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PlayWrite Tablet for Gamers
Big Fish Games is proud to formally announce PlayWrite, the world’s first tablet designed for today’s on-the-go gamer. Aside from being the thinnest, lightest, and most energy efficient tablet device available today, the PlayWrite has the capability to run an unlimited number of games on its revolutionary operating system.

Jeremy Lewis, Chief Executive Officer of Big Fish Games, revealed the new tablet at a standing room only press conference in Seattle on April 1, flanked by the company’s mascot, Felix the Fish.

“Simply put, we’re redefining the landscape of the tablet market,” Lewis said. “PlayWrite is a game changer. And by that we mean it’s going to change the way you play.”

Created exclusively for today’s cutting-edge gamer, the PlayWrite runs a wide variety of all-time favorite games and supports multitasking and head-to-head gaming via its proprietary IPP technology. Players can even design their own games, game artwork, and strategy guides thanks to PlayWrite’s DT-2 interactive stylus.

“We envision a world where players can create their own games on PlayWrite,” said Pat Wylie, Vice President of Big Fish Games Studios. “Unlike other game design platforms, PlayWrite requires no special knowledge of coding, design, or even art, so you can jump right in.”

PlayWrite Gaming Tablet

PlayWrite features a unique kinetic power source, eliminating the need for batteries or ungainly power cords, and providing potential for unlimited gaming.

Big Fish Games Founder Paul Thelen also touts the PlayWrite’s eco-friendly design as a key differentiator in a cluttered tablet market. “We believe that the modern gamer cares deeply about green products. That’s why our tablet is the first green certified tablet made from 100% recycled materials. To be any more green, it would have to be a tree.”

Product Specifications

The PlayWrite features a lightweight design based on innovative composite fiber technology. With a flexible, shatterproof, and scratchproof display and multiple sizes to choose from — including a pocket-sized 5″ x 7″ and cinematic widescreen 8.5″ x 11″ — it’s safe for travel and on-the-go usage. PlayWrite is approved by the TSA and can be hand-carried through most security checkpoints.

PlayWrite features a dual-staple binding system and a durable 6-micron fiberboard backing. PlayWrite comes in a variety of colors, including snow white with cerulean accents and traditional legal yellow.

Pricing and Availability

PlayWrite retails for an unbelievable $9.99 and is available for immediate shipment from Big Fish Games or any major office supply retailer including Amazon, Staples, and Office Depot.

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