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Find Great Places to GameWith the proliferation of mobile games and mobile gaming platforms, it’s becoming more and more common for gamers to take their obsession on the road.

Whether you’re killing some downtime on the bus with a quick game of Rainbow Web or losing yourself at Starbucks in Mystery Case Files: MillionHeir, these days, gaming is becoming the distraction of choice.

We wanted to offer a list of ten great places to game. From the obvious (who hasn’t played games in the car?) to the hidden gems (come sail way!), we hope this list opens your eyes to some places you can squeeze in a little more game time.

Coffee Shop

Coffee Shop Gaming

What goes better with gaming than a nice, hot cup of coffee? Maybe we’re a little biased here (posting from Seattle!), but coffee shops are a great place to settle in for a day of people watching, book reading, or gaming. Complete with comfy chairs, relaxing music, and outlets galore, you’ll be set for a day of gaming fun.


Gaming at Home

There’s no place like home, right? It’s always nice to be able to curl up on your couch, in your bed, or on the porch and lose yourself in a hot, new iPad adventure. This is a great option for those of us who deal with inclement weather during the winter months.


Gaming on a Plane

We all look for entertainment while we’re traveling. Cracking open a new book, listening to a new album, or scanning a good magazine can help kill hours of time spent in a car, on a plane, or on the train. Why not take along some gaming fun. Let’s be honest, when was the last time you were on a plane and didn’t see someone playing a game on their phone?


Gaming at Work

Ok, we admit, this one is a bit of a head scratcher. Gaming at work? Really? To be clear, we’re not advocating you replace actual work with gaming. However, we all have breaks during our work day where we are free to do what we want. At Big Fish Games, we have employees who play board games and card games during lunch every day!


Gaming at the Library

Many games are more fun if the the player has some knowledge of geography or world history. Need to look a location up? What better place to be than the library (or a good bookstore)! Need to know a thing or two about ancient Greece? Just grab a book off the shelf!


Gaming at School

On first glance, this one is another head scratcher. However, most school days have downtime actually designed in for mental breaks. Lunch, recess, time between classes, and waiting for the bus are all golden opportunities to fire up your iPhone and play some games.


Gaming at the Beach

While a sandy beach can be a risky place to take a Kindle or an iPad (don’t drop it!), it’s also a great place to enjoy a cold drink, get some sun, and lose yourself in a great game. Just be careful not to leave your device in plain site should you head to the water.


Gaming at a Restaurant

Nobody likes to eat alone. But if you feel the need to go out to dinner with a companion, remember, your mobile device can be that companion. Don’t waste your time finding a dinner partner you may or may not want to have an hour long conversation with. Your iPad offers great games for you to play and never asks for anything in return.


Gaming on Vacation

While not a particular place, per se, going on vacation is a great time to take in a nice, quiet, game. Whether you’re headed out on a boat or to your cabin in the woods, with 3G access, you’re ready to download and play a great mobile game.

Celebratory Events

Gaming at Graduation

Let’s face it, we’ve all been to events that are just too darn long. Whether it was the wedding of your fourth cousin twice removed or your niece’s middle school ’graduation’, it isn’t difficult to recall an event where you swore time stood still and you wished you had something to do.

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