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What’s the only thing better than playing slots? Playing slots online of course! And what’s the best thing about going online? Checking out all the funny memes! A few weeks ago the Art Director in our Oakland office went on summer vacation. Naturally, our Oakland artists dropped everything and decided to brainstorm new and exciting projects to make Big Fish Casino as fun as humanly possible!!

The idea they came up with? Create a slots game where all the art and animations are inspired by popular internet sensations

After discussing the concept at great length, our artists thought an idea this good is rarer than a double rainbow. So they got to work creating perhaps the most epic slot machine ever conceived! We tried to include all your favorites — from bacon to burgers, from kitty cats to wizard hats, there’s something for everyone!

Consider yourself well versed in the world of memes? Go ahead and test your knowledge below. If you can recognize all the memes, reward yourself with an ice-cream cone!








Click the image below to download the wallpaper! Click here to download all of the character avatars!

Did we miss any of your favorite memes? Shame us into including them in the comments section below!

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