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Help Hero and Ann wake up all of mankind in Lost in the City: Post Scriptum! Put an end to the curse and save the entire world! After being the guardians of the future, Hero and Ann are told to leave their city. After returning to the real world, they discover that all of humanity is asleep! Follow the Hidden Objects and make your way through this intriguing story and save the day!

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Game System Requirements:
  • OS: 10.4
  • CPU: 800 Mhz
  • RAM: 256 MB
  • Hard Drive: 377 MB
Game Manager System Requirements:
  • Browser: Safari 4.0 or later
Lost in the City: Post Scriptum


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Lost in the City: Post Scriptum

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Lost in the City: Post Scriptum 4.3 5 19 19
This is just so...strange...and wonderful! I loved the first one and this is even more fantastic! It do have HOS but they are not stupid or strange but just adequate and the graphics have improved and the story is just as great and intense as the first one....Like so many else have said I don't know really why it gets me so enthralled but it truly does! This is something out of the ordinary! May 9, 2014
Loved the weird hypnotic tone of this game I loved the original game; Lost in the City from Elephant Games South Studio, it was all about the story of a man finding love in a place of despair & lost hope & it was seriously weird. The sequel continues the story as our hero & his love leave the city to which they became guardians; pretty soon Ann is kidnapped & the search is on. There is no frantic activity though as this is a slow game with lots of ambience & excellent background music. In order to move forward you have to make choices e.g. search the station, search outside the station although all will eventually lead you to make the right move in the game. Instead of finding a happy bustling city as our hero searches he finds an apocalyptic empty place & the story, like the original, just gets weirder as you play. You will either love it or hate it; I found it hypnotic & couldn?t stop playing. There are a lot more word list hidden objects in this game & they do seem endless but there is one fun little aspect, if you click on items you will get a translation of the Russian labels. The hint will recharge in 60 seconds & you can pick up ?free no waiting? hints by clicking on every purple butterfly you find. If you need it there is a magnifying glass & I found it useful in some scenes & there are also mini puzzles which range from easy to hard, a skip button is available. As you work your way around different areas you will find an Extras option in the main menu; this takes you to a room with gift packages scattered about. Click on these & you can see some of the original drawings for the artwork & some dialogue that adds to the story. The load time between screens is a little slow, the graphics are not top of the line & the gameplay itself is very simple but this is about the story. May 27, 2012
PC version of 1984 This game reminds me of the old Noir games of the 1990's. I am sure that people could do a whole uni paper on this game and the questions that it throws up and the bridging of the gap between games and how they pose ethical questions both actually in the game and whether a game can actually merge the gap and make us think about our morals in the 'real world'. For me this game did make me think and all the metaphors in the game such as the 6 billion 'monks' (people in the world), and the Chessmaster (mother Earth/God), etc made me start to question exactly what was important in my life and who was actually 'controlling' me and whether I did actually control my own destiny or whether I had a 'chessmaster' controlling it. Sorry to seemingly sermonise, but I think the whole point of the game is to make you think and ponder your own little world. As for the game itself it flowed nicely, the HO screens were easy and didn't detract from the overall game-play. The puzzles in the game were various twists on tried and tested classics in the HO field, I did skip a couple one because I couldn't get the correct paint colour (even though I thought I had it spot on (obviously), so out of frustration) and the other out of confusion as I really could not understand the instructions given. There were also short cut-scenes whereby you had to drive the story on yourself with various questions being asked as to what 'path' you wanted to take, I tried just for 'arguments sake' to take the wrong path, but on both occasions it just 'looped' so thus you took the 'correct route' as it were. The music was mainly 'soundbyte' but it happened at key moments so did drive the game on nicely, the graphics overall were good and fitted in with the overall noir feeling. I do recommend this game but would also recommend getting the first game as this is a proper sequel as the is like the second (and final part) of a trilogy (know that is for three but not quite sure what the word is for two). If you don't want to spend here you may be able to pick it up cheap on online shopping sites, it is well worth getting both though. August 10, 2013
Very Urban Jungle BASED ON COMPLETED GAME FIRST IMPRESSIONS This sequel to the original Lost In The City is a great example of the difference a year makes in the gaming world. This is very much the same style game as the first, and uniquely so, but is leaps and bounds improved in not only graphics quality, but also in sophistication and design. SIGHTS & SOUNDS I love the use of colour in this rather drab and dark game. Despite being largely displayed in colours ranging from white through the greys to black, little bursts of colour (particularly purple) give it a lift and a sense of real art ? a film noir perhaps The art is massively improved on the original, but still does not equal today?s standards. In this case, there?s a kind of beauty in that, as any art critic will tell you. *rolling eyes*. One really neat visual is the fluttering of dozens of butterflies as each HO item is drawn away, and the inventory items, which are kept not in a bar but individually in their own barbed wire environment. I did find the music a bit monotonous. It had just the right taste and feel, and I enjoyed it, but there just wasn?t enough variation. There are no voiceovers in this game and very little sound effects. But the electric hum pervades everything, keeping your teeth on edge. WHAT?S HAPPENING You and your sweetheart Ann found each other in the first Lost In The City, but had to give up life in the human world in order to be together. Now they have been told they can go home. But of course, nothing is ever easy with those kinds of deal. We embark on the outbound journey and discover almost immediately that something is terribly wrong. MAKING PROGRESS This is still basically a HOG. Almost all the gameplay involves them, but now the game extends into more puzzles and a little more of adventure action. The HOPs are interactive lists. Hints can be accumulated by collecting purple butterflies both in and out of HOPs. None of the puzzles were astonishing hard, but sometimes tricky. There is no map or movement outside a particular scene except when the section you are in is completed. Then you will be given 2 or 3 options to choose from, and again a couple of times more until you reach the same place every time ? but it does feel like you have some control. *wry scowl* FINAL VERDICT I loved the edginess of the first game, and it is true that some of that is lost in this one?s polish, but I love this one too. There atmosphere of urban degeneration and despair is palpable. December 20, 2013
If I have to find one more tranquilizer dart, I will scream!! I'm nearing the end of this game and I have to write that either the developers are geniuses or they've had one too many neurostimulators!! Whew! What a game! I give this game 4-1/2 stars. There are some negatives, in my opinion, but they are far and few between! It seemed just around every corner there was yet another HO scene! I just wanted to get on with the adventure, not that the HOS aren't fun; they are! The game had some neat puzzles, some hard, some very easy that you could solve just by chance. You could skip them, too. The hint button was great. No transporter map. You have left, right, up and down arrows to get to your destinations. Many of the tasks are quite involved, which I love. I thoroughly enjoyed repairing the car, getting the Internet up and running, checking emails, codes, you name it! Very clever indeed! There is so much to this game. I did take the time to read all the text, which could be annoying after a point, but it was helpful to the game. Black background with white text in a funky, script-type font. Speaking of text, there was a grammar error where they used the word "one" instead of "won." No big deal, but it just stuck out like a sore thumb with me. The storyline was off the wall, but it had me on the edge of my seat at times.The music was cool. If certain sounds annoy you, you can turn the audio down or off. There are butterflies in each scene that you can collect, as well as rewards. I did not play the first game, Lost City. However, Lost City: Post Scriptum is really different and pleasantly surprising. I would highly recommend it. You can get some great deals with Big Fish, so get on their email list. January 26, 2014
Lots of HO's Didn't think I would get through the first 15 minutes. Weird. But then it was going strong. Love all the HO's. Good story but really make you think. It was a good length. January 6, 2014
Post Scriptum This has got to be one of the weirdest games I?ve ever played. The best puzzles and minigames came toward the very end. In fact, I thought the best part of the game was the last hour. But on the way there, I had trouble following the surreal story (or was it just a dream) at times and I felt it occasionally dragged. I think Lost in the City is a much better game; I was a little disappointed in Post Scriptum. Still, it is a good game I could continue playing even if I didn?t think it always made sense. PROS: - you can read through the dialogue at your own pace. - there is a magnifier - HOS ? there are small items hidden behind other objects and there are a few dark or shadowy spots, which is where the magnifier comes in handy - artwork establishes the atmosphere, which is mostly desolate - you collect butterflies which instantly recharge the hints and open ?presents? which you can access at the end of the game. The presents are concept art for each of the chapters or locations, something usually found only in CEs. - sometimes, you can choose among 3 actions to be taken. The actions cannot be wrong. Whichever one you choose, you will get a bit of story incorporating it. You continue choosing until you get to the action that will move the story forward. I thought it was a rather interesting concept and well handled by the developers. CONS: - objects had to be pointedly clicked on hard to get them to stick to the cursor. They should just firmly attach with a normal click. - Hint system takes a minute to recharge and the second are counted down. But finding a butterfly can speed up the recharge. You will need to decide whether this is your cup of tea. I would have liked to see a version of the last puzzles earlier in the game to spice it up. August 25, 2012
Very different Game. Basically a HO game, but it felt a bit like the Drawn series. I really didn't get it or the story line. It played quickly and I used a free game to purchase it. March 8, 2014
HATE HATE HATE this game!!! I wish I could either get a refund or be given a game credit. I love hidden object games but this one is soooooooo slow and loses my interest immediately when I try and play it......It is boring and I wish I had never purchased it. The only good thing about it is that I did not pay full price for it. March 19, 2013
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Lost in the City: Post Scriptum

Help Hero and Ann wake up all of mankind in Lost in the City: Post Scriptum! Put an end to the curse and save the entire world!

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