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Gardenscapes is a fun game where you play hidden object scenes to collect money that you can use to upgrade your garden.

I really liked this game with its smooth art and it brought me enough of a challenge to the hidden object genre, by introducing people looking for specific objects. It clearly made it fun and very easy to get into fast.

Only one problem! Once I finally perfected my garden and the game was over, what should I do next? Well, if you are in the same situation, here are some suggestions that I found were good fun too.

1. Barn Yarn

Like Gardenscape 1: Barn YarnI can’t live knowing you have less than three hearts for me.

Barn Yarn is an obvious choice. It’s made by the same makers, the gameplay is quite similar, and the artwork has the same high quality. There are some differences though, for instance instead of working with an old butler, I get to work with a young kid and his grandfather to try and upgrade their barn. I like the kid, he dances around excitedly as I work through the barn.

The gameplay is similar and if you’re looking for more Gardenscape this is the perfect choice. I found it to be just as good and yet different enough to be a pretty refreshing experience.

2. Farmscape

Remember to get nine thousand servings of vegetables a day.

Now, Farmscape , another game from same maker, offers all the same artwork, and even the same characters from Barn Yarn, but the game’s focus is Match-3 gameplay rather than Hidden Object. You’re purchasing upgrades for a farm this time and there are interesting mini-games along the way. I’m a fan of Hidden Object games, but I love Match-3. I can play it for hours. So if you love the quality of Barn Yarn and Gardenscape, but are looking for some different style of game play, then Farmscape is the obvious choice.

3. Antique Road Show

Like Gardenscape 3: Antique Road Show
No one EVER wants a train…

Antique Road Show is different than the other games, in that it’s not made by Playrix. Antique Road Show is a fantastic Hidden Object games, in fact, it’s one of my favorites. You play as a couple trying to upgrade an antique shop, and have to travel the USA looking for antiques to sell. The game style is nearly identical to Gardenscape, the artwork is great, and it’s introduced cool locales around the USA as levels to play on. One of my favorite things is that the Hint button is a puppy. These people know how to rock.

Antique Road Show, like the other games, also has many mini-games to break up the Hidden Object games. It’s a great designed game and I love the setting of the whole USA.

I hope one of these game will be fun for you too.

Jakob Pederson is a Quality Assurance Tester at Big Fish. He’s a team player known for his moxie. He loves games, movies, and a book (Moby Dick).

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