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5 Surprising Stats About Mobile Gaming in 2014

If you have looked at any mobile gaming statistics in the past decade, then you’ve seen just a fraction of how lucrative publishing video games for smartphone and tablets can be. In 2014, while console gaming is still extremely popular, the explosive potential for the mobile gaming industry is as promising as ever…. but you might be surprised by what else the data is telling us.

1. The mobile gaming market is predicted to double by 2016.

It’s no surprise that experts predict the fastest growing video game market will continue to experience expansive growth in the near future. On a global scale, it is estimated that the mobile games industry will reach $23.9 billion in revenue in just two years. With more people playing mobile games than ever before, and a greater willingness from players to spend money on those games, it’s no wonder the projected industry growth rate is over 27% per year.

2. Tablets are becoming increasingly popular gaming devices.

Smartphones have previously dominated the mobile gaming arena largely because more people own them compared to tablets. But new data suggests that tablets are rapidly gaining popularity as viable gaming devices. By 2016, tablet games revenue will grow by 400% and reach $10 billion. Better hardware and larger screens are certainly more conducive to a wider variety of games and a better overall gaming experience compared to many smartphones. Don’t count your iPhone or Android phone out though, smartphone revenue is expected to grow as well by 18.8%.

3. Asia Pacific is the biggest mobile games market in the world.

While Western Europeans spend the most money on mobile gaming per person, Asia Pacific is the biggest mobile games market worldwide, boasting almost $6 billion in revenue per year and controls approximately 48% of the global revenue. Asia Pacific, North America, and Western Europe are predicted to remain the most appealing markets for mobile game developers in the years to come.


4. Android is the dominant device worldwide.

From a national perspective, the United States loves its iPhones. Apple devices are more popular than Android and control the majority of the market share at 54%. If you take a broader look however, Android is king on the worldwide scale. In fact, North America is the only region where Apple is beating out Android.

5. Even console and PC loyalists play mobile games.

Video game enthusiasts whether hardcore or casual, are typically non-exclusive when it comes to playing video games on dedicated gaming devices or mobile devices – they often do both. Among American households that own a gaming console or dedicated PC, 53% play games on their smartphones as well. Already 966 million, or 78% of all 1.2 billion gamers play mobile games worldwide and that number is expected to grow. In addition, gamers who are playing more video games than they did three years ago are spending less time watching TV, going to the movies, and watching movies at home.

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