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Help Vera track down her lost love through thrilling epochs of earth's past and future! Battle the forces of evil through challenging puzzles and time-twisting mini-games! Explore world history first-hand and interact with ancient sages and fearsome, pre-historic predators! Save Tom, the world, and time itself in this expansive Hidden Object game. Why`s it called Mushroom Age? Take a trip through time today and find out!

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Game System Requirements:
  • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
  • CPU: 600 Mhz
  • RAM: 512 MB
  • DirectX: 8.1
  • Hard Drive: 128 MB
Game Manager System Requirements:
  • Browser: Internet Explorer 7 or later
Mushroom Age


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Mushroom Age

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Mushroom Age 4.1 5 58 58
KNOW YOU MUST EXIT AT THE PROPER TIME ONLY Amusing adventure took over 7 1/2 hours to complete. Playing a second or third time doesn?t materially affect the time factor. It is well worth the price. It?s a very light-hearted time adventure that?s told with an entertaining sense of humor. Don?t take the gameplay too seriously and you?ll be happy with it. There are 23 chapters and the epilogue. At the end of each chapter, you are told the % of the game you have completed. The voices are pleasant to listen to, but don?t expect professional quality. Vera, the main character, always sounds a bit patronizing. No fear when that emotion is expected; no anguish when she finds out her fianc has died. But she reads her lines nicely. The characters (and sometimes animals like a dinosaur) bounce into and out of the scene when she speaks to them ? a bit funny but it feels right with this game. Graphics and animation are above average. Wide variety of puzzles. Sometimes it appears the solution is obvious and nothing happens. Consulting the walkthrough doesn?t always help ? you may have to consult in the forum. Example: Letters would not stick to Socrates name although you know they go there. So I checked the W/T ? yes, they should just fit there. No dice. Finally, the forum: you have to click Socrates name and get a pop-up notation, then they?ll fit. Although frustrating, the end result made me laugh at its simplicity. Vera travels to different eras in the past and future and meets characters in each as she ends up looking for dinosaur eggs. The humor in the characters is priceless ? from the futuristic robot tending a cemetery to the dinosaur who lost some of her eggs to the caveman who thinks your finance, Tom, (who always has been there before you) is a great spirit. Oh yes, you have an elixir to help them understand and talk to you. You return to several scenes to find objects more than once, but since there is always a purpose, it doesn?t seem repetitive. SUMMARY: A long, somewhat hilarious game ? a bit on the archaic side but worth the fun of playing. Pleasant voices and variety of puzzles. IMPORTANT: You can only exit and save your game at the end of each chapter after it tells the % of completion. Exiting at any other time will require you to start the chapter at the beginning. November 11, 2013
Very fun except for sporadic saves and no skips I loved this game from the moment I started playing the demo because I knew I was in for a good time. It's hilarious and I chuckled a lot during the conversations with some of the characters. My absolute favorite character is the dinosaur, who is sweet and childlike and who completely charmed me with the way he talks and acts. My other fave is the uber-MUSHROOM who is not afraid to voice his strong opinions. This is not a game for the real serious person who plays games to strain his brain in order to challenge those grey areas. Mushroom Age is for the casual gamer like myself who plays for fun and relaxation and for something a little different from the darker themed games that I usually play. It's a great break for those in between times when I want to zone out for a few hours and travel through different time periods. It would have been a five star game all the way except for the fact that you can't skip the quizzes or the minigames, which loses a star because of that, and you cannot progress in the game without doing all of them. If it wasn't for the walkthrough and the forums, I would have never gotten through it. The game might look simple, and in some places it is, but it's deceptive because these minigames are tricky and require memory and spatial skills that might tax some people who lack in these areas, so prepare to spend a LOT of time redoing certain games repeatedly until you get it right. Especially later in the game when you have to play pinball. It's not what you think and you have to play several times to get through it. I spent many frustrating hours on this one area alone but there was a feeling of accomplishment when I finally got it. Another one with mirrors appears later which is another brain twister but I found the forums to be helpful with that one. Not everyone is good at these kinds of minigames and should be allowed to skip them for any reason. I like to try for a while to challenge myself but I'm humble enough to know when it's time to throw in the towel and give up. I just want a way to do it easily but this game doesn't give you that option. Another negative to be aware of besides the no skip option is the fact that the game is done in chapters that cannot be saved until you're at the end of each chapter! So if you quit or your computer freezes and you have to open it again, you'll have to redo all the tasks and minigames in that chapter even if you've already done them! This is absurd gameplaying by the developers because you're essentially being punished for quitting the game before completing the chapter that you're in. If we've completed everything, either the game should have an autosave feature or they should put in a way for us to do a manual save ourselves. I was furious when my computer froze right after I'd mastered the pinball games the first time I played, but I've had no problems since I played through Mushroom Age again several times. Although the chapters are short, there are many of them so the game is very long and you'll definitely get your money's worth. I bought this recently on the COW sale for $2.99 but wouldn't have paid full price for it just because of the no skip option. Other than for the above mentioned negatives, the rest of the game is pure fun all the way. The artwork is simplistic looking compared to more serious, newer games but it works for this type of storyline. And the scenery in the Mushroom Age time period itself is the absolute best in the entire game with its beautiful multi-colored scenes. The graphics that most impressed me was the purplish wormhole you travelled through to get to each age. It's very fast moving so some might get dizzy while looking at it. The characters are quirky and cute in their own way and I love how they just drop off the screen when they faint or bounce out of the scene when they walk. The only characters I didn't like were the engaged couple. In my opinion, the voice acting was wooden and their love story not convincing, but the voices of all the other characters were top notch and fit their personalities. Check out the preview to see if it interests you. And if so, see if the demo tickles your funny bone like it did mine. I think most will like Mushroom Age. And that's no baloney! A-A-A February 27, 2013
Replayable Wow...2.99 today. Awesome deal. have had this one since it first came out. Great game. November 25, 2011
Odd but Fun... Game time was long, which is nice. Lots of fun puzzles and challenging at times. Very peculiar game. One might wonder if the writer of Mushroom Age was on mushrooms! LOL February 10, 2013
A long HOG, not free from becoming tedious No reason to attack this game on its stroyline... it's whacky, which makes it kinda funny. What about the gameplay? It is quite a long game; you have to go through 23 chapters with HOS and puzzles. But it sometimes gets kind of boring to go rummaging through the same scenes again and again, pushing aside the same objects, opening the same lockers, drawers and curtains, now to look for pills, then to look for something mice, then to look for something else again... the novelty soon wears off. The puzzles are not difficult, same old stuff: disentangling wires, wordguessing, matching pairs, reconstructing images, etc. ... not much of a challenge. All in all, if you want to spend a day or two doing this kind of thing, buy this game... but don't if you are looking for something new and challenging. August 13, 2012
An Oddball Experience Not sure what to do with this one. As others have pointed out, the storyline is quite whacky - to the point that my spouse, whom I started playing with, lost all interest in it. Nonetheless, I can see why it would be popular with other people. Gameplay-wise, the game is what I call a "rummaging" game, which means that rather than finding the hidden objects with just your eyes, you're expected to search around the scene with your cursor, open a bunch of closets, cupboards, drawers, and so on, in order to find what you're looking for. May 14, 2012
Just not for me Cute game the music and graphics are good. Have great voice over. Just not for me. The only thing I have bad is that the items to find are not that clear so you guess a lot. A HOS game for younger people to me. December 21, 2012
would be a funny HOG This game was amazing and funny at the begining, the line of the story, the travel all over the places and History and I really laughed with the characteres, but when you arrive in level 18/2 it is impossible to go on. I got stuck on this puzzle and there is no way to finish it. The worse of all is that I bought the game and didnt like that I had stop playng before the end. I don't recommend this game. December 17, 2011
Cheesey doesn't begin to cover it. I have tried to like this game, I really have. And I might even have made it had it not been for the terrible voice work. I haven't managed to finish this game yet, despite having it for a couple weeks now, for the simple reason that I can't stand the woman's voice; I even tried to play it without the sound, just so I could get through it. It sounds like she's talking to a child. And it wasn't just her voice I couldn't stand. I don't find it all that fun (possibly because I'm so annoyed with the voice work) as it's pretty standard fair, not challenging at all. As for the storyline...It has promise. But apart from that! The graphics are okay (even though they're a bit low tech I actually kinda liked that aspect). Bottom line is, the voice work killed it for me, and while I wouldn't recommend it, I realize that everyone has different opinions and someone else might like it (as evidenced by the number of folks giving it 5 stars). March 15, 2013
not worth the time Managed to last just 12 minutes on this one. I'm sure some will like it but not me. Too cutesy and I can figure out most of them. Maybe the 2nd chapter would have been better and I can hope others like it. February 4, 2013
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Mushroom Age

Battle evil forces from the future and help Vera save her fiancé Tom in this time-warping Hidden Object game!

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