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  1. Dungeon Boss

    Lead your team of powerful heroes through heavily-armed dungeons, defeating legendary enemy bosses and grabbing loot along the way in this strategy RPG.

  2. Feed Your Monster!

    Your adorable pet monster is HUNGRY… you’d better feed it something, and quick!

  3. Clone Racer

    With a radical ‘80s soundtrack and retro 8-bit graphics, you’ll be racing in style.

  4. Cooking Academy 2: World Cuisine

    Master all new mini-games, including processors, mixers, fridge raiding and more! Learn the cuisine of 8 different countries!

  5. Captain Glo

    Help Glo and his sidekick restore light to their world by navigating through more than 120 brain-twisting puzzles and mini-games!

  6. Stardust Hero

    Help Rigel collect as much stardust as he can and become an unstoppable Super Nova!

  7. Kaia’s Quest

    Help Kaia on her journey to save her kidnapped brother, Alex, from a mysterious puzzle-making monster.

  8. Cooking Academy

    From eggrolls to crème brulee, prepare over 50 different recipes! Master the skills of chopping, flipping, frying, and more!

  9. Amoeba Wars

    Viruses have invaded the home of the Amoebas and it’s up to you to put together a team of Amoebas to rescue your friends!

  10. Garden Rescue

    Help the garden-inhabiting plants defend against hordes of insects trying to demolish the garden!

  11. Island Wars 2

    Ah, the South Pacific seas... warm sun, clear skies, crystal waters, and... two islands obsessed with destroying each other's palm trees! Hop in your biplane and bomb the enemy island, or use your cannon to protect your own.

  12. Jump Out!

    Help cute critters escape certain doom as they leap and scurry through little crevices.

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