Populate an island and watch what happens. Create unique havens by landscaping and arranging your creatures. Name them, feed them, make them happy; each monster is loaded with personality. You’ll experience game play and music as never before!

Whether you use this document as a reference when things get difficult or as a road map to get you from beginning to end, we’re pretty sure you’ll find what you’re looking for here.

We hope you find this information useful as you play your way through the game. Use the menu below to quickly jump to whatever stage of the game you need help with.

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Walkthrough Menu

Getting Started

My Singing Monsters F2P
  • Welcome to the Tips and Tricks for My Singing Monsters for your PC.
  • You must be connected to the internet to play, since your account information is stored on our servers.
  • To zoom in or out, use your mouse wheel or your Page Up and Page Down keys. For your iPad, pinch and out.
  • View your level and progress towards the next level on the experience bar (A).
  • View the coins, diamonds, and food you have available (B).
  • Select the list (C) to view your current available goals to earn bonus rewards such as coins and experience points.
  • Once you own multiple islands, select the map (D) to move between your islands. This option won’t appear until you buy a second island.
  • Select Visit (E) to check out other players’ islands.
  • Select the cash register (F) to access the market.
  • Select Options (G) to adjust sound and change your display. You can also select Help in the Options window to access the forums through the FAQ or seek customer support.
  • Thought clouds (H) show that a process is complete and you’re ready to collect an item or reward. In this case, you can collect coins from your monsters.


My Singing Monsters F2P
  • As you advance in the game, new goals open up for you.
  • Numbers at the upper left of your goal list (I) indicate that you have fulfilled a goal.
  • By selecting the goal icon, you can view completed and open goals.
  • The goal (J) includes the goal category symbol, such as a heart for breeding, and a description of the task.
  • The green button (K) by a completed goal allows you to collect the reward shown next to it.
  • Slide the arrow bar (L) up and down to view all goals.
  • Select the X (M) to return to the main screen.


My Singing Monsters F2P
  • Selecting the cash register icon on the main screen brings you to the market, where you can see the monsters, decorations, structures, islands and currency available for purchase.
My Singing Monsters F2P
  • When you select a market category (N), you can scroll through the items available for purchase with coins or diamonds.
  • There is a per-island limit for certain market items, indicated in the lower left corner (O) of the item box. If you’ve reached the limit, the item is grayed out and unavailable for purchase.
  • View the cost of market items in the upper right of the item box (P).
  • You can see a limited preview of items that will become available as you level up (Q).


My Singing Monsters F2P
  • Every island starts with a castle. Select it to access the castle menu.
  • The castle produces a bass sound that you can mute (R) and unmute.
  • Upgrade the castle (S) to create more beds and allow your monster population to grow.
  • Select Memory (T) or Scratch (U) to play the memory and scratch games explained below.
  • View castle info (V) to monitor how many beds you have free and how many likes you receive.
My Singing Monsters F2P
  • In the nursery, hatch monsters that you have bought or bred. Select it to access the nursery menu.
  • Select Scratch (W) to play the scratch game with eggs as prizes.
  • Buy eggs (X) from the market.
  • Select Move (Y) to drag the nursery to a new location.
  • Info (Z) provides pointers on hatching monsters.
My Singing Monsters F2P
  • Use the breeding structure (A) to mate monsters level 4 and up.
  • Build bakeries (B) to feed and level up your monsters. Upgrade bakeries to produce more food.
  • The Time Machine (C) allows you to temporarily slow down or speed up your monsters’ music.
  • With a Unity Tree (D), you can place a monster’s likes anywhere on the island and still make the monster happy.
  • Use the Storage Shed (E) to stash decorations, but they will not affect monsters when stored. To store decorations, move the item and select the Pack option. View your stored items in the shed by selecting Contents.
  • Use the Humble Hotel (F) to store monsters, which will not produce coins but will not occupy beds in the castle. To shift a monster to the hotel, move the monster and select Check In. View your stored monsters by selecting the hotel and choosing Occupants.
  • The Mini-mine produces diamonds (G).
  • Clear space for structures, monsters, and decorations by paying coins to clear rocks and trees. You’ll earn experience, too.

Monster Basics

My Singing Monsters F2P
  • When a monster is fully incubated in the nursery, a thought cloud (H) with a broken egg shell appears above the egg.
  • Choose the thought cloud to hatch the monster and place it on the island (I). You can also flip it to face right or left.
  • You receive experience when you place a monster.
  • Select the monster to feed it; mute or unmute it; collect coins; move it; sell it; or view its info page.
  • When you move a monster, drag it to change its position, and then confirm. You can also adjust its volume with a slider to the left; check the monster in to the hotel; and flip it left or right.
  • Create many monsters of the same kind to boost their sound.
  • Mute monsters to remove sounds and alter your music.
My Singing Monsters F2P
  • On the monster’s info page, you can rename your monster by placing the cursor inside its name box (J), typing a name, and clicking away to save.
  • View the coins your monster produces (K). The higher the monster’s level, the more coins it produces. Complex monsters bred from multiple elements earn more than simple monsters.
  • Toggle between the monster’s bio and its list of likes (L) to learn about the species and find out what makes your monster happy.
  • The symbols below the monster’s portrait (M) show the elements that make up the monster.
  • View the monster’s level (N).
  • Monitor the monster’s happiness level (O).
  • Feed your monster (P) four times to level up once.

Monster Breeding

My Singing Monsters F2P
  • You can buy one-element monsters such as the Noggin and Tweedle from the market.
  • You can use diamonds to buy some complex monsters at the market, too, but you can also breed them in the breeding structure.
  • Some monsters are only available as rare wins on nursery scratch cards.
  • Select the breeding structure to choose two monsters level 4 or higher for breeding.
  • Observe the elements to the left of each monster’s portrait; they’ll help you pick parents to produce certain combinations.
  • Hit Breed to mate the two highlighted monsters.
  • Breeding complex monsters doesn’t always work; it may take many tries to breed them successfully.
  • You can sometimes breed the same monster type using different combinations of parents.
  • The egg produced will still need to incubate in the nursery.
  • In the forums, FishyKC shared the following useful list of breeding combinations.
  • Shrubb = Potbelly and Noggin.
  • Oaktopus = Potbelly and Toe Jammer.
  • Furcorn = Potbelly and Mammott.
  • Fwog = Toe Jammer and Noggin.
  • Drumpler = Noggin and Mammott.
  • Maw = Mammott and Toe Jammer.
  • Pummel = Fwog and Potbelly.
  • Clamble = Drumpler and Potbelly.
  • Bowgart = Maw and Potbelly.
  • T-Rox = Fwog and Mammott.
  • Entbrat = Potbelly and T-Rox.
  • Dandidoo = Tweedle and Potbelly.
  • Quibble = Tweedle and Toe Jammer.
  • Pango = Tweedle and Mammott.
  • Spunge = Tweedle and Oaktopus.
  • Thumpies = Tweedle and Furcorn.
  • Congle = Tweedle and Maw.
  • Deedge = Bowgart and Tweedle.
  • Cybop = Tweedle and Noggin.
  • PomPom = Tweedle and Drumpler.
  • Scups = Tweedle and Fwog.
  • Riff = Congle and Noggin.
  • Reedling = Tweedle and Shrubb.
  • Shelbeat = Scups and Potbelly.
  • Quarrister = PomPom and Potbelly.

Monster Happiness

My Singing Monsters F2P
  • On a monster’s info page, view its likes to find monsters and decorations that increase the monster’s happiness level.
  • Place four of a monster’s likes within two spaces of it to raise its happiness to the maximum.
  • With a Unity Tree, you can place a monster’s likes anywhere on the island and still make the monster happy.

Scratch Tickets

My Singing Monsters F2P
  • Play the scratch ticket for free once a day.
  • The scratch ticket pops up automatically once a day, but you can choose to play later by selecting the option in the castle or in the nursery.
  • Play the castle scratch card to win coins, diamonds, and food.
  • Play the nursery scratch card to win monster eggs, including rare monsters.
  • Drag the cursor back and forth across the six squares to reveal the images (Q), and collect your prize (R).
  • Pay diamonds to play the scratch card more than once a day.

Memory Game

My Singing Monsters F2P
  • Play the memory game free once a day in the castle.
  • For each round, observe and memorize the sequence that the monsters play (S).
  • Tap the monsters to repeat the sequence before the timing bar runs out (T).
  • The sequence grows longer by one note with every round.
  • You can choose four monsters initially or play with four random monsters.


My Singing Monsters F2P
  • You begin with the Plant Island, but you can purchase other islands.
  • Selecting the map icon on the main screen allows you to visit your other islands or purchase more. Islands you can’t buy yet are grayed out.
  • Different islands introduce new elements or element combinations, so more new monster species become possible.
  • On the Ethereal Island, shards replace coins as the main currency.
My Singing Monsters F2P
  • Populate the Gold Island with level 15 monsters to fulfill some very lucrative goals.
  • Select Place (U) to view your level 15 monsters on other islands and move them to the Gold Island. The number at the upper right indicates how many monsters are ready for placement.
  • Monsters you place on the Gold Island still appear on their original island.
My Singing Monsters F2P
  • Select Visit on the main screen to visit other players’ islands.
  • You can choose to visit islands at random or check out the top-ranked islands.
  • Like or dislike (V) islands to contribute to the rankings. The top 10 islands every week receive diamonds.
  • Navigate up and down through the rankings (W).
  • Choose Home (X) to return to your own island.


  • Collect coins from your monsters or from goal rewards to buy items at the market, produce food in your bakeries, and upgrade structures.
  • Purchase or win diamonds to buy items at the market, perform some upgrades, and eliminate waits on long processes such as incubation and upgrades. Monsters bought with diamonds don’t need incubation.
  • Use your bakeries or complete goals to obtain food to level up monsters.
  • Shards are used instead of coins on the Ethereal Island.
  • In the market, you can obtain coins, diamonds, and food through in-game purchases. You can also exchange currency to get coins, diamonds, and shards.