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As 2014 starts to wind to a close, we continue to take a statistical look at the year that was — and train an eye on future trends in the world of gaming. “World” being the operative word. With a global perspective in mind, Android games have made a huge impact on the gaming market. Conversely, gaming apps are the bread and butter of Android’s revenue, as well. Check out how Android upped its game in 2014 and continues to make its mark around the globe:

1. Google Play downloads have surpassed iOS App Store downloads worldwide.

In fact, Android app downloads have exceeded their competitor’s figures by a whopping 45% in Q1 of 2014. Based on data from the App Annie Market Index, Android can thank their high numbers to several growing and highly influential foreign markets including Mexico and Turkey.

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2. Gaming apps remain the top revenue source for Android.

Mobile games are not only entertaining, they are incredibly profitable as shown by the data surrounding Android’s revenue streams. On Google Play, downloads and transactions for games and related apps make up nearly 90% of its total revenue. Success in other app categories such as Communication and Tools thrived within the first quarter, as well.

3. Consumers in the fastest-growing smartphone markets tend to choose Android due to larger screen sizes.

Consumers in emerging smartphone markets have spoken, and new data from IDC suggests that they’ve chosen Android over iOS. Rapidly  developing countries where the demand for smartphones is at a peak, like India, Philippines, Mexico, and Indonesia for example, seem to want devices with screens 5 inches and larger. This larger size makes these Android phones ideal for watching streaming content or (you guessed it) playing video games on the go. Considering the iPhone does not currently have any models at that size it’s not surprising to see Android’s popularity in these parts of the world. It’ll be interesting to see how these figures change when the larger, iPhone 6 makes its debut later this year.

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4. The U.S. ranks first in Google Play app downloads and second in revenue.

The United States sat at the top of the list for app downloads followed by Brazil, Russia, South Korea, and India in Q1 2014. In terms of revenue however, Japan led the pack with the U.S., South Korea, Germany, and the United Kingdom filling up the top five.

5. There are seven Android phones sold for every one iPhone.

Although Apple increased the number of iPhones sold by 4 million units, totaling 35.2 million phones last quarter; Android sold over seven times that amount with 255.3 million smartphones sold. That’s an increase of 64 million Android phones.


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