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Whether you use this document as a reference when things get difficult or as a road map to get you from beginning to end, we’re pretty sure you’ll find what you’re looking for here.

We hope you find this information useful as you play your way through the game. Use the menu below to quickly jump to whatever stage of the game you need help with.

For technical trouble shooting see our FAQ.


Walkthrough Menu

General Tips

Big Fish Casino
  • Log in every day to Big Fish Casino to play the free Daily Spin game (A). This is combined with an increasing bonus (B) for signing in each day (max 25k) and a bonus (C) for your Facebook friends (1,000 chips per friend up to 25k chips).
  • Select the Lobby to enter (D).
  • Take advantage of the free chips every 31 minutes. Making purchases of chips and gold can permanently increase the amount of chips you receive by increasing your VIP Tier.
  • Link your email address, Facebook, and Twitter accounts to increase the amount of goodies you earn. You can also do this in the Social menu. From the Lobby, go to Preferences (gear icon), and then select the Social menu.
  • ‘Like” the Big Fish Casino Facebook page to keep informed of tournaments and freebies of spins, gold, and chips.
  • Play, play, and play! You cannot win if you do not play!

The Lobby and Game Rooms

Big Fish Casino
  • You can manage your friends by selecting this button (F).
  • Select to view the current leaderboards (G).
  • The gear button will bring up the Preferences menu (H). Select game and account settings here; you can also access game help here. Link your Facebook and add Friends to earn additional chips.
  • Your profile is at the top of the screen; it shows your current level, total chips, gold, and XP (I).
  • Select here for a chip bonus. The countdown clock shows how long until the next chip bonus (J).
  • The ‘Get Chips’ button in the upper right will take you to the store (K), or you can select the button bottom left (L).
  • Select to earn free chips by watching videos (M).
  • Search for clubs to join by pressing this button (N).
  • Watch this banner for sales, tournaments, and more (O)!
Big Fish Casino
  • Selecting the different games from the lobby will take you to that game’s staging area (green).
  • Go to the Reward Center’ to use your tickets to win chips (P).
  • Select to access the Slot Tournaments area (Q).
  • Enter the VIP Lounge (R).
  • Select to invite friends and earn chips (S).
Big Fish Casino
  • Once you have selected a game button in the Lobby area, you will enter the staging area.
  • Several featured rooms are available to enter from here; just select one and you will go to a random table (pink).
  • Each room will show the minimum bet or buy-in (T). If you do not have the minimum, you cannot enter the room.
  • Select to choose private or ‘Friends only’ room (U).
  • These are players currently playing here (V); select to read their stats.


Big Fish Casino
  • Select your profile in the upper left corner of the lobby. Here you can check your gift activity, stats, and friends.
  • Edit your profile name here (A). Select the image (B) to edit the photos. You can upload 3 images to reflect how you feel. Once you have them uploaded, just select to change.
  • Here you can create a personal message, send gifts, access messages, and enter personal information if you wish (C). If you belong to a Jackpot Club, it will be listed here. You can also see your current level and when you will reach the next, along with club information.
Big Fish Casino
  • The ‘Social’ button (D) will show your current friends. Select a friend to read the same information as shown on your profile. Send them a gift! You may also set your account to private here.
  • The ‘Activity button show recent gifts you have given away (E).
  • The ‘Stats’ button will how often you have played, won, best hand, and other information about the various games you have played (F).
  • Choose ‘Help’ for a link to the support page (G).


Big Fish Casino
  • Selecting the ‘Friends’ icon in the Lobby will bring you to your ‘Friends’ page.
  • You can also see your current friends listed on the page.
  • Select the ‘Requests’ button, and then confirm or ignore the friend (H).
  • Read private messages here (I).
  • Select the ‘Invite Friends to Play’ buttons to connect to Facebook and invite them to play (J).
  • If you know your Friend’s Code, select the ‘Add Friend’ button and enter their code (K).
  • You can also select someone’s avatar anywhere to go to their profile. Join their game and select them to add friend.

Chips, Gold, and Tickets

Big Fish Casino
  • Earn free chips every 30 minutes by selecting the ‘Free Chips’ button in the Lobby (A). Make purchases to earn VIP points and increase your VIP tier and you can increase this bonus.
  • Visit the store by selecting the ‘Get Chips’ button (B) or the ‘Store’ button (C). Purchasing chips will gain points to increase your VIP tier.
  • You can also earn free chips by watching a video (D).
  • Invite friends to increase your chip intake (E).
Big Fish Casino
  • Visit the Reward Center (F) to earn even more chips and gold! Tickets are earned for every store purchase and level up. Use these tickets to win free chips by playing mini-games.
  • There are several different mini-games available with different ticket costs (G). The higher the ticket cost, the higher the reward.
  • The Treasure Hunt mini-game costs one ticket (H). Choose one of the three chests to play (I).
Big Fish Casino
  • You will spin the wheel in Lucky Spin (J), drop a chip down the Plinkotron (K), and select one of three snowmen three times in Beach Party, while avoiding the goon (L).
  • In KENO, select 5 numbers and match 1, 2, or 3 numbers to win (M).
  • Each mini-game has a random set of rewards. Once you complete a mini-game, your prize will be automatically added to your account.

Likes and Gifts While Playing

Big Fish Casino
  • ‘Liking’ a player is an offer of congratulations or thanks to that particular player. Select a player’s avatar and press the ‘Like’ button (N). You can ‘Like” a player once an hour.
  • Select the ‘Gift’ button to open the gift shop (O).
  • You can use chips and gold to purchase a gift or chips for that player, yourself, or the entire table (P).
  • You can also check out their profile (Q), or invite them to be a friend (R).

VIP Rewards Program

Big Fish Casino Big Fish Casino
  • Earn Experience Points (XP) by simply playing the games (B). You can also earn XP for giving gifts and winning.
  • Gaining XP and leveling up earns you new titles (C), earns you bonus chips and gold.

Sales, Giveaways, and Bonuses

Big Fish Casino
  • Sales last for a limited time, and only purchases made during the sale qualify for the special price (D).
  • Watch the banners (E) and pop-ups for notifications (F).
  • There are sometimes bonus and giveaways that could be tickets, gold, or chips given to everyone that plays that day. Make sure to ‘like’ the Facebook page for notifications of these freebies.
  • Be on the lookout for multi-hour bonus days as well as special events.


Big Fish Casino
  • Select ‘Clubs’ from the lobby.
  • Join a Jackpot club or create a new club (G).
  • Work with other members on daily challenges and tournaments (H).
  • Some clubs are casual, while others are more competitive (I).


Big Fish Casino
  • Select ‘Slots’ from the lobby and choose a Slots room.
  • The total bet and lines bet on is found in the lower left, along with your total winnings and current chip total (M). Press ‘Lines’ to change the amount of lines you bet on and the bet per line (N). You can also select ‘Bet Max’.
  • Once you are satisfied with your bet, select ‘Spin’ (O). Hold it down to begin automatic spins.
  • The current values of the jackpots are shown here (P).
  • Select the chat area to say hello to the others playing (Q).


Big Fish Casino
  • Select ‘Blackjack’ from the lobby and choose a Blackjack room.
  • Before the cards are dealt, you must choose how much to bet. Use the wheel or buttons (A) to set the amount, and the select ‘Confirm’ (B).
  • The goal of this game is to get closer to 21 (without going over) than the dealer (C). All face cards count as 10, and aces can count as either 1 or 11.
  • You are first dealt 2 cards (D). You then have to make decisions based on those cards.
  • If you choose ‘Hit’ (E), you will receive another card. You may hit as many times as you like, but if your card total exceeds 21, you will lose the hand.
  • Choose ‘Stand’ (F) to stay with the total you have. You will not receive any more cards for that hand, and your total will be compared against the dealers total.
  • Another option is to select ‘Double’ (G); your bet will double and you will receive only one more card.
  • If you are dealt a pair, you have the option to ‘Split’ the hand into two independent hands. A second bet is placed (equal to the first), and each hand is played separately. (Note: If Aces are split, only one additional card per hand is allowed.) Players may split up to three times, creating four simultaneous hands.

Texas Hold’em

Big Fish Casino
  • Select ‘Texas Hold’em’ from the lobby and choose a Texas Hold’em room.
  • Texas Hold Em is a type of 7-card poker. Each player is dealt two ‘Hole Cards’ (H) and can use any of the five ‘Community Cards’ (I) to form the best possible five-card hand.
  • You do not see the community cards at first, the first bets will be made based on the hole cards. Next, you will see some of the community cards and there will be a round of betting. This will continue until all the cards are revealed.
  • Drag from the buttons to make a chip stack (J).
  • The blinds are forced bets posted by players to the left of the dealer The smaller blind is placed by the player to the left of the dealer and the big blind is then posted by the next player to the left.
  • If you do not want to stay in the hand, select ‘Fold’ (K). You will lose any money you have already put in the pot.
  • If no one has placed a bet, you can select ‘Check.’ Checking costs you nothing.
  • If someone has bet, then you are given the option to ‘Call’ to match the bet.
  • If you want to bet more, you can ‘Bet’ or ‘Raise.’ A wheel (L) will appear when you select this option. Use the wheel to select how much you would like to bet, and then press CONFIRM.
  • Check help for a list of winning hands.


Big Fish Casino
  • Select ‘Roulette’ from the lobby and choose a roulette room.
  • Drag your chips (M) onto the board (N) to make your bet. You can place as many chips on the board as you desire. Everyone has his or her own colored chips.
  • Complete your bets before the meter runs out (O), and then press the ‘Ready’ button (P).
  • Select the help button in the menu for a list of all the different bets (Q).
  • Once you have completed a round, you will have the option of making the same bet by pressing a button.
  • The numbers at the bottom indicate previously spun numbers (R).

Burn 3 Poker

Big Fish Casino
  • Select ‘Burn 3 Poker’ from the lobby and choose a difficulty level.
  • Select a card from your hand (S) and place it on the board (T). The remaining cards in your hand will be discarded.
  • The goal is to form a better poker hand in each column than your opponent using the center cards (U). The best hand wins-see the hand ranks (V). The more difficult mode also uses rows to form hands.
  • Each column is worth one point and it takes two points to win.

Video Poker

Big Fish Casino
  • Select ‘Video Poker’ from the lobby and choose a video poker room.
  • There are many different winning combinations; select the ‘I’ to see the winning hand for your machine (A).
  • The maximum bet size is 10 times the minimum; use the ‘Bet Size’ and ‘Max Bet’ to change your bet (B).
  • Press ‘Deal’ to start the round (C).
  • Select the cards you want to save; you can save all or none (D).
  • Press the ‘Deal’ button again to deal and finish the hand.
  • Make sure to keep track of the particulars of your machine, Jokers Wild, for example (E) and the winning hands.

Big Fish Fields

Big Fish Casino
  • Select ‘Big Fish Fields’ from the lobby and choose a video poker room.
  • Select the horse you want to bet on (F). Payout odds and handicaps are listed for each horse. Smaller handicaps are more likely to win.
  • This is the total amount bet on the race (G).
  • The favorites bar shows which horse has the most bets; the larger the color, the more bets a horse has (H).
  • This bar indicates the amount of time left to place your bets (I).
  • Select to chat with the other players (J).