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That’s right, the gang is back! Archie, Betty, Veronica, Jughead and many more!

The Archie’s gang returns from a concert tour to find their beloved hometown of Riverdale ruined! Mayor Ruskin has embezzled all the town’s money and left Riverdale in a dire state. It is up to you to help Archie and the rest of the gang restore Riverdale to its former glory. What’s more, meet all your favorite Archie’s characters as you rebuild the town. Each character has tasks to complete, interests and hobbies to pursue – with a little bit of help from you of course!

Are you an Archie comic book fan!? Then you are in luck! The dialogues and comics within the game are pulled directly from original Archie Comics, so readers of the comic will find classic Archie content throughout the game!

Help Archie fix the town by sending characters on quests to repair and rebuild the town, upgrading buildings and restoring Riverdale to its former glory. Archie: Riverdale Rescue is free to download and play! Players progress through the game by unlocking characters and land parcels through quests. Quests are composed of tasks performed by characters to reward the player with Cash, Experience Points (XP), and Soda. If you run out of the Soda you need to speed up task completion than purchase more in the game store. Once a quest is complete, and a building restored, the player can help Archie upgrade that building which increases the amount of money and XP collected from the building itself as well as increasing the town’s overall Riverdale Rating.

The Riverdale Rating shows your progress toward restoring Riverdale to its former glory. With so much neglect after Mayor Ruskin bankrupted the town, there is trash and debris everywhere around Riverdale. The place is just a mess! Cleaning piles of trash, repairing broken fixtures, and removing downed trees contribute directly toward increasing the Riverdale Rating as does upgraded buildings, adding decorations, flowers and trees. Cleaning such a mess can take a lot of time and energy! Clean a neighborhood instantly by using a little of your Energy, which recharges regularly around-the-clock. For an extra boost of energy, players can refill their energy meters with a boost of Soda. The more you work on Riverdale, the more you restore and customize it to your particular preferences!

Archie: Riverdale Rescue isn’t just about restoring Riverdale, it’s also about building relationships! Some tasks in the game require two characters to complete. These 2-person tasks will build the relationship between the two characters, advancing their friendship. Depending on which characters are paired together, advanced relationships can eventually become BFFs (Best Friends Forever) or Couples (In a Romantic Relationship). It’s up to the player to decide with whom they want to pair their characters. Haven’t you always wanted to influence Archie’s decision…..Betty or Veronica!?

Additional features include:

  • Ongoing updates, content, and special events so you’ll never get bored.
  • Read bonus comic strips in-game.
  • Enjoy fun, relaxing city building sim game-play at your own pace.
  • Rediscover all your favorite characters as you rebuild Rivedale.
  • Enjoy first appearance specials and full comics at the comic book store.
  • Set characters working together to complete tasks and build relationships.
  • Check out character personalities: is your Archie and artist, romantic, jock, geek, or charmer?
  • Give characters a makeover with fun thematic clothing packs.

Help Archie and his gang restore Riverdale, available now on PC!

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