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You know, for such a small device, the iPhone sure packs a pretty big punch. No, we don't mean your phone is going to start fights with you. However, it has had a pretty significant impact on the entertainment world.

Did you know making calls isn't even in the top three activities of smartphone users? Those would be social networking, texting and gaming. Yes, that means calling people is no longer the primary function of cellphones, but it also means there are many other cool things to do with one.

Our personal favorite smartphone activity is gaming. If you're wondering what all the hubbub is about, look no further! Here are a few reasons why mobile games are totally awesome.

1. Play from anywhere, anytime
When's the last time you went anywhere without your smartphone? For those of you who want to claim the bathroom, don't even think about it.

Mobile gaming lets you play video games whenever you have your phone available, which means most of the time. Heck, if you have one of those indestructible phone cases, you could play a Puzzle Game while rock climbing… well, you could, but probably shouldn't for safety reasons.

2. Connect with family and friends
Finding quality time to spend with your family isn't always easy. Even when distance isn't an issue, time usually is. A Population and Societies article said 85 percent of children living less than 15 minutes from their parents see mom and dad once a week and that number drops to 3 percent for children living more than two hours away. That doesn't mean families can't interact, it just means they have to find new ways to connect. Luckily, we have mobile games to help!

With multiplayer iPhone and iPad games like Big City Adventure: San Francisco, distance is no obstacle and time is a much smaller one. On your lunch break at work? How about a few Hidden Object games with a friend on the other side of the country?

3. The future is bright
The popularity of mobile gaming has exploded, and that means it's a booming industry. The prevalence of mobile gaming has actually grown so much that Marketing Week identified mobile devices as the most valuable gaming platform. Mobile games are even starting to pull ahead of social media games in terms of popularity.

This is certainly good news for mobile game developers because mobile gamers are more willing to pay money for playing games than their social media counterparts, but it's also good news for the gamers themselves. It means the industry is likely to grow as more developers, advertisers and investors find mobile to be profitable.

4. Mobile platforms may be the new consoles
If the one thing holding you back from mobile gaming has been graphics and performance, then you might not be held back for very long. A recent Forbes article had a few interesting things to say about mobile gaming. With technology getting packed into smaller and smaller packages, the next evolution of gaming could make mobile gaming consoles the next big thing. Just imagine, a whole gaming console that fits in your pocket! Actually, with the rate technology is going these days, your iPhone will probably be able to make you coffee while you play your favorite Puzzle Game.

"Armed with a mobile gaming console, set of virtual reality glasses and maybe a mini hard drive for storing downloaded 25 GB games, a gamer will not need to be tied down to a television screen, a PC monitor or a cable-enabled WIFI system," the article states. "Now, if we could only make it solar-powered…"

5. Mobile gaming costs decreasing
It might be easy to think most companies would take advantage of mobile gamers with statistics saying they're much more willing to dish out the cash. As it turns out, mobile game companies are being pretty good guys about the money thing.

Despite revenue from mobile gaming rising like you wouldn't believe, the cost of playing those games is actually going down. The average cost of a mobile game from Apple's App Store has gone down 28 percent since last year. If that trend continues, it looks like mobile gaming is going to be one cost-effective form of entertainment!

With mobile gaming getting as popular as it is, we're willing to bet some of you have played quite a few. Are you a mobile gamer? What are some of your favorites?

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