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The famed writer Nathaniel Hawthorne has died during a freak snow storm, and his ghost has come to you, asking for help. Travel back and forth in time from the scene of the author’s demise to the 17th century, where a town is going mad with rumors of witchcraft and a woman is facing the gallows. Unravel the secrets of Salem’s accused witches and solve the death of Hawthorne in Midnight Mysteries: Salem Witch Trials, a fun Hidden Object game.

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Midnight Mysteries: Salem Witch Trials


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Midnight Mysteries: Salem Witch Trials

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Midnight Mysteries: Salem Witch Trials 4.2 5 56 56
One of my favorites. One of my favorites. I also enjoyed Hidden Mysteries: Salem Secrets. July 28, 2012
Another Very Enjoyable Midnight Mystery Don't get me wrong, this is one of best HO games , but this is my least favourite of the Midnight Mysteries, which means it's only great not excellent. :) Artwork: I preferred both the other MMs, but I can't pin down exactly why. There are a couple of moments of sheer brilliance though. Watch for the wolf and the hanging tree. Magic. Story: On solid ground here. A little involved at times, it intrigues and satisfies, with some interesting twists. Difficulty: Just about right for both HO and puzzles. A bit frustrating for me on the adventure side of things. I always miss picking up a item and end up totally unable to move forward. Still, probably not a problem for the more experienced players. Likes: Again, the wolf, LOVED the wolf. The way to combine items in a special box is great. Tracking what % of the game you've completed is helpful. Dislikes: I hate the way you have to be so precise with the cursor when using tools, sometimes I had to repeat the action several times to get it right. The map is worse than useless. Even though it was my second go in two weeks, I still managed to get lost. Walkthrough was necessary a few times, especially since the help feature can sometimes be less than helpful. Replayability: Excellent. I still found it a challenge, and the trophies and unlocked games add further incentive to try to beat yourself next time. I'll definitely be playing it again and again January 24, 2012
A great game! This game is very enjoyable! I like the mixture of hidden object scenes and adventuring. The puzzles are good too, and not too difficult. The storyline is very interesting and keeps the player engaged. The graphics are good and the music suits the gloomyness of the plot, there are also some spooky sound effects that makes the game even more eerie. There is quite a bit of travelling backwards and forwards but this did not bother me. I am looking forward to playing the other games in the series! November 30, 2011
Midight mysteries. Salem witch trials I thoroughly enjoyed this game, the only problem I had was at the end of the game, where i couldnt find something, so I couldnt finish the game even though I used the walkthrough! :( I will go back and try again. Its a game well worth playing November 15, 2011
SPOOKY UNDERTONES BASICS: Diary includes a more complete synopsis of the story than you get from just gameplay. Occasionally, it has clues for some puzzles or where you need to go next. Includes a map, which expands as more locations are found. Backtracking is kept to a minimum. Inventory items are sometimes combined in a tray to make a useful tool (e.g., a pan and broomstick make an oar). Collect 28 ravens (for additional hints) and 63 hidden clovers. 50 Clovers will unlock unlimited HOS. There are frequently clovers in close-ups and also 2 clovers within a HOS ? collect them immediately because you will not be able to access them once the scene is closed. STORYLINE: Find out the circumstances under which Nathaniel Hawthorne died and where he is buried. You?ll also be involved in building the House of the 7 Gables, a witch trial, and all the fraud involved in land around that period of time and lots of ghosts, each with their own story. Mysterious to the end. GAMEPLAY: Spooky atmosphere. HOS are nicely detailed; click the name of an inventory item to see its silhouette. Click the raven to pinpoint where an item is located in the HOS or for direction of what to do outside of the HOS. Talk with several of the ghosts ? there are 3 interesting questions you can ask each ghost. Unfortunately, the questions are usually unrelated and there is no way to pursue a response from the ghost which is of interest. As a result, it seemed the story was sometimes incongruent and I was occasionally confused toward the end (1 point reduction). I like everything clarified and did not get that feeling. Other than that, top-rated production. OTHER STUFF: Plenty of scenes; very nice graphics and animation create a chilling and creepy atmosphere. Easy maneuverability - limited number of scenes at a time so you can easily keep track of what is at the various locations. Clicking on some items can cause a demonic reaction, further setting the spooky atmosphere which surrounds the time period. According to Wikipedia, much of the facts about Hawthorne in the storyline were correct, but don?t know if the story about his role at/in the witch trial location was fact or conjecture. December 4, 2012
Complex Story; Challenging Gameplay This game is probably best for those who are A) into literature and possibly self-described history buffs B) lovers of stories that have multiple, complex lines. While I do appreciate these elements, I'm used to HOG stories that are a little less...complicated. Thankfully, the journal you keep in-game is pretty detailed, so of course you can always go back and get your bearings. The journal acted as my saving grace, for the story would change abruptly at the drop of a hat and there were multiple characters to keep tabs on. I have never seen so many characters in one HOG. Things got really hairy when fiction started intertwining with the game's reality. But, it's a matter of taste: Some people like this type of complexity, others, not so much. I'm of the latter, and I think an engaging story does not necessarily have to be so involved. But enough about that... Graphics are excellent; the sound effects and music are appropriate and contributed very well to the atmosphere. Certain scenes are highly immersive, and I admit that this game is one of the first that had me jumpy at times. But, I also use earbuds so every thunder clap and crash of lightning can be very startling. HO scenes include aid in the form of a trusty raven to guide you along: Throughout the game you can collect ravens to go towards your hint button quota. When you call on your raven for help in an HO, you're shown a silhouette of the item in question. During puzzles the raven becomes your standard skip button. Outside of puzzles and HO scenes, the raven can also help you with discerning were your inventory items go. These hints were sometimes elusive, so I found myself relying on them less and less; it was better for me to just exit the game and check out the walkthrough, personally. One weird element: When you're finished in an HO scene, the game does not automatically back you out. At first this was confusing for a moment because I thought there was more to do. Alas, no, I was simply done and had to let it go! We're so used to HO games closing that scene for us, so I had this weird unshakeable feeling of incompletion the first couple times this happened. Even later on in the game, I still had this nagging feeling of "what if" there was something I left unfinished but I knew this wasn't the case. The achievements are a nice touch, and I especially enjoyed searching for the four-leaf clovers in order to unlock the achievement of Unlimited HO scenes at the end of the game. I wanted to kick myself, however, when I found that I collected all but one (I believe there are 63 clovers total, but only 50 are needed to unlock the Unlimited HO scenes). Even though my only qualms are the complicated story line and the raven system, I still found myself staying awake long into the night to wrap-up this game. I say play this if you are looking to be challenged with minimal hand-holding, and enjoy an in-depth story with many facets, twists and turns. June 22, 2013
Decent game, confusing storyline The game was decent, I very much enjoyed playing it. The HOGs were challenging but not so bad I was completely stumped. It took me about 3 hours to complete the game, so it isn't the longest of games. The story line was a bit confusing at times and I am still somewhat confused on everything. I guess I should play it again and maybe I can understand it better? March 4, 2012
Fun game with some challenging puzzles I really liked this Midnight Mysteries game. The visual effects were excellent and even made me jump in my chair a time or two. The puzzles were challenging but not impossible to solve. My only nitpick was that sometimes when you would try to use an object, it would not be accepted on the first try if you did not use it in exactly the right spot. A couple of times that caused me to search fruitlessly for another object to use. This was minor, though, and overall this is a great game. March 2, 2012
HOS & DETECTIVE Together (Trial Review) Midnight Mysteries: Salem Witch Trials I rather enjoyed this game, playing an author and a detective. Throughout this trial you are investigating locations with the help of ghosts that assist you along the way with information as you travel from present to the past an unravel the mysteries. This game is more of investigating and putting things together than a full of HOS. I think both HOS and detective fans will enjoy the challenges and how this game is put together. Best to keep an eye on your book as you uncover things along the way, as information can be helpful with the puzzles. HINTS ? these can be collected within the scenes and used with objects within your inventory SOUND EFFECTS ? These are great, some almost made me jump! GRAPHICS ? Very nice and even though it is based on the witch era not dark at all PUZZLES ? Are great and enjoyable not that difficult as some hints are within the story line INVENTORY ? You will notice that not all items can be use in one location COMBINE OBJECTS ? This you will enjoy and alongside the inventory they have placed 2 combined boxes for you to use when needed HOS ? Not a problem to find items clear and easily identifiable BONUS - Also remember to locate the clovers within the scenes I believe 50 of them are hidden - as this opens up an unlimited HO mode within the game, nice bonus! MUSIC ? Nice and does not distract you from the game Overall, a good game and not too groused out for a witch?s scene. ? try the trial and you won?t go wrong. I give this the ((Rawww)) of approval to purchase January 22, 2012
Spooks galore in Salem, Massachusetts This is the 2nd of the 'Midnight Mysteries' and it's where the devs really found their feet and this spooky historical adventure series took off. The hint system leaves much to be desired but the ghostly atmosphere and haunted real-life characters are here in bucketloads. And it has the great sense of time and place which characterise all the games in this series. The devs did their homework on this one and it shows. The story concerns the supernatural and historical links between Nathaniel Hawthorne the 19th century American author, the Salem Witch Trials of the 1690s, and a fictional Salem family featured in Hawthorne's novel 'The House of the Seven Gables'. I spent some time mid-game reading up on the web about these three strands and this helped enormously to understand what was going on, since I hadn't previously known anything about Hawthorne or that one of his ancestors was involved in the witch trials. There's quite a bit of time-travelling to meet all the different ghosts, but the game manages to tie up the story strands pretty nicely by the end so it has a very satisying conclusion. Classic HO scenes are relatively few & far between and they're well-drawn, bright and uncluttered; individual items can be quite small but they're not a pain to find. One of the best things is that there are tons of objects to be discovered and used, some needing to be joined together to make a useful tool for your ghost hunt - really fun and a nice creative challenge. The many puzzles are very varied and entertaining; some easy & others more challenging. There's a bit of narrative help to get you started on each, but basically it's up to you. Very few have a reset button but you can skip all of them. General gameplay is highly atmospheric and intriguing, with just the right amount of challenge. No voice-overs so you need to read the numerous short conversations with all the ghosts you meet, but I found this adds to the creepy atmosphere. The graphics, music and sound effects are excellent. I had a display problem on my Windows 8 widescreen as the game launched in a small central window, but doing Alt+Tab out of the game and back again solved this. The hint system's pretty lousy as it only lets you select an inventory item & it'll show you where you can use it. #Thankfully the devs changed this in subsequent games in the series.# I do love collecting the beautiful ravens which top up your hints. The Journal records what's happened so far but doesn't give explicit pointers to what you should do next, and the map's just a simple drawing of Salem village with no jump function. There's no other in-game help, so I confess I had to crib a couple of times from the BFG walkthrough when I got stuck. I think the game deserves 4 stars #that bad hint system lets it down#. It's entertaining, intriguing and involving, and the use of real-life historical characters gives the game a gravitas and substance that I haven't come across elsewhere. I found I cared for the characters and their plight. I'll definitely be playing this one again to understand all the various strands and enjoy the spectral flavour of the game some more. September 30, 2013
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Midnight Mysteries: Salem Witch Trials

Famed writer Nathaniel Hawthorne has died during a freak storm, and his spirit comes to you for help!

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