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You, as Nancy Drew, are invited to assist in the renovation of a Victorian mansion in Nancy Drew®: Message in a Haunted Mansion! According to legend, a fortune in long-lost gold is hidden somewhere on the property and someone is determined to find it. In a house full of trap doors and secret tunnels, breaking glass and suspicious fires, one misstep means Nancy won't stand a ghost of a chance! Find the treasure using your Hidden Object skills!

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  • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
  • CPU: 600 Mhz
  • RAM: 128 MB
  • DirectX: 7.0
  • Hard Drive: 485 MB
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  • Browser: Internet Explorer 7 or later
Nancy Drew: Message in a Haunted Mansion


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Nancy Drew: Message in a Haunted Mansion

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Customer Reviews

Nancy Drew: Message in a Haunted Mansion 4.4 5 22 22
Love the Nancy Drew games! I usually read the reviews on the Nancy Drew games before purchasing them since you cannot play a trial game first. I really love this game. It is not as frustrating as some ND games can be with memorizing a floorplan to get around. It is a more relaxing game. I have played so many of these games that I am looking forward to new ones coming out. The only thing I wish in the ND games is for the option of skipping some puzzles if you can't get them. September 6, 2012
A Nancy Drew Classic I'd say this one is one of my favorites. I love "haunted" old mansions so this one stuck out to me. I still have the PC disk for this game #though it's only compatible with Windows 95/98# I've been playing Nancy Drew games since the beginning. And I have to say I prefer the older games. Yeah the graphics aren't as great especially with the character models but compared to the first version of Secrets Can Kill it's definitely an improvement. The puzzles though aren't too hard to solve and I took very little notes. I finished this game two times in about 2-3 hours in both Junior and Senior modes. *SPOILER ALERT* The only difference between the two modes are the puzzles near the end of the game where you try and open the pyramid to get the red jewel to get the ending. The different puzzles are the ones with the suns and moons and the sliding puzzle with the phoenix. November 10, 2013
An early attempt, but not bad at all. I'm not going to wax lyrical about the sound and music, however brilliant it may be, because others have done that. I see quite a few positive reviews, so I wanted to list some of the things that put me off a little. The camera - in this early ND game, you play with a small screen, almost half taken up by your dialogue and item boxes. Also, the 'move' and 'look closer' actions have the same mouse icon. Which takes getting used to. Not a lot of puzzles throughout, really just a couple at the end. It feels like you're not solving anything for long periods, just gathering a heck of a lot of clues towards your final puzzles, which does make the game feel less meaty. You also don't get help or instructions on these puzzles, but that's not too bad as long as you paid attention to the clues. You have to re-unlock and re-unstick the doors and panels every time. You do get into the swing of this, though, and have your key or crowbar at the ready as you approach. It's just irksome. Now that I've said that, however, check out the star-rating. 4. It could have been a 5 but for those niggles. This game played very enjoyably. Granted, not a lot of thinking required puzzle-wise, but a decent plot and something interesting to do to while away a little time. A pleasant way to spend an evening. While not as invigorating as others in the series, I'm still going to say that if you're a fan of the series, or just want a more relaxed, point-and-click, talk-and-explore type mystery solver, this one will fit the bill quite nicely. February 21, 2012
It's fun AND scary "Message in a Haunted Mansion" is the first scary Nancy Drew game. The fact that you're stuck in a haunted house with a saboteur is pretty frightening. This isn't the scariest Nancy Drew game, but it's enough to keep you awake at night. October 29, 2012
Not impossible Some of these ND games are ridiculous. No one would think to do some of the stuff you require and need a walkthrough on alot of them but this one was actually very interesting. I am always forgetting to "go to sleep" . You will like this one. June 17, 2013
Good game but bad visuals This game was pretty fun! Pros Very creepy atmosphere Not too many puzzles Fun characters to interact with Cons Its very hard to move around because the sign used to move around is the same sign as "look at item" so its confusing I know its old but the graphics for the characters was very bad. One "slide" puzzle at the end was very challenging All and all a creepy nancy drew I would reccomend to anyone who can get over bad graphics and hard puzzles. January 2, 2015
Wow! This was my first Nancy Drew game. I was pleasantly surprised at the level of challenge. In a way I feel sorry because it has nearly ruined all of the current BFG adventure/HO games for me. As I started a current game that received a 5 star rating from the board, I felt bored to tears. You find something, and use it in the next scene... No such thing in a ND game! In fact perhaps the tutorial should have prompted to take notes. Having to go back to find things again made the game considerably longer than necessary, but then again some might enjoy a long game. The only negatives for me were obviously the old interface - also the greenish blue background is IMO a horrible color, but I was able to get past that. The hint system of calling a friend or colleague was very good, but I wish if they had nothing to say, you'd get a voice message. I felt silly calling someone to say hello and goodbye. The puzzles were hard enough at Junior Level, and they were unskippable. IMO there were a couple of glitches - for instance Hannah had just advised me not to mention a secret room to Rose over the phone - but as I went to talk to Rose my lines were to tell her about it anyway. Also the notes on the music sheet found on the attic - the second note is an high e, but on the piano you have to press the lower e... Anyway, all in all this was an excellent game and an eye-opener for me. I was genuinely spooked a few times! I can't wait to play more ND games. In fact I just made good of a 50% sale and bought a buch of them! July 1, 2013
Very interesting story, but the game is a little short. First off, this was not the first Nancy Drew adventure game I've played, but it was the first of the classic ones. This time, Nancy is invited to a mansion in San Francisco to "help" out with renovations, but something shady is going on at the mansion, not only with the people that are there, but something else is also wandering in the hallways... In the center of all this is a very mysterious poem: "Listen, my child, to this story of dreams..." "Nancy Drew: Message in a Haunted Mansion", was a very enthralling and interesting game to play. The environment wasn't great nor was it bad, but then again, to explore, you only have a few rooms in the mansion. The puzzles weren't "unsolvable" so, in an adventure game and in a Nancy Drew game that is de-fi-ni-te-ly a giant plus! Pros: - The graphics are great, really! The dcor of the house is amazing too, with a lot of things to look at; - The characters artwork is good, too; - The voice-overs, overall, are not the best, but are still pretty good, especially Abby's; - Uncovering the mystery of the mansion was what I loved most about this game, definitely. Finding out, from bits of paper here and there, the background of the building was amazing and the story is very well thought off. Not many questions are left unanswered; - Nice puzzles. Not many, since most of them appear by the end of the game, but nice nonetheless. Not too hard or too easy; - The music was fantastic! It's a shame that, since you end up finding out that everything it's not quite what it seems, the mysterious music doesn't fit the bill anymore and seems out of place. But it is really great, one way or the other; - The "second chance" option is definitely very useful and a "Nancy lifesaver" when you screwed up and didn't saved. That chandelier... Cons: - To check out on your journal (that is how I would now if the story was progressing), I had to always come back to Nancy's room. Although you don't have that many places to visit in the mansion, it was always tiring to keep going back for it; - One thing that makes the gameplay confusing and a bit frustrating is that the cursor is always the same for everything. And although when it came to pick up objects or to zoom it didn't bother me, when you could move to another place it did. Thus, I wouldn't know if a certain place was to be zoomed in or if it was to move forward, backwards and so on... In the hallways I would always go around in circles since I would click and I didn't know if I was going left or right or whatever. Quite frustrating, really; - The game is quite short. I played it through in one night and I usually take a lot of time to finish these games; Overall, "Nancy Drew: Message in a Haunted Mansion" seemed like a promising game by its title, but it turns out that the mansion is not so haunted after all and you find that out pretty soon. I think that ruined the "mystery" way too soon. The story is completely different from what I was expecting but I still did like it since it's very well constructed and unfolded as you progress throughout the game. A great story, a great setting, a very interesting and enthralling game. A great adventure, no doubt. Shame about the lenght, though. June 11, 2013
2.5 rounding up. I'm comparing it with other ND games. I?m rating this in comparison to the other ND games I've played and playing this game today! Plot ? You are asked to come to a B&B in San Francisco that is about to open and investigate why strange accidents keeps happening. It is fun poking around an old home and see what secrets it has. This is not a bad game by any means and I enjoyed it, but compared to the other ND games it?s short, slightly easier than some others, and got only one location. Even the first ND game had 3 locations and seemed a bit longer. I?m playing through the later ones in order and now playing through the earliest ones in order as well. The early games have this HUGE interface taking up half the screen and to advance the game you have to set your alarm clock. In this game everyone has a schedule and is in a certain place at a certain time so you use the alarm clock to either be able to talk to them or snoop when they are not there. There is a ?I? button on the right of the interface which gives you basic tips. On the left is a ?ND? logo and when you click on it, it gives you the current in game time. Like all ND game this isn?t a 360 game and you can?t skip puzzles. There are no achievements like in the later games. You can play junior or senior level, and the only difference is some of the puzzles are harder in senior mode. There is a second chance in ND games but if you make a mistake you automatically go back to just before the wrong choice so you can have a do over. In early ND games the load and save is in the same page and it?s very tricky. Highlight the save button, hit it then hit the line to write about the save and then save again. To load, highlight load screen at the left. If you have never played a ND game before, talk to everyone, here it?s four people. If you are stuck you can phone your friends and even in senior mode this option is open to you but phone them anyway as they have information. You also need to have a paper and pencil with ND games to record things you come across, any poems, or symbols etc as you need that information to decipher other puzzles in the game. While I enjoyed it, if you are only going to be playing one or two ND games this is not the one I would recommend and would only recommend it to true lovers of ND games or those that can get easily lost and want a very ?contained? game and don?t mind that it?s quite short. I played the big fish version on windows 7 and had no glitches (once I figured out the save button!) Spoiler as to a hint for one puzzle ? There is a maze in this game and I am useless at them, if you hit the ?M? key on your keyboard it brings up an interactive map in the interface to show you where you are. September 19, 2012
LEAVE THE MANSION NOW! (said title giving message) Review based upon completion of the game in Junior Detective mode. This is the third Nancy Drew game, released way back when in 2000, and is loosely based upon the book of the same name, according to Wikipedia (I haven't read the book). Nancy is summoned to San Francisco by the Drew housekeeper to help an old friend of hers renovating an old B&B. And solve some accidents that occurred there too. Helping out are Bess & George, Hannah Gruen and Emily Foxworth via phone. By the way, did you notice that the last 4 digits of B&G's number spell out "HINT" and Hannah's digits spell "DREW"? The Good: + 3 phone contacts (that are actually all helpful for a change) + 4 people to talk to + Lani does a good job as usual (although she sounds a bit strange in the introduction, epilogue and tutorial) + also, as usual, face animations are top notch + subtle scares (actually the guy screaming at the "Message" in the Let's play video was scarier than the entire game *g*) + two Easter eggs (found through the Wiki article) The Neutral: o you have to take down a lot of notes (Hint: especially the Chinese symbols and the zodiac!) The Bad: - the labyrinth game became tedious - graphics are VERY old compared to today's standards Bottom Line: As one of the first ND games you will have to live with the old interface, not much support with taking hints and outdated graphics. If you can look past that it's still a good game in the series. I can recommend it for beginners as it's not that complicated and there are several walkthroughs and videos available around the net. June 28, 2013
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Nancy Drew: Message in a Haunted Mansion

In a house full of trap doors and secret tunnels and suspicious fires, one misstep means Nancy won't stand a ghost of a chance!

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