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Big Fish Games Studios summons you back to the deep mystery and magic of Azada. Too afraid to enter the library, young Titus calls upon your courage and superior puzzle-solving skills to disarm the magical menace. Luckily, Titus has given you a magic medallion to call upon him when in need. Enter the lives of storybook characters in more than 20 magic puzzle books. Meet famous legends like King Arthur, Rapunzel, Henry Jekyll, Buffalo Bill, and many more. Can you unveil the dark hidden secret in Azada: Ancient Magic?

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Game System Requirements:
  • OS: 10.4, 10.5 (recommended)
  • CPU: 1.83GHz
  • RAM: 512 MB
Game Manager System Requirements:
  • Browser: Safari 4.0 or later
  • Alcohol Reference
  • Mild Blood
  • Violent References
Azada: Ancient Magic


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Azada: Ancient Magic

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Azada: Ancient Magic 4 5 32 32
Played before. Played before; had on hard copy; been so long that I forgot!! Good game, was excited about it then, and it was still a fun game! Set of fairy tale stories and you have to help them out of their problems, like Hansel and Gretal & Rapunzel . Different from the eerie, gory games we play now. Good game for kids. On my way to Azada Elementa November 21, 2013
oddly original! On the really positive side is that the game developers knew all along from the era of Azada (the first game) that there'd be a new azada as well. So, the password given in Azada I is used for an extra chapter in Azada II, which kinda amazed me. Also nice was that the storyline included a lot of the world's most famous fairytales. Not that hard were the riddles and such. All in all, a pleasurable, but non-the-less short game. July 5, 2013
Another great puzzler More puzzles, plus I can ditch the timer. A bit different than the original Azada, but equally as enjoyable. The challenge level is higher than the original. More thinking required and planning out some of the solutions was absolutely necessary. Storyline is a bit weak but supported the book concept. Also a set-up for a sequel. Visuals were mostly superb, even to the point of finding writing pens without magnification. My only ding on visuals is the card evaluation section. Finding the symbols was difficult for my eyes and at some points became a guessing game. Another great puzzler. August 23, 2012
Good puzzles I have played through the full game several times and replayed some of the mini-games even more. I?m glad I bought the game and it is worth playing. But overall it doesn?t seem to impress me as favorably as the original Azada. I didn?t have a problem with the timer at all. Mainly because if you time out on a segment of the game that has, for example, five books you don?t have to repeat all five books. You start over in the book where you left off. But I?m glad that everyone has a choice now. I thought the character?s dialogue type size was too small. The dialogue appears to be white and grey shaded print in a dark brown box. I found it to be fuzzy and difficult to read. I am one of the many intelligent and active older gamers whose eyesight is no longer perfect. I truly wish the game developers would let their parents and grandparents test their games. I wonder if you had testers that were in their fifties, sixties and seventies. Many of the things that I did not like about this game have to do with things being too small on the screen. In a few books you have to do something in one room like put water in the cooking pot, ring a door bell or knock on a door, then quickly go back to another room and do a task. This would be ok on a limited basis. But I think it happens too often and seems like a time filler to make the game seem longer. In general the logic of moving and solving the book puzzles is pretty easy. I enjoyed that aspect of the game but felt that some of the books were too short. Scanning the suspect cards every few books was a bit tedious. The puzzle was ok but the light blue and light purple symbols on the grey background was difficult to see. More color variance and larger symbols would have been nice. There was plenty of blank grey space on these puzzle pages so the symbols could have easily been made bigger. And we had to go to this game fairly often so I feel it would have been a more pleasant experience if there had been something there other than a blank grey grainy background. I liked the variety of the mini-games and I will enjoy replaying some of them. But some of the mini-games were in a small area of the screen rather that being made full screen as they were in the original Azada. I loved playing the Robots in Azada, but in this game the Tin Man game has very small objects and is in a small space. The glass tubes are hard to see in the Alchemy game where you blend the red, yellow and blue into the bottle. This is a pipes type game and I love pipes games but this one was a strain on my eyes. Also the Chicken Chase and the round Maze with the ball were very small on the screen. I didn?t enjoy tracing the signature of Dr. Jekyll. It?s just wasn?t fun and had no thinking or mental challenge. One can?t help compare this game to the original Azada. I had a happier and more fun filled experience in the original Azada. The mini-games were fun, they got progressively harder and they were full screen and easy to see. Also the visual mix of colors in the art and special effects throughout the original Azada was more pleasing. Azada Ancient Magic game gives me the impression that there are too may dark scenes with too much grey, dark brown and other dark colors. Overall I will say again that I am glad I bought the game. December 11, 2011
Great concept, let down by frustration The idea behind this game - entering the pages of books to help those inside - is excellent. The puzzles are not particularly difficult, although from time to time some extra thought is required. This also goes for the minigames. However, the interface is frustrating. Having to click "Ok" on random dialogue, popup hints etc etc slows the game down and becomes irritating over time. Overall though, a decent game and a good way to spend a rainy afternoon. November 26, 2011
I won the game! It only took FOUR YEARS!! Quite a few people liked this game and its predecessor, simply titled "Azada." I liked the first one enough to pony up the cash to get this second one, but honestly I remember while buying it that I was mostly thinking, "At least it's different." A fairly quirky reason for choosing a game, considering how many I've purchased from Big Fish over the last few years. I know what I like in a game, and "different"... isn't really a strong recommendation. I was getting pretty tired of the repetitious "junk pile" Hidden Object games that were being premiered month after month at that time. Not much to distinguish one from another, and most of the Hidden Object scenes that I adored just seemed to be filled with leftovers from an end-of-the-galaxy hangar sale. By contrast, "Azada" and "Azada: Ancient Magic" contain no junk piles at all. In fact, they're the cleanest games I've ever seen, visually striking, with rich colors and true-to-life imagery that would be fascinating if the players ever got to tinker around with all that stuff. But we don't. That's probably my #2 reason for not liking this game as much as I hoped when I purchased it. The designers present carefully crafted, beautiful miniature worlds full of intricate, almost photo-realistic scenes, but in each one we typically get to handle almost nothing. Every kitchen's cabinet doors are strikingly rendered, but we never get to open them. Gardens are verdant with lush florals, but we not only don't get to stop and smell the roses, we don't even get to touch them (unless one is needed as part of a spell or something of the sort). Each page of each book that we explore in Titus' great-uncle's library is an amazing scene, but at most we get to click a few small (often VERY tiny) objects and put them into the inventory bag for use later on some other object or in another scene. We don't get to turn them around and admire their intricacies. Picking up an adjustable wrench? No, you won't get to turn the little wheel and make the wrench fit the bolt, or even turn the wrench to loosen or tighten the bolt. Hovering your pointer over the tool makes the action happen, often so fast that you don't really see anything but lots of those "Something Amazing Occurred!" sparkles and flashes to tell you that you've advanced the game. So if not being able to check out the merchandise is the #2 reason why this wasn't my favorite game, what's #1? It's the same reason that it took me four years almost to the day from buying this game before I finally finished it. It just plain IS NOT MUCH FUN. I play games as a diversion from the many not-fun parts of my life. I want the games I play to be an enjoyable use of my time and energy; I don't want to finish playing a game only because I have a stubborn streak that prevents me from abandoning an activity that I intended to enjoy (even if I'm clearly NOT enjoying it). "Azada" gave me a moderate level of satisfaction, from puzzles that were interesting and challenging to solve. "Azada: Ancient Magic" wasn't a torture chamber; I didn't hate the game enough to stop playing it completely. But I didn't like it enough to keep playing it regularly, either - even just to finish it. Instead, I played a book or two every couple of months over the last few years, until I finally got to the last book today. I even played the bonus book, and then I searched around in the game window to make sure that I hadn't forgotten to do anything. Now I can contentedly delete this C-level book from my computer and never bother playing another version of it again. If I'm in the mood for really nice graphics, the World Wide Web holds many sites of museums, artists, science fiction producers, and even a wonderful place called Big Fish Games with a burgeoning playlist of very entertaining time-occupiers. Even if most of them have an occasional junk pile or two. Meanwhile, do I recommend this game? Yes, if you don't mind meandering around wondering what to do next because you don't have any information, and you don't object to solving puzzles just because they're in the way of getting to the next "possibly fun?" thing to do. Otherwise, spend your money or your credits on something else. July 15, 2014
Mayzy's Review: Azada: Ancient Magic This is the second game of the Azada series, following 'Azada' itself. Though Azada's story was bare-bones, I really enjoyed it. I'm afraid Ancient Magic didn't live up to it's predecessor. The puzzles, already pretty easy, became downright simplistic. The control improved a bit and the art was maybe a mite better, but overall this game isn't worth a buy unless you're really eager to go through all the Azada games in sequence. April 25, 2014
Azada:Ancient Magic Name of the game'Azada:Ancient Magic Game was ok January 7, 2015
Another Promising Game I Just Can?t Finish Based On Second Attempt To Complete Game I admit I?m not good at puzzles, but I?m not useless either. Yet, once again I am barred from playing this game because I have run out of skip and simply cannot solve the puzzle. The forums have long since stopped discussing Azada, and even what was there could not help. And of course, no walkthrough. I don?t understand why Felix insists on puzzles with no skip. I know they?re supposed to be a challenge, but frustration overcomes any sense of accomplishment when you simply cannot proceed. I?ll probably never play this or the first Azada again, and that is a shame... Because I was enjoying this game. The graphics, gameplay and story were all a big improvement on the original Azada. I love the idea of being trapped in a story and no way out. And there were clearly many stories in this game. March 3, 2013
Azada: Ancient Magic The mini games are bad. Explanation do not tell you clearly what is to be done. Also don't seem to work right stops and goes. Making doing the mini game even harder. If this was solved it could be a much better game. As is I can not recommend it. November 15, 2011
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Azada: Ancient Magic

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