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As we wind down from the holiday frenzy and begin our year anew, the hopeful and determined folks often make resolutions to help guide them through the next 365 days. Whether your goal errs on the side of personal growth or small-time improvement, completing your special New Year’s promise is a huge undertaking and an even larger accomplishment. Despite good intentions, it can be incredibly difficult to stay on track and really turn those resolutions into reality. That being said, I can’t think of a better way to enter 2015 or jumpstart waning ambition than with a little risk, reward, and a huge dose of fun. Take a look at three amazing slots games that you have to try this year.

Sweet Stacks

With several nice nods to cult favorite television show Twin Peaks, Sweet Stacks is a funny as it is fun to play. The game’s mascot — a beaver sporting a sweater, glasses, and carrying a log, eerily reminiscent of Twin Peaks’ “Log Lady” character — is just one of the quirky critters to pop up in the game, which is part of Big Fish Casino’s Luxury Slots family of games. The game’s graphics combine a diner motif and colorful food items with a cast of kooky characters. In addition to its five-across game play, Sweet Stacks has an auto-spin feature, as well as a fun side plot where gamers can feed diner patrons and pick  up tips. Yummy looking food? Cute animals? References to classic David Lynch TV shows? And fast-paced casino slot game action bundled up with truly sweet graphics? What’s not to love!

Big Fish Casino Sweet Stacks

Vegas Penny Slots

Wander into any brick-and-mortar casino and you’ll hear the siren song of the penny slot machines calling. Regardless of budget, penny slots let players have a little fun pulling the handle as they hope to hit the jackpot. Vegas Penny Slots is a title that replicates the fun of this experience. Simple and player-friendly, Vegas Penny Slots is a five-reel slot game with mass appeal. From a visual standpoint, the graphics are everything that you could want from a slots game. Clean 3D images do a great job of creating an overall appealing look for a variety of different themes within the game.


Slot Machine

Out of Big Fish’s arsenal of casino slots games, my personal favorite online slots title would have to be Slot Machine. Inspired by the famous Chinese novel Journey to the West, Slot Machine takes the traditional reeled slots format and turns it on its head.

In Slot Machine, vertical reels are a thing of the past; instead the game revolves around a 24-square turntable with different symbols associated with each tile. Having such a unique setup, it’s no wonder Slot Machine is consistently one of Big Fish’s top ten most popular casino games. In addition to the creative gameplay, Slot Machine is oozing with personality. Fans of the lore will notice story characters throughout the entire game from the symbols to the overall artistic style. Colorful and cartoony animation paired with a killer soundtrack elevates this game to the next level and it truly is a well appreciated twist on the standard slots formula.

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