Midnight Castle is yours – but it holds so many secrets and such mysterious inhabitants! Uncover them all in Midnight Castle!

Whether you use this document as a reference when things get difficult or as a road map to get you from beginning to end, we’re pretty sure you’ll find what you’re looking for here.

We hope you find this information useful as you play your way through the game. Use the walkthrough menu below to quickly jump to whatever stage of the game you need help with.

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Walkthrough Menu

Getting Started

Midnight Castle F2P
  • Begin by playing through the tutorial.
  • Select the Broken Carriage to play a HOP (A).
  • Upon completion of the first HOP, Prof. Pinfeathers will appear (B); select his portrait for general information on what to do next.
  • Repairing items by completing quests is the primary objective to unlock new areas, HOPs, and additional quests.
  • You gain levels by completing quests (C).
  • Gaining levels grants you rewards and allows you to unlock further objectives as you progress through the game.
Midnight Castle F2P
  • Every day there is a daily reward; play the game each day and select a box to collect yours (D).
  • If you would like to join in on a discussion about the game or meet other players, please visit the official forum at: http://forums.bigfishgames.com/forums/show/3653.page;jsessionid=EB34C560B2324BBE40B205749C868FB3

The User Interface

Midnight Castle F2P
  • This is the player profile and achievements tab (E); you can change your avatar, name, and view achievements here.
  • The experience or XP bar (F) shows your current level, total experience gained, and how close to the next level you are.
  • This is your total number of coins (G).
  • This is your total number of diamonds (H).
  • Select the plus button (I) to access the bank; this is where coins and diamonds may be purchased.
  • The gear button (J) is the game settings; change the cursor, sound settings, view the credits, and switch between full screen and windowed mode here.
  • Active quest givers are displayed here (K); select their portraits for additional information on each quest.
  • This is the current pet you have set (L).
  • This is your primary quest item (M); repairing this item by completing quests is the primary goal.
  • Your Inventory is accessed here (N).
  • Access the Laboratory here (O).
  • View your friends and interact with them in the socials tab (P).
  • Select the Back button to move back one screen as you navigate through Midnight Castle (P1).
  • Access the archivist here (P2).
  • View the world map here (P3).
  • Enter the tournament lobby here (P4).

Hidden-Object Puzzles

Midnight Castle F2P
  • Completing HOPs is the main method of finding quest items and is also a good way of acquiring coins.
  • Each time you find an item, the multiplier bar (Q) will begin to deplete.
  • Finding another hidden item before it depletes will increase the multiplier to gain a higher total score.
  • The higher the score multiplier goes, the faster the meter will deplete.
  • The timer (R) will also be factored into your overall score; the less time used the higher your score will be.
  • You can stop the timer by selecting the pause button at any time (S).
  • The info button (T) will show you what quest items can be found by completing the current HOP.
  • Select the exit button (U) to leave the HOP.
  • Crystal balls (V) reveal every item currently displayed on the hidden object list for a few seconds.
  • Wands (W) automatically find every item currently displayed on the hidden object list.
  • Wands and Crystal Balls may be purchased with diamonds or won by playing side-games.
  • This is your hidden object list (X).
  • Select the hint button (Y) to show where an item is; the hint button takes some time to re-charge.
Midnight Castle F2P
  • Upon completion of a HOP, you will see your statistics screen.
  • Your total score and statistics are shown here (Z).
  • The current HOP level and HOP experience bar are shown here (A).
  • The top player scores are shown here (B).
  • Your reward for completion is shown here (C).
  • The item you acquire for completing the HOP is shown here (D).
  • The total score is applied directly to the experience bar; when it reaches the end, the HOP will level up.
  • When a HOP levels up (E), it will increase in difficulty.
  • HOPs have a cool-down timer (F); the cool-down timer increases the higher the level the HOP is.
  • The cool-down timer can be reset by spending diamonds.


Midnight Castle F2P
  • The primary means of advancing through the game is by completing quests to repair an item.
  • Active quests are shown here (G); select them to see what current tasks are available.
  • Select the Go To button (H) to teleport directly to your objective.
  • This number shows the current task quantity and completion status for each quest objective (I).
  • Accept the given quest here (J).
Midnight Castle F2P
  • Some quest objectives will require you to find an item to interact with another.
  • Selecting the Find button (K) will teleport you to the correct HOP to find the required item; alternatively, you can also spend diamonds to obtain the required item.
  • The exclamation mark (L) indicates an NPC has new quests available.
  • The question mark (M) indicates that a quest can be completed.
  • When you finish a quest, press the Complete (N) button to finish it and collect your rewards.
  • As you progress through the tasks and quest lines, many NPCs will change their forms and have a variety of new quests.
  • New areas to explore will also unlock by completing a character’s given tasks.


Midnight Castle F2P
  • In order to unlock new areas, HOPs, and side-games, certain requirements must be met.
  • In some cases, only a level and coin requirement must be met (O).
  • In other cases, you must also have a required item in addition to the level and coin requirement shown (P).
  • Bonus areas and mini-games require coins to unlock (Q).

Crafting Items and Pets

Midnight Castle F2P
  • The Laboratory is accessed here (R).
  • Some quests require crafted items in order to complete them.
  • The list of items that can be crafted is located here (S); not all of them are available immediately.
  • The Laboratory can be used to craft a variety of items; crafted items require components found by questing, playing HOPs, mini-games, and also require coins (T).
  • If you can’t find the component needed to craft the item, it can be purchased with diamonds, or sent to you by a friend in the Socials tab; please see the Friends section for more information.
  • Once you have all of the required items, select the Craft button (U) to craft the item and then select the Get button to receive the item (V).
  • You also have a bonus chance to gain additional items each time you craft something (V1).
  • More items to craft will become available in the future.
Midnight Castle F2P
  • In addition to items, you can also craft new pets and pet food in the Pets tab (W).
  • The Snow Griffin is received automatically, but there are other unique pets to craft (X).
  • Some crafted pets require postcards; get these by helping out a friend.
  • Only one pet may be employed at any time; you can change your active pet in the Inventory Pets tab as you craft new ones.
  • To use your pet, feed it the correct quantity and type of food shown here (Y); food may also be purchased with diamonds.
  • After your pet is fed, select it here (Z) and it will return with a treasure chest with extra rewards (A).
  • Your pet will then go to sleep; there is a cool-down until the pet wakes up again, but it can also be reset by spending diamonds (B).
  • New pets and foods will become available to craft in the future.

The Inventory

Midnight Castle F2P
  • Your Inventory can be accessed here (C).
  • The Items tab holds items used for crafting, questing, and to complete airship shipments (D).
  • The Stamps tab holds the stamps you find (E); these are used for crafting and questing.
  • The Pets tab holds all pet-related materials (F) including the food you need to send them out on treasure hunts.
  • The Pets tab is also where crafted pets may be swapped in and out with the Set button (G).
  • Any inventory item may be sold for coins but can also be gifted to friends, used to craft items and pets, or to complete airship shipments.


Midnight Castle F2P
  • The Socials tab can be accessed here (H).
  • Search for friends by entering their friends ID (I).
  • New friend requests will be displayed here (J).
  • Your friends list is displayed here (K).
  • Invite and decline friend requests here (L).
  • This is your wish list; add any item you need to your wish list here (M) and a friend can send it to you.
  • Additional wish list slots may be purchased with diamonds.
  • Collect gifts your friends send you here (N).
  • Items your friends have added to their wish list will be displayed here (O).
  • If you want to help a friend and don’t have the item they need, you can purchase it with diamonds and send it to them.
  • Friends may only be helped a limited number of times per day (P).
  • You will receive a postcard for helping out a friend; postcards can be used to craft additional pets.

Player Profile and Achievements

Midnight Castle F2P
  • Player Profile and Achievements can be found here (Q).
  • The player avatar can be changed here (R).
  • There are a variety of unique avatars to unlock through questing and by gaining achievements.
  • You can edit your player name here (S).
  • Your bank can be accessed here; purchase diamonds and coins here (T).
  • Your friends ID code is displayed here (U); this code will help your friends find you and add you to their friends list.
  • Your overall game statistics are shown here (V).
  • There are many achievements to unlock; view them here (W).
  • Every time you obtain a new achievement, there will be a new reward; collect them here (X).
  • A trophy will also be shown on the avatar portrait when you have a new reward to collect (Y).

The Airship Tower

Midnight Castle F2P
  • The Airship Tower can be unlocked in the Castle Vicinity by spending coins here (Z).
  • Once it has been unlocked, you have sixteen hours to meet the item requirements (A) and send the airship away (B) to obtain rewards (C) and rating points (C1).
  • You can also purchase the items required with diamonds or use the find button to locate them yourself (D).
  • The airship will leave automatically every sixteen hours whether or not the items have been sent, but there will be no reward if the requirements are not met.
  • The airship has a cool-down after it leaves; it can be reset with diamonds (E).
  • Select the tower after the ship leaves to see the items needed for the next shipment (F).
  • Items that may be used for shipments are denoted by the zeppelin icon (F1).

The Dice Game

Midnight Castle F2P
  • The Dice Game can be unlocked in the Tavern by spending coins (G).
  • This is another method of acquiring coins in Midnight Castle.
  • New opponents with higher wagers will be unlocked as you progress through the game.
  • Choose your opponent here (H).
  • You also have a chance to win a rare item (I).
  • Select Roll (J) to play.
Midnight Castle F2P
  • On each roll you will spend the amount of coins shown here (K); the wager varies by the opponent chosen.
  • The Dice Game is a game of chance; winning or losing is random (L).
  • You can play the game three times; however, afterwards there is a cool-down that can be reset by spending diamonds (M).
  • Your remaining number of games is displayed here (N).

The Fortune Wheel

Midnight Castle F2P
  • The Fortune Wheel can be unlocked in the Bailey by spending coins (O).
  • The Fortune Wheel is a game of chance; to play the game, select the Spin button (P).
  • There is one free spin per day so be sure to use it; otherwise, the game costs coins to play.
  • Each time you spin the wheel the coin cost increases; the cool-down timer resets the cost each day (Q).
  • Play often for a chance to win a jackpot and other rare prizes, such as eggs for crafting new pets.
  • If you’re lucky enough, you even have a chance to win more free spins!

Morphing Flowers

Midnight Castle F2P
  • Morphing Flowers are hidden in every location (R); be sure to keep an eye out for them.
  • Flowers can be found in a variety of locations on each screen (S).
  • The same flower will not re-spawn immediately, but each location has many spawn points for you to find.
  • Every time you find five flowers (T) you will be rewarded coins, or rarely a mark or a diamond.

The Archivist

Midnight Castle F2P
  • The archivist is unlocked automatically after reaching the appropriate level (U).
  • He has a variety of quests (V); they will reset when the timer reaches zero (W).
  • Complete the tasks within the time limit to receive special rewards.
  • Pet medallions (X) are a required component for some of the rarest pets in the game, as well as pet food.

New Areas

Midnight Castle F2P
  • At level 22, the Town area can be unlocked by completing the Machine Spirit quest for the Keeper of Souls.
  • Travel to new areas by selecting the world map here (Y).
  • Select an area to explore it (Z).
  • Discover new NPCs, HOPs, and Quests in the Town area (A).
Midnight Castle F2P
  • At level 29, unlock the Cloud City area (B) by playing through the main quest line.
  • Gain access to the Elvyn Forest area (C) at level 45.
  • Additional areas (D) will become available in future updates.


Midnight Castle F2P
  • Access the Tournament Lobby here (D1).
  • This timer indicates when the next tournament will begin or end (E).
  • The prize pool is displayed here (F); this will be split by a top percentage of players with the highest scores.
  • The number of total participants is displayed here (G).
  • Cycle through the leaderboard with these buttons (H) to view all of the participants along with their score and winnings.
  • Select the crosshair button (I) to locate yourself on the leaderboard.
  • Your current score is displayed here (J).
  • Your total number of chips is shown here (K).
  • Individual player scores and prizes are displayed here (L).
Midnight Castle F2P
  • Once the tournament has begun, join here to participate (M).
  • There will be a HOP scene to play in each doorway (N); the goal is to get the highest score possible in each one.
  • The scoring multipliers work just like they do in the regular HOP scenes, so try to find the items in quick succession to achieve a higher score.
  • Try not to select the wrong items too often or your accuracy bonus will decrease.
  • The timer shows how much tournament time is remaining (O).
  • Each scene also has hidden chips (P) to find within them; these are crucial for increasing your overall score, but they also hold some risks.
  • The results window (Q) will show your best and current statistics after each HOP is completed.
Midnight Castle F2P
  • Upon completion of the five HOP scenes, you will be given an option to spin the Fortune Wheel (R) for the cost of three chips.
  • The wheel can give huge boosts or losses, depending on where it lands (S).
  • This is a game of chance and if you bust you will lose everything, but it’s also the key to getting the highest score possible.
  • When you are satisfied with your score, submit it to the leaderboard here (T).
  • You can play again when the cool-down timer resets for the duration of the tournament, or you can play again instantly for a diamond cost.
  • Your highest score will be the one that counts towards your overall ranking, so you don’t have to worry if you get a lower score the next time around.
  • At the end of the event you can return to the tournament lobby to collect your winnings, if applicable.

Seasonal Events

Midnight Castle F2P
  • Midnight Castle also changes with the seasons.
  • Check in during the holidays for new themes.
  • Gain access to seasonal quests, achievements, unique pets, and special avatars (U).
  • These bonuses and items can’t be found at any other time of year, so be sure to play during seasonal events to try to obtain all of the special bonuses!