Nancy Drew: Warnings at Waverly Academy

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Nancy Drew must go undercover at a prestigious girls’ boarding school to discover the culprit behind threatening notes and dangerous accidents! The school’s valedictorians are under siege, and only Nancy can figure out who it is! Is there a secret someone wants to protect or are the malicious pranks intended to scare away the competition—permanently? Solve the mystery before the threats turn deadly and you’re expelled from the case in Nancy Drew: Warnings at Waverly Academy!

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Nancy Drew: Warnings at Waverly Academy


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Nancy Drew: Warnings at Waverly Academy

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Customer Reviews

Nancy Drew: Warnings at Waverly Academy 4.3 5 35 35
My favourite Nancy Drew game Review after finishing the game: The Story: Nancy infiltrates a college (as done in the books too) to find out who is getting a bit too bonkers about a scholarship the school hands out to the top student. The Good: + graphics, videos + challenges start out easy and become harder later on + twists and turns + excellent quality for voice-overs + air hockey + logic trainer + lunch game!!! + merit and demerit system... The Neutral: o ...which is easy to avoid - you really have to mess up to be expelled o some challenges can be avoided easily, e.g. to avoid Paige set the clock to 11:01 instead of 11:00 o I have played scarier Nancy Drew games o if you got a bad memory the Simon says challenge can be annoying o Like the Moon Lake game, no real surprise who the culprit is. The Bad: - You still have to take notes for some riddles (music notes) - Had to consult the walkthrough on the silverware puzzle - the forks and spoons were just too pixely to distinguish one from the other, especially since some were fairly even in size. - Two puzzles in the basement not logical for me. Hint: Listen to Nancy's comments after the credits, they are really funny. Bottom Line: Great Nancy Drew game, which can be really challenging. If you are into school stuff, definitely check out this game! Not for beginners though. December 7, 2011
Exceeds Expectations Given that it's based on a kids' character, I didn't expect too much from this, but the reviews convinced me to, reluctantly, give it a go. Boy am I glad I did. The visuals and sound are terrific. The game's a fairly big file #almost a gig if memory serves# but you can see why in the graphics. Stunningly unique human characters, great cutscenes, well-designed areas. The voice-overs are well-done, though I did get tired of not being able to skip at times #that I figured out anyways# because, yes, it IS possible to go horribly wrong, but the game autosaves plenty so there's not too much repetition. The game fell down only a tiny bit because of the lack of clear instruction - I either didn't read or simply forgot that the cell phone alarm is how you sleep #setting it causes you to nap til it goes off# and spent my entire first night awake, setting myself back a fair few demerit points by wandering aimlessly around. But a quick glance at a walkthrough enlightened me. I had to use said walkthrough a couple time, but not enough as to make it a pain. The minigames are SO much fun :D I spent over an hour manning the snack shop just because I was enjoying myself so much. The puzzles are doable, but do offer a challenge. On occasion you are timed doing them, but for the most part you can work them out at your leisure - and I was overjoyed to see a variation of Einstein's riddle in there, one of my favourites! Personally, I keep a small notebook by my computer for various game-related notes and for this game I suggest the same for everyone. I took quite a few, most of them just to keep from having to open #and pick the right document out of# my backpack so often. Your important details are recorded somewhere, but I advise organising them yourself. As to length - like I said, I got lost a few times, and spent a long while playing minigames, but I got about six hours of play. And frankly, I'd jump right back in a replay it immediately, if I didn't have a credit that I'm going to spend on another in the series, hehe. You can really take as long as you want playing this, or you can get through it quite quickly, which is a really lovely change. Frankly, I think I have a new favourite series with these, if the others are even remotely as fun as this. Absolutely wonderful, I loved everything! February 8, 2012
I am Irretrievably In Love with Nancy... ...and I could not be happier with our relationship! I solve mysteries as her, she takes me to places I would never go and not just tolerates, but encourages me to over-analyze anything that comes within a 10 foot radius of my nose. It may seem girlish of me to be so deeply taken after such a brief acquaintence(I mean, it has only been one game!) but I cannot restrain myself! She allows me to do things I have been told not to for as long as I can remember. (Ex: breaking into fellow student's rooms, sneaking around campus at two in the morning, following kleptomaniac squirrels up giant trees...) Needless to say, I hope to continue our romance Nancy, even if you do make me do somewhat ridiculous tasks involving tiny cutlery. I promise to spend more time with you soon my love! Well, when I become less broke that is. Forever yours, Melissa P.S. Can't you find a way to be in more promos? February 5, 2012
Love this game This is such a high quality game! The graphics and music are great and the challenges are interesting. Nancy Drew games are very interactive and this one is one of my favorites! The plot is interesting with well-developed characters and it lasts long. You get a great deal by buying this one. December 2, 2011
Wish I could give it 6 stars! I am a loyal Nancy Drew, fan, and I have played the other 20 games before it, and the other 5 games after (As of June 2012), of course after playing this one multiple times. I love Nancy Drew, and I think this is one of the best games in the series. It has good, realistic artwork, great puzzles (that are not skippable, just a warning, all of us lazy skippers are gonna have to use some brainpower!), and great storyline, although you sometimes want to yell your thoughts at Nancy, who is very generous and will do anything for anybody, a quality Nancy lets people take advantage of. There is a great twist, a great ending, and quite a bit of snooping. This is the defenition of good detective work, and while there is no trial avalible, you can take a chance on buying without playing. You will not be dissapointed! June 25, 2012
Really fun huge challenge at Waverly Academy! Great Game! I loved this very long game, I did read it was hard and it is, but fun from start to finish! I played it on Junior level and couldn't imagine ever finishing it as Senior? This was only my 3rd ND game I've ever played so some will easily finish it faster than I did! With all games I prefer to just dive in and try it my way before needing to use walkthroughs! I found with ND games it?s hard to get back on track even with the walkthrough when you play that way but It?s no fun and not worth buying just to be told step by step how to play any game for me.. I read a review that said you?ll need 2 sheets of paper and a pen, I have to laugh now. I needed an entire notebook, printer and a Map! I finished this game after days and days off and on of fun and some major frustration! You?re enrolled at Waverly Academy to solve a mystery and perform a mission as in all ND games. You don?t play as Nancy Drew in case someone googles your name, you?re name when enrolled is Becca Sawyer I found the interactions with the girls fun and just the right amount of characters and these girls are some interesting characters. Corine is your constantly writing room-mate.. Mel is the Goth Cello player next door. Rachel is the shy girl. Izzy is the over achiever. Leela is the Athlete. All girls are harboring ?Secrets? at Waverly! Paige is just a voice you never see except in shadow with a flashlight when she busts you for being out of your room after hours. Having to keep an eye on your cell phone clock started out to be an irritant but you get used to it! There is a lot of running around the College inside and out but once you figure out left right up down it?s not hard to get to places fast since it?s a small college! One area is too dark and could have been a little brighter for me. Some puzzles were extremely difficult especially if you?re not familiar with Roman numerals, don?t read music, play the piano and are geographically (illiterate like me# the ?map? was a real lol! The most frustrating was the lamp shades/ piano playing. I kept stopping, saving reading and re-reading the walkthrough and it all sounded backwards! Ned?s ?hints? when Nancy calls him I found to be worthless! He tells Nancy to look up a book in the library card catalog, the book name he gives her doesn't exist! I had to refer to the walkthrough to find out the right name for the book! You?re new so you get the job as Snack Boss at first I thought it was stupid then I found myself enjoying it and opened shop a few times when I didn't have to! Played Scram with Leela after I really didn't have to anymore just for the fun of it. There is a major twist you really can't call predictable at all it hit me with a real wow, In a good way for some added interesting factor! All in all it was as hard as they come but very fun to take on! I got this game with a free credit but anyone who?s wondering It?s well worth buying. Depending on skill level #I?m far from expert) It defiantly gives you hours to days of play time and worth full price! I see today it?s in the point and click game sale, to bad this review won?t be posted! I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I did! So absolutely.. March 2, 2013
Entertaining Adventure Game I really enjoyed this game. As a longtime fan of Nancy Drew games, it didn't disappoint. I liked the characters, story line, engaging tasks, level of difficulty and length. Sometimes the dialogue was a little tedious, but for the most part you expect that in a Nancy Drew game, so not a huge minus. November 21, 2011
FIRST CLASS NANCY DREW WHO DUNNIT!!! Outstanding! Fun, exciting, challening and creative Nancy Drew who dunnit with the usual unusual surprise ending and very cool mini-games. As a Nancy Drew lover for many years--from reading all the novels to now playing the games, Warnings at Waverly Academy is a truly great game now gladly added to the Collection. Enjoy! -Mama Mia- February 21, 2012
My new all time favourite nancy drew game I've played! This is a perfect nancy drew game; no impossible mini games and they have a reset buttons on a couple, no impossible timed element, a great story, largest amount of characters I think I've seen in a ND game. It's set in a boarding school and you have to find the black cat - a person sending notes to other pupils and things then happen to them. I learned a lot in this game, from music to more about a famous writer. It was all so well done. I love the more modern ND games as there isn't that intrusive old interface, and you get achievements at the end which are fun. If you don't get them all, go back to an old manual save near the end and try again (although one won't work at the end.) It's a perfect balance of great plot but not too much dialogue, great mini-games of all types and hardness and a great pace. Some ND games are more adventure this is more adventure/mini games. MINI-GAMES (spoilers ahead as to type) I'm useless at arcade games but I do love some types and hate others but here they weren't hard (and I played on senior) and loved all of them. There were other non arcade, puzzles as well and some very intelligent (well thought out ones.) As usual you can't skip any puzzle but if you get stuck just go to a walkthrough, there are really no timed ones (thankfully) that you have to do (apart from sometimes the making food one). They were all very doable but you do need to work some out and get a pen and paper. LOVED all of them and the variety of them. Usually there are about 2 mini-games you can repeat as often as you want, here there are four. I just sat for hours playing the first three over and over! 1) A great dart game which anyone can take the rules and apply to any dart game - it's a bit different. 2) Air hockey 3) Making up orders. I appreciated this one as it was varied, mostly it wasn't timed so it was just fun. Sometimes it was (when a teacher orders) but it was just one order. 4) Timed match pair - You didn't have to do this so that was good but it was good. If you play junior you get a to-do list which you tick off and hints from your friends when you phone them. Some puzzles are apparently slightly easier. There is a thing called second chance if you make a fatal mistake but it's auto saved and takes you back to just before you made it which is good. It's manual save so save often. It was so much fun from start to finish, I didn't find any annoying puzzles it was pure fun. The interactions (what you have to do) was very varied and thought out as well as the plot. Have fun playing, I know I did! My favourite up till now has been white wolf, and venice but do think this tops it. January 6, 2013
A favorite ND game This was my first encounter with a Nancy Drew game, and out of the handful that I've played so far, it's my favorite. There is a LOT of talking with characters during investigation as with all the ND games, so I'm not sure if it would appeal to those who want the instant gratification of standard adventure/puzzle games where you have minimal character iteraction and more exploring and HOs. This has no hidden object scenes and as with all ND games, it goes by the Who Dunnit theme and the puzzles offer moderate to difficult challenges and total immersion in the story while solving the mystery. I'm hooked now and look forward to playing the rest of the series. I personally loved this game, but it may not be everyone's cup of tea. April 16, 2012
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Nancy Drew: Warnings at Waverly Academy

Go undercover at a prestigious girls’ boarding school to discover the culprit behind threatening notes and dangerous accidents!

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