Ominous Objects: Family Portrait

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From Daily Magic, creators of the acclaimed Dark Dimensions series, comes an intriguing new series!

You arrive home from a long business trip to discover your new home in disarray! Your wife tells you paintings throughout the house have been coming to life, and now your children are missing. Only little Leia remains, but she refuses to unlock her door. Who or what frightened her so badly… and where are your other children? As you seek them out, you realize your new home hides many dark secrets. You must uncover them before your family is cursed to remain there forever in this chilling Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game.

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Ominous Objects: Family Portrait


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Ominous Objects: Family Portrait

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Ominous Objects: Family Portrait 4.1 5 14 14
A Graphically Beautiful Fantasy Game - Very Entertaining I must admit that when I purchased the CE of Ominous Objects and heard the dialog, I thought give me a break! The dialogue was so far-fetched for the eighteenth century that I had to laugh. That being said, if you can check your sense of reality at the door and realize that Ominous Objects is just a game, then you may end up liking it. Since the game is from an excellent developer who has brought us extremely good games in the past, I knew it would be a great game, and it was! The game has excellent graphics that are quite colorful, gorgeous and exceedingly crisp. Given the wonderful graphics in Ominous Objects it would seem logical that the developer would also include a wonderful sound package but that is not the case since the voiceovers certainly miss the mark and are the weak point of the game. It is not so much that the voices are terrible, but coupled with the dialogue that is so out of character given the time period, the overall effect is almost laughable. However, if you can get past the obvious time period flaws, then the rest of the sound package is excellent. Very early in the game you will find your interactive, transporter map but there is not a journal or diary. When you click the circle on the lower left it will open other circles for the map, goals, achievements and the Kitty Playroom. Although I do prefer having a journal during a game, I didn?t really feel that it was needed in Ominous Objects. Oh, yes you do have a cute and cuddly fur-ball who joins you on your adventure and who will help you when needed. Some gamers hate pet helpers in games but I rather like them once in a while. The HOPs are very interactive and many of them include mini-puzzles that must be completed in order to earn your ?prize.? IMHO, the puzzles are this game?s strong point and although they are not difficult, some do take a bit of time and thought to complete. This is a game where the HOPs, puzzles and adventure fit together making Ominous Objects Family Portrait the total package and a great game to play. Yes the story is a bit far-fetched (I don?t think castles were purchased as if they were tract homes in the eighteen century) but I still had a great time playing due to the good puzzles and HOPs. Overall the game is very entertaining, enjoyable and quite long. In the end it was a wonderful game and one well worth adding to my collection. If there happens to be a great CE sale you might like to consider the CE as well, but no matter which version of the game you decide to get, I hope you will find it to be as enjoyable as I did. As always, I recommend that you at least try the demo to see if this is a game you will like. August 15, 2014
Bought in spite of reviews and liked it I hesitated on buying the CE. I'm glad I waited. I got the SE half price and thoroughly enjoyed it. Interesting HOGs. Find things to work other items, finding hidden pieces of something in the HO. Different from the old run of the mill squint and search. Story was easy to follow and kind of made sense in a fairy tale kind of way. I couldn't buy cutsie things for the cat helper, but not a big deal to me. Was a very good length. I played almost 4 1/2 hours and skipped any puzzles I didn't like. There were a few. I hate the puzzles where you have to turn all lights on or off and clicking one changes others. (gets my ADD riled) All in all, I consider it worth the money unlike a few short stinkers I have bought lately. August 23, 2014
The Family Portrait Might Have A Few Less Family Members Now You have finally arrived at your new castle, the Grofford Estate, it's been a long business trip and you are certainly looking forward to a relaxing evening with Elizabeth and the kids. Unfortunately that's not happening tonight, you probably should have investigated the castle before buying it because there is a restless spirit roaming the castle, and the portraits seem to be coming to life! The children were deciding which book to read in the vast library when they discovered a hidden passage just behind the bookshelves, naturally they explored and found a portrait that began glowing, which unleashed an evil entity. Brandon, William and Anna are missing, Leia however managed to grab the book that opened the hidden passage and she ran for her life! (each man/woman for himself is my motto in any ghostly situation!) As mom tries to comforts Leia, you quickly scoop up the family cat, Mr. Jenkins and the two of you set off to rescue the missing children from the man who painted these cursed portraits that have a mind of their own. The Collector's Edition has hidden coins throughout the game which can be used to buy and decorate Mr. Jenkins humble kitty abode, and achievements to earn as well, but neither are available in this Standard Edition. This is a game that has a ton of gadgets and locks to tinker with, and a lot of inventory items to pick up and repair, which is a feature I love, some games have very little to do in each scene which can become boring after a while, but not this game! You will also notice that all kinds of items can be interacted with, it has nothing to do with the game just kind of fun, I actually kept petting the horse just to see him spook! There weren't too many hidden object scenes, but they are very well done and every HOS has a somewhat lengthy puzzle to complete such as a triangle puzzle where you switch tiles that are next to each other until the triangle piece is in the correct place. The puzzles were so engrossing that I forgot it was an HOS! There are list finds and Fragmented finds in the same HOS and one HOS required you to find the clothes to a doll and dress her in a specific order. There are very entertaining mini games and puzzles, some with newer concepts that include, pendants to drag until each one is on a separate square horizontally and vertically, and cube puzzles to rotate to complete a picture but when you rotate one cube, others move as well, just to name a few. The graphics are simply gorgeous, the characters are very realistic, and even the animals are lifelike which usually isn't the case in most games. The game itself is well produced and obvious that the devs spent a lot of time on the production of this game. The Collectors Edition comes with a Bonus game, bonus match 3, developers diary, concept art, a kitty playroom, achievements, wallpapers, music and of course a built in strategy guide, I think you will be happy with either edition, enjoy! September 9, 2014
The Most Fun I've Had In A Long Time! BASED ON COMPLETED STANDARD EDITION GAME WOW! I'm absolutely blown away. This is Daily Magic's best yet. It is one of the best games this year, and even one of the best of all time. I struggled to find anything bad about it. The story was brilliant, the gameplay was brilliant, almost everything about this game was brilliant. I thoroughly enjoyed myself from beginning to end. The story was very good. Its concept was very exciting and it was well executed. The main story revolves around you, the main character, returning home to your new house after a trip. You come home to find that all is not as it seems... paintings have come to life and are terrorising your family! The story was very engaging from the moment it began. I loved each time something came out of one of the paintings, and I loved the creative ways of dealing with them. It was very creative and enjoyable. The game had twists at just the right moment, and they were logical and flowed well with the story. The demo ended on a very exciting note, and I had to continue. After the demo, stories tend to flatten a bit, but not this one! This game kept its grip on me and did not let go. As I entered each new world and dug deeper in to the story, I just got more and more excited. There were more twists, things started to unravel, and we discovered more about the villain. After I got out of the paintings, I got the feeling I was in for a great ending, and I was not disappointed. I loved how the animal helper was actually involved in the story, instead of just being there to reach things for you! The ending was 100% conclusive, with absolutely no need for the bonus chapter. This game also had a backstory, which I enjoyed. It told the story of the villain. I liked how it wasn't all done in the first forty minutes, and how some key twists in the game related to the backstory. Overall, a great story. I just have two criticisms: 1. The backstory did not have enough detail. I felt it did not reach a conclusion, and it was never fully explained why the villain was doing what he was doing. I felt it could have been done a lot better, and Daily Magic should have worked on it more. 2. There was not enough time spent in each painting. I had just gotten in and I was sent back out again. In every painting, I spent about five minutes tops. I would have preferred having a bit more to do in the painting worlds. The gameplay was brilliant. It was the best gameplay I have ever scenes. I loved the HOS, due to their interactivity, variety and challenge. The HOS were definitely the best part of this game. There were many different varieties: assemble the item junkpile, progressive silhouette, progressive junkpile and story-HOS (although there was only one). Each HOS was incredibly fun and varied in challenge. My personal favourite was the assemble the item junkpile. There was a great number of HOS in the game, all spaced out fairly evenly. Personally, I wouldn't have minded a few more, but that's just me loving them so much. I would have liked to have seen a couple more of the story-HOS too. I also didn't like how some HOS included puzzles. In my opinion, puzzles and HOS should always be separated. I enjoyed the puzzles, though not as much as the HOS.I enjoyed attempting them, and some I could solve, but others were too confusing or challenging for my tastes. They weren't really anything new. Similar to the HOS, there was a decent number of them in the game, and they are spaced out evenly. This game has only one additional gameplay feature, but it is a good one. The additional feature was an animal helper. Mr. Jenkins. Mr. Jenkins is the family's pet cat. Mr. Jenkins was used realistically, and fairly often. The animal helper even had an involvement in the storyline, which was wonderful. I hope animal helpers continue to make a presence in this developer's games. Having the helper added significantly to the fun factor. The basic gameplay has been done quite well. The interactivity continues, because there is sometimes a progress bar, especially if wiping a mirror. This was a nice move, as it made the game more realistic and fun. Aside from that, most of the basic features appeared. There was a helpful map, a working hint, and three modes of difficulty. However, I found that the diary was missing. This was disappointing for me. A diary is a great tool for keeping track of events, especially for me, as sometimes I find it hard to remember early parts of the story. I wish it had been there. Overall, brilliant gameplay and the most fun I have had in a game ever. I do have one problem, however: towards the end of the game, in the final chapter, I got so ridiculously stuck. The map did not show any active places, and the hint did not work; only telling me there was nothing to do in the area. I could not figure out what I had done wrong, and in the end, had to write to the developers personally to ask for help. I ended up proceeding by pure luck, accidentally clicking on something I didn't know needed to be clicked on. Although brief, this period was very frustrating and confusing, which almost made me quit the game. It would have been a real shame, because up until then, the game was perfect. However, I did proceed, and thus, this will not affect my rating. The graphics were perfect. There's no other way to describe them. They are done with so much detail; every scene is crystal clear and objects looked so realistic I felt I could almost touch them. The colours used are brilliant, and match the games' atmosphere well. There was not one moment where the graphics were fuzzy; everything is so wonderfully done. A huge kudos to the developers for this. These are probably the best graphics I have ever seen in a HOPA game. Unfortunately, the high standard set by the graphics could not be matched by the voice-overs. I felt that the voice-overs were really underacted. The voice of the main character was especially annoying. I felt that the developers added unnecessary voice-overs for the main character. I do not want to hear ?I don't think this is a good idea,? or ?Oh! Give me a new clue!? every time I place an item incorrectly. This drove me mental, especially since I had to hear it so often during the period where I was stuck. I was lucky enough to BETA this game, and that was the one thing I suggested be changed. To see it not be changed was a shame. I hope the developer's learn from this mistake, because it was the only downer for an otherwise perfect game. FEATURES 3 modes of difficulty: Casual, Advanced and Hard. Differences are standard. I played Casual. Hint/Skip- Both recharged at a decent speed for the difficulty I selected. Hint works well outside HOS. Map- The map is interactive and is very helpful. It lets you know where you have tasks to perform. Mr. Jenkins- this is your animal helper. Mr. Jenkins was used often and realistically. CE EXCLUSIVES Bonus Chapter- absolutely not needed. The main game ends conclusively. Built-in Strategy Guide- The only time I would have needed it was for the time where I got stuck. Achievements Kitty Playroom- this was a shop where you could buy things for Mr. Jenkins. There are collectible coins in the game. Match 3 Levels Developer Diary- 19 videos Concept Art Wallpapers (6) Music WHICH IS THE BETTER BUY? Definitely the SE, hands down. There weren't many CE Extras, and the only one I was really attracted to was the Kitty Playroom. That's not enough to make me buy the CE. Plus, with a conclusive ending, I have zero need for the Bonus Chapter. ON THE GAME LENGTH I found the game to be quite lengthy. Maybe 3 to 3 hours on Casual mode, which is a great length. Overall, this is a brilliant game and will definitely go in to contention for my game of the year awards. Daily Magic have hit the nail on the head here and have raised the bar for all their future games. I had a blast playing this and can see no reason not to award this game a five star rating. August 31, 2014
Excellent I loved this game, it has been a great experience to play. It is wonderful from start to finish. August 29, 2014
A fun and long game As for the voice overs, I play games without the sound (late at night) so except for a one minute listen to be able to judge based on some experience, really can't say great or not. Rest of the game was fun with some easy, some just the right degree of dificulty, one impossible, mini game. Had no idea what I was supposed to do so skipped. Thankful for the map as, at least for me, I forget whats needed where and need those senior reminders. Graphics were clear and well defined. Story line is typical but very workable. Usually buy CE editions but the standard was on sale and I took advantage of it. The CE's are nice as they are longer and I also can get a clue on how to work a mini game I have trouble with and not have to skip (more bang for my dollar). January 12, 2015
Excellent game! After buying a few clunkers lately, I was so happy to play a game that has beautiful graphic scenes, worked with every click, and had an amazing variety of puzzles, including HO. I especially liked the puzzles that require finding 1 object to activate another hidden object. There were even puzzles within puzzles. This game is a definite winner. September 16, 2014
purchased, am 1/2 way thru SE, Casual, enjoying immensely CE had no collectibles or Morphs, just wallpaper stuff(not my thing) so got SE. Have been enjoying game for 3 hours - great Saturday free Punch treat. Storyline farfetched put graphics pretty and play is logical in most cases. Has keep my interest so that I don't always need the Transporter Map. Bit of hand-holding in some cases but I'm retired and play Casual for just FUN. It's worth a try! Ignorable annoying voice on occasion. Definetly recommend you try it. August 16, 2014
This Portrait is Paint-By-Numbers You return home to your castle to find that your children have been taken by some sinister red-eyed being who uses paintings to release his minions of gargoyles, bats, vicious dogs and - fill in the blank. It all began when one of your children pulled a book off the shelf and opened a secret room and unleashed this monster. The story makes use of the usual inhabitants of these games - missing children, scary animals, swirling black clouds, mysterious books, and things popping out of paintings. Problem is, it's all been done over and over ad nauseam. I can't see how anyone could describe this game as imaginative - even a growling gargoyle has been done recently elsewhere . The voice acting is woodenly stiff and atrocious, with no apparent thought to the context of what is being said. The characters are not interesting, you don't know anything about them except they live in a castle. The quality of drawing and cut scenes are fine, but we've seen similar quality in nearly every other game. Similarly, the game play introduces nothing new, its just derivative of what's already been done. Oh, and there is a helper, Mr. Jenkins the cat - again, nothing creative or imaginative about that either. If you have played 10 games in the last year, then you surely have played this one a few times. Had they at least come up with something original in the story it would be acceptable, but alas, no. if you were hoping Family Portrait would be an original, disappointingly, it's just a copy. August 15, 2014
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Ominous Objects: Family Portrait

A father returns home to find his children missing - all but one, who refuses to say a word...

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