Les Misérables: Jean Valjean

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In 1815, Jean Valjean is freed from prison labor, and is an outcast filled with hate and a sense of injustice. He steals silverware from Monseigneur Bienvenu, who has provided him with food and shelter. However, the bishop's generosity teaches him the meaning of virtue and integrity.

Explore legendary scenes and meet famous characters from the Novel! Be part of the revolt in the Rue Saint Denis and keep your promise to Fantine by saving Cosette from the Thénardiers. Escape from Javert's manhunt and be part of the revolts in the barricades by helping Marius and Gavroche. Experience many other twists and turns!

"Les Misérables" is one of the most renowned literary masterworks and has been adapted for film several times. It is now available as an adventure and hidden object game, with detailed graphics. Play as Jean Valjean in 19th-century Paris and discover the story of the hero in "Les Misérables"!

  • High-definition scenery!
  • Animated interactive areas
  • Collect key objects
  • Play mini games and solve puzzles!
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Game System Requirements:
  • OS: Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
  • CPU: 1.0 GHz
  • RAM: 2048 MB
  • DirectX: 9.0
  • Hard Drive: 741 MB
Game Manager System Requirements:
  • Browser: Internet Explorer 7 or later
Les Misérables: Jean Valjean


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Les Misérables: Jean Valjean

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Les Misrables: Jean Valjean 1.6 5 35 35
Difficult to rate - 3.5 - read caveat I knew I would be in a minority rating this game before I even looked at the reviews of others. The issue, I think, is that this game is being reviewed as a HOPA when it's really a classic HOP with the addition of a very minor adventure style game play component. Many people prefer HOPA's and if that's you then this isn't your game because it isn't a HOPA. I like a good HOP and had fun playing this game. The graphics are sharp, clear, and very nicely done. The music is somewhat classic in style and fits the theme of the story. The atmospheric sounds are well done. There are no voice-overs. The story is based on Les Misrables by Victor Hugo and the game follows the novel fairly closely. The story unfolds mostly through dialogue and frames of text. Because there are no voice-overs there is a lot of reading. If reading bothers you then you will not like this game. Game play involves getting your objective from the dialogue and then moving to a location where you will discover a HOS and an occasional puzzle. Once the HOS is finished you can sometimes find other things at that location including another HOS or something for your inventory. Between locations you get more dialogue or a screen of text filling you in on more of the story. Most things you need to do/find, but not all, are clearly telegraphed in symbols that show even before you click on anything. If you're looking for a heavy "adventure" component then you won't like this game. If HOS and puzzles are what you prefer you probably won't mind the "adventure-lite" approach taken here. The focus of this game is HOS. There are many and they range in difficulty from moderately tough to pretty challenging. They are list finds with no interaction. The scenes are very crisp and visually appealing. I really enjoyed the HOS in this game but people who don't like HOS will not like this game. There weren't many puzzles but they were fun to do and imaginative. The bad part of this game, and the reason for the caveat, is that the cursor cannot be switched for the system cursor and it is a little laggy. Also, there are screen loads between every scene. While the loads are pretty quick it still detracts from immersion in the game. You can't change the volume but since there aren't voice-overs if the music bothers you you can turn it off without missing anything. While these UI issues detract from the game they in no way make it unplayable or unenjoyable IMO. Overall, this is a classic HOP game with the addition of a very minor adventure component. It has great HOS that fans of the older style of HOP game will really like. Fans of the newer HOPA genre may not like it. Based on UI I would give this game a 3. Based on fun factor I would give it a 4. As usual, I'm erring on the side of fun factor and going with the 4. August 13, 2014
Be careful what you wish for! I recently read of a fellow player who bemoaned the lack of games based on 'The Classics' of literature. Well, here you have it! If you do not know the story, then it seems to leap about somewhat. But it is heavily linked to the film in its structure, rather than the novel. I quite enjoyed playing the demo. There was a lot to do and at times it was challenging. I thought the graphics were good, well drawn and the music was, again, reminiscent of the film. Very enjoyable. Sadly, the characters were not based on the actors. Having Hugh Jackman or Russell Crowe might have earned an extra star! There are no VOs so lots of reading to do in dialogues and info drops. The gameplay was the thing that let the game down. there is little challenge as the directional circles pop up in every scene with either an eye (HOS), a magnifier, a jigsaw piece (puzzle) or footprints to go to another scene. Click these, not the object to activate them. However, BEWARE! This is not all there is in a scene! The cursor will change to white at times and might reveal a hidden butterfly or a pick-up. Butterflies reveal facts about the history or the film. If you like HOSs, then you will LOVE this game! There are LOADS! All simple lists with a final object to keep. (BTW you have to click the X to take the object) But, they are not easy at all. I think I had to use a hint in most to find a last object. You really do have to search. And there are hidden butterflies in some too! There are no whistles and bells; no map, no journal, no different gameplay levels. You certainly don't need the first two. The game is very linear. All in all I quite enjoyed it and might consider it for an expiring coupon. I certainly recommend you give it a try. What can you lose except a bit of time? You might just enjoy it! August 13, 2014
Story: Classic Hugo - Game: old loaf of bread This is the classic Victor Hugo tale with a few changes. The story, and the story alone, kept me playing to the end of the trial. I did not mind that there are no voices, perhaps because the characters are already ingrained in my mind. There is a lot of dialog too, but it's necessary to move the story along as well as develop the characters. The main problems with this game have to do with the game play. There is little or no exploring here. You are "told" what to do next by a large magnifying glass, eyeball, or footprints (exit) in the scene. That would be bad enough, but each time you click on one of these, the game switches to its "loading" scene of a book and progress bar until the next scene loads. This takes more than a few seconds each time and gets tedious quickly. The play is also hindered by the use of inventory items, each one requires you to CLICK AND HOLD your mouse key to use it, and also click the "X" to exit windows. These add up to give the sense you are playing a game designed 3-4 years ago (and there's also the burning fireplace sound used that dates from back then). The hidden object scenes are quite numerous and they are more difficult, but they are well drawn. One or two objects in each scene will be very small. The palette uses a lot of browns and this tends to blend items together as well. One of the objects was called a "sand glass," a term I had not heard before but eventually figured out. The best feature is the butterflies which are hidden in areas and also in the hidden object scenes. Finding one brings up an interesting historical fact about the time period the story is set in - that is if you are interested in history. However, they could have done a little more research and found that steel referee's whistles did not exist at the time and don't belong as a hidden object. Even Hugo's story can't "redeem" this one, it's doomed by clunky and dated game play. Inspector Javert won't be tracking this Jean down. August 13, 2014
Historians will like this! (based on demo) While this isn't one of the types of games we have lately been spoiled with - with all the bells, whistles, and ease of comfort in the control we're given (ie- having to click and drag items {this game} and not just click, or being without a map and journal, both of which this game doesn't have or need)- all those little quirks aside, I had fun with this. This is a game I would play in doses though, a little each day. The cut scenes with the characters are a bit amateur, and some of the dialogue was not spoken in those days - the expressions used. Also, a few objects I noticed in the HOSs were not used in that time period- but if the movies and books can get away with all that, I'll give this game that advantage too. For the most part the items used were very relevant to that time period, interesting to look at, and it might have just been mistakes that slipped in (i.e.- in one HOS, they had a modern day clothespin- but then in the next, it was the type used in that century). There is sometimes learning involved, (i.e. - a foreign item of that century not used today) - and then to see what it is with the hint button - which is something I like - games that broaden my knowledge of a given time period. :) Sometimes I'll even pull up my dictionary to find out what an item is, then hunt for it in the HOS, when I'm not timed (like in a demo) ;-) . This is a much more simplistic game, in how the mechanics work, though I liked the puzzles, which were relatively easy with only a short hint to get you started. The HOSs were in the medium range of difficulty for some items - but very sharp and clear. The song used when going into each HOS was the same each time- and though I liked it, it did get a bit monotonous after about the 6th HOS. (you also return to the HOSs at points and they replace all items you previously clicked in other games, so it's like it looked the first time) Instead of arrows and sparkles- we get eyes and footsteps in big medallions. It was "in your face" but no different than playing the casual mode version on other games, just different ways of showing something is there. Not as "pretty" as the other games (sparkles and arrows), but still, not a huge drawback, except for those who play in expert mode. All that said, if you are not a HOG lover, you won't like this game, because there are a lot of them, but the graphics are sharp and colorful and clear, able to be seen well (on my widescreen monitor). **** Who I think will enjoy this game ***** *historians *those who like to read or write historical literature *those who have an interest in France, especially early 19th century *those who like HOGs This game was also engineered more for the beginner. At times, there are "thinking cap" moments involved where it doesn't outline exactly what you're to do - not difficult, but not always hand-holding either. Most of it is that way though. I would recommend waiting for a sale or freebie since there were those little quirks that don't make this game as well defined as others - (in the way it was put together) - and I had to laugh that the sound continued with the snoring, after the guy woke up and was talking to the inspector. That brought a chuckle but didn't make me lose interest in the game. If you can forgive the little quirks mentioned (sound/music can always be turned off) - and you fit any of the types I listed above, give it a go with the demo and see what you think ... Though there are games I have loved and enjoyed a lot more, I didn't dislike this one. And I loved the historical trivia. I especially liked finding the transparent butterflies- clicking on those gave interesting and little known trivia facts of historical France that I enjoyed learning. August 14, 2014
Could have been better. I could have done better on this one. It could have been better created. There were a lot of HO'S They hid them alright I hate to stare to find some so tiny had to use the hint. What of waste of time. It was a free game for me. Just more thought on this one it could have been good. August 15, 2014
Disappointment - could have been so much better Oh dear. Where shall we start? High expectations soon dashed No level to choose - options, read on... Music - either on or off - no separate volume control Gets very annoying after a while so turned off. Would like the option to set to lower volume without losing other sounds. Sound- likewise - either on or off. After hearing the trading conversation for the twentieth time (do you want a whole one? No, I just want some change!) and the moans of the injurted priest even after he is healed, the sound off could be a good option too!. No voice over so you have to read all the dialogue. Graphics - OK quite clear and colouful for the most part. But why is the broken cart still there days later and the priest still moaning as though he is still under the cart? As you have to traverse this section many times, it gets frustrating to hear the same soundtrack and see the same graphics as the original scene! Did no-one in France clear up accident damage? HO scenes - sometimes very easy, other times extremely difficult as dusty dark cupboards make identifying small objects very hard. Also no help on what some of the objects are- a hint on what you might be looking for with some items would be really helpful ( description or outline of item would improve this game no end). The hint just shows you where it is and sometimes I clicked on the area with no idea what the object was - it was click and hope a lot of the time. What is a clockard? Plot line follows the Les Mis story I guess. Was hoping the music would be good but it was too annoying and repetitive. Just got too frustrated at the lack of finesse in the game, it seemed like someone had an idea and rushed it out rather than thinking about it and developing a good game. Need to use hints to get next action often as no tasks options available. Sometimes the next action is telegraphed and other times you wonder what you are supposed to be doing. Using inventory - have to drag object to correct part of scene to use. Why not have click and pick up then clck and drop like other good games? To get obects (from HO scenes) you have to close the window...seems rather clumsy to me. Why not have a collect or pickup button? I cannot recommend it unless you really like annoying music, sound and frustrating HO scenes. August 13, 2014
Very frustrating! I was quite interested in this game - but it really failed to deliver! I found it slow and cumbersome and the bubbles that you had to click on to move to another area or go in close up, made the scene appear cluttered. It was slow moving in between scenes and I found it annoying that if you wanted to use something in your inventory you had to drag it across, rather than one click and you hold it like most games. The hint takes ages to recharge and the music was awful. There didn't appear to be anything else to find, other than the hidden objects scenes and after 10 minutes, I got fed up of it. I wouldn't even buy this as a SE, let alone a CE! August 13, 2014
Waste of money or credit Not near the standards of other Big Fish games. Quit after about 20 minutes and that was too long. August 13, 2014
a real disspointment when I saw this game I got excited but as others have said it was a disappointment unfortunately. really wanted to like it but hint was slow, now Idea where to go or what I was doing. played for a bit but got board so cant recommend this game un less major improvements are made. August 13, 2014
Miserable Game (Fantastic Story) I was on the fence with this game, the graphics are simple, there isn't enough activities to do in any of the scenes, in fact some scenes were void of any activities other than dialog (no voiceovers, just dialog boxes to read) There were only a scant amount of mini games and every time you exit the current location even the next room, you had to look at an image of a book for several seconds while the game caught up..way to sloooow. However I found myself continuing to play this painfully slow and uninteresting game because I wanted to know how the story goes, that's right, I haven't read the story before and I haven't even seen any movie renditions either because at the time, the story didn't appeal to me. Unfortunately this game may have ruined the appeal to read the novel. Jean Valjean has been released from prison and hard labor after several years only to find that this stigmatism would forever haunt him and that he would never truly be "free" that is until he meets Monsignor Bienvenu who teaches him an invaluable life lesson that would be his guiding light to the future. This is a very easy game to play, you can use the mouse to zoom into each scene, but it serves no purpose that I could see. The graphics are very basic with little attention paid to detail, there are no voiceovers, just soft background music that's virtually unnoticed. There are no options available for difficulty and you are forced to experience a full tutorial on the mechanics of the game. Another feature I thought was annoying was that the inventory bar will not lock, you must click on the bar to access it every time, and when you need to use an item from the inventory, you have to click the item AND drag the item to the desired location. There are several opaque butterflies throughout (most in HOS but not all) that when clicked on will give you a small factoid such as the population of Paris in 1846 was over 1 million and was the world's largest industrial city with over 400,000 laborers. The Hidden Object Scenes are basic list finds with no interactions. Most of the items involved finding multiples such as 3 clovers, 3 shells, or 3 keys. The scenes are basically piles of junk heaped together or spewn about a larger area and all of the scenes are repeated in the same location at least once if not twice. There are very few mini games, not bad but nothing to write home about such as using partial clues given to line up several discs with the correct combination. Not a horrible game just not a game that will excite many HOS lovers. September 6, 2014
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