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HouseIf you were distraught to discover the final episode of season 8 would be the last time Dr. Gregory House would sardonically limp (we’re not sure if it’s possible to limp sardonically, but we’re pretty certain House could do it) his way to a diagnosis, then you were not alone. The Doctor’s alter ego, actor Hugh Laurie also admitted to a possible case of the sniffles when faced with the idea of giving up the character he played for eight years.

It’s always tough when a good show ends, but that doesn’t mean the story has to stop. We can’t bring the TV show back, but we can offer games that put you alongside House and other medical personnel as you take on a new batch of cases. Here is a list of medically themed games to keep you going until the next big hospital drama makes its way to the TV screen.

1. House M.D.

Play as Dr. Gregory House in this Puzzle Game where it’s up to you to make the correct diagnosis through the twists and turns of some of the toughest cases to ever be admitted to Princeton-Plainsboro Hospital You’ll have a chance to interview and examine patients. But don’t forget what you learned on the show – everyone lies! Best of all, as you search for the truth behind each case, you’ll also get to meet your favorite characters from the TV show. Help Dr. Eric Foreman and the rest of House’s team solve each case with your diagnostic puzzle-solving skills!

True to character, this game has some language and themes some may find offensive.

Science Lab
2. Elizabeth Find MD: Diagnosis Mystery

If you find House’s bedside manner a bit much, but you’re still craving a good medical mystery, working alongside Elizabeth Find is another great option. In this hidden object game, you join a team of doctors as they discover the the correct diagnosis and treatment. Along the way, you’ have a wide array of medical equipment your disposal, but It’s ultimately your job to uncover the clues that will lead to help and heal your patient.

If your medical sleuthing still hasn’t been satisfied, also check out Elizabeth Find M.D.: Medical Mystery, Season 2.

3. Hospital Haste

If diagnostics aren’t your thing, Hospital Haste is a good way to get in on the treatment end of things and sate your craving for Time Management games. You’ll need to listen to and help patients, but you’re also responsible for decisions about upgrading your facilities and equipment. Transform the hospital into a medical marvel, and, before you know it, you’ll be curing patients before they even know they’re sick!

Hospital Haste
4. Hospital Hustle

When the medical dramas have left you emotionally drained, Hospital Hustle is there to provide the best medicine with a game that is sure to make you laugh out loud. . You’ve just joined the team as fledgling nurse, Sarah, and you’re about to learn why the hospital was willing to hire you over the phone. The treatments you dole out in this Time Management game are innovative and often absurd, and the outpatients are just as outlandish. With two gameplay modes – Story and Endless – you can make your hospital experience as hectic as you like, with no less the fun.

5. Pet Pals Animal Doctor

If you include your dog and cat as part of the family, you’ll be happy to see we’ve included their needs in our list of medically-themed games. In this game, you’re introduced to the world of a veterinarian as you help your furry patients with a range of issues. From treating an asthmatic cat to fixing a poor dog’s broken leg, this puzzle game will challenge you to administer the right treatment – when your patient can’t actually tell you what’s wrong. This game might pull at your heartstrings, but it’ll all be worth it when you get to send a healthy puppy home to its loving family.

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