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Lost wallets, dying cell phones, and frozen bank accounts are all frustrating scenarios. The stakes are even higher when these problems are experienced on the go. For travelers, these pitfalls are all too common, but luckily there are ways to prevent utter disaster. Consider these top six travel tips and hacks:

1. No Luggage Space


Many dread the thought of packing for trips. They tediously fold all of their clothing to prevent wrinkling, yet run out of space fast. To fit more into a single suitcase, roll clothes instead of folding them. This saves space, prevents additional baggage fees and still keeps clothes wrinkle-free.

2. Gaps in Hotel Curtains


After a road trip or a long flight, a cat nap is rejuvenating and much needed. Unfortunately, as travelers know all too well, falling asleep in a hotel is hard. This may be because it’s the middle of the day when they arrive or there may be distracting city lights at night. Closing the bulky curtains can help eliminate the light, but there always seems to be just enough peeking in to cause a disturbance. To close these notorious curtain gaps, use the clips on the end of a clothes hanger in the closet. The clips force two curtain panels snugly together to get rid of gaps that let light in.

3. Lost Wallets/Documents


The thought of a lost passport, insurance card or photo identification while abroad is scary. Certainly, no one intends to misplace these items but it happens. To prepare for the unexpected, scan these important documents before leaving home. Send them to an e-mail address that is accessible to you while away. If a traditional scanner is not available, download a scanner app and store the information in a password-protected folder on a cell phone.

4. Frozen Bank Accounts and Credit Cards


With increased security measures in place against fraud, it isn’t uncommon to experience frozen accounts. When a debit or credit card is used in a foreign country or even in a different state, a fraud prevention unit may flag the account. This may prompt them to automatically freeze all accounts to prevent further fraudulent charges. This is reassuring, but it’s a big inconvenience while traveling. To avoid this, make any financial institutions aware of travel plans ahead of time.

5. No Cell Phone Wall Charger


Nothing is as unsettling as being in an unfamiliar location with a rapidly dying cell phone battery. Forgetting the wall plug portion is one of the most common travel blunders. Many hotels are now equipped with flat-screen televisions that have USB ports directly on the back, bottom or side of the unit. In the event that the charger cord is packed but the wall plug isn’t, the cord can be inserted into the television to charge a cell phone.

6. Forgotten Parking Space


When driving in an unfamiliar area, it’s difficult for travelers to remember where they parked their car. As the car is often a rental, spotting it quickly proves to be a tough task. To remember parking spaces, use Google maps and pin the location before exiting the car. To do this, press down on the location on the map and it’ll be pinned instantly. This makes returning to the car at a later time much easier, especially in big cities.

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