Sharpe Investigations: Death on the Seine

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Journalist-turned-food critic Taryn Sharpe and her assistant/photographer George Haske are sent on assignment to France to cover the opening of Paris's hottest new restaurant, Le Roi Soleil. When they get there, they discover the restaurant's celebrity chef is dead!

Strangely, the police rule the death a suicide and refuse to investigate. The restaurant's owner, an old friend of Taryn's, is convinced his star chef was murdered and begs her and George to find the culprit.

Fly to Paris and discover who murdered the famous chef!

  • 10+ beautiful Hidden Object scenes!
  • Explore many unique locations in Paris
  • Solve puzzling minigames!
  • Enjoy original music score
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Game System Requirements:
  • OS: Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
  • CPU: 1.0 GHz
  • RAM: 1024 MB
  • DirectX: 9.0
  • Hard Drive: 266 MB
Game Manager System Requirements:
  • Browser: Internet Explorer 7 or later
Sharpe Investigations: Death on the Seine


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Sharpe Investigations: Death on the Seine

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Sharpe Investigations: Death on the Seine 3.2 5 19 19
Death On The Seine: Who Murdered The Famous Chef? Completed Game GAME FEATURES: Widescreen (well at least for me I had no problem here) Inventory you can lock if you choose to. Choice of cursors 3 play modes - Regular, Advanced and Expert that can't be changed during play. However I did notice when I exited the game to purchase and come back to it, my game play was saved but I had to select again which mode I wanted to play the game in. It didn't save it for me. Black bar tips still in Expert mode. I didn't come across any sparkles for the HOS. The hint/skip take 90 seconds for charge up. Journal: Has objectives and notes but objectives do pop up on the screen. Map: This comes shortly into the game which shows 'Action' and 'Here'. The scenes are also named. GAME PLAY: IHOG (Interactive Hidden Object Game) with a few simple puzzles/mini games thrown in. There is no "adventure." The majority of the game must use the map to get anywhere. You are even told when it's time to move on. The map glows. Even in the Expert mode what I played. HOS: All scenes except for one is find by interactive word list and visited twice. Some scenes I'd even consider Sanford & Son junkyard. A few items on the small side. The one scene is find 6 green and 6 red apples. I didn't have much difficulty here. I enjoyed the HOS but then I like HOS. Only a couple of hints used here. PUZZLES/MINI GAMES: Very few. Quite simple. Nothing I haven't seen before. Usual run of the mill. I didn't skip any of them. VISUAL/SOUND QUALITY: The graphics for me were quite good. I thought they fit the theme of the game. There's quite a bit of dialogue but can be skipped. I didn't skip any of this. I read everything. I quite enjoyed the dialogue exchange between the characters especially with their humor at times. Having said this... I do think some well done voice overs would of added so much more to this game especially when the characters mouths move. Yes I prefer for characters to talk especially if their mouths will be moving. I won't deduct any stars this time around for this since this is a SE but I do hope the developer here addresses this. That I find a bit annoying. It makes me think there is something wrong with the sound in the game. LEVEL OF CHALLENGE: I didn't rate this poor because of the no "adventure" to this game which i usually prefer. Every once in awhile I don't mind playing games like this that are mostly map driven but here we go again: Why bother having 3 play modes if the hardest is going to have black bar tips stating what needs to be done along with being told when it's time to move on and the map glows when it's time to move on? My star deduction is here. I hope this developer does a custom mode and have it apply to the game for their next game offering. STORY LINE: I quite enjoy "whodunit" type of games and this for me was a bit different than what Big Fish usually releases along with a different setting. I was hooked to this from the get go and held my interest to the very end. FUN FACTOR: Overall this gets 4 stars from me. I quite enjoyed the 3 hours I spent playing this which seemed longer. The game length was just right for me. This was well worth the use of my coupon code. If I wouldn't of had one I would of paid $6.99. If this would of had voice overs and no black bar tips, just a bit more challenging I would of rated this 5 stars. Thanks Big Fish and Developer for a very good game. I hope to see more like this from this developer. I also THANK YOU for NO animal helpers. Much appreciated. As always, give it a whirl and decide for yourself. July 15, 2014
Another Nice iHOG BASED ON DEMO I like this game! It?s simple, no flashy videos or special effects, no complex story, no fanfare at all really. But it looks lovely, is light-hearted despite the subject matter ? murder ? and it has fun HOP scenes that are a just a little challenging. I really enjoyed the art and the music in this one. Even the office atmosphere created by almost subliminal voices in the first location. The imagery is basically static, but the impression of movement is created by a little animation in the right spots. But it is not for everyone. It involves a LOT of (written) dialogue, most of it unnecessary, but amusing. If you liked Toymaker, and can ignore or enjoy a little repartee between characters, this will probably appeal. The next step in the game is explained and justified by all this chatter, but the map will take you to the right place anyway, as it is labelled with the areas where a task awaits. The gameplay is pure HOPs with the occasional easy but fun puzzle. The HOPs are mostly simple interactive word lists, although there is at least one multiples of. The scenes may be visited twice ? one scene is so far. There are locations within locations ? for example, the kitchen of the restaurant has a walk-in freezer. Hint is quick on the easiest of 3 levels. And I needed it occasionally. There is a little more back and forward than ideal, particularly for a HOG. The story is a bit different, always good. You are a food reporter and are accompanied by a ?paparazzi? (your word, you really don?t like him) photographer on your mission to investigate the death of a famous chef. Luckily, you know the restauranteur, and are given access to the scene of the crime, and the most likely suspects. I like the fact that you sleep in this game lol! How often is that taken into account! I also like the fact that we are in Paris is a part of the game. French words pop up everywhere, and the French stereotypes are part of the fun. An easy game, with pleasant visuals and very pleasant music. A lot of light-hearted quips, and visible items in cluttered but clear and interesting HOP scenes. That?s enough for a punchcard credit, and I?d even buy it in a sale, I think. It is relaxing and engrossing. July 15, 2014
Murder Mystery Set in France. You play an investigative reporter for the Chronicle and have been given an assignment to go to France and meet with a friend of your family''s who recently opened up a new restaurant. BUT, a very famous chef was "stolen" from another prestigious restaurant and ... the feud is ON! By the time you get to Paris, the chef has been murdered and the police feel it was an accident - he "accidentally" locked himself in the walk in freezer - right. You find clues that lead you to believe otherwise. The background music started out very French bistro and then repeated on a loop that wasn't too annoying, quite the opposite. No real sound FX. Lip-syncing without sound - hm, new. Your goal is to go to various locations, set out on a map (the pieces of which you must find), and figure out what really happened. There are 3 modes of difficulty, a short tutorial, transportable map. Objectives pop out on the screen when completed and show the next one. HOGs and mini games: HOGs were relatively easy - some items were interactive - sometimes items could be difficult to find. Mini games were relatively easy although you might have to think your way through a bit. The hint button recharges very quickly. I wasn't prepared to enjoy this game as much as I did. It's definitely going on my "wish list". Hey, BF, we SHOULD have a "wish list" feature under our account info - how cool would THAT be? I definitely encourage everyone to try this little gem of a murder mystery. It may start out slow but the story has continuity and intrigue. I hope you enjoy the free demo as much as I did. Happy Gaming! July 15, 2014
A Great Value Game ... OK Graphics & Sound ... A No Frills Or Thrills Game ... Basic Fun With A Nice Story To Help Fill A Gap Between The Big Hitter Games ... Well Worth A Voucher ... July 26, 2014
GOOD WHODUNIT This game is rather short. It has a nice storyline; a murder investigation located in Paris involving rival restaurant owners. The puzzles are easy. The hidden object scenes, of which there are several, are a little harder, as the items are often small and the scenes very busy. There is an interactive map that allows you to jump from one location directly to another. In fact, it is the only way to move around the game. Each location has very few actions. other than the hidden object scene. There is also a journal that contains notes and objectives, but these are covered easily in a couple of small pages. Short, easy game that is worth a free coupon and maybe $2.99 but nothing more. July 15, 2014
Light HO game on the easy side No challenges whatsoever. Older graphics but still better then other newer games of today. HO scenes were easy, items are well defined, no penalty clicking and hint is useful plus it charges fast, Dialog is not sophisticated but enough to help follow the plot. Puzzles are easy, music is repetitive and starts to be annoying after a short while. Map will take you places were there are missions and missions are well explained so you'll know what to do next. The plot is nothing new, detective stuff. I did not notice any extras, no collectibles and such. It is an OK game. Just OK, nothing fancy, but sometimes, it's enough to pass the time relaxing with a no brainer game. I do not know the length of this game as I played only the demo. July 15, 2014
Good Who-Dne-It HOPA Produced by Icarus Games, this is a decent enough who-done-it HOPA, somewhat along similar lines to 'Murder She Wrote - Return To Cabot Cove', but even better, with more interesting game play. There are 3 difficulty levels. Options for full screen, aspect correction, custom cursor. Music and sound volume adjustable. Graphics are excellent with brightly-lit scenes and colours. The two puzzles that appeared in the demo hour were not difficult. HOS are mostly junk pile type, with objects a decent size and mostly not too difficult to spot. There is some interactivity within the HOS as well. There is a jump map available, making moving around a breeze. When you have a new objective to achieve, a dialogue box appears on screen telling you so, and informing you where to go next. There is a lot of dialogue between the characters, making for a fair bit of reading, but the story is reasonably interesting, so not too much of a chore. It can be skipped however. The lip synching, when present, is not great, and perhaps should have been done without. There is a lockable inventory, and items are used fairly quickly, so not too much back and forth between scenes. This is a good HOPA of its type, ideal for when you want to play without too much brain power involved. July 15, 2014
Sharpe Investigations This isn't a bad game, but it isn't really exciting either. Journalist Taryn Sharpe and photographer George Haske have teamed together to cover the Grand Opening of Le Roi Soleil, however, Chef Basille was found frozen to death between 6 green apples and 6 red apples in the walk-in freezer! There are no voiceovers, so you will have to read a lot of dialog boxes to understand the objectives. I loved the sarcastic attitude that George the photographer brought to the table, otherwise this game would have been too dry. The Hidden Object Scenes are a mixture between slightly interactive list finds and find 6 green apples, and 6 red apples (hence the freezer pun) The HOS were basically piles of junk to search through. The very first scene was at the feet of several reporters with all kinds of random garbage that the reporters were standing in, megaphones, teddy bears, magazines and trash. There are simple mini games such as using directional arrows on a red and a blue ball, using each ball as a bumper stop to allow the balls to move into their coordinating colored slots. This is a basic who-dun-it game, I wish there were more activities to do in each scene, and I wish there were more HOS and puzzles than offered, but the game flows well, the graphics aren't bad, and the added touch of humor makes this an entertaining investigation, enjoy! July 15, 2014
Text dialogue only and no recognizable scenes of Paris This review is based on the trial demo which I played to the end. This game has only text dialogue between the characters and minimal animated cut scenes so I had the impression it was a budget title. I was interested in this game because it takes place in Paris, a city I have visited personally, but in the demo I did not see any scenes of iconic landmarks in Paris. Except for the names of the characters there is really nothing that would indicate the game is set in France. The HOS were clearly drawn and there were no items hidden in dark corners or blended into the background which is a plus. The minigames were quite easy, though, and required very little effort to complete which I would consider a negative. There were few if any background sounds that would have made the environments more immersive and the music played during the HOS was rather repetitive. Overall, the production values of the game did not live up to an interesting storyline. July 19, 2014
Isaacat This game is incredibly simple to play. Not much to think about at all. The story line could have made for a good game because it wasn't a bad concept; however, I didn't find much of a challenge. Also, the game is unbelievably short. I completed it in little more than an hour. Should have stopped at the demo and not wasted a free game on it because there was only about 10 more minutes of play. I only recommend it if you are a beginner. July 17, 2014
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Sharpe Investigations: Death on the Seine

Fly to Paris to cover the opening of Paris's hottest new restaurant, Le Roi Soleil! Help discover who murdered the restaurant's famous chef!

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