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NEW ZEALAND -  The wizards behind such VR game titles as The Living Room Bowling Tour and The Elven Badminton League has just added another title to their growing portfolio – Middle-earth Competitive Rowing. In an extreme advertising effort, Alt Reality Games submitted a petition to the International Olympic Committee asking for their video game to be considered as a new Olympic Sport. The petition had over 1,000 signatures from 20 different countries; 50% of those signatures came from New Zealand.


“Our goal has always been to take real world sports and expand them to new lands. Until Elon Musk can send us to Mars to play basketball, virtual reality is the way to go. It might even be a better solution than physically traveling to Mars because VR allows us to visit our favorite fantasy lands,” The founder of Alt Reality Games, Dr. Sue Baggins, said.

The Olympic Committee released an official statement Monday stating, “We will not ruin the great history and professional credibility of the Olympics with video games. It’s a nonsense petition.”

Dr. Baggins responded, stating, “If the Olympic Committee chooses not to accept our game, then we will look at other competition avenues. It will be their loss.”

Unfortunately, Alt Reality Games did not have a finalized game for Big Fish to play but we did get a sneak peek into a few game environments and their realistic VR rowboat prototype. See pictures below.

Exhibit A: VR Rowboat Design


As the mockup above shows, the prototype is essentially an advanced rowing machine with a hull that rests in a narrow pool of water to give the gamer a more realistic riding experience. The prototype we saw had two seats and four pulley systems. Its projected cost is a mere $10,000 dollars. Easy money.

Exhibit B: The Land of Dragons, Orcs, and Shades


Picture courtesy: Flickr/Jeff Hitchcock/Creative Commons

We were told this level will be an advanced player option only. As a team of players row their boat down the river they must dip, dodge and duck to avoid dragons, orcs, and shades. Only the best Coxswain will be able to navigate this level.

Exhibit C: The Hobbitland

Movie Set The Hobbit Hobbiton Location New Zealand

Picture courtesy: maxpixel

We were told the land of the Hobbits is the easiest level. The gameplay will reflect traditional rowing competitions on calm waters. The “Power 10” is the focus on this run.

Exhibit D: The Land of Elves, Wizards, and Ents


Picture courtesy: Wikimedia/Galadree-el/Creative Commons

At the Land of Elves, Wizards and Ents, rowers will have to use magic sculls to maneuver through rushing waters, stampeding ents and acrobatic elves – some might even look like Orlando Bloom. It won’t be possible for players to “Hold Water” when riding in this land.

We were pretty amazed by their tech, so we asked if they could give us a sneak peek into anything else they were working on. “Moonshot Galaxy has just been released to the Playstation VR Game Store,” she replied simply.

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Note: This story was created solely for gaming laughing matters. Hope you enjoyed it.

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