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With Valentine’s Day upon us it’s a good time to think about how to show your love for any special gamer in your life.  Games and play are a great way to ratchet up the romance in any relationship, and your gamer valentine will be grateful that you are so thoughtful in the process.

To get started, consider this bit of inspiration: a gamer-themed Valentine’s Day surprise created by a clever guy for his gamer girlfriend:

Once you’ve figured out your approach, check out the following tips for getting together everything you need:

Make Your Own Card

Hallmark hasn’t yet figured out how to offer cards for the gamer demographic, so you might be better off making one of your own.  All you need is card stock or scrapbook paper, markers or pencils, or an inkjet printer.  If you have a Cricut or Sizzix (die-cut) machine, you have even more options.

Here is a beginners’ tutorial that will show you the basics. You can basically take any sort of template or card design and modify by using video game imagery:

You can find all sorts of pre-made card items on Etsy, like downloadable images, templates, stamps, papers and pre-cut bits of paper and fabric.  For ideas, check out this round-up of 85 Valentine’s Day cards for gamers.

Presents That Will Show Your Epic Love

Some ideas:

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