before - but for an adventure game where there is a quest/ search, is there really anything new under the sun? I came to care about this family- a must if you're supposed to immerse yourself in the character's shoes and save the children, and I loved their castle home (or was it a manor?)! Much better than a regular house, because anyone can live in a house which has few rooms in comparison, but very few live in a castle with numerous chambers- so they are fun to explore in fantasies. But then, I love castles too. Castles, a helpful kitty, sweet children, a loving family, an intriguing plot, beautiful music, colorful and artistic graphics, innovative and FUN game play in both the HOS and puzzles - what is NOT to like about this game? Only one thing did bother me - his voiceover which seemed a bit condescending at times when I tried to use the wrong item in a task. But, when I put myself in his shoes (immersing myself in the story, which wasn't difficult to do)- a frantic parent seeming a little testy because I used the wrong item, thereby slowing the hunt for his children DID seem more realistic for the situation. So understanding that, I could forgive him for his somewhat curt remarks and arrogance. lol ;-) **But note to the devs- it might have been better just to not have sound there at all and use written words, since judging from reviews here, it did put some people off.** All in all, this is a CE I plan to buy! July 23, 2014
The Best This was the best game I have played in a long time. Its fun, its enjoyable, and I loved it. More games with this kind of fun factor would be great, July 19, 2014
A Bit of Magic from Daily Magic! BASED ON DEMO This developer has made some pretty good games in the past, but none of them have really ?wowed? me, so to speak. Well, this one has changed all that! This is definitely my favourite from this developer and one of my favourites of the year! I can't wait to purchase this game and continue the adventure. The story was fantastic. It had an original, exciting concept and was executed well. The basic plot involves your family home being over-run with enchanted paintings, with one man coming out of a painting and taking your entire family. The villain is quite intriguing, as he is given his own little background story. This story was begun in the demo. I thought the background story was done quite cleverly, and it made me want to know more. That's the technical side of things done. Content wise, I really enjoyed it. I will admit, the opening scene is not the most exciting one in the world, but after that, it got better. I really enjoyed every time something came out of a painting, and I enjoyed how we interacted with them. There were a couple of nice twists, a couple of scares and some great moments in the story. The demo ended on a nice note, so I am inclined to continue. Overall, a decent story that was quite enjoyable. But the highlight of this game was most definitely the gameplay! I have not had this much fun with a game in such a long time. And why was that? Because it was different; it stood out from the crowd without being so frustratingly challenging that I had to quit. For starters, the HOS were absolutely amazing; hands down my favourite from this developer. I liked their uniqueness and their slight challenge. They were either junkpile or silhouette, and there was even a storybook one. In this type of HOS, a story was told over a series of pages. In order to advance to the next page, you must place some objects back in their rightful positions. I loved this new, innovative style and hope to see more of it as I continue. The HOS appeared frequently, but there was not one in every scene, which was nice. There were about 3 in the demo, I believe, which indicated there will be a decent amount in the game. The one downside to the HOS is that some included puzzles (which could be skipped, thank heavens). It is my opinion that puzzles and HOS should remain separate. I hope this does not continue after the demo. The puzzles were decent. They were a mixture of easy and hard. I was able to solve most, but a couple needed skipping. Puzzles aren't my favourite things in the world, but they were okay here. They were nothing we haven't seen before though. Like the HOS, the puzzles were spread out evenly and there were a few, giving me the idea that there will be a good number in the game. Gameplay wise, this game had only the one additional gameplay feature: an animal helper. This came in the form of a cat, Mr. Jenkins. Mr. Jenkins is used fairly frequently in the demo, and I'm hoping that trend will continue. I absolutely love animal helpers, and was glad to see one here. It significantly added to the fun of the game. For the most part, the basic features have been done pretty well. There are three difficulty modes,a working hint and a great map, but there is one problem: NO DIARY! I don't know how many times I've had to say this lately, but a diary is essential to the game, in my opinion. To have it missing here was very annoying. Overall, the gameplay was absolutely brilliant, but I do get the feeling it could have been better. Maybe if the developer had chucked a few + objects in? I don't know, but that's one very small issue. The gameplay is very pleasing. The graphics are absolutely outstanding. Everything is extremely clear and drawn with lots of detail. The colours are great, as are the character designs. I don't think I've seen a better job, graphics wise, from any developer this year. This was absolutely outstanding. However, my one and only problem with the game is the voice-overs. The voice of the main character was very boring and flat. As well as this, I felt the voice-over was in some places it didn't need to be. The repetitive ?I don't think it is a good idea? thing drove me mental. I played the BETA of this game, and this was the one thing I suggested be fixed, and to see it hasn't been is a real shame. The other voice-overs are okay for me, but this is a bit of a poor effort. FEATURES 3 modes of difficulty: Casual, Advanced and Hard. Differences are standard. I played Casual. Hint/Skip- Both recharged at a decent speed for the difficulty I selected. Hint also acts as a teleporter. Map- The map is extremely helpful. It is interactive and lets you know where there are tasks to perform. Animal Helper- This comes in the form of your cat, Mr. Jenkins. This was a wonderful feature; the helper is used a few times. CE EXCLUSIVES Bonus Chapter- based on past history with this developer, I don't think it will be needed Built in Strategy Guide- Does not show HOS solutions. Achievements Kitty Playroom- This is a shop where you can buy stuff for your animal helper. There are collectible coins for the shop. Match 3 levels Developer Diary- consists of 19 videos. Concept Art Wallpapers (6) Music WHICH IS THE BETTER BUY? The extras are tempting, but I'm going to go for the SE. Had there been some form of collectibles, I would have changed my mind and gone for the CE. This is an outstanding game. I haven't even finished it and already I'm hoping for a sequel. This game was almost perfect and thus, deserves a 5 star rating. Hurry up, SE! August 1, 2014
The most perfect puzzle game in years! I had to sign up just to give a quick review of this game. It is perfect for puzzle lovers! It is long, have great, many and varied puzzles. Loved the story, original. July 27, 2014
I thoroughly enjoyed this game! This game had everything for me. It was visually brilliant. I thought the HOS were good and some of the puzzles were challenging. I think I would rather just collect the coins than decorate a cat room. That was a bit boring and felt immature. August 8, 2014
Imaginative but simple mini puzzles I never follow the story lines. I like to play the mini games. Although these were simple, I really enjoyed the games w/in the mini games. Nothing too difficult but some were time consuming. I thought it was an excellent game. I used to put Davy Jones as my favorite, but I may change my mind and put this one right up beside it. August 3, 2014
A Graphically Beautiful Fantasy Game - Very Entertaining I must admit that when I downloaded the game and listened to the dialog, I thought give me a break! The dialogue was so far-fetched for the eighteenth century that I had to laugh. If you can check your sense of reality at the door and realize that Ominous Objects is just a game, then you may end up liking it. Since the game is from an excellent developer who has brought us extremely good games in the past, I decided to give the game a fair trial and I am actually glad that I did. The game has excellent graphics that are quite colorful and beautiful. The voiceovers, however, are really bad. It is not so much that the voices are terrible; it is that they are so out of character that they are laughable. However, if you can get past the voiceovers, the rest of the sounds, including the music, are quite good. Early in the game you will find your interactive, transporter map but I couldn?t find a journal or diary. When you click on the icon in the lower left you can access your map, goals, achievements and the Kitty Playroom. Yes, you do have a cute and cuddly fur-ball who joins you on your adventure and who will help you when needed. Some gamers hate pet helpers in games but I rather like them once in a while. The HOPs are interactive and fun with items that are not too difficult to find. IMHO, the puzzles are this game?s strong point. Although the puzzles are not difficult, they do take a bit of time and thought to accomplish. I particularly enjoyed the puzzle in the first HO scene that I had to complete in order to obtain my ?prize.? Ominous Objects Family Portrait CE has some great extras and I particularly enjoyed the Developer?s Diary where I could see the developer?s at work and play, which I think is a great extra. Included in the CE we find the standard extras such as collectibles and achievements, a Kitty Playroom, wallpapers, bonus match-3 game, the strategy guide and the obligatory bonus game. Given some of the great games from this developer, I know that I am in for a treat with Ominous Objects Family Portrait. Yes the story is a bit far-fetched (I don?t think castles were purchased as if they were tract homes in the eighteen century) but I still had a great time playing due to the good puzzles and HOPs. Overall the game is very entertaining and enjoyable. I purchased the game but, as always, I recommend that you at least try the demo to see if this is a game you will like. July 17, 2014
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Ominous Objects: Family Portrait Collector's Edition

A father returns home to find his children missing - all but one, who refuses to say a word...

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