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Procrastination is the key to success.

Yep, we said it. Some studies have shown that gaming at work can lead to more productivity, and it only takes a look at a few of the key statistics circulating around today to understand just how much time we waste at the workplace.
Whether you procrastinate because you love online mobile games, enjoy browsing video game news or are trying to avoid those pesky office headaches that plague us all, take a look at our top 10 ways to procrastinate at the office for tips and tricks on how to enjoy getting nothing done.

1. Gummy Drop!


This is the improved, more interesting, eye-catching version of the favorite Bejeweled, as it invokes a sense of wanderlust without having to leave the comfort of your office chair.

Start in Sydney and make your way through New York City, Paris, Hawaii and many more locations, all while making it seem like you’re getting work done behind your desk. You can download it here!

2. Keyboard Twister


Maybe you have a job that requires you to at least make it look like you’re getting work done. If that’s the case, try playing Twister with your computer keyboard. Your boss will think you’re working and your fingers will get an exercise, but you’ll avoid doing any work at all.

Go to this website and hover over the hand on the right (the one that shows up as Program Two). Sure, you might look a little silly, but it’s worth it just to say you’ve played Keyboard Twister at work.

3. Cooking Craze


If you’re looking to enhance your appetite right before a lunch break and want to travel around the world cooking delicious food but from the comfort of your own desk, check out Cooking Craze.

The game provides a welcome distraction from work while also featuring an easy tapping mechanic for an all-around fast-paced time management game.

4. Photoshop Ping Pong


Photoshop Ping Pong doesn’t even actually require Photoshop to play (any free online editing software will work). One employee starts drawing a picture with the editing software and the next employee must add to it. The idea is that it makes the rounds to each employee by email throughout the day and ends up at the original person’s desk by closing time.
This game tests the creativity of you and your colleagues and it’s fun to figure out who added what as well as to see what monstrous creation the entire office ended up with. If you get caught, tell your boss it was a team building exercise!


This is perfect for the worker with a real stickler of a boss. If you’re trying really hard to procrastinate and your boss just keeps at it with these ridiculous requests to get more work done (what a buzzkill), try this website. is a website full of games that are disguised as Excel and Word documents, essentially meaning you can play a “hidden” game anytime without getting caught. Most of the games draw from early arcade titles.


6. Fairway Solitaire


What sets Fairway Solitaire apart is that each day different events like treasure hunts, pro stars and stamp-edes are added to keep things interesting. If you’re looking to procrastinate outside of the office, each weekend you’ll find new hand-painted scenery to help transport you while staying in the comfort of your own home.

7. Wiki Races

How you play: Pick two Wikipedia pages and try to get from one to the other as quickly as possible (think “six degrees of Kevin Bacon” but in Wikipedia form). The catch is that you are only allowed to click on the links embedded in each page. The winner is the employee who is able to get from the first page to the second in the least amount of clicks.

This one’s best if you’ve got an office friend who’s also looking to indulge in a little procrastination. This classic multiplayer game allows you to at least get something done.

8. Use a Cover-Up Website


Websites like this one, which is Reddit designed as Microsoft Outlook, allow you to procrastinate while catching up on news or self-diagnosing on WebMD. If you are in need of some serious procrastinating but also want to look up video game statistics, let’s say, using a cover up website if perfect.

HardlyWork.In is another great option, as it can make your Facebook or Twitter feed look like an Excel spreadsheet.

9. Delete Old Emails


Okay, this one sounds boring, but it’s actually a game. If you’ve put off clearing out your inbox for a while and are looking for a way to be slightly productive while still gaming, this website turns deleting old emails into a game by using a countdown timer that forces to you make snap decisions about what to do with each email.

The interface looks exactly like your real email, so there’s a low risk of getting caught procrastinating/indulging in a game with this one.

10. Office Bingo


Another great team building way to procrastinate, office bingo is a way to make sure nobody else is getting work done either. Download any office bingo card from the internet, print off as many as you need, and distribute them to your colleagues. Plan a prize that’s office-related (if you win you don’t have to make the coffee for a week) and see who gets a bingo first.

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