The Other Side: Tower of Souls

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A little sibling rivalry can be healthy - except when the fate of the world hangs in the balance!

Beatrice and Lily might look like any other pair of sisters, but they have a dark secret. Hidden from human eyes is a magic tower that contains a portal to the Other Side. One sister wants to open the gateway to gain knowledge and power, regardless of the consequences; the other sister wants to stop her. But which one is good and which one is evil?

Step into the shoes of a detective who must decide which sister will win in the end. Can you resolve a family squabble before the gates to the realm of the dead swing open and horrors beyond imagination pour into this world?

  • Captivating story of magic and suspense
  • Stunning artwork, story scenes, and music
  • Simple and fun puzzles and mini-games
  • Clever and original hidden object hunts
  • A learn-as-you-play tutorial
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Game System Requirements:
  • OS: Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
  • CPU: 1.6 GHz
  • RAM: 1024 MB
  • DirectX: 9.0
  • Hard Drive: 746 MB
Game Manager System Requirements:
  • Browser: Internet Explorer 7 or later
The Other Side: Tower of Souls


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The Other Side: Tower of Souls

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The Other Side: Tower of Souls 4.1 5 31 31
REVIEW OF COMPLETED GAME The game of the year hands down! I have not had this much fun in yonks. The graphics are out of this world. The game play is flawless. The atmosphere is intriguing and the quirkiness of the whole thing is a delight. Boris is a hoot - funny, sarcastic and adorable. Even the music is great. The iHOS are the best ever - everyone of them a pleasure to do and never once spotted one with a feeling of dread, just eager anticipation. The puzzles are lucid and completely doable and if one has patience, they can all be completed by everyone. The cut scenes are perfectly synchronized, short and able to be clicked through at any speed. Apparently, there is a map somewhere, probably in the journal, but I had no need of it. The navigation is such a perfect example of how games should flow from location to location, seamlessly, so backtracking and revisiting are a doddle. Wide screen. Achievements. Collectibles. A shop to spend coins in. Did it at an average speed and it took me 4.5 hrs. Not sure which of the 2 devs gets the credit for this excellent work, so just saying congrats to both, on an amazingly creative, original and innovative game. I would have been more than happy to have this as a CE. In my opinion, it is far and away better than CE quality. Not just because the CEs lately have been under par, but more because it's quality on all levels is so high. I did not even buy Thursday's CE, it was so bad, and I never pass them up. And all this ladies and gents for SE price, plus 65% off. Outstanding!!! July 16, 2014
A Quirky, Creepy and Very Entertaining Game Well, what a surprise quirky, creepy game we have today. The Other Side Tower of Souls is such a great game. The only warning is that if you don?t like spiders, you might want to stay away from this one. If you like fun and fright, well then you are in for a treat. Tower of Souls has so much going for it that it is hard to know where to start but I guess the graphics quality is a good place. The graphics are excellent and some of the cutscenes are so very good, particularly the one early in the game where the tower is being rebuilt. The rendition of the ghosts and monsters is quite good. We have our beautiful big-eyed spirit, Lily, who has drawn us to the tower to help her with a task, and then we have Boris, who will become our guide in the game. The voiceovers are so good and I love the narration by our character as we continue through the game. Not only is the narration great, I found the written dialog to be quite humorous. This is one of the first newer games where I didn?t seem to notice, or even care about, lip-syncing. The rest of the sound package is excellent including the upbeat music that sort of reminds me of the Adams Family theme and adds to the overall ambience of the game The HOPs in Tower of Souls are so much fun. They are sort of creepy and require a lot of interaction with moving parts. It is so entertaining to have an interactive hidden object scene that is a bit different and a lot of fun. The early puzzles in the game are very easy but still they break the monotony of merely finding inventory items. Speaking of finding things, the inventory box is a bit different than we expect: it is more off to the left and is boxy rather than covering the bottom. Although The Other Side Tower of Souls comes to us as an SE, my suspicion is that it was originally intended as a CE but that the developer decided to go ahead and not include some of the extras such as the SG. That being said, we do have collectibles to find and achievements to earn ? some of the most popular extras in a CE game. Overall, Tower of Souls is definitely one of the best SE games to come my way in recent weeks (this doesn?t include the SE releases of some CEs, since some of those games were definitely 5-star rated). Yes even though we do acquire a feline helper, he is so much fun, extremely humorous and at times so snarky that I thoroughly enjoy his presence. In fact, just because I find Boris so entertaining, I don?t mind one bit that I can spend my coins to add to his wardrobe or comfort. If you are looking for a game that is just a bit spooky but quite entertaining, Tower of Souls might just be the game for you. As always, I recommend that you at least try the demo to see if this is a game you will enjoy as much as I do. July 16, 2014
The most fun I've had in a while ! Others have told you about the storyline and mechanics of the game but I have to add my 5 stars to this amazing FUN and QUIRKY adventure. Even though I was playing on the EASY mode there were times when I just had to use a hint.. oh and I chuckled a good bit, too, what a CRAZY game. Can't wait to show this one to my grandson who never wants to play HOPAs anymore. I can almost guarantee he's gonna want me to move over and let him at it. Thanks, Shaman, for another out of the box game. I will definitely play this again on harder mode and choose a different ending. July 21, 2014
Very enjoyable, funny and different! BASED ON THE DEMO This one starts out like a lot of other HOPA game storylines, but just wait, it gets really different really quickly. I won't spoil, but just give it a chance to get going and you'll be hooked. The game doesn't take itself very seriously and is full of humour, from item descriptions to the dialogues. There is a Cheshire-cat style cat to help you, and he is very amusing and will actually be useful. The HO scenes are interactive lists, and the interactions are very innovative and fun to play. There are fewer puzzles than HO scenes, but they are also entertaining, if a bit easy. The only downsides I could find are the fact that you can only choose between two difficulty levels and that the gameplay is pretty easy (you will use items almost as soon as you find them). The great thing about this game is that it's an SE, but it has collectibles and the overall quality (the graphics, voice-overs and story) is on the CE level. I didn't think about a for a second, I bought it at once. You should certainly try the demo and decide for yourselves, because an innovative and entertaining game like this deserves your attention :). July 21, 2014
I LOVE THIS GAME! BASED ON DEMO FIRST IMPRESSIONS When I played the beta of this game, I liked it but felt it needed work. Well, the developers have clearly put in the work, because this game is sensational! The opening is delightful. Not dramatic, but interesting, great to look at, and informative. It sets the scene nicely for the action that follows. The story allows for a choice of endings. Two sisters, both apparently endowed with magic powers, are in conflict about opening a portal to the ?Other Side?. Doing so will give great knowledge and power to humanity, but also much death. You are a supernatural detective, and you have been lured here by one of the sisters to help stop the other, who is trying to open the gate. The other sister says you were lured here as the next sacrifice needed to keep the door shut. You have to decide whom you should trust. This game is primarily HOPs, there are lots and lots of them, and they are far better fun than the usual word list. There are many portions of it that are progressive ? ?find this to find that?, and they are all quite different. The graphics are colourful and very well done, with some great surreal artwork, and the music is delightful though a bit repetitive. So far, there hasn?t been much of the gross stuff I saw in the beta, but I am sure it?s coming ? they kept the ?catching spiders with a frog? mini-game, after all, and it was quite a bit icky creepy! So be prepared for disembodied hands conducting surgery on various non-human (thank goodness) body parts. The puzzles are not hard, and entertaining, although there was a reversi game. I am absolutely appalling at that sort of thing, and after many attempts had to skip. The frog game required a little dexterity and good timing. So, a bit of everything in the mini-games as well. There is a journal with info, and history as found (in books as you make your way through the tower), and objectives. There are two levels of difficulty, a hint (Boris the very cheeky cat) who is as likely to scoff at you as be helpful, but will do so eventually *grin*. The map is rudimentary to say the least, it consists of a sketch in the journal showing which floor you are on. BLING! Yup! A stand alone standard edition with bling! There are 100 collectible cat?s paws, which can be found in both the locations and the HOP scenes, or anywhere else for that matter. They are not always depicted as coins. Any image of paw prints will do, so keep your eyes peeled. Including places that you must unlock after finding clues or inventory items to get at them. There are no hints for these, so if you can?t find a code for example, you?ve missed out. They can be used to accessorise the cat. It might be worth doing, just to see his reaction. The accessories are power ups. You can use them to decrease hint refill time, for instance. There are also achievements, both story and performance ones. COMBINED IMPACT I really loved this new updated game. It is great to look at, entertaining to play, and I am in love with Boris the cat. I am looking forward to more dealings with Boris, and seeing what the other floors of the tower have to offer. Enough that I might even, for the first time in months, buy this game without waiting until Monday! July 16, 2014
Fantastic Mini Games and HOS! The story isn't bad either! Two Alchemists opened a portal to the other side, but the dead wanted desperately to join the living. The builder of the portal sacrificed his soul to seal the portal, but over time the dead have weakened the portal seal and it's only a matter of time before the dead join the living! (Zombies!!) Fast forward to the present and you are a Supernatural Detective, actually you are a Detective that deals with the Supernatural, and you have been hired by Lily to defeat her sister Beatrice who's a real witch. One of the sister's want the portal open the other wants the portal closed, but which one? One things for sure, you don't have much of a choice at this point, there's only one way out, up! There are 36 different achievements to earn, and 100 hidden cat paws that can be used in the Upgrade Room. You are teamed up with Boris the cat with a cheshire grin (hmm?) who is best at using sarcasm to point out the obvious. You can cash in your coins in the Upgrade room on outfits for Boris, which are actually 25% faster hint recharges for HOS and Quests and 25% faster recharge of the skip button. The Hidden Object Scenes are very well done, keep in mind that there are two modes of difficulty. The Easy mode has easier mini games and HOS, the Hard mode has more difficult mini games and well blended hidden object items. I played the Hard mode, which is challenging but not impossible. The HOS are very interactive, there are keys to find that only open a specific drawer, items that need put together and lot's of very well concealed items, but they are really fun. The mini games I fell in love with, they were all challenging but entertaining. There were two games in particular that I loved, one had a frog in the middle with cobwebs that rotated around the frog and you have to wait for small spaces to open between the rows of cob webs so that the frogs tongue could reach out and grab the spiders on the outside circle. The one I found most challenging was sliding different colored tokens around tracks to their matching colored slots, but, there were very few empty slots and most of the paths only had one intersection which got clogged easily, this puzzle took me a while but it felt so rewarding when I accomplished the goal. The graphics aren't bad, the characters could have been a little better and moved less stiffly but the story is interesting so I didn't mind. There are a few bell and whistles which makes this a good game for the price. Personally I enjoyed this game, see what you think, enjoy! July 16, 2014
Wonderfully Unique "Out of the Box" Thinking ***REVIEW OF COMPLETED GAME*** First, this is a review of the completed game as I feel reviewing a demo does the developers and other players a disservice! A game can dramatically change after 30 minutes or an hour into it. If you review a demo and say it is horrible you'll never know whether or not the game gets better. If you don't want to waste money on a bad game then wait until you have a free game code or until it is a Daily Deal or Catch of the Week. Now, on to the review! First, the *only* thing keeping this from being a Collector's Edition is the lack of a Strategy Guide. This game has collectibles in the way of journal pages, paw prints and coins that you find throughout the game and the HOS. The coins can be used in the Shop to dress up your travelling companion, Boris, who is a lifesaver throughout the game. These clothing and accessory items will either speed up your general hints/skips by 25%, your HOS hints by 25% or your minigame hints by 25% so you must pay attention to which one(s) you want to buy and have enough coins to cover it. You can stack them and buy multiples of one kind of hint so that it will charge very fast. Then you just click the item, click buy, and turn Boris into one dapper dude! One thing I did not care for is that there are only two levels of difficulty. Easy or Challenging. I believe we have all been spoiled by the newest games allowing us to customize our difficulty! At first I thought this one would let you customize the difficulty by the way the options were laid out. It showed easy on the left, and difficult on the right. Beneath that you see X?s in boxes saying what the difficulties included. I made the mistake by thinking you could select and deselect these boxes and clicked on one on the difficult side. To my surprise, the game immediately started and I questioned whether that was a mistake or not. **Storyline I won?t give too much away to not spoil it for anyone, but you are a male paranormal detective who receives a mission request from someone named Lucy who wants you to meet her in the tower in the cemetery. Okay, great! The only problem with that is there is no tower in the cemetery! It is all ruins! This is where you meet Boris, the Cheshire-like cat. He can disappear and reappear, climb like Spiderman, telepathically talk to you, help you reach things and offers guidance throughout the entire game whether you want it or not. His guidance always comes with a thick layer of sarcasm which really adds to the ambiance of the game. This little guy definitely has opposable thumbs and is ambidextrous ;) Once you get into this ?tower that isn't there? you meet Lucy who turns out to be a ghost! She tells you of a witch named Beatrice living in the tower who wants to open the door to the other side where the dead reside and can return to roam the earth! Lucy flat out warns you not to trust a word Beatrice says! Lucy tells you that you need to reach the top of the tower to destroy the door and ultimately the tower to keep the living safe from the dead. She also tells you that you will find evidence of Beatrice?s insanity, so be on the lookout for journal pages! Almost immediately, Beatrice tries to stop you by collapsing the stairs. How rude of her, she didn't even say hello! About another floor up or so you meet Beatrice again and this time she apologizes and promises she was not trying to hurt you, only to save you from Lucy! Beatrice tells you that Lucy lured you to the tower to sacrifice you and she wants to help you escape. Beatrice also warns you to not trust a word Lucy says! Well, that?s a dilemma? who do you believe? Lucy or Beatrice? The choice is ultimately yours as you can choose who to believe and side with at the end. Will you help Lucy or will you help Beatrice? Since I already completed the game on difficult mode I may go back and do the easy mode and try the other ending! **Game Mechanics This is a HOPA with interactive HOS. The only thing about these iHOS are that, at least in difficult mode as I do not yet know about easy, the item list is all one color so you do not know which item might be hidden or needs something special done to it to collect it. What you won?t find in these iHOS are melons that need to be cut, instruments to play, etc? I think I may have had to fill one teacup and water two plants. Most of the time you had to open doors, caskets or drawers for the objects. In one of the early HOS we have a wooden bust of the Internet?s favorite sourpuss, Grumpy Cat! I literally giggled out loud when I saw Tardar Sauce?s little frowny face staring at me! The Puzzles are great and most are new or reimaged. You do play a game of reversi but there is no mahjong or anything like that. The game is very linear so once you get to about the 3rd floor you will not be backtracking and running back and forth very much. **Graphics, Voice Overs and Music The graphics are absolutely adorably macabre! Imagine the creators of the Addams Family and the Munster?s making a game. This would be it. The graphics and characters are creepy and kooky, mysterious and spooky, and altogether ooky! The voiceovers and music are completely on par with the visuals of the game. **Overall Overall this is an absolutely wonderful stand-alone game. The graphics, the storyline, the game mechanics and the challenge were all top notch and worth every penny spent. I actually had a free game credit but I would have gladly paid the Game Club Collector?s Edition price for this unique gem! **Do I recommend this game? Absolutely! It is very challenging but you will smile and laugh and enjoy every moment of it. I completed the game in approximately 4 hours with only skipping very few games and I consider myself an "expert" player after playing at least 200 BigFish games. July 16, 2014
A Satire....or a Scare? It's hard to classify this game. The story is interesting, the conflict of 2 sisters, each claiming her values/motives only will save the living from the evil dead trapped (for now# in the tower. You, the player must work with the one you decide is the truly noble and honorable sister and help her defeat her sibling who sides with the foul ones in the tower. That drew me in as did the good VO's and bright, colorful graphics. But other things began to emerge as I started play. Not negatives necessarily, but possible drawbacks for a player looking for a "normal" fantasy/horror theme. The graphics are colorful but almost cartoonish with lightening flashes, flying blasts of color and dazzles aplenty. The "helper" is a somewhat humorous/sarcastic cat who seems a cross between the Cheshire Cat and Garfield! #Yikes!#. The hints are excellent, there are items to collect and the puzzles are skippable #on the lower level). But as I played, it seemed almost as if the game is a parody of more serious "Ravenhurst" types. I recommend you try it to judge. You may find this "satire" detracts from the story and feel of the game, or not, or isn't even there. I'm recommending the game but urge you to try it first. Put another way, all the weirdness in the game isn't confined to the ghostly tower! July 16, 2014
a great fun game wow, I don't often buy a game just after playing the first demo but I did on this one. the discount today combined with the fact that this was just fun although challenging at times made me want to buy it. once I figured out that sometimes you need to go back a scene that made it much easier. but overall great. I don't use sound so can't rate that but I do recommend this game. one of the best recently. July 16, 2014
I do love games because of FUN. This is the one! Pretty graphics, humor, interactive HOG scenes - all about the game is a fun cup of tea from the beginning to the end! To those who don't like Boris the Cat - there is maybe too much of him at the beginning, but as game progresses - he appears accidentally, and does not present on every scene. July 17, 2014
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The Other Side: Tower of Souls

Resolve a family squabble before the gates to the realm of the dead swing open and horrors beyond imagination pour into this world!

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