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Sunken Secrets 3

Here at Big Fish we’ve seen a lot of great mobile game releases in the last few months (not the least of these were Dungeon Boss and Lifeline 2). That trend continues with the release of Sunken Secrets (available today in the iTunes App Store), the game that will quickly find a place in your favorite games list. We’re so proud of how this game has come together. The gameplay is infectious and combines farming strategies with building, repairing, trading and magic collection. The artwork is also another great part of Sunken Secrets. It is skillful and enchanting, utilizing bright colors and and memorable characters.

In Sunken Secrets players assist Princess Luisa as she battles an evil sea witch (and her evil minions) to break a curse and raise the lands of a submerged island. In order to restore the beauty of the island you must farm, mine, build, repair structures, and restore a thriving trade route. You have the assistance of local magic folks as well as the option to connect with friends over Facebook.

Here is a word from Chris George, Vice President and Executive of Big Fish’s Triton Studios team, “This isn’t the farming game you see in app stores now. Sunken Secrets stands alone in that there is always something for the player to uncover. There is more than just farming, cooking, making and using resources. Instead, the game mechanics of magic collection and magic usage really allows the player to create their own one-of-a-kind simulation experience. [...] In every sense of the word, Sunken Secrets really is magical.”

Sunken Secrets 2

There’s not much to dislike in the newest game from Big Fish. Wizards and pandas (with more colorful characters rumored to show up in future updates) wander the streets of your island freely. Townsfolk lend a hand and celebrate each of your successes with cheers and balloons. Join your new friends for a few minutes or a few hours. There’s always something new to do and see.

If you’ll give it a chance and a download, we’re convinced you’ll love the world of Sunken Secrets as much as we do.

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