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Walkthrough Menu

Chapter 1: Getting Started and General Tips




  • To begin playing, press on the spin button to fill up the bottom reels with gems.
  • Select the square on the board (A) where you want to place your gem and the gem will automatically go from the bottom reels (B) to the board.
  • You can shoot a gem onto an existing space or an empty square.
  • A gem can only be placed on the column above it. It must match at least 2 other gems of the same color.





  • Matches can be made in a variety of shapes and sizes.
  • If you match all the gems in the bottom reels (C), you will receive a free spin. If you don’t match all the gems, your spins (D) will decrease by one. Once you reach zero spins, the game will end.
  • Try to clear the bottom reel of gems as much as possible. This will increase your score multiplier (E) by one and give you more gems to work with. It is usually more valuable to clear the reels than to progress towards the level goal by one step.
  • You will earn more bonus points at the end of a round the more spins you have left.
  • Dealing with Obstacles: You will not clear a level unless you meet the star goal as well. However, the faster you clear the main goal, the more bonus points you will get to help clear the star goal.
  • Value the win: If a move can make you win right now, take it. If you don’t, it can lead to losses if an unexpected chain reaction happens.




  • Sometimes, planning ahead can help.
  • Try to get rid of gems on the sides first (H), as they are usually the hardest ones to match.
  • If you have several gems of the same color in the reels, plan how you will find places for all of them. If there are not a lot of places for them consider using some of them for your first moves, then making other moves to create more board space, before working on the rest.

Chapter 2: New Features and Navigation!



  • Secret Tunnels: Bonus side levels. Sometimes have an explorer tied to them. Players can also beat these to gain gold and special gems (1).
  • Quick Quests: A daily event where players play a set of levels (changes every day) and wins prizes if they beat in time. Found on the Today screen (2).
  • Today Screen: The Today Screen is like a ‘newsfeed’ for players which show lots of cool info (3):

Quick Quest
Daily Deal
Daily Challenge
Newsfeed (messages from us to players)
Help friends

  • Cascade Shop: Buy everything here! (4).
  • Star Cards: Beat levels, earn Stars. The more Stars you can earn, the more Star Cards you can unlock (5).


  • VIP Bonus Score: Get a better bonus score applied to your final level complete score! This bonus increases with higher Star Card ranking.
  • Quicker Life Refills: Get faster life refills the higher your Star Card ranking.

Navigation Tools

  • Discovery Jump Button: Jumps you between all of your unlocked Discoveries (6).
  • Quick Quest Jump Button: Jumps you to all of your unfinished Quick Quest levels for that day (7).
  • Land Jump Button: Jumps to all of the Lands you have unlocked. Saves scrolling! (8)
  • Exclamation Point: Gives easy access to Quests, Discovery, Secret Tunnels, Daily Challenge and much more! (9).

Chapter 3: Super Wild Gems and Burst Gems




  • Try to make Super Wild Gems and burst gems; they help out a lot in areas you can’t reach.
  • Super wild gems (A) are made by making a wild that matches 3 different colors.
  • Burst gems (B) are created via a match that have 8 or more gems. If a match is both of those things, it will be a super wild and not a burst.




  • Horizontal bursts come from matches that have more height than width (C).
  • Vertical bursts come from matches that have more width than height (D).
  • Area bursts come from matches that have equal width and height. The new burst or Super Wild gem will appear in the square you just matched (E).
  • Match Super Wild Gems with the color you don’t have on the reel to make room for colors you do need.
  • Matching Super Wilds adjacent to Wilds will clear every color adjacent to the pair of wilds you made.

Using Burst Gems

  • Bursts do not go through an entire row of blocked squares (as can happen in boulder boards or with crates). Bursts will only take out the adjacent squares.
  • Combine different kinds of burst gems to clear a bigger area.
  • You can use a wild to combine bursts of two different colors.
  • Combining two bursts of the same type has no additional effect.
  • If a burst strikes another burst (or super wild) it will set that powerup off, but it will not gain the bonus combining effect. You have to match both with the initial match to get a combination.

Chapter 4: Gold, Tricks and Special Gems




  •  Gold (A) is an in-game currency you earn through playing the game. You can use it to buy all kinds of stuff in the game, from lives to powerups.

You can get Gold several ways:

  •  New to the game? You will get a 500 Gold Starter gift when you log in and start playing!
  • Earn gold by playing! Each Star you earn on a level will give you a Gold payout:

1 Star: 5 Gold
2 Star: 10 Gold
3 Star: 15 Gold

  • Dig Spots! Keep an eye out for these piles of treasure on the map! Tap on them to have a chance to get Gold.
  • Spend gold on the following:

Boosts: Select these before starting a level to give yourself a boost and an edge! (B).
Tricks: Use these in the level to bring you over the top! (C).
Continue Tokens: Let’s you continue a level if you run out of spins (or a bomb blows up) (D).
Lives: Play, play play! (E).
Infinite Lives: You can buy chunks of time to play without losing lives! (F).

  • Tricks are purchased during a game from the bottom right of the screen. You can select the icon to read a brief description of what each one does.




  • Select a gem in the slot to swap it into a different slot.
  • Shifter (G) can help you clear the reels to get more spins and a score multiplier. Shifter can also help you position a gem you need to finish a level or get a key objective.
  • Finally, shifter can let you move a wild into place to combo-match it with a super wild to clear most of the board.


  • Select a gem or obstacle on the board to destroy it.
  • The hammer (H) will only destroy one layer of multi-hit obstacles, so choose your target wisely!

Super Match

  • Super Match (I) lets you match every gem on the board of a single color.
  • Can be very useful for later levels where you have to match all of a certain gem type.
  • Super Match can let you reach an area that is otherwise inaccessible, such as a bomb surrounded by stones.

More Spins

  • Buy three extra spins to keep playing by selecting the continue button (J).
  • You don’t have to buy this move in advance; you will be prompted to buy it after using your last spin.

Special Gems



What are Special Gems?

  • Starting on Level 11, special green Leaf gems start to appear during levels. Match and collect them. The farther you progress in the game, the more special gems appear. Red Fire, Blue Water. Collect them all!(1)

What can I do with Special Gems?

  • When you have completed all levels in a land, you will reach a gate. Unlock the gate . Use the special gems you have collected

How do I get Special Gems?

  • Levels: Look for levels on the map with special gem icons at the base of the flag pole (2). This indicates which has levels to beat.
  • Dig Spots: Piles of dirt that appear on the map (3). When tapped, each Dig Spot will give you special gems, gold, or offers. First appears in Land 3.
  • Discoveries: Every Land has a discovery. To unlock a Discovery, find three Explorers among levels. Once unlocked, Discoveries act as a generator of Special Gems (4).

Chapter 5: Boosts



Spin Saver

  • Beat level 8 to unlock.
  • You can use Spin Saver (K) three times in the next game. It will take away that one gem that’s keeping you from getting an extra spin!
  • This boost will make a level last longer because you’ll get more free spins. It will also drastically boost your score by giving you more chances at the free spin score multiplier.
  • Plan your moves to take advantage of getting a free spin with one gem left in the reels.

Burst Start

  • Beat level 16 to unlock.
  • Start the level with a horizontal, vertical, and area burst gem (L).
  • You can clear a good portion of the board early on with the help of burst gems. The gems are positioned randomly. If you leave the game to try to get a different position, the trick is still used up.

Multiplier Bonus

  • Beat level 30 to unlock.
  • The multiplier starts one higher (M).
  • Getting the main objective but can’t quite seem to get that first star? Star goals are based on score, so try using a multiplier bonus to give you that needed boost.
  • It will raise the multiplier by 1 in all situations. So if you never get a free spin, your score is doubled. The more free spins you get, the less that additional +1x matters.

Chapter 6: Removal of Stationary Objects




  • These objects do not move. They remain in place until cleared.
  • Amber: Gems are trapped behind amber (A).
  • Crates: Make matches around Crates to remove them from the board (B). Burst gems can smash large numbers of crates at once.
  • Gifts: Make matches around Gifts to unwrap the bow. ‘Open’ the Gift to clear it from the board (C).
  • Jails: Gems are trapped behind bars! Include the color of the trapped gem in a match to free it from its jail (D). Jailed gems block burst effects.
  • Locks: Gems must be matched on top of the lock (E) target to remove it. Please see example (F).
  • Stones: Make matches around Stones to remove them from the board. The darker the stones, the more matches it takes to clear (G). Burst gems do not penetrate rocks.

Chapter 7: Removal of Dropping Objects




  • These objects drop to the bottom (or rise to the top) as matches are made and space clears around them.
  • Balloons: Full of hot air! Balloons will rise to the top as space is cleared above them. Make a match corresponding to the color of the trapped balloon to free the gem (H).
  • Barrels: Match around barrels to break them open (I).
  • Breaking open the barrel may expose desired or unwanted items such as gems, bursts, vines and bombs. In some levels, barrels will only contain one kind of gem; in others, they will contain a myriad of items.
  • Pay close attention to what is coming out of the barrels early on in the levels so you have an idea what they contain. On levels in which it is not necessary to smash them open, you may want to avoid breaking them if they contain lava or vines.
  • Bombs: Tick tock! Make a match corresponding to gem the bomb is on to remove it before time runs out. Every move counts (J).Any match that matches a bomb will prevent timers from ticking down on the other bombs. Try matching bombs other than the one that’s threatening you in order to buy more time. Sometimes it’s better to use 3 matches to match 3 bombs than 1 match to match 3 bombs, as that stalls the count-down for 2 more turns.
  • Boulders: Make matches around Boulders to remove them from the board (K). Boulders block the effect of Burst gems. Boulder matches do not count towards the pattern. You must remove the boulders first. In levels where boulders drop in from above, they usually do so at specific times. You can choose where you match at those times to control where the boulders end up.
  • Reinforced Boulders start on level 142. Match next to each boulder twice to smash it. The first match will turn it from a reinforced boulder to a regular boulder.
  • Coconuts: Similar to a treasure chest, these drop to the bottom. They may or may not contain a tasty treat inside (L).

Chapter 8: Spreading Items

  • These objects start in one location and spread if a match occurs that does not remove it.
  • Ice: Gems are trapped behind Ice! Make a match adjacent to the trapped gem to break the ice. Every move made that doesn’t remove an ice cube causes the Ice to spread (M).
  • Lava: Make matches around Lava to remove them from the board. Every move made that doesn’t remove a lava causes the Lava to spread (N). Lava spreads like vines do, but unlike the vines it also removes the gem underneath. Unlike vines, when lava spreads you can no longer match the gems it covered, making it more difficult to clear. Any moves that you can make next to the lava should be done first to stop the spread.
  • Vines: Gems are trapped behind Ice! Include the color of the trapped gem in a match to free it from the Vines. Every move made that doesn’t remove a vine causes the Vines to spread (O). Vines will stop spreading once all the vines have been eliminated from the board. If there is a block of several gems of the same color, and only one has a vine, you can safely do other things while the whole block gets covered, and then you can match the whole group with one move.
  • Vine generators (start on level 186) are permanent vine starters that cannot be removed. Removing all the vines from the level will not stop new vines from appearing. The only way to stop the spread of vines is if the vine generator is surrounded by obstacles or empty squares. Be cautious on removing obstacles that may help you prevent the spread of vines.
  • Burst gems will go through multiple vines. Use this to clear out large swaths.
  • If a Super Wild or Burst gem gets covered by vines and you clear it, its special effect will not be activated.

Chapter 9: Indestructible Items




  • Permanently placed object that can’t be moved in any way.
  • Crushers: Every move made causes these to chomp down and destroy whatever is in its jaws (P).
  • Fences: Gems can’t be placed on these squares. They do not block the effect of Burst gems (Q).
  • Ice Source: Every move made that doesn’t remove an ice tile causes this to create new Ice (R).
  • Lasers: This acts as a permanently-placed Burst gem. Make a match to make it fire in its given direction (S).
  • Makers: When a match is made around them and space is free, this will create things. You may or may not like what it creates (T).
  • Portals: Gems enter in one direction and ‘teleport’ out at a different location on the game board (U).
  • Steel Tiles: Gems can’t be placed on these squares. They block the effect of Burst gems (V).
  • Vine Source: Every move made that doesn’t remove a vine tile causes this to create new Vines (W).
  • Vine generators are permanent vine starters that cannot be removed (R).
  • Removing all the vines from the level will not stop new vines from appearing.
  • The only way to stop the spread of vines is if the vine generator is surrounded by obstacles or empty squares. Be cautious on removing obstacles that may help you prevent the spread of vines.
  • Windows: You can see underneath but have to make matches around windows to clear contents underneath (X).

Chapter 10: Missing Reels, Gem Collection and Removal

Gem Collecting and Removal



  • Starts on level 126.
  • You must match or remove a set number of specific colored gem from the board (Y).
  • When working on a removal goal, be aware that gems of that color can drop from above to increase the count you need to remove.
  • If the color you need to remove is not a color found on the reels, you can eliminate the gems by using wilds, bursts or placing gems from the reels on top of them.

Missing Reels



  • Missing reel levels will have columns missing which make it trickier to match gems. However, it will be easier to get free spins (Z).
  • You can use bursts, wilds and matches crossing adjacent columns to match gems in columns without reels.
  • Set up wilds and bursts to buy yourself some time to complete the level with free spins.

Chapter 11: Tips for Hard to Beat Levels

Level 27: break 4 crates; min star goal: 100,000

On level 27, you have to break 4 crates. The minimum star goal is 100,000. The best way to accomplish this is by using the Burst Gems. You can create them on your own by making matches of 8 or more or you can use the Start Burst boost at the beginning of the round.
This is the first level that forces you to understand this very important mechanic.

Level 30: Drop 4 chests; min score goal: 250,000

On level 30, your goal is drop 4 chests and score a minimum of 250,000 points. In order to beat this level, you must have a good grasp of the rules of the game. Make sure you use Burst Gems in this round, use your patience, and remember all the tips you’ve learned so far.

Level 41: Get a star; min score goal: 1,000,000

Level 41 is the first level that is all about making the matches to get free spins and raise the multipliers in order to get the minimum score of 1,000,000.

Level 50: Match Pattern; min. score goal 500,000

On level 50 you have match the pattern and score a minimum of 500,000 points. The pattern covers the entire board, with some of it concealed beneath the crates and stones. You have to burst the entire board down in order to beat the level.

Level 73: Get a star; min score: 1,500,000

Infamous Level 73 is all about dropping wilds and the presence of orange gems. You have to keep clearing reels and getting free spins to get the very high minimum score of 1,500,000.

Level 79: Match Pattern; min star goal: 2,000,000

This level has three single tiles that need to be matched. However, doing so as soon as possible will end the match and you will not meet the minimum star goal. The idea here is to AVOID matching the pattern until you have a hefty score built up.
Have patience, relax, and get some points. Save that pattern for when you have plenty of points.

Level 95: Remove all Bombs; min star goal; 750,000

If dealing with dropping bombs isn’t tricky enough, this level tasks you with defusing a bomb in a treasure chest that will go off in 40 moves. Said chest is surrounded by stones, crates and jailed gems.

Thanks to Mark Janecka for all the wonderful tips!