Nevertales: Shattered Image Collector's Edition

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From the innovative minds at Mad Head Games, creators of Nevertales: The Beauty Within and the Rite of Passage series.

Your daughter, Alice, has grown up to be a talented young girl – unlike other Travelers, she has a rare gift that allows her to open portals using reflective surfaces, not just books. But when a mysterious mirror-hopping monster suddenly appears through one of the portals and kidnaps Alice, the entire world starts splitting apart at the seams. Strange quakes rock the earth, and huge chasms appear out of nowhere. Now you must use your own powers to travel into Book-worlds and find the source of the trouble. Can you rescue Alice and save Taleworld before it falls apart? Find out in this thrilling Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game!

This is a special Collector's Edition release full of exclusive extras you won’t find in the standard version. As a bonus, Collector's Edition purchases count toward three stamps on your Monthly Game Club Punch Card!

The Collector’s Edition includes:

  • A bonus game that takes you to Pierre’s past…
  • Unlock bonus puzzles and mini-games
  • A gallery of music, art, and hidden-object scenes
  • An available Strategy Guide
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Game System Requirements:
  • OS: Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
  • CPU: 2.0 GHz
  • RAM: 1024 MB
  • DirectX: 9.0
  • Hard Drive: 1044 MB
Game Manager System Requirements:
  • Browser: Internet Explorer 7 or later
Nevertales: Shattered Image Collector's Edition

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Nevertales: Shattered Image Collector's Edition

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Nevertales: Shattered Image Collector's Edition 4 5 76 76
Don't look in the Mirror!! Alice is now 12 years old and she can open portals in mirrors (while her parents can open portals from books). After her mother warns her of the evil that can exist in other worlds....Alice is found in a coma by a shattered mirror. Surprise! Her parents must find a way to save her. --There are 4 levels of play including custom which I love. --You begin playing as Maria. --It took me 75 out of the 90 minutes available to complete the trial. --There are 48 collectibles that looks like circles with an open book in them. When you click on the collectible icon in the inventory, you are taken to a puzzle and each collectible provides you with a piece of the puzzle. If you've been to a location and you didn't get the collectible, it will show you the location. However, I didn't get one in the volcano and then I couldn't return so be sure you find them while you are in each scene. --You have a journal with notes, a transportable map, objectives and achievements. --You have a dollhouse with missing rooms. As you find the rooms, Alice leaves clues in the rooms and helpful items for you. (this was a bonus for me as there are no morphing objects which I love but were sadly missing from this game#. --Some items that you find need to be combined or fixed in your inventory before you can use them. I love games being so interactive. This game is very interactive so you're not just watching everything happen. --HO scenes are interactive and different. I think there were maybe 4 in the trial. Find multiples of things and interactive list so far. One was looking down in a well and as you found items, they were put on a board that slowly raised the bucket out of the well so you could get what you were really there to find. Note.....I am NOT a huge HOG fan #I like puzzles and adventure better b/c I find the HO scenes slow the game down# but I really liked these and felt they were spaced out well. --Mini games were spread out and occured through out the scenes. They became so much a part of the scene a couple of times that I didn't see the "?" on the screen to tell me the instructions to the games. --Hint is directional. I did have trouble one pointed me to a scene then kept telling me there was nothing left to do there. Thankfully, I had the strategy guide to refer to. --You and Pierre #Alice's dad# get help from other worlds thru portals you have created #in previous Nevertales story# thru books and you visit characters and places from 1st installment. --There were extras such as replayable HOG's, wallpaper, concept art and replayable music. --Also, achievements and other categories that I couldn't open in the trial....Gallery, Tower Defense, Travelers and Treasures. There is even a review of original Nevertales story that can be played. I am so excited about the amount of interaction in this game. I love it when we have to find pieces and assemble things to be able to use them rather than just pick them up and click on the scene to use them. I would like to have seen more vibrant colors and scenes but I'm not one that gets too hung up on that type of thing. Music wasn't annoying and I only noticed it in the HO scenes. I hope my review has helped and I highly, highly recommend this game. I have to wrap this up because I'm anxious to buy it and continue playing!! July 19, 2014
A Bit Easier, But Still Magnificent!***** BASED ON DEMO IN BRIEF Not very interesting or visually spectacular intro, although makes a nice story set up for the series. Don?t remember that from first one. SIGHTS & SOUNDS Graphics look gorgeous, clear and delightful art, both in the locations and the HOPs. Music is uniquely lovely. WHAT?S HAPPENING? You, your husband and your daughter are all ?Travellers?, able to move between different worlds through the use of books. Daughter can travel with mirrors. 12th birthday, daughter first goes into coma, then gets grabbed into another world. Interesting thing, husband was actually useful for about 5 minutes, and in at least one instance, you get to play him. GAMEPLAY A good variety of puzzles, mini-puzzles (like inventory-assembled items) and HOPs. The HOPs are quite different from each other. All have morphing object in them. There are interactive word lists, progressive find and use, unique matching pairs, replace items in scene, and find pictured type of item. E.g. a flower x3. They will all be flowers, but won?t all look the same. There are some other nifty gimmicks in them as well. Some of the HOPs actually advance the story or provide back history as you complete them. Other puzzles and general game play are much easier than first Nevertales, so far. But it still took me just over an hour to complete the demo. There is a handy interactive jump map with objectives available and completed scenes, a journal with notes, achievements and objective list. Hint is directional. 3 levels of difficulty plus custom. Aspect correction. 4 sound sliders. Lockable inventory bar. Game timer. A couple of extras. Alice?s dollhouse has lost its rooms. You find them as you play. They are her means of communicating with you. CE BLING! A lot of collectible book symbols, one per location, and there is an indicator for them, plus morphing items in the HOPs. The gallery includes 20 wallpapers, roughly, and about 14 ?before and after? concept art sketches. There are 10 musical tracks. Additional gameplay includes 17 HOPs which you unlock as you play them. There is also a treasure hunt game to ensure you have all the collectibles, and a Tower Defence game. Plus, the usual bonus chapter and hidden chapters opened when you have played the treasure hunt game. There are achievements, which can be accessed through the journal, and cover performance and story. COMBINED IMPACT This game isn?t blowing me away as much as the first one did, but, to me, it is still better because it is easier to play. I found the first one a bit tough, which detracted from my enjoyment. I think this is an extraordinarily good game, and with so many extras, I wouldn?t dream of buying anything other than the CE. July 19, 2014
A Great Follow-up Game in the Nevertales Series Last year Nevertales the Beauty Within took the casual gaming world by storm, and here at BFG the game received 235 five-star ratings out of 266 reviews, which is an almost unheard of, extremely high, positive rating for a game. Finally, after a year of waiting we have a sequel to this wonderful HOPA game with Nevertales Shattered Image. Belle and Pierre have returned along with their daughter, Alice, who is now a young girl of twelve. Belle and Pierre have a special gift that allows them to travel through portals to different worlds and their daughter has been blessed with this gift. However, as often happens to the young, they sometimes experiment with things they shouldn?t, and Alice is now in serious trouble. Without a moment to spare, we are out to save our offspring from a dire fate and, hopefully, our brains and gifts will be enough to save Alice as we travel through the adventure that is Nevertales Shattered Image. The graphics are very good, although they are at times shrouded in a bit of mistiness. Fortunately the graphics have improved since the beta release and the developer has toned down all of the horrid pinks and purples in the game. Even though there is still quite a bit of purple to contend with, I no longer feel like I am drowning in a sea of candy hearts. The voiceovers in the game are very good, and they are lip-synced ? something I always enjoy in a game. The rest of the sound package is extremely good with excellent and sometimes haunting music and wonderful ambient sounds that set the stage in each scene of the game. We have the standard tools with a diary or journal that is found on the lower right of the screen. We also have an interactive map that is a transporter type so that we can move quickly from one location to another. Whether it is a glorious moment or a huge disappointment for the many gamers out there, we find no animal helper or cuddly pet in site. The HOS in this game have a lot of variety and are very similar to those found in the first Nevertales game; however, it seems that in Shattered Image you need to build more of the items you need from very well-hidden, vague pieces. I tended to find the HOS very tedious at times but that might be because I found some of the items difficult to find or distinguish in dark scenes. The puzzles from this developer are all very good so they do keep me interested. Some of the puzzles may seem easy but they are more difficult than you think. Nevertales Shattered Image CE is loaded with extras. The interesting thing is that even though I purchased the CE, many of the extras remain locked and hidden until the game is completed. From what I can see there are HOS to replay, music tracks, concept art and wallpapers. The game has a bonus game as well as hidden chapters. And of course we have achievements, collectibles to find, and morphing objects ? all of which make this a true CE value. I loved the first Nevertales game and Shattered Image promises to be just as good. The games from this developer are always challenging and a bit different from those that we can drift through without having to use our brains. For some the game may seem to start off slow but there is a lot to do as we try to save Alice. Parts of the story may seem very familiar, such as our journey to meet our old friend Maria; however, there are many new challenges that lie ahead. For me the game was an instant purchase based on the merits of the first Nevertales game but as always, I recommend that you at least try the demo to see if this is a game you will like. July 19, 2014
Shattered Image, but totally together game! Nevertales: Shattered Image CE Review based on completed game, bonus chapter, hidden chapters, and extras PREFACE? Based on my experience?and I own almost 500 casual games?it's rare for a truly worth CE to come along. Nevertales: Shattered Image is such a game. The bonus chapter, hidden chapters, and other playable extras will take up almost as much time as the main game. And the main game is a worthy successor to Nevertales: The Beauty Within. ONCE UPON A TIME... Our introduction to worlds within books began in The Beauty Within. As a detective, a stranger left a baby on our doorstep, then alternately helped and hindered us in discovering her origins. The baby is back, but now twelve years old, and a more powerful Traveler than her parents, Belle and Pierre. Her name is Alice, and she's in trouble again. This time, we take on the role of Belle, determined to save our daughter and stop the evil Mallek from destroying all the worlds within books, collectively known as Taleworld. Alice, it turns out, is able to open portals through mirrors?and that's where the trouble began. PLAY THE GAME... Shattered Image is chock full of puzzles, mini-games, and HO scenes large and small. The HO scenes include interactive word lists, silhouettes, progressive scenes where each item helps you find the next, matching pairs, fragmented object, and multiples of a type. Puzzles include pattern recognition, matching, jigsaw, and more. Mini-games include assembly of items, repair of mechanisms, tower defense? There's something for everyone. SIGHTSEEING? The graphics are whimsically hand-painted and represent a number of different environments ranging from fairy tale forest to underwater Atlantis, from desert kingdom to Captain Nemo's Nautilus, from evil witch's cottage to magnificent palace. Each scene includes animation, whether it's flora or fauna. And the in-game animation is realistic; when you have two items to place, you actually place the two items. I like that. SOUND WAVES? There are ten musical tracks and they are quite varied and evocative of each scene. Some are ambient and relaxing; others brisk and bringing to mind the urgency of the situation. All aid in immersion. Voiceovers are professional, with the actors speaking with emotion and inflection. TOOLBOX? The map is interactive, showing areas where there are actions available, and also transports. For part of the game, you have Gears the Owl at your disposal to help you acquire things out of your reach. Alice's dollhouse allows you to communicate with her as you discover its rooms here and there. And there are a few other special tools you find along the way. EXTRA, EXTRA? The bonus adventure finds you reliving the story of how Pierre met Belle, and the hidden chapters have you playing Belle once again as she helps some of the characters with additional problems. There are collectible circlets that resemble stained glass which provide you with puzzle pieces to complete a jigsaw which, in turn, unlocks another bonus area: the Treasure Room. The Treasure Room has you revisiting each scene in the game to find an additional object. Complete that, and you unlock replayable HO scenes. Whew! And I'm not done yet! You can also replay the tower defense game to defeat the Kraken. Lastly, each HO scene contains a morphing object. Naturally, you have the SG, performance achievements, and the developer's portfolio which includes downloable music tracks and wallpapers, plus concept art. THE LAST WORD? I highly recommend Shattered Image, especially if you liked The Beauty Within (which I also gave 5 stars). Other notable games by this dev include Cadenza: Music, Betrayal, and Death and the Rite of Passage series. Happy gaming! July 20, 2014
FINALLY! I rated this game a 5 star because FINALLY someone noticed that all of these types of games where getting to be one just like the other and did something different. I was giving up on collector editions because they being double the cost (not on a sale) as the standard game all you really got was a short time of extra game play (unless you like the sound tracks and wall papers). Well this game is far from it. The story always kept me interested with little twists a turns. The game play fun and a little challenging at times. At the end of the game you had your extra game play but several other activities to do as well. HATS OFF - I LOVED IT. Can't wait for another Nevertale. July 23, 2014
Great game, Mad Head!! This is another great game from Mad Head! This game, along with their others, have great storylines, beautiful artwork, great HOGs and puzzles and lots of extras after the game is over! They are long, but you don't want them to end, definitely worth the money!! Keep them coming Mad Head!! July 24, 2014
Nevertales 2 - Wonderful, innovative, but not challenging enough Mad Head Games is well known for it?s wonderful and innovative games. Nevertales: The Beauty within was a worthy sucessor. This sequel is as good as the first installment, but it lacks a bit of challenge. Let?s start with the storyline. It takes place around 12 years after the first game. Your daughter Alice hast he power to open portals using mirrors. Now she went missing and you have to find her. To do so you need four catalysts. Also you learn more about the Taleworld. There were once two powerful travelers called Mallek and Benefor. Mallek used his powers to control the other travelers minds and was imprisoned in the volcano. Now he has escaped. Together with your friends Maria, Gears and your husband pierre you embark on a journey through Taleworld, from the deep oceans over the oriental desert and the Cinderella kingdom until you can finally confront the evil. But can you save your daughter in time? I really love that story and I love to see all those different places. Here we are at the next point, the graphics. They?re Mad Head Games best graphics yet. The wonderful blue ocean world, beautiful oriental graphics full of bright colors and the dark kingdom of Cinderella. Bright, dark and colorful all mixed up. A nice variety and very well done. Those graphics are absolutly awesome. Also the music and the sounds. I just love it. It?s mystic and atmospheric. I really loved it. Also I love the Hidden Object Scenes sound, when they?re opening up. Now for the challenge. The only weak point in this game, because there are too less items in the inventory and there are too less things to remember. But with the custom playing mode you?ve got the chance to make it more difficult. But all of this doesn?t really matter, because oft he HO?s and the mini-games made this game unique and fantastic again. They?re not too challenging, but they are new and innovative. Different new types of Hidden Object Scenes, exiting mini games, my favourite ist the harpoon mini game. The CE comes with much bonus content, inclouding 4 bonus games, one big bonus chapter and three little extra gameplay chapters. Also there?s a treasure hunt, a bonus puzzle, all HO?s can be replayed, you can download soundtracks, wallpapers and concept art? Absolutly CE worthy! This goes to all developers: Look at Mad Head Games, how they improve the whole HOPA genre. Their sucess is that they experiment with new things and not only do the same old stuf fand put it with a different interface in their games. Again very, very well done Mad Head Games and I can?t wait how Nevertales continues. And good luck for Dark Realm: Queen oft he Flame! Another absolutly promising title. And this second installment of Nevertales is another very well done 4,5 star game. I can only recommend it. July 19, 2014
Added value HOG From Mad Head games, this great game is an example to other developers. Graphics and story both good, interesting HO scenes and mini games. Collectibles (treasure and morphing objects) to find. The map is interactive. Not just a bonus game, but also hidden chapters unlocked by finding all the treasure pieces, and even better it is possible to find these after playing the game by going into the extras. I really enjoyed playing this game and was sorry when it came to an end. July 25, 2014
..single truth....thousand Lies...beautiful idea! Yeah, well, two HO games a week, it's honestly getting extremely hard to be inovative. But not when it comes to Mad Heads. Each time I see their game is out, I feel challanged already. This one is a jewel, most of all when it comes to art. The colors are wonderfully mixed from bright to very dark, and it follows the story so perfectly. I adore their screenplays. You can tell they have been written by talented people, who would probably be as eaquly good at writting for the movies. The plot line is one of the best in theese games so far. July 21, 2014
Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Door, in my Hand - WHAT! Young Alice has amazing powers. Unfortunately, on her 12th birthday they magnified, allowing her to make portals to other worlds/dimensions using any mirror as her "traveling point". One day, her parents (Pierre and Belle), find her in her bed in a coma-like state. Oh no! They can't rouse her! GASP! Beside her is a broken hand mirror! Pierre! She's in her floor-length mirror! HELP HER! Yeah, if it just that easy, right? NOT. There's a creepy, very Pirates of the Caribbean, type creature that goes into said mirror .... AFTER freaking you out. How can you save her? What is the significance of the doll house? What are those creepy pictures she drew telling you? Pierre becomes injured - it's up to Belle to rescue her poor daughter. Are YOU up to the task? Graphics/Sound: I was almost overjoyed that the graphics were not heavily colored in golds and oranges and other colors that hurt my eyes. Background music dipped and crescendo-ed as appropriate for situations. Great sound fx. Pierre didn't sound French though. HOGs/Mini Games: HOGs not difficult. Items relatively easy to find. Some interaction. Mini Games ranged from relatively easy to it takes some thought. There are 4 levels of difficulty - Casual Reader, Bookworm, Scholar and Choose Your Own (Custom). Once you find the map (transportable) and journal (contains notes, clues and tasks) you are on your way. CE Bling: Among the usual: Concept Art - 14, Wallpaper - 10, Music - 10 tracks, Stragegy Guide and Achievements there are Tower Defense (finish this puzzle in the game), Travelers (finish the Bonus Game before being unlocked), Collectibles, Bonus Game AND Hidden Chapters (how cool is that?). This is an amazing game involving not just Belle, Pierre and little Alice, but characters from the previous game. You'll need everyone's help solving this dreadful tale. It's definitely a buy for me. I encourage everyone to try this game - you get an amazing 90 minutes of game time and it's FREE! Happy Gaming! July 19, 2014
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Nevertales: Shattered Image Collector's Edition

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