PuppetShow: Lightning Strikes Collector's Edition

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From ERS Game Studios, creators of the beloved PuppetShow series!

You have been called to Paris to investigate a string of mysterious abductions. Several women vanished recently after being struck by mysterious lightning bolts. What's more, it appears the women are being turned into... puppets! But just who is behind the crimes, what do they want, and how does it all work? To find out, you'll need to explore the streets of Paris, solving tricky puzzles and uncovering hidden clues. Just remember to keep your wits about you... Not everything is as it seems in this thrilling Hidden Objects Puzzle Adventure game.

This is a special Collector's Edition release full of exclusive extras you won't find in the standard version. As a bonus, Collector's Edition purchases count toward three stamps on your Monthly Game Club Punch Card!

The Collector's Edition includes:

  • Collectible coins and landmark restoration mini-game
  • Bonus chapter featuring a thrilling epilogue!
  • Replay mini-games, hidden object puzzles, and videos
  • Concept Art, Wallpapers, Screensavers and Soundtrack
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Game System Requirements:
  • OS: Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
  • CPU: 1.4 GHz
  • RAM: 1024 MB
  • DirectX: 9.0
  • Hard Drive: 972 MB
Game Manager System Requirements:
  • Browser: Internet Explorer 7 or later
PuppetShow: Lightning Strikes Collector's Edition

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PuppetShow: Lightning Strikes Collector's Edition

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PuppetShow: Lightning Strikes Collector's Edition 3.2 5 114 114
Puppetshow, I wanted to buy this one I wanted to buy this, because i have all of the other puppet shows and we liked them a lot. My issue is, in my opinion as a female it is not OK to be showing all this cleavage in a game or a movie. I don't condone it and don't want to buy into it. I want a game that doesn't need that to sell it (movies also). I was so looking forward to playing this game (I played the demo). But, I couldn't hardly stand playing it because of the above issue. I was going to buy it and give it a 5 star.. But, unfortunately it is a no go for me. August 24, 2014
A fortune teller, young boy, airship captain and a circus??? What does all this have to do with what's going one??? First, let me say that I didn't play any of the previous games in this series, however, my review IS based on the completion of this demo. You are in London in the late 1800's to help find missing girls. But, how? There are puppets everywhere - talking to you, stalking a little boy (kidnapped?!?!?! OH NO!) Are these girls alive or dead? Only time and playing this game will answer these questions and many more. There are 3 levels of difficulty (sorry, no "custom" - smile). There is a transportable map, but the way it's set up is a bit annoying so I didn't use it. There's also a diary that contains notes, character information and your tasks. An evidence folder - you will find cards that need to be placed in the appropriate place on the board. The hint button does take a bit of time to recharge but it will also transport you where you need to go. Nice alternative to the weird map. The HOGs (hidden object games) I played were varied. In one instance, I had to open flowers and flowers buds to reveal the items I needed. How fun! I LOVE flowers! But, the prizes I got weren't so keen - lol. Hmmm - HOG or mini game? Oh well, they were all fun - HOGs and mini games alike. The mini games were fun as well. Putting one of the posters together took some time (for me) but the sense of satisfaction I got when it FINALLY came together was worth every minute! (big congratulatory pat on the back for me!). The CE Bling is pretty much the usual offered by this DEV. There are achievements galore (even one for NOT listening to a conversation????? Really?). You collect not-so-well hidden piggy banks and use the coins to repair 2 well-known landmarks (want me to tell which ones? Nope! Play the demo to find out - lol). The characters you meet are truly ... characters. A ship's captain, who while dangling by a rope in the air STILL holds onto his cigar - lol (I remember smoking (I quit some years ago - YAY ME() --- but yep, smokers are very protective of their "smokes" - lol). Also, a young boy who claims he knows "everyone" in town and insists he can help you. A fortune teller who puts you through your paces before she'll give you any information. There's a LOT of cut scenes. I don't know if this generous amount continues in the entire game. It can be a bit distracting. The voice overs were okay, but, I did notice the hands moved, the eyes blinked, dare I say I could see the chest move as the character breathed? But, no lip syncing? How hard would it have been to add moving lips? HUH? A definite "hmmm" moment. Maybe the employee in charge of lip movement was out on vacation or something. I saw characters from other games I've played (Maestro, for instance). And, when I did see them, it was almost an immediate purchase for me. I have to admit though, the lack of luster in the Bling Department has me on the fence and I will probably wait for the SE. I thoroughly enjoyed this game. I know I'm probably in the minority. But, IMO, I believe those of us who DID NOT play the previous games will enjoy this as a stand-alone game. While those who are true diehard fans of the Puppet games will probably be more disappointed. So sad - too bad. I hope this review encourages you at least try the demo. It's 90 minutes long and FREE! Please help us find those missing girls - dead or alive. And, be careful of the lightning! Bad things happen if you get struck. Happy Gaming! September 19, 2014
Very Good The only thing I can say is that it went quick. I had it done in about an hour. Wish it would have had more like the other PuppetShow games. I don't think it should have been a Collectors Edition. August 22, 2014
Tons of Fun great story line, good graphics... August 23, 2014
Would have like it more.!!! Bored to tears waiting for a great CE. Just not what I really love in a game. I bought in the hope for the normal HO'S at some point no just not happy. I want the ho's back what's so hard about that. Still waiting for the really good developers back. What's the hold up no one answers. Keep giving us garbage. August 21, 2014
Prepare for a 'creepy' puppet show! This review is based on the completed CE edition. Overall the game was excellent, with nice innovative touches that made it stand out from other games in this genre. Some of the HO scenes were innovative and were a change from the normal find items from in a pile of ?junk?, there were of course some of these but there were other variations which kept it interesting. The story was compelling and mixed different elements, though unlike other games where you are playing a ?detective? it didn?t really seem to fully that aspect through as fully as it may do on other games the ?Edgar Poe? series for example, indeed you could just have easily been a ?sister?, ?brother? etc and the detective part didn?t IMO correlate at all to the overall feeling of the game, this is neither a bad or good thing just a personal observation, it wasn?t though detriment to the game, just in this game didn?t add anything to it. The mini-games were again innovative and well thought out and suited the style of game very well. I did however find that on a couple of the mini-games I had to use the SG and one I had to completely bypass it as the instructions were not very clear. Speaking of the text, if you can forgive some of the spelling and grammatical errors, then the story overall was good and compelling, I would go as far as to say this was the best in the series so far. It is aimed I would have thought at a mature audience, as it could ?scare? younger children with regards to mannequins and puppets coming to life, not only this but it is done in a slightly spooky/gothic way which as I say may scare younger children. The VO was good, though because of the text translation the words did not always follow the speech so if you are Hard of Hearing or have the sound turned down bear this in mind. Another innovative with regards to the mini-games was that you could choose the skill levels, you wanted to play at, it didn?t award you with anything extra at the end (at least I don?t think it did but as I say I missed one out so not 100% sure on that), what it did mean though was that the mini-games could be more a challenge thus making the game tailored to more specifically to you. The game was a decent length even after the 90 minutes trial, I have recently trialled then purchased a game but it was only the same length again thus for me 3 hours total, which doesn?t seem very long if you are purchasing a CE game. One thing I did find slightly unnerving was that the lady of the manor was called ?Adele?, at first I thought the game adapted the name to the person profile, however when I looked at a walkthrough after completion I saw that it was indeed Adele?s manor this slightly unnerved me as that is my first name and to think I was a puppet in slightly creepy game was as I say unnerving, fun in a macabre way but unnerving nonetheless ? The only slight negative I would give for the game overall is that you had to be precise on clicking with regards to the HO images and generally throughout the game, also I played on the ?hard? setting but unusually for this setting, the map showed areas where you needed to complete something, thus you could do a ?game by numbers? in that you could just follow the indicators to click to that place and complete the puzzle there and carry on, I admit personally I find this cheating, but on the other-hand sometimes in the game it didn?t seem very logical as to where you needed to go next so it was useful, however it is unusual for this to be available on the ?hard? setting. I would recommend this game even if you have not played any of the others in the series as I think all of the ?puppet? series can be played stand alone, as the only continuity features are the fact that you are a detective and that there are ?creepy puppets? in each game. October 21, 2014
An ok game with some poor features - 2.5 stars The graphics are clear but the colors are so misty and pale in some places that the game looks faded. The atmospheric sounds were good and the music was appropriate to the theme. The voice overs were a mixed bag for me. Some sounded good while others were wooden to the point where they became annoying. The story begins as the airship our character is on crash lands in a small town with a carnival or circus visiting nearby. The companion with us on the airship vanishes once we get to the ground and, inexplicably, is never seen again in the demo. Our character is immediately recruited to help solve a mystery involving disappearing young women. He is aided periodically by other characters including a small boy and a fortune-teller. The story unfolds through the use of, in my opinion, an excessive number of cut scenes. Every time I turned around there was another cut scene. It interrupted the flow of the game. Game play involves entering a location which usually has one or two areas of interest within it. Often the game will pop up a very large black bar at the top which tells you that you need to find a specific object. The object is often very large, very obviously placed, and the only thing there which looks remotely of interest. It was annoying having the game tell me to click on something which so blatantly needed to be clicked on. Once you click on the object your work in that area is often done and you either head forward or fall back to the location where the item is clearly meant to go. There is a lot of to and fro running around built into the game but nothing is difficult to figure out and you generally have only one or two tasks on your list of things to do at a time. One of the locations had a tutorial box that continued popping up every time I went there in spite of the fact that I clicked Skip on the box each time. It finally went away when I just bit the bullet and performed the tutorial action. Very irritating. There are few HOS and they are very, very easy. Often what I needed to "find" was so prominently displayed that I felt I was merely proving I knew how to use a mouse to click a screen rather than looking for something. There was a larger number of puzzles but they were all very easy. Many of them seemed to be the type where you need to figure out an unknown sequence by randomly clicking various elements in the puzzle until you stumble on the right one. Not a fan of those. The UI is point and click but often it required very precise placement of the mouse in order to register the click. Fussy UI's like this make it difficult for me to feel immersed in the game. Overall, while there was some creativity present in both story and puzzles, this game didn't hold my interest. It has too many cut scenes and not enough challenging game play. There were so many annoying features I felt tempted to give it a 2. It isn't all that bad though so I'm erring on the positive side of 2.5 and giving it a 3. August 21, 2014
Creepy Puppets are Back! Hi all. Well, finally another addition to the Puppet Show series. This is the 6th in the series: PS: Souls of the Innocent; Destiny Undone; Lost Town; Mystery of Joyville (the only one not originally a CE); Return to Joyville and now this one. Naturally, I have the first 5 already. This game is pretty much the same as the other. Yes, there are blues and pinks throughout, but they are not over-powering like so many others. Graphics are very clear and clean. Game play was good, but did seem to lag a bit and froze at the ship helm, but no problem since restarting. Music is pretty much the same as all the others in the series. Voice overs are well done and appropriate for the character. There is a jump map, but not too keen on the set up (the street lamp lights up when there is something to be done in a location). It does work quite well. Hint system is very helpful and does transport you to locations. It takes 40 seconds for it to recharge and I didn't see where you could change that. HOPs are very clean and clear and items were not difficult to find. They are set up somewhat differently than most, which was fun. You can switch between word hints for items, or a list of items. Puzzles were not difficult at all, actually very simple. The only collectibles I found were piggy banks, which are not hard to see. They are larger and pretty much in the open. You collect coins from these banks in order to "re-build" and "repair" two landmarks. Nothing morphing or anything else. Sort of boring. This game did not grab my attention like the other 5 and seemed more simplistic. Same old creepy puppets, but not really exciting or challenging. Very disappointing. I don't see that just repairing two landmarks is worth the price of a CE. I think I will wait for the SE version on this one, but I have been known to change my mind. As always, try it for yourself and see what you think. We all have different tastes in games and you may find this one to be exactly what you are looking for. Thanks for the review. August 21, 2014
PuppetShow has gone too easy I was excited about a new PuppetShow. While it has some innovative play, it was far too easy. It isn't as creepy as previous PuppetShows. You can find and earn coins to upgrade a Wonder of the World. It has achievements, wallpapers, etc.; the typical Collector Edition items. It is visually appealing. It isn't horrible, but I'm passing on it. August 21, 2014
Game needs to be proofread and polished! This game had potential if it were not for all the annoyanced I encountered. I have purchased all the other "PuppetShow" games but I will not be buying this one I'm afraid. Although the story-line was interesting, the game was overly simplistic for me. Also, there is this annoying bar that shows up at the top and shows you 'exactly' what to click on, and there was no way to turn if off. Also despite clicking to skip the tutorial, it would show up repeatedly, which was frustrating. The story-line was interesting, but I just could not continue being annoyed with the constant hand holding and the bad spelling and grammar. A spell check is needed for this game. I was always a huge fan of ERS, but lately they are producing a huge number of games in a small time-frame and I feel like they publish games without polishing and proofreading them. I hope things improve for future games. If you don't mind the grammar and hand holding issues, I think you will enjoy this game! August 24, 2014
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PuppetShow: Lightning Strikes Collector's Edition

The women of Paris are being turned into puppets! Can you find out who's pulling the strings?

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